Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

A Sign of Spiritual Awakening or a Serious Medical Condition?

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

Ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening? Have you ever gone through a time where you hear vibrations in your ear? Or perhaps a buzzing sound with high pitched frequency? If you have, did you ever question yourself about why you are witnessing such experiences, or what they might mean? It is a concerning matter, and you would want to know why such things happen to you! The ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening is a sign off from the Divine signaling a greater change in life. However, on the other hand, it may mean that you have a serious medical condition too. So, what is real?

What does it mean spiritually when your ears are ringing?

High pitched vibrations can be a sign of spiritual awakening, but that necessarily does not have to be the case. However, since we are discussing the spiritual implications, we will discuss them in detail.

So, can ringing ears as spiritual awakening mean something? It can mean two things depending on which ear of yours witnesses the high-pitched ringing.

Ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening is associated with a warning from the spiritual realm.

A ringing noise in your ears represents a sign from the spiritual realm!  This noise might mean that you’re in the presence of an angel, but it can also suggest that your angel possesses a message for you.

Understanding this message and taking steps towards positive spiritual growth can be an important part of your journey.

Your Guardian Angel can help you learn the meaning behind this message.

Would you to find out who your Protective Guardian is?

In order to get in contact with your Guardian Angel and receive your FREE ANGEL READING, please fill out this form:

What does it mean when you have ringing in your ears?

For example, when you are going to meet your HR for a job interview, and as soon as you enter the interview room you experience ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening, it is a sign from the angels which acts as a warning.

It can be interpreted as that your meeting will not turn out to be a success or possibly that you would not get the job for which you are about to give the interview.

Ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening to the Spiritual Realm

It is associated with a confirmation or a good sign. Taking the same example as above, when you enter the interview room and witness the ringing in your right ear, it means that whatever outcome you intend is going to take place.

In other words, you will get the job for which you gave the interview, and you will succeed in the interview. Thus, high pitch ringing in ears spiritual is a sign from the spiritual realm that you must look out for!

What causes ringing in the ears all of a sudden?

Ringing in ears, spiritual awakening raises your vibration and gives you unimpeded access to have higher energies. This happens so that you can put yourself on the right path.

It also acts as guidance from the guardian angels for the hardships that we might be facing. As stated above, ringing in the right ear and the ringing in the left ear have a different meaning.

So, you should be aware of both of them to ensure that you make decisions which ear experiences the vibrational frequencies.

When the angels feel that vibration of high frequencies in your ears is the best way to convey messages to you, only when you experience it!

Otherwise, there are many other ways for the angels to communicate with you. You need to be very focused on your surroundings and environment when having such an experience to interpret it properly!

What to do when you experience vibrations in your ears?

If you have heard white noise spiritual, you should first look towards the physical causes. Go to a doctor and try looking for a medical reason behind it.

If your doctor can’t recognize any medical issues, then you know that ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening is a sign from the spiritual realm.

Although this has a positive meaning attached to it, it is possible for these vibrations to be bothersome for some people. To make it less bothering, you should try spending time in nature.

Go to a quiet place with fewer people, perhaps a park? The sounds of the Humming Bird chirping, for example, and the scent of the flowers will ease your mind and take your mind off of the vibrations you are experiencing.

Humming and chanting

Humming and chanting is also a remedy to get rid of these vibrations that have been bothering you. It will help reduce your stress level and lighten up your mood; if it were ruined by the buzzing in your ears.

Just know that you are not alone and that the angels are always a prayer away if you need any assistance or help!

A signal of the presence of your angels

The ringing in ears spiritual awakening can also depict the presence of angels in your surroundings. To make you aware of their presence, you might hear white noise spiritual!

In this situation, the best thing to do is to ask your angels for help and guidance as the help will come immediately! The presence of the angels around you makes your prayer acceptance process faster.

Thus, it is your chance to either make your life by praying rightfully or letting go of the chance and delaying the help that is at your doorstep.

Ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening – Other signs

Keep an eye out for other signs of the presence of Angels, in the Bible and around you so that you can wholly benefit from it. Not only can the angels help you and guide you, but they can also be your friends in times of distress.

You can always count upon the angels as they do not look towards any personal benefit.

It can be a medical condition, but most often is the sign of a spiritual awakening. Therefore, to confirm its true nature, you must primarily consult a doctor and verify whether an illness can be diagnosed.

If not, then it is confirmed that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening. It is due to this that you experience ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening. To get through this time in life, you need to be very well aware of your surroundings to ensure a smooth transition!

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11 Signs You May be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

On the physical plane, Earth has begun it’s own spiritual awakening – the process of moving from a fear based to a love based environment. Although right now, everything can appear rather chaotic, that’s the process – and it gets worse before it gets better. I believe the worst is behind us…  A spiritual awakening is happening all around us and within us right now!

Are you allowing it? Or have you chosen to remain asleep?

An ever increasing number of people have chosen to awaken spiritually! This awakening of our connection to divine energy happens different for everyone. For some people it can be a slow and steady process, while for or others it is a spontaneous spiritual awakening.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look complete destruction.” ~ Cynthia Occelli

As I mentioned, real spiritual awakening is not all sunshine and rainbows. It can involve removing some very ugly, and painful trapped negative emotions and energies from our past.

With your continued new found awareness, allow for these old karmic energies to be released and replaced with the light.

Resistance to moving forward causes depression or pain – a physical manifestation of the energetic resistance.

By going with the flow, we allow a beautiful spiritual awakening within us and ultimately add to the positive collective vibration of the Universe. This process allows us to live our best life and embrace the power of positivity available to us at all times through divine energy.

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.” ~ John O’Donohue

Over the years, I have been experiencing a steady, very intense spiritual awakening. My life has completely transformed in every area!  Life is truly AMAZING! I have connected with the essence of my true self. As I research and talk to others about their spiritual awakening, I find that we all share very similar characteristics and events.

However, some people are experiencing an awakening and don’t even know it. I decided to intently create this outline of the most common signs  you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening, so that you can more purposely direct your energy to the growth and expansion of it.  Please do add to the conversation in the comments below if you have one you can add.

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God’s Conduit!!!

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

Have you ever switched on a light switch and wondered how it knows to turn on a light?  It is a conduit that sends a  message through an electric impulse that we perceive to be electrical energy and thus the light is turned on.

This same principle apples to us as we undergo our spiritual awakening the switch for us is GOD as he turns us on and directs us in ways he wants us to fulfill the purpose he has for us. Just the light will not illuminate the room when turned off or burnt out we can not function at our optimum level without being turned on by GOD.

So many times we have a tendency to block the conductivity of GOD because we allow the human experience to interfere with the spiritual experience. When we allow ego, which is edging GOD out to drive us our energy levels and our ability to resonate and vibrate with others on a positive level is reduced.

It is when we feel this reduction that we must take action to reconnect with GOD.Just changing the lightbulb when it  burns out we must change our mindset to be more connected with GOD so that we can be the conduit that shows others that all things are possible when you have oneness consciousness and a connection to GOD.

Many times we have blockages in our personal and professional life because the conduit to GOD has been broken. To fix this broken connection and become a more powerful conduit for GOD we must look inside and find out what it is that is creating these blockages and make the necessary repairs.

Many times it will call for a rewiring of our belief system and the understanding that part of the spiritual awakening process entails letting go and letting GOD. This can be difficult as many times we do not control the outcome so we must remember to ask GOD to grant us the serenity  to change the things we can accept the things we can not and the wisdom to know the difference.

In stating this prayer and seeking GOD’S guidance we are able to step into the power that GOD has given us and achieve great things. I have often acted on the messages from GOD and as a result have been rewarded. I often state to people it is not me I am just a conduit for GOD to use to show people that service to humanity is the best work of life.

I have found out that it is not my job to bring people kicking and screaming onto a spiritual path but rather it is my responsibility to shine my light for others to see and to be a lifter for those I come in contact with.

Last night (2/15/15) I stopped in at a local McDonald’s to use their restroom but I felt a little guilty about not buying anything so I bought a  soft serve ice cream and a strawberry cream pie. As I left there was a gentleman asking fro money I had no money to give him but I gave him the strawberry cream pie and said GOD Bless You and I went to my car.

This was one way in which I could be a conduit for GOD and to be of service and value.  In doing good deeds without the expectations of return you will be rewarded. I have come to realize that GOD loves a cheerful giver and we all have something to give.

 When we turn to GOD and become a conduit for GOD we are placed in great favor and rewarded. When we serve our community and do it in a way to honor and praise GOD we find success and prosperity.

 GOD knows the plan he has for us and it is up to us to be open to receive his message and become that conduit of GOD so that we improve our lives on a personal, professional, and spiritual level.

By growing in spirit we are better able to help other people excel.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Become God’s Conduit!!!

The greatest and most powerful tool you can have is a bible. I remember a day I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society and I had the canister in one hand and the bible in the other.

One of the places I walked into asked me what book I was carrying and I showed him The Bible he said you have a powerful weapon there I have to donate and he then told his patrons to donate.

 I immediately thanked him and then thanked GOD for his gifts as he was using me and others as a conduit to help those touched by cancer.

I have found essential oils, incense, candles, meditative music, to be great tools to open up you mind, body, and soul to become GOD’s Conduit.

 Each morning I sit in a bath and I listen to Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing CD while burning incense, lighting candles, and using essential oils. In doing this I make a connection to GOD who then directs me and uses me as a conduit to show others that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations and that faith in GOD gives meaning and purpose to human life.

 Books such as these and those available by clicking on The Hay House Link and The Sources of Wisdom Link can serve as powerful tools to help you in your quest to become a conduit of GOD.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’s Gift To Assist You In Becoming A Conduit Of GOD!!!

I am always amazed how the universe, GOD, The Angels, and The Ascended masters work together to help us become a conduit of GOD. In looking for a gift for my readers I found this guided meditation and thought how perfect is this gift to help you become a conduit of GOD. Namaste!!!

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Chapter 1.The Incredible Privilege of Prayer

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

Study Guide

“Real prayer comes not from gritting our teeth, but from falling in love.”
Richard Foster

If you fall in love with prayer, you will fall in love with God. That is the theme woven throughout this book.

But how do you fall in love with prayer? Many people pray very little—or not at all—because they think of prayer as a duty to perform, an obligation to fulfill, or a chore to cross off their daily to-do list.

Others discipline themselves to pray regularly, but they find the process tedious and tiresome.

I would to help you see prayer in a new light. Think about it: We have access to the Creator of the universe. Through prayer we can tap into his power, might, and supernatural creativity. What's more, we can come to know our God more intimately and deeply as we communicate with him and listen as he speaks to us.

I the way theologian Herbert Lockyer described prayer: “Is it not the desire, opportunity, and privilege of talking with God?” Desire. Opportunity. Privilege. Those three words form the foundation of a healthy perspective of prayer.

The Bible makes crystal clear the importance and significance of prayer. There are more than 650 prayers recorded in God's Word—and more than 450 answers to prayer—not counting the entire book of Psalms, which is essentially a prayer book.

Indeed, there are examples of prayers for virtually every situation you might face.

As you look closely at biblical accounts, you will realize that people prayed in many different ways, and God's answers to those petitions were often surprising and unexpected.

Imagine: Talking with Your Creator!

God may not always answer our prayers on our timeline.

The same holds true today. God may not always answer our prayers on our timeline or in the manner we would prefer.

But when we need help, when we seek guidance, when we lack strength, we can know without doubt that God hears our prayers and will answer them according to his divine will and in his perfect timing.

Whatever our need may be, he never fails to respond lovingly to our cries and requests.

Sir Isaac Newton, the brilliant science pioneer, said that he could look through his telescope and see millions and millions of miles into space. Then he added, “But when I lay the telescope aside and I go into my room and shut the door and get down on my knees in earnest prayer, I see more of heaven and feel closer to the Lord than if I were assisted by all the telescopes on the earth.”

Indeed, prayer brings you to the heart of God, right into the throne room of heaven. It is supernatural, yet it is a natural activity. Wherever you are, you can start speaking to your Creator and enter into dialogue with him. Conversation with God should be part of daily life and an outflow of a grateful heart.

Sometimes new believers think they have to fold their hands, get on their knees, and use words thee and thou in order to get God's attention. Of course, that's not true.

God promises to hear us regardless of whether our prayers are eloquent or simple, brief or lengthy, motivated by praise or motivated by panic. The Old Testament saints remind us that we need to know very little about prayer in order to pray.

They didn't talk much about the methodology and technique of prayer—they just prayed. They simply communicated with their Father in heaven, whom they trusted and revered.

As we embark on our exploration of prayer, I would to highlight two foundational truths we can glean from the early chapters of the book of Genesis.

Prayer Brings Spiritual Awakening

In the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve sinned, prayer as we think of it wasn't necessary. The first man and woman quite literally walked with God in the garden and talked with him directly. What an awesome experience it must have been to converse face-to-face with the Creator!

But when Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan and sinned against God, a separation occurred. Because evil had entered the world, a chasm opened between God and his creation. Prayer, therefore, became the bridge that restored that communication. With that background in mind, let's pick up the story:

Adam lay with his wife again, and she gave birth to a son and named him Seth, saying, “God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him.” Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time men began to call on the name of the Lord (Gen. 4:25-26).

Prayer brings you to the heart God, right into the throne-room of heaven.

Some teachers suggest that this is where prayer began—that prayer was “invented” in the time of Enosh. But I believe this passage actually refers to corporate worship, when people joined together to speak with God.

From the time that Adam and Eve's son Cain killed his brother Abel, darkness and evil began to pervade the human population. Cain left home and built a city, where he trained people to turn their backs on God.

In fact, we can see that the first human government was created by people who had rebelled against God and wanted to run their lives without him. During that time period, there was no witness for the Lord—except when Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth, who in turn had Enosh.

We don't know why, but somehow the birth of Enosh sparked a spiritual awakening. People began to call on the name of the Lord in prayer.

So in Genesis 4 we see a new generation discovering what it means to talk with God. And that is the first thing we should understand about prayer: Prayer brings about spiritual awakening. If you and I want to activate a spiritual transformation in our lives, if we want our eyes opened and our hearts stirred in new and fresh ways, that transformation will begin with prayer.

Prayer Leads to Spiritual Growth

Not long after Enosh, another fellow with a similar name appears on the scene. This man, Enoch, is also closely associated with prayer:

When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years. Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away (Gen. 5:21-24).

Enoch is quite an interesting character. We don't know much about him from these few verses in Genesis, but the New Testament gives us more information:

By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death; he could not be found, because God had taken him away. For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God (Heb. 11:5).

Enoch shows up in another New Testament passage, this time in the book of Jude:

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men: “See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in the ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him” (Jude 14-15).

Even though his complete biography comprises a total of eight verses, we learn some important truths about this man. We know that he was a preacher. More important, we are told that Enoch walked with God.

In fact, he walked with the Lord for three hundred years. When his wife gave birth to Methuselah (who would become the oldest man on the planet), something happened to Enoch.

At sixty-five years of age, he began a spurt of spiritual growth that lasted another three centuries.

The Hebrew word translated walk means “to go on habitually.” So the Bible tells us that this man had communion—a close relationship—with God every day for three hundred years.

He grew spiritually as he walked with the Lord and talked with him.

If Enosh shows us that prayer brings spiritual awakening, Enoch shows us that prayer brings spiritual growth—a continual ongoing maturation in the faith.

I can imagine Enoch getting up early in the morning, beginning his day with God, talking with him, telling him about the challenges he faced, and drawing strength from his relationship with the Lord.

As we are open with God, in continual communication, sharing our problems and feelings with him, God will answer our prayers and lead us in the way that we should go.

If we keep praying, we will keep growing.

Prayer Puts Life in Perspective

I have the privilege of serving as a police chaplain and reserve officer in San Diego. One night I was present when a shooting incident occurred. A man had taken a hostage at gunpoint and was holed up in an apartment.

I tried to talk with the man for two hours, to reason with him and facilitate a peaceful resolution to the conflict. But there would be no heroics that night, no happy ending. Eventually, tensions escalated, and the man threatened police officers. It looked as if he would kill his hostage.

So the SWAT team stormed in and fatally shot the gunman. A few hours later, I had the daunting task of talking with the man's widow. The next day, I felt deeply anguished and grief-stricken.

As I jogged along a deserted beach, I screamed out to God, “You've got to take this pain and ugliness!” After jogging and screaming for an hour, I was exhausted. I couldn't even walk home, so I called my daughter to come pick me up.

Nine weeks went by before I got a full night's sleep.

It was then that I received even more terrible news. My daughter told me that the son of dear friends of mine had just been killed in an auto accident along with two other young men.

I had to call the parents, then drive several hours from San Diego to Palm Springs to meet with my friends and the parents of the other victims. That day I went from one shock to another.

To say the least, I was deeply shaken and emotionally spent.

Nine weeks went by before I got a full night's sleep. But God used those weeks to prompt me to look within myself. In the night I would hear the voice of the gunman saying, You could've done more. I wouldn't be dead now if you were a stronger Christian. I'm in hell, and you sent me here.

The devil—the accuser—was tormenting me. But I kept on praying, and in time I began to see things differently. I thought about all the parents with children lying in the hospital. I thought of all the people who were suffering physical abuse, financial ruin, and broken relationships. I realized that there were many people going through much more pain than I was.

Through prayer and an ongoing relationship with God, he helps us put things into proper perspective. Our heavenly Father promises that he will not allow anything into our lives that will destroy us (see 1 Cor. 10:15).

Pain and hardship are intended to make us stronger, to humble us, to make us more tenderhearted and gentle toward others. That's what happened to me during that agonizing period of my life.

Though it was a time of great struggle, my faith grew stronger, and my relationship with God grew deeper.

That is the example of Enoch and the lesson available to each of us: As we walk with God, as we deepen our intimacy with him through prayer, we habitually grow. We are transformed into the ness of his Son, Jesus Christ (see 2 Cor. 3:18).

Stay Close to God Through Prayer

My prayer is that God will use this book to start a fire in your heart and that the fire will spread through your family, your church, and your town. I pray that, as in the days of Enosh, you will call on the Lord, saying: “Father, I just want to tell you that I love you and I need you.”

I also pray that you will walk with God and grow, habitually, day after day and year after year. I pray that if we meet twenty years from now, I will still be walking with the Lord, and so will you.

I trust that we will be able to swap stories of miraculous answers to prayer and tell one another of our ever-deepening relationships with God.

Sure, we will have endured disappointments and defeats, frustrations and failures—but we will still be walking steadfastly with the Lord, and that makes all the difference.

I agree wholeheartedly with Brennan Manning, who wrote:

Whatever else it may be, prayer is first and foremost an act of love. Before any pragmatic, utilitarian, or altruistic motivations, prayer is born of a desire to be with Jesus.

His incomparable wisdom, compelling beauty, irresistible goodness, and unrestricted love lure us into the quiet of our hearts where he dwells.

To really love someone implies a natural longing for presence and intimate communion. (Manning 2003)

Prayer causes us to stay close to the Lord and grow spiritually. It is hard to get away from God—unless you stop talking with him. If you stop communicating with your spouse, children, or friends, your relationships are bound to suffer.

You will drift apart and become strangers. But continue talking and sharing, and your relationships will grow stronger. The same is true with your relationship with God.

Habitual, continual prayer—walking and talking with God—will cause you to grow closer to him.

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