Prayer For A Sudden Loss

14 Best Comforting Prayers for Loss of a Loved One

Prayer For A Sudden Loss

Losing a loved one can bring about a sudden feeling of shock and trouble. Reciting a traditional prayer for comfort can help to bring you consolation and reassurance. Here is a look at some great prayers for loss of a loved one.

Prayer #1

Comfort me with Your love O God Wrap me up in Your strong embrace Shelter me from the storm O Lord

Envelop me in Your tender care

By day I pour out my heartbreak to You
By night I give you my racing thoughts

In You I take refuge In You I will not be afraid

For you hold me strong, You hold me safe

Calm my fearful heart O God
Still my anxious mind O Lord

For all my life is found in You All my being is given to You

All my hope begins in You

Prayer #2

Lord, at the moment nothing seems to be able to help the loss I feel. My heart is broken and my spirit mourns. All I know is that Your grace is sufficient.

This day, this hour Moment by moment I choose to lean on You, For when I am at my weakest Your strength is strongest.

I pour out my grief to You And praise You that on one glorious day When all suffering is extinguished and love has conquered

We shall walk together again.

Prayer #3

Our Father in heaven, may Your Name be honored. There is none greater than You. You are our refuge and strength. You are always ready to help in times of trouble. We praise You, Lord. We lift our hearts with praise.

It is good to sing praises to You, our God; how delightful and how right! Lord, You are great and mighty in power. Your understanding is infinite. We thank You, Father, for the life of our loved one(s) who have gone on to be with You.

Thank You for their time on earth and the impact they had on our lives. We are thankful to You and we bless Your Name.

Prayer #4

Father, You can count the stars and call them all by name. Your power is absolute. Your understanding is beyond comprehension. You support the humble and bring the wicked down into the dust. You comfort those who mourn. We declare that those grieving the death of a loved one; mourning will turn into dancing.

We confess that You are their rock, fortress, and Savior in whom they will find protection. You are their shield, and the strength of their salvation. Father, You are their stronghold. As they call on You, You have promised to answer.

We believe that You will be with them during this period of bereavement, rescue them from grief, honor them, and give them Your salvation.

Prayer #5

Father, we ask You to send Your peace to those persons who are mourning. Continue to surround them with family, friends and loved ones who will offer words of comfort. Give them sweet and restful sleep. Father, remove the spirit of heaviness, and give them garments of praise.

In due time, bless their lives to overflow with laughter and joy again. As they take refuge in You, please help them to put their trust in You. Holy Spirit, we ask that You settle the hearts and minds of those who are feeling any guilt, resentment, bitterness, or anger.

Help them not to look back but to press forward.

Prayer #6

Father, forgive the bereaved for any sins they have committed through thoughts, words, or deeds. Forgive them if they have not meditated on Your Word to find comfort.

Father, forgive them if they have not been totally submissive to Your perfect will for their lives. Forgive them for any hurtful things they may have said or done to the deceased. Lord, help them to forgive the deceased if necessary.

Please remind them of anyone they need to forgive; and help them to forgive quickly.

Prayer #7

Loving Father, I am finding it so hard to even get up bed to start the day, knowing that I have to face it alone and without the one I love so dearly – I know that without Your grace and sufficiency I could never get through the day – but I thank You that You have promised to be with me and to provide me with Your strength for the day as well as bright hope for tomorrow.

I can’t imagine tomorrow being anything but a day filled with pain – as I do not have my loved one beside me, but I ask that in Your grace You will give me the strength to get through today, step by step – knowing that You are there to carry me, even when my heart seems to fail from the grief and pain that I am going through.

Thank You that You have promised to carry our pain and thank You that Your grace is sufficient for every eventuality in our lives. Give me the strength and to cope with the loneliness I feel and help me to move forward in my life-plans, knowing that You are with me, to support and strengthen.

Give me hope for tomorrow – for my hope and my trust is in You, Lord. Hold me close I pray and thank You for always being with me and the great comfort that I have in knowing You, as my own dear Saviour and friend.

Prayer #8

Loving Lord and Heavenly king, I want to lift up some dear friends of mind that are going through much grief at the moment and are finding it so difficult to come to terms with all that has taken place in the last few days…

I humbly ask that You would come to them and provide the comfort they need to come to terms with all that has happened – and the strength to face the reality that things will never be as they were.

