Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

What is Spiritual Cleansing? (with pictures)

Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

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Spiritual cleansing is a way to remove bad energies that are thought to cause negative health and emotional effects from the body. Depending on the tradition, these energies may go by many different names, and the removal or reordering of the energies may be done by a variety of processes.

Usually, spiritual cleansing is performed on a person by a trained healer of some sort, but there are some types of spiritual therapies that rely on personal meditative or energy directing skills.

Given that the success of this type of therapy is highly dependent on belief in the underlying philosophy, most people who attempt spiritual cleansing are already members of a tradition that uses this type of healing.

Usually what is involved in spiritual cleansing depends on the tradition in which the cleansing occurs. For instance, spiritual cleansing of a New Age type might include generic negative energies being removed from the body, whereas a Christian cleansing might involve purging the body of sinful thoughts.

It is important that a person obey the spiritual cleansing protocol of whichever tradition he or she is using.

On the other hand, a spiritual cleanse is intended to work solely on the spirit, not on the physical realm, so any spiritual cleanse that involves consuming unusual or unknown substances should be looked upon with suspicion.

Most people find that using a special room for the process facilitates spiritual cleansing.

This room may be decorated or arranged in a meaningful way and may have been prepared by cleansing the room of energies.

Participants in the cleansing process are often evaluated prior to the cleanse during a consulting session to determine spiritual needs. Proper preparations are very important to a successful cleanse.

During a cleanse performed by a healer, it is common for the person being cleansed to lie down.

The healer may then work with the energies in the body in some way, either by directing those energies with his or her hands, by applying talismans, or by any other method.

Often, the healer is responsible for guiding visualization exercises for the patient, which helps get rid of negative energy.

Personally directed cleanses may involve chanting or movement of energy, but the responsibility for sensing where those energies lie is placed on the person being cleansed.

By meditating or otherwise reflecting, people examine the source of the disturbance and endeavor to correct it. Even when this type of cleanse is performed at home, it is still important to prepare the room and create a special space for the cleanse.

By setting apart the experience of the spiritual cleanse from daily life, the process can be more effective.


Lostnfound Post 2@Grivusangel — I had to laugh at your post. I think we've all had bosses and workplaces that. I want to do that sometimes, myself.
I don't really think a human can spiritually cleanse another human. In my opinion, that's the Lord's job. Only He can do that. He's the only one holy enough to accomplish it. Another human would just impose their own sin into the equation. In my belief system, only the Holy Spirit can cleanse and forgive someone completely. We can't do it on our own, or even with the help of another human. It's just not possible for us to be pure enough to do it by ourselves.
Grivusangel Post 1I'm not sure I believe in the personal spiritual cleansing business, but I have seen people who do believe in that go places and cleanse them by burning sage and scattering salt in the corners.I have been sorely tempted to do that at my office. Maybe bring some holy water with me too. Bet if I sprinkled it on the owner's desk, it would sizzle.I have a mental image of anointing and salting the owner's office — you know saying nothing unclean can enter — and him bouncing off the doorway there's an invisible force field. I can dream.

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Are You In Need of a Spiritual Cleanse?

Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

Most of us take the deliberate, conscious action to do a cleanse or detox diet at least once a year to help restart our body and feel better about ourselves.

In fact, an average of 45 million Americans go on a diet every year and spend over $33 billion on detox, cleansing and weight loss products.

We spend so much time fixated on our physical body and diet, why not our spiritual body?

Perhaps it’s time for a Spiritual Cleanse?

5 Signs You Need a Spiritual Cleanse

1.) Are you carrying around baggage from your past? Do you have reoccurring thoughts or stories that you just can’t seem to drop and let go of?

2.) Do you feel guilty for something that you did or said? Are you carrying around resentment, or are you feeling burdened by your regrets?

3.) Are you lacking direction or feel confused over what path to take? Do you feel stuck, lost or unmotivated? Does something about your life feel “off” to you?

4.) Are you in denial or do you have a hard time accepting events as they are? Are you constantly wishing for things to be different, are you constantly searching for change?

5.) Do you have pent up emotions that are bubbling to the surface? Do you feel wronged or taken advantage of by others?

If any of these resonated for you, chances are you in are in need of a Spiritual Cleanse.

What is a Spiritual Cleanse?

When we do a physical cleanse (diet) there are often a series of rules- eat this, not that, exercise this way etc etc….In a spiritual cleanse however, it is more about aligning with your truth and what you need in this present moment.

Here are 10 Spiritual Cleanse “Tasks”, use all of them, or just the ones you feel drawn to. Chances are if you feel a strong emotion towards one as you read it, you need it!

Task 1: What Needs to Go: “The Brain Dump”

Start writing, fast and furiously about everything that is in your mind. This is the brain dump phase where everything needs to come out and be released.

This is not a time to hold back, write whatever comes into your mind, challenge yourself to keep writing even if the ideas are not flowing.

Aim to write, non-stop for at least 5 minutes until everything that is in your mind is out on paper.

Task 2: Sit In Your Emotions 

Now that you have dumped the thoughts onto the page in front of you, chances are there are a lot of emotions surfacing and bubbling around. Sit in them, allow yourself to fully feel them by crying, screaming, jumping, dancing, drawing etc…do whatever you need to release them.

When you resist emotions, they become blocked and develop into subconscious patterns that hold you back. When you allow yourself to jump into the emotion fully and freely you can swim past it and come out the other side.

Task 3: Sit With your Emotions

Now that you have physicalized your emotional mind set and used your body to do some release work, now it is time to really sit with your emotions, in peace and surrender.

When you allow yourself to accept your emotions without judgement, when you allow yourself to feel but not engage, when you give yourself permission to feel however you need to feel, that is when you allow the healing and cleansing to occur.

Allow any emotions to wash over you, allow yourself to feel them but don’t judge or engage with them. Just sit with them, honoring them for all they have taught you, allowing them to move within you without constraint.

Start breathing deeply and slowly. As you take a breath feel the expansion of your belly, rib cage and chest and as you release your breath, feel your stomach soften inwards and your ribs and chest relax.

As you take another breath, visualize the breath moving deep through your body- inhale the breath straight down to your toes and up into your head. Imagine the breath is a broom, sweeping out all the old debris of the past. Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes.

Task 5: Meditate with Healing Music

Put on some meditation or healing music ( I recommend Snatam Kaur) and either lie down or sit in lotus position with your eyes closed. Begin meditating and as you do, allow the music to fill your being and cleanse you.

Sit and relax into the song and allow your mind, heart and soul to rest into the vibration. If any thoughts come in, try not to engage but instead focus on watching them as an observer. Aim to meditate for at least 20 minutes.

Task 5: Set an Intention, Say a Prayer

As soon as you come your meditative state, begin writing down or saying aloud a prayer or intention for your cleansing. Go with whatever comes into your heart and mind first, as often that is what your soul is calling upon you to release. Don’t spend too much time thinking about your intention, keep it quick, simple and short.

Task 6: Forgive and Let Go: “The Purge”

With your intention in hand, now it is time to release to allow space for your intention to be received. Understand and allow yourself to let go, forgive yourself, forgive others, find space in your heart to move on from all that does not serve you.

You may find it beneficial to write a letter stating your intention to release past experiences or fears and to accept what is.

This step can be the most challenging, so be patient and gentle with yourself.

Task 7: Ask for Divine Support 

As part of your “purge” ask the divine (your guardian angels, spirit guides or deity) to step in and help you to release and allow forgiveness to enter your heart, mind, body and soul.

Ask your divine support system to help release all that is holding you back from achieving your highest purpose.

Ask them to guide you and support you through this process and to deliver to you any necessary people or messages that may help you.

Task 8: Receive Your Blessing

It is now time for you to reach out to your divine support system and ask for their blessings. Allow yourself to receive their blessings and feel your heart open and expand. You are worthy, you are appreciated and you deserve to receive this blessing- allow yourself to understand and sit with that too. Then, feel the blessings wash over you waves.

Task 9: Give Thanks 

Now that you are cleansed, it is time to thank all that were part of your journey and process, your divine support system as well as yourself for taking the steps to cleanse and honor your soul and heart. Give thanks to all that has helped and guided you, give thanks to all that threw you off your path, give thanks for all that you have and all that you are.

Task 10: Soul “Maintenance” 

Just any diet plan, if you don’t keep up the good habits you acquired during your cleanse, you will soon find yourself back at the beginning. Make the effort to take time every day to honor your soul and spiritual self. Meditate, do something creative, take a walk in nature, journal/ write, practice gratitude, do breath work, make it a priority to do things that feel good to you.

You can also practice saying this Cleansing Prayer daily (or write your own):

“I cleanse my mind, body and spirit of all resentments, negativity and fears from the past, present and future. I call upon the light of the divine to nourish my heart and soul and to guide me towards my highest path. For this I give my thanks.”

The benefits of a Spiritual Cleanse are endless so, what are you waiting for?

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Spiritual Warfare House Cleansing Prayer

Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

Part 2: A spiritual warfare house cleansing prayer to pray over your house especially if there is a demonic intrusion in your home. The spiritual warfare house cleansing prayer comes from the Healing and Deliverance Manual.

First, go through the Occult Checklist, so that you can discovering any hidden things you didn’t think anything about becoming a problem. There has to be a legal right for demonic spiritual activity. Make sure you have removed anything that is not of God that can open doors to the demonic realm.

How do you know if you let something in? See the following list:
The things we keep in our homes that are an offense to God is a source of evil and could be the open the door to the following:

  • Sudden chronic illness
  • Recurrent bad dreams, night terrors, and nightmares
  • Attacked by sexual demonic spirits (incubus & succubus)
  • Attacked with choking sensations and being paralyze
  •  Insomnia or unusual sleep patterns
  • Behavioral problems with children that was not there before
  • Relational problems – continual fighting arguing and misinterpreted communication
  • Lack of peace
  • Restless, disturbed children
  • Dogs barking for no reason
  • Ghosts or demonic apparitions (to which young children are particularly susceptible)
  • poltergeist (the movement of physical objects by demons) – hearing voices or sounds in their houses. A German word meaning “knocking or noisy ghosts.
  • Foul, unexplained odors (sometimes smell sulfur).
  • Atmospheric heaviness, making it hard to breathe
  • Picking up a presence but cannot see but feel
  •  A feeling of being “pushed to the ground”
  • Continual nausea and headaches
  • See orbs of light and possibly manifesting teeth bits on body
  • Animals acting fearful or weird (dogs barking mad for no reason)

The Spiritual Warfare House Cleansing Prