Simple Morning Prayer


7 Simple But Effective Morning Prayers to Pray

Simple Morning Prayer


Prayer is a vital part of our daily lives. It helps us to direct our focus and our attention in a way that helps us to set the pace for what is ahead for us each day. It is our way of communicating with God and for Him to give us answers, instruction, guidance and direction.

We are made wiser in the things of God as He reveals His plan and His heart to us by way of His Holy Spirit. It could be that in that hour we may just need some encouragement, to experience His peace, to find strength or rest.

Whatever it is, we can be assured that God will meet us at the point of our need when we come humbly yet boldly before His throne of grace in prayer each day. Our aim must be to seek God’s presence. Here now are –

Prayer #1 – God’s Unfailing Love

Dear Lord, according to your word, your love is unfailing. Let nothing whatsoever separate me from your love. Let your love inflame my heart and may it burn brightly with a passion. When the cares of life gets overwhelming, and the raging storms threaten to swallow me, remind me Lord of your truth that no powers of hell or here on this earth can separate me from you.

The areas in which I am ly to mess up and fall short and be tempted to yield to shame and condemnation, help me to hide your word deep in my heart that says, “Great is your love towards me.” [Psalm 86:13]

I acknowledge that your love for me is unconditional and is not the things I would do, or say or even the places I would go. Remind me not to take your love for granted but to treat each day as a gift to be able to experience such amazing love yours. Amen

Scripture to meditate on:

“..I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.

Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow-not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.

v39 No power in the sky above or in the earth below-indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” [Romans 8:38-39 NLT]

Prayer #2 – God’s Perfect Plan to Prosper You

Dear God in spite of what difficulties or challenges that may come my way today, help me to hold steadfast to your word that your plan is to prosper me and not to harm me. Align my spirit to your word that your plan is also to give me hope and to bring me into a bright future ahead.

I open myself to you God for spiritual download for divine strategies and your winning plan for every situation that I may face. Remind me to cast all my cares upon you and never to carry around heavy burdens when I can give them to you in exchange for your yoke which is easy and your burden that is light.

I thank you for creating me for a purpose. When I am tempted to give up or give in, uphold me with your right hand of righteousness. Girth my loins with truth and strengthen me in the inner man so that I may never grow weary in well doing. Amen

Prayer #3 – God’s Plan for Your Perfect Peace

Dear Lord I am mindful that things may not always go my way but I ask that you give me a cheerful spirit to face whatever it may be. Help me to embrace any obstacle that may come my way as an opportunity to see your grace abound and to experience your hands at work in my life.

Help me to be bold and courageous in all that I set out to do. When I am tempted to give up, give me strength to press on without murmuring or complaining. Amen

Prayer #4 – God’s Promise When You Are Fearful

Dear Lord, as I prepare to face this day keep me in remembrance of your word that fear is not a spirit that you have given to me as your child. So when circumstances arise that would attempt to make me afraid, help me to remain calm, confident, well-balanced in my mind to make sound judgement and to exercise self-control.

Thank you for never leaving my side and where it becomes necessary help me to rest peacefully in you under the shadow of your outstretched arms to strengthen and refresh me once again. Amen

Prayer #5 – When You Are Feeling Anxious

Lord as I come to you today, remind me what a joy it is to spend time in your presence each day and to hear you speak words of affirmation, assurance and wisdom into my hearing so as to bring calm in my spirit.

Because you are omniscient you already know what is before me but remind me of your word not to be anxious or worried about anything, but to use every circumstance or situation as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your power and saving grace in my life.

Thank you for your peace that guards and reassures my heart that everything will work to my advantage and that you will be glorified through those things. Amen

Prayer #6 – When You Need Strength

Dear Lord as I come into your presence, I need a fresh touch from you to strengthen and uphold me so that I may face what is ahead of me this day. My energy is low, my body is feeling weary, and I am feeling helpless to move forward.

I pray for your strength to be renewed in me, a boost of faith to overcome my fears and a splurge of your power in my state of powerlessness. Help me to get back on my feet once again to run the race that is set before me. Strengthen me to boldly and confidently say no to temptation and to walk away from sin and other harmful situations.

Lord pour your oil of anointing afresh in me to strengthen and equip me for the work that you have assigned me to do. You are my Rock, my Refuge, my Strength, my Strong Tower and my Shield and Hiding Place.

Lift up my frail and heavy arms and strengthen me to love and be kind to others when cowardice, weakness and fear nudge me to deny those around me your love and kindness. Keep me in remembrance of your word which says the ‘Joy of the Lord is my strength.’ As I joy and delight myself in you, not only will I gain strength but will mount up on wings an eagle, renewed and refreshed in you. Amen

Scriptures to meditate on:

“I have set Jehovah always before me: Because he is at my right hand I shall not be moved.” (Psalm 16:8 ASV American Standard Version) ” So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” [Isaiah 41:10 NIV]

Prayer #7 – For Your Protection and Safety

Dear Lord, I take comfort in knowing that you are my rock and I put my trust in you to protect me and to shield me from danger and the perils of this day. I delight in knowing that you are the source of my salvation and that no weapon that the enemy fashion or form up against me shall prosper.

I praise you Jehovah because you go before me to fight my battles each and every day. Because of your mighty power, you shall cause my enemies [demon spirits that come against me] to be smitten and defeated before my very eyes.

Even though they rise up and come out against me one way, I am confident that because of your glory and anointing that you have placed upon me, they shall be forced to flee from me seven different ways.

I thank you Lord for your angels that you have given charge (a command) to keep watch over me, and to keep me in all my ways both spiritually and physically. I praise you for they stand guard in  vigilant hedge of protection around me, so that no accidents, hurt, harm or danger can come upon me.

Keep me in the secret place of you the Almighty, and help me to abide always under the shadow of your protection. Amen.

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Simple Morning Prayers for the Early Risers

Simple Morning Prayer

The light beaming from the glorious sun’s rays peek through your blinds. You can feel the light warming your face and you immediately rise with a smile on your face and an invigorating drive to for the day.

You jump your bed ready to rise and greet the day. And then…you wake up because that’s not at all how any normal day begins, right? Everyone has a morning routine. Some are a little more labor intensive while others are less involved.

Either way, each morning should start with two things – prayer and coffee.

After you’ve had your morning jolt of heaven in a cup, it’s important to begin each day with a conversation with your Lord and Savior. Instead of hitting the snooze button or choosing to prolong your morning routine, strive to be an early riser and spend some intimate time with God. Keep in mind, Jesus never hits the snooze button, so why should you?

If you’re any early riser and need simple morning prayers to start your day, keep reading and get inspired. These prayers can be recited when you’re eating breakfast, as you get your children ready for school or perhaps as you drive your daily commute to work.

Prayer of Thanks:

Thank you for this beautiful new day,

Help me live today, hand in hand with you.

Short, sweet and to the point. Each day that you’re able to wake up and embark on the endeavors of a new day is a great day.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be sunny weather in order for things to have beauty – sometimes just the ability to have opportunities and live is beautiful enough. Each day, ask God, to stand by your side.

It’s important that He hears your voice and that you be rejuvenated by His.

Prayer for a Good Day:

Lord, I trust in your unfailing love, in your promises.

I give this day and all that it holds to you.

May I walk in your goodness, knowing your gentle hand will guide me, and keep me.

Each day is up to the individual. Yes, there’s no doubt that hurdles and other catastrophic obstacles will come into play from time-to-time, but it’s important to realize that only you have the power to exude a positive mind frame.

If you continue to bask in negativity, then you’ll find that the rest of your life is filled with those negative connotations. Allow the Lord to embody your simple morning prayer and ask Him to give you strength and guidance when you need it.

The power of Jesus can get you through anything.

Pray for the Early Morning:

I come before you O Lord

As the sun rises may your hope rise up in me.

As the birds sing may your love flow me.

As the light floods into this new day,

May your joy shine through me.

I come before you, O Lord

And drink in this moment of peace,

That I may carry something of your hope, love and joy

Today in my heart.


Even though you’re only one person, with an invigorated spirit you can accomplish great things. You have the power to achieve greatness.

Therefore, each day ask your Lord and Savior to replenish your desire to forge forward and to provide you with the strength to be successful. Listen when God speaks to you and do your best to carry out his wishes.

Follow the path that He’s laying before you and look for ways you can continue to hold Him high.

Prayer for the Tiresome Days:

Father, clear my sleepy head and fill my mind with expectation

Awake my slow body and energize my heart with love in action.

Ignite my spirit and set this day on fire with promise.

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

Engage me, show me your kingdom alive

Help me to see that every waking moment is full of promise because of you.


Let’s face it, every day does not begin with sunshine and rainbows – figuratively or physically speaking. There will be days when you’re just tired and you need inspiration to get up and continue on. On these days, turn to this simple morning prayer and ask God to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Ask Jesus to help you see the bigger picture and to get a better understanding of what He wants you to achieve. It’s important to look beyond the horizon without losing track of what’s important.

Don’t be afraid to ask God for guidance and strength during this tiresome day – allow Him to assist you in being the best version of yourself that you are capable of being.

Psalm 5:3

“My voice will come to you in the morning, O Lord, in the morning I will send my prayer to you, and keep watch.”

This is a beautiful scripture that references the intimacy of the Lord and His children. We all want nothing more than to be under the guidance and supervision of Jesus Christ. Each day we pray to Him for the strength and hope to honor His name by achieving great things. And because we want to be safe, we ask that He look over us and our loved ones.

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Powerful Daily Morning Prayer to Start Your Day Right

Simple Morning Prayer

Do you have a daily morning prayer you use to start your days off right and get the inspiration you need to go about your daily routines?

Morning prayer is such a wonderful way to prepare for a brand new day.

I am excited to share with you a simple morning prayer that you can use to start your day off now.

This beautiful morning prayer will allow you to link up with the light of the Infinite, the love of Source, and the presence of your guides and angels so you can invoke their support, help, guidance, and assistance to help you in making the most of a brand new day.

Best Time to Say A Short Morning Prayer

You can do this prayer right when you wake up, when you're still laying in bed as a way to start the day off with gratitude and connecting with the Divine.

It could also be done mid-morning or really whenever it feels right to you, but essentially it's always best before you pray, to center your energy and focus your awareness with.

Then when you pray from a solely stream of consciousness mode of mind, your prayers are valid and will be heard to some extent, but you can elevate the vibration of your prayer by connecting with an open heart, a clear mind, and a willing spirit.

How to Use This Daily Morning Prayer

By connecting and praying from a place of elevated vibration, your prayers are more easily heard and your experience of prayer actually becomes something that shifts your energy, connects you with the divine, raises your vibration, and aligns blessings into your life.

So a simple morning prayer that I to do is to begin by closing your eyes and shifting your awareness within focusing your awareness on your heart center, tuning into divine light and life force energy within you.

A Beautiful Morning Prayer to Say Each Day

Let your heart open to the divine light and then aloud or in your mind think or say:

“Beloved Divine Source of All That Is. The One.
Beloved Christ. Light. Solar Logos.
Beloved Guardian Angels, Holy Spirit.

Thank you for another day of being alive on the earth plane.
Thank you for this opportunity to be alive. To cultivate an inner connection with divine light and to progress on my path of embodying my highest divine light.

Beloved Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, beloved Archangel Uriel, beloved ascended masters, Holy Beings, guides and guardians of the middle path of highest light.

Thank you for all the blessings in my life. Thank you for your support and guidance, for your encouragement and for your love.

I ask that you assist me this day in staying open to the blessings of divine opportunity, in staying positive and centered in gratitude and love.

Help me to maintain a love vibration throughout my entire day.

Help me to stay centered, positive and aligned with the highest divine perspective and outlook for whatever happens in my life.

I ask that you clearly guide and assist me today. Align me with the miracles of divine possibility.

Bless every area of my life. Bless my energy, help me to show up fully shining and embodying divine light through all that I do so that my life is of service to others so that my light creates waves and ripples in the field of all that is, helping others to brightly shine.

I ask that you bring me clear guidance to keep me on track with my highest direction today and helped me to see and receive, to know your guidance, wisdom, and love.

Bring me miracles and blessings of divine possibility and help me today to embody, shine and thrive, living in alignment with divine love and light.

I think you, I love you.

And so it is.

You can use the exact words above to complete a morning prayer yourself, invoking your guides and starting your day off with a morning prayer of positivity, of love, and especially, inviting in Source light blessings, divine guidance, and miracles of divine love into your life.

These things are available to you, but you are a human being and you have free will. So if you want guidance, assistance, and higher divine intervention, it's up to you to ask for assistance, and then be open.

Make it a Habit to Say a Morning Prayer for Blessings of Peace and Positivity in Your Life

Once you say a morning prayer and ask for assistance. Then be open! Stay open in a place of having a clear mind, your heart open, willingness within your core and willing to receive the guidance and inspiration of spirit and the willingness to act upon the guidance and inspiration you receive.

With this, you can make today, and make this moment now the very best yet because you are centered in love and open to the miracle, the blessing of divine light that is all around, that simply takes tuning in.

Remember that each new day is an opportunity to cultivate your direct link with the light of the infinite, with the love of source, with higher divine consciousness to embody it through you and to shine.

As always, the light in me is a reflection of the light in you. Keep shining because it is beautiful.

With love and bright blessings,

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10 Short Morning Prayers for the Time We Spend with the Lord

Simple Morning Prayer

The morning is the best time to spend in the Lord’s presence by reading His Word. It’s also an excellent time to begin the day by fellowshipping with the Lord in prayer.

But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to pray. Should you pray for yourself, for your family, or for your friends? How should you start? Should you pray the same prayers or try something new? Should you pray something from the Bible or come up with something on your own?

The answers to these questions depend on our personal experience and the Lord’s leading. However, there are some short morning prayers we can pray to begin each day by contacting the Lord. Whether we decide to pray one or all of these prayers, each of them can help us to simplify our time with the Lord and to begin our day by contacting Him.

Prayer #1: “Oh, Lord Jesus.”

One of the first ways we can pray is simply to call on the Lord’s name. As soon as we get bed, we can breathe in the Lord by calling, “Oh, Lord Jesus.”

This is good way to begin the day by contacting the Lord. What better way is there to touch our wonderful Lord than by calling on His name? When we call, we get the person of the name, and we begin to be revived and refreshed. We can do this as soon as we wake up, and we can continue as we get ready for our day.

Prayer #2: “Lord Jesus, I love you.”

The next thing we can say to the Lord is, “Lord Jesus, I love you.” It’s good to begin the day by telling the Lord that we love Him. Our goal, Revelation 2:4, is that He would be our first love and our best love. We can practice this by telling the Lord that we love Him first thing in the morning, and we can continue by telling the Lord that we love Him throughout the day.

Prayer #3: “Lord Jesus, thank you for today.”

Thanking the Lord is an excellent way to start the day. We can tell Him, “Lord Jesus, thank you for today, thank you for my spirit, and thank you that I can pray.” We can also thank Him for many other things.

We can thank Him for another day to gain Him and to be found in Him, and we can thank Him for dying for us and for shedding His precious blood for us.

No matter what we choose to thank Him for, it’s good to start the day by thanking the Lord.

Prayer #4: “Lord Jesus, wash me in your precious, prevailing, and efficacious blood.”

The next thing we can pray is for the Lord to wash us in His precious, prevailing, and efficacious blood. It’s so marvelous that the Lord died for us and shed His blood for us. Every morning we can freshly apply His blood and ask Him to wash from all of our sins.

We can continue by confessing any sins that the Lord brings to our attention.

There’s no need to spend all of our time attempting to come up with sins to confess, but we can spend a little time to confess anything that the Lord touches us with related to the previous day or our past.

Prayer #5: “Lord Jesus, I open my being and turn my heart to you.”

After spending some time to confess our sins, we can take a minute to turn our heart to the Lord. We can pray, “Lord Jesus, I open my being and turn my heart to you.” By doing this, we turn away from everything else and turn our heart to the Lord.

Second Corinthians 3:16 says, “But whenever the heart turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.” As we turn to the Lord, any veils on our heart are taken away, and we can spend time with the Lord face to face.

Second Corinthians 3:18 tells us that in doing so, we behold and reflect a mirror the glory of the Lord and are transformed into His image from glory to glory.

Prayer #6: “Oh Lord, grant me today’s supply of grace.”

In addition to turning our heart to the Lord, we can ask Him to grant us our daily supply of grace. In Matthew 6:11 the Lord instructs us to pray for our daily bread. We can pray this by asking the Lord for our daily supply of grace. We can begin the day by asking Him for that day’s portion of grace, and the Lord will respond by supplying us with more of His grace and more of Himself.

Prayer #7: “Oh Lord, grant me a normal day of growing in life.”

Each day we also want to grow in life. The Lord’s goal is that we would be brought on to maturity and full sonship. (See these verses for more on maturity and growing in life: 1 Corinthians 3:7, 14:20, and 16:13; Ephesians 4:13; Philippians 3:15; and Hebrews 5:14).

We don’t want to remain the same but want to grow in the divine life and be brought on to maturity. However, this isn’t something that happens miraculously or overnight. It’s something that happens little by little and day by day.

An infant doesn’t become an adult overnight. They grow a little bit every day by eating milk, baby food, and eventually solid food. Over time, each infant grows to be a full-grown person. Thus, every morning we can pray, “Lord, grant me a normal day of growing in life.

Cause me to grow in your life today.”

Pray #8: “Oh Lord, strengthen me with power through your spirit into the inner man.”

The apostle Paul prays in Ephesians 3:16 that God the Father would grant us “according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit into the inner man.

” Paul’s prayer here shows that God’s desire is that we would be strengthened with power through the Spirit into the inner man, our human spirit.

We can cooperate with this desire by asking the Lord every day to strengthen us with power through His Spirit into the inner man.

Prayer #9: “Oh Lord, make your home in my heart through faith.”

The apostle Paul also prays in Ephesians 3:17-19 “that Christ may make His home in your hearts through faith, that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be full of strength to apprehend with all the saints what the breadth and length and height and depth are and to know the knowledge-surpassing love of Christ, that you may be filled unto all the full knowledge of God.” Thus, we can pray every morning, “Lord, make your home in my heart through faith today. I open my heart to you. Make my heart your home a little more today. Dear Lord, make your home in every room of my heart.”

Prayer #10: “Oh Lord, keep me from temptation and from the evil one.”

In Matthew 6:13, the Lord instructs us to pray that we would not be brought into temptation but would be delivered from the evil one.

We may think that we can withstand sin, but really, we need the Lord’s covering that He would keep us from temptation and deliver us from the evil one. We are weak and shouldn’t put any trust in ourselves.

Instead, we should pray that the Lord would deliver us from temptation and from the evil one.


As you can see, these are ten excellent short morning prayers we can pray every morning. Whether you decide to pray one, a few, or all of them, I hope this post will help you spend time in prayer with the Lord. May we all go on to pursue Christ, to know Him, and to be found in Him day by day and morning by morning.

What is your experience with praying short prayers to the Lord in the morning? Do you have any prayers you would add to this list? Are you planning to pray some of these prayers during your morning time with the Lord? Leave a comment so we can discuss and have further fellowship.

For a further appreciation of this topic, you may also enjoy reading “How to Spend Time with the Lord in the Morning” on the Bibles for America blog.

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