Lord I know that their grief seems to be overwhelming them and I am hurting for them, and know not what to do to help – and so I am coming to You to in prayer, to ask that You will meet each of them at their point of need and help them to turn to You at this sad time.

I pray that as the day passes Your healing touch will comfort and succour them in this time of distress and may this be a thing that causes each of them to draw closer to You, knowing that You alone can heal the broken-hearted and bring joy pain.

Thank You Lord for being there for me and into Your hands I place each one of these dear ones who have such sadness in their hearts – I KNOW in Whom I believe and an confident that You will bring good this situation – and to You be all the praise and glory, Amen

Prayer #9

Loving Lord I am filled with grief and sadness at the loss of my precious loved one – and yet that pain is tinged with gold, knowing that they trusted you as their Saviour and that they are now in Your presence.

I know that I am going to miss this precious one, who has been my strength and my joy for so long, and thank You for the precious times we had together.

Often Lord I expect my dear one to just be there, or walk through the door – and then remember that they have gone home to be with You.

At times this is quite hard and yet I know that I must not grieve as those that have not hope in Jesus – but rejoice knowing that the day is coming when we will be together with You and You will wipe away all tears from our eyes – but at the moment my loss is an open wound – and I pray that You will heal my brokenness and the loneliness I feel… and draw me every closer into Your arms of love my Lord and my God.

Thank You for all You are to me and may I rest in You in Jesus name, Amen

Prayer #10

My heart is reaching out to you, For what you’re going through; I’m thinking of you frequently

And praying for you, too.

If there’s something I can do, Anything at all, Think of me thinking of you,

And don’t hesitate to call.

Prayer #11

When someone we love passes away, We ache, but we go on; Our dear departed would want us to heal,

After they are gone.

Grief is a normal way to mend The anguish and pain in our hearts; We need time to remember and time to mourn,

Before the recovery starts.

Let’s draw together to recuperate, As we go through this period of sorrow; Let’s help each other, with tender care

To find a brighter tomorrow.

Prayer #12

If we could bring you back again, For one more hour or day, We’d express all our unspoken love;

We’d have countless things to say.

If we could bring you back again, We’d say we treasured you, And that your presence in our lives

Meant more than we ever knew.

If we could bring you back again, To tell you what we should, You’d know how much we miss you now,

And if we could, we would.

Prayer #13

If there was ever a time in my life I was weak, it was the days, weeks, and months after my daughter died. To know that God’s strength was at it’s best when I needed it the most gave me courage to take another breath.

It seems impossible to “glory in my affirmities” when you don’t feel you have the strength to go on with your life, but God’s grace *is* sufficient. There is power through Christ Jesus to sustain you when nothing else can. You must allow Him to carry the burden – there are things too big for us to handle on our own.

We cannot as mothers (and fathers) get through the loss of a child and retain any sanity without His help.

I don’t think it’s wrong to ask “why” – I have many times over the years.

But you have to recognize God’s authority and know that whatever purpose there was for your child, it was fulfilled during the time you carried him or her.

We don’t understand all of it, and honestly I don’t believe we have the capacity to. But I take comfort knowing that one day, God will hold me close and explain it to me in a way that I can understand.

Prayer #14

Praise God that He is close to those who are suffering. He knows the pain we’re going through and He keeps us from being consumed by it.

I know without a doubt that had it not been for the grace of God, I would have come through my daughter’s death a bitter and downtrodden woman. But through His love and compassion, He saved me from being crushed by the weight of the burden I carried.

My heart still aches for my baby and it’s been seven years since she died – the ache has dulled some with time, but I don’t believe it will ever go away completely.

I still cry at times talking about her, but I rest in the knowledge that God is near and will continue to carry me if I allow Him to. It’s a choice – a conscious decision you have to make. You have to acknowledge that you need help getting through it, and God is the only answer.
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Prayerforce Org Prayer Blog

Prayer For A Sudden Loss

I’m a member of a private group. We have come together as a result of our association with Agape International Spiritual Center.

A member our group asked us to pray for a friend of his who is grieving over the sudden death of her boyfriend. I felt called to write a prayer that he could send to his friend, providing he thought it might help her.

Since loss is an ongoing part of life, and since you may be grieving over a loss of your own, or you may know of someone else who is grieving, I offer the healing prayer (posted below) for your use as well.

I have substituted the young man’s name with a blank, although I’m sure no one outside our group would ever know for whom the prayer was written.

If you are going to send this prayer to a friend who is grieving, and if you are going to cut and paste it from this blog post, then please take the time to delete the blanks, fill in the name of the loved one who has died, and match the gender so it matches your friend’s situation.

May we send a ray of light from our hearts to all who are grieving in this moment. We will all know loss in our lifetimes. May we be blessed with friends, family, and even strangers who are sensitive to our needs and help us gather the strength to go on. And may we serve to do the same for others.

“Do not send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

When Sudden Loss Strikes

If you are reeling from a sudden loss, please be gentle with yourself. Do not be afraid of your grief. It needs to be expressed.

While people may feel uncomfortable with the expression of grief, that is not your problem. You need to get it out. Emotion needs move through the body and be released or it can get stuck and leave us grieving for years.

Your concern must be your own emotional well-being, not the comfort of others.

So only spend time with those you trust, people who will not try to fix you or cajole you your grief, but friends who will let you be who and how you need to be.

There are rituals for saying, “Goodbye” in private. Do not be afraid to do that. It is not silly. We are eternal beings and the one who has left this earth plane will receive what you are sending out, energetically.

Do not think you are weak if you need to see a grief counselor. Be careful about grief support groups, however, as not everyone attending a support group is necessarily a sensitive listener.

If you are angry at God or angry at the one who has left you so suddenly, honor that. You will need to work through this anger, and you may need the help of a professional who can see, objectively, where you are.

You may need a grief counselor, an EFT practitioner, an energy worker, a spiritual counselor or another type of a therapist.

You may need a series of massages, to help the grief energy move your body. Note that you may find yourself weeping when you are touched. This is normal and natural and healing, so let that be all right.

In all things, follow your heart and intuition to what you need to heal, for your path will be unique to you.

If it feels right, if you feel strongly attracted to a particular type of counselor, a ritual, a support group, a healing modality, or you feel withdrawing to spend a significant time in prayer or meditation, then honor that.

Give yourself what you need to recover. Be kind to yourself. Know that the one you lost is sending you love, hoping you will be okay.

There is a bigger picture at work here. And while death seems so terrible to us, it is not terrible to the one who has died.

May you make your peace with death and the transition that we all must make.

And may this prayer be a balm of relief.

Prayer For A Sudden Death

Dear God, Heart of My Heart, Joy of My Joy, Love of My Love,

the depths I cry unto You, O Lord.

Hear my voice.

I am shaken to my core.

If I could roll back the clock and bring ____ back,

Look in his eyes and tell him, once more, how grateful I am

That he was in my life, I would.

Yet, though I might weep at his grave until the end of my days,

He shall not return to me here.

What thought, what words have meaning for me now?

For this is unbearable and I feel broken.

Dear God, is there any sense to his death?

For I cannot believe he was taken from me without purpose.

I do not want to believe he has been deliberately cruel in

his leaving me, for he was never cruel, never unkind.

I know you are Pure Love, so it cannot be that you have

allowed him to leave with no thought of the shock and

pain that would fill me upon his leaving.

Neither can I believe his passing has been whim or chance.

There is purpose in all things, all events.

Yet my pain is so deep. I am so afraid. I feel so lost and so very alone.

Give me courage to express the agony of my grief,

Keep me safe as it flows through me.

Hold me in Your arms as I release it to You.

Make your Presence known to me.

Lift me up so I can feel Your Love;

So I can understand and be comforted by Your Great Goodness.

If there is a purpose and a meaning to my grief,

Open my being to your loving wisdom so I understand what You understand.

If there is a higher purpose for his leaving;

if my beloved’s work here was truly done;

if I can, somehow, become more loving because of this;

if I can, somehow, turn this terrible grief to good,

then make me an instrument of that good.

Help me see a way to go on, for ____,

For his legacy and life,

And for my own.

May this loss

And this pain

Impart sacred meaning

To my life and my purpose.

May I feel this truth:

That there is a Larger Plan

And that I am an integral part of it.

There are other hearts that grieve in this moment, Lord.

Help me send love to them.

Help me connect, in spirit, with them.

If, one day, I can comfort others and help them

make peace with loss and grief, I am willing to be

Your messenger of love.

Please lift me to that place of understanding.

Help me, O Lord.

My heart is in Your Hands.

My life is in Your hands.

My future is in Your hands.

My ability to love is in Your hands.

Comfort me and raise me up.

Open my heart, for it wants to close.

Open my inner eyes, for my eyes are blurred with tears.

Help me draw upon the great love ____ gave me.

Help me understand that, while he is gone from this world, he is not far away.

Help me understand that, in his leaving this plane, he was not leaving me,

But that something pressing called him

And that, no matter how impossible it is to imagine,

That some good great is destined to come this for me

And let ____ know that

I am strong.

I am brave.

I will recover.

I will laugh and live again.

Yet that does not mean I will ever forget him or stop loving him.

I will love him forever and ever throughout eternity.

Let him take the memory of my love with him wherever he must go

And may it bring him unending joy.

And so it is.


Prayerforce.Org: Healing Prayer Since 2003

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Prayer for a loss

Prayer For A Sudden Loss

by Kim A (La)

I would a prayer to help cope with the loss if my bestfriend. It’s been a month and very hard to get back to reality. I love her so much and can’t seem to move on. Also just recently I’m having some difficulties with my husband, he seems to be very upset with me about something that never happened and it was years ago.

He gets very distant and cruel about it. I would us to move forward and live a happy life together and pray that we can make it through this difficult time together, we have two children that I don’t want to be upset by this. I love him with all my heart. And a prayer for my adopted daddy who is having very ruff time, he’s been through so much with sickness, 3 losses & an addiction. Please pray for us. God bless

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If Your Heart Is Grieving, Let These 4 Simple Prayers Bring Peace

Prayer For A Sudden Loss

The shock of death can quickly rob us of our ability to think clearly. If you or someone you know is suffering from a grieving heart, here are 4 simple prayers to help bring peace.

Credit: ThinkStock

Our world has been shaken. My husband's older brother and only sibling, Ken, dropped dead in his bathroom. We still don't know why. While we wait on autopsy results, we shake our heads in disbelief at how someone who appeared to be the picture of health could just die so suddenly.

My husband and I, his parents, his children, extended family and many friends are all flooded with grief. We have great joy in knowing Ken is with Jesus enjoying the best days of his eternal life. We celebrate our hope of joining him there. Meanwhile we miss him greatly.

Grieving together is not new to our family. Ken's oldest daughter, Leigh Ann, died ten years ago after a tragic car accident. So we smile through our tears knowing that father and daughter are completely whole and reunited in the presence of our Lord.

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A Loss Of Words

The shock of death seems to steal our breath and with it our ability to think clearly. I've noticed that it has been hard for me to think of how to pray for the people I love so dearly and myself.

I'm thankful that my faith is deeper than my grief.

I'm so much more thankful that God knows precisely how our brains function in times these and He has mercifully given us the Holy Spirit to pray for us.

But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings
that cannot be expressed in words (Romans 8:26b NLT).

I see in Romans 8:26, God's deep compassion for us. I imagine the Spirit so filled with love for us, knowing our weakness in grief and relentlessly praying so that we can experience God's comfort.

I am documenting the following Scripture prayers so that you and I both can find them when tragedy strikes and we can't find our way through the fog of grief to the words we want to pray.

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4 Prayers For A Grieving Heart

Note: You can reword these into prayers for those who are grieving and don't feel they can pray for themselves.

Declarations of Faith

Credit: ThinkStock

You are Immanuel, God with me. Thank You for being with me now as I mourn the loss of _________. Isaiah 7:14

You are the God of all Comfort and I willingly receive Your comfort now. I do not know what Your comfort will look or feel , but I trust it even so. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5, Isaiah 66:13, Isaiah 49:13

My heart is broken but You are near. My spirit is crushed, but You are my rescuer. Psalm 34:18

Your Word is my hope. It revives me and comforts me in especially now. Psalm 119:50

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My soul faints, but you are the breath of life within me. Job 33:4, Ezekiel 37

You are my help, the One who sustains me. I am weak but You are strong. Psalm 54:4

You bless those who mourn, and I trust You to bless me and my family with all that we need. Matthew 5:4

You will rescue me from this dark cloud of despair because You delight in me. Psalm 18:19


Thank You Lord for providing people to weep with me. Romans 12:15

Thank You Lord for surrounding me with Your goodness and mercy even today as I grieve. Psalm 23:6

I trust that You are my source of joy and I will not weep forever. Psalm 30:5

I'm thankful, Lord, that You have not hidden Your face from me. Thank You for hearing me when I cry to You. Psalm 22:24

Lord, I am thankful that You know what I need before I ask You. Matthew 6:8

Thank You, Lord, for being my strength and my shield. Psalm 28:7a

Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to cast my anxieties on You. 1 Peter 5:7


Credit: ThinkStock

Here's my broken heart, Lord. I need Your healing touch. Psalm 147:3, Isaiah 61:1

I am weary and heavy-laden and in great need of rest from You, Lord. Matthew 11:28, Psalm 62:1

Protect me from the evil one and his offerings of depression and anxiety. Hide me under the shadow of Your wing. Psalm 17:8

For Your name's sake, deliver me from thoughts of weakness, hopelessness and helplessness. Psalm 109:21-22

When my heart sinks low, send Your word and heal me, Lord. Psalm 107:20

Help me, Lord, not to panic and make unwise decisions. I need Your help to be still and acknowledge You as my source of my wisdom and stability. Psalm 46:10

Help me to guard my heart, Lord, so that I am not easily offended by people who say the wrong things or avoid me because they are not sure what to say. Proverbs 4:23

Help me, Lord, to receive Your comfort from the people who are drawing near to me. I do not want to dismiss Your servants who bring me Your comfort. Romans 12:15

My mind feels fog and then sometimes it is a whirlwind. Guide my thoughts with Your counsel, Lord. Psalm 73:23-24

Deliver me, Lord, from the fear of _________. Psalm 34:4

Praying with Songs

Sometimes it is hard to find the strength to voice our prayers. In those moments, we can listen to the following songs with a “yes, Lord” in our hearts.

Here is a playlist of prayers for the grieving heart. You can let these songs bypass your unsettled mind and begin to nurture your soul with God's truth about who He is to you and who you are to Him.

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Jennifer O. White is the author of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress and Marriage Armor for the Praying Bride.

She knows firsthand the power of praying God’s Word when fighting for your marriage.

Follow her blog at Prayerfully Speaking for prayer inspiration and a renewal of your faith to believe God is able to do more than you can ask or imagine.

Credit: iBelieve

Prayers to Encourage Your Christian Life

This article is part of a series of prayers that are published on GodUpdates. Here are more posts about prayers that we thought you might !


Why should we read the Bible every day? Does it make a difference? Is it just something good Christians do? Or is it a legalistic habit that's unnecessary to a healthy walk with God? If we don’t understand why Bible reading matters, we ly won’t make it a priority. Here are five analogies to bring to life the purposes of a consistent, daily study of God’s Word.

Credit: ThinkStock

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1. A House: Getting to Know God

Visiting my home would tell you a lot about me. A 1,000-piece puzzle rests unfinished on my dining room table, toys are scattered throughout the living room, and the hallway is crowded with guitar cases and CD boxes. You would rightly conclude that a musician lives here, there are children in this house, and someone s puzzles.

Reading the Bible is stepping into God’s house. Everything is there because He desires for it to be there. If it is in the Word of God, which lasts forever, then it must be important to Him.

As I read Leviticus, I am confronted with the reality that there is a whole book dedicated to different types of sin and their corresponding offerings.

If it was important to God for this to be in His Word, I must conclude that our sin really, really, really bothers Him and that all sin, no matter how small, must be paid for.

The passages in the Bible that are the most confusing and most surprising actually tell me a lot about God. Instead of skipping or avoiding things you don’t understand, ask God why that particular passage is important to Him. Ask what it tells you about His character. Grow to love Him for who He is, not who you want Him to be.

Have you ever played in the ocean at waist level? It’s amazing how you can be convinced that you’ve been standing in one place, yet turning to see your umbrella a quarter mile away will quickly prove your error.

The current was so subtle you weren’t even aware you were drifting. This is what it’s living in a fallen world. We’re caught up in a current. Materialism, selfishness, immorality, and mindless entertainment daily nudge us away from God.

Add our self-centered flesh and our enemy, Satan, and there’s a lot of strength to that current.

The Word of God is an anchor. Each time you read it, you are putting your anchor in the ground and holding on. It keeps you from drifting.

But without daily grabbing on to this anchor, you may be miles away before you realize what happened. This is why frequent study and meditation of the Word of God is crucial.

As Romans 12:2 says, we should daily “be transformed by the renewal” of our minds through His Word.

3. Glasses: Giving Clarity

The first thing I reach for in the morning are my glasses, because they are help me do everything. To look at a room through blurred vision is confusing. Is that an apple or tomato? Is she angry or happy? Putting my glasses on is a simple step that helps me correctly respond to things that come my way because I can accurately see what they are.

Without a consistent dose of the Word, a stressful situation can feel confusing and overwhelming (in other words, blurry).

Why am I frustrated? Am I angry at my children, or am I taking other worries out on them? But when I have a steady dose of truth in my life, I can quickly perceive my circumstances and my heart’s responses.

putting on glasses, it brings clarity, helping me accurately discern the events of the day and my own responses. When my anger is related to self-sufficiency (assuming my life holds together by my own effort), I can repent and relinquish control to God again.

Ironically, many people say they don't have time for studying the Word. But I would argue there's nothing that saves you more time than reading the Word and praying. This time grants fresh vision for what truly matters in each day, what you can let go of, and helps you quickly and accurately assess unexpected situations.

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4. Chemo: Killing Sin

Imagine you have cancer and doctors suggested it can be cured through regular chemotherapy treatments. You begin your treatment, but do not feel different after the first treatment. Or the second. Or even after the third. So why keep going? Just because you don't feel anything doesn’t mean it’s not working. Over time, it will slowly kill off the sickness in you.

This is what a steady intake of the Word of God is . When read as an act of faith in Christ, it slowly cures our pride, our selfishness, our hypocrisy, our apathy. Reading the Word of God is often enjoyable. But other times, you will close your Bible feeling the same as when you sat down.

This doesn't mean your time wasn’t effective! Every time the Word enters our mind, it is accomplishing something.

God assures us, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it” (Isa. 55:11).

A regular, steady, and substantial diet of the Word of God kills the pride in our hearts that leads to all other sin. Be committed no matter how you feel.

5. Vocab: Fuel for a Living Relationship

Anyone learning a second language knows that vocab is key. Sure, you can learn every verb and all the tenses. But once you hit the streets in a foreign country, verbs alone can’t help you find a bathroom or get a cab. You need vocabulary! The more words you know, the more conversation you can have.

RELATED: 12 Ways To Pray For Yourself Every Day

The Bible is vocabulary in our relationship with God. We don’t read the Bible just to read our Bibles. We read with the goal to commune with God. So, you may ask, why spend the effort? Yes, our God is bigger than the pages of the Bible (John 5:39).

He can meet us anywhere, and can speak to us in many ways. But He is very clear that He does not change and that His Word is eternal (Isa. 40:8; Mal. 3:6). This means that without a rich vocabulary of God's Word, our interaction with Him is limited.

As I grow in knowledge of the Bible, I quickly recognize His voice in my day-to-day life. Sometimes circumstances will remind me of a passage I read. As I consider how to respond to someone, a story from the Old Testament will come into view.

The more I read, the more living and active my relationship with God becomes. I am learning His language and engaging with Him better every day.

Isn't this what we all long for? A living, breathing, tangible relationship with the eternal and living God?

I hope these analogies encourage you and create desire in you to get into the Word! Which one of these pictures speaks to you the most? Were any of them new ideas to you? I’d love to hear from you!

This article originally appeared on Used with permission.

Kelly Needham hopes to persuade as many people as possible that nothing compares to simply knowing Jesus.

She is married to Christian singer/songwriter, Jimmy Needham, whose ministry of sharing the gospel through song takes him all over the world.

After spending many years traveling with her husband as his road manager and violinist, Kelly came off the road to be a full-time mom to their two young daughters.

Credit: Crosswalk

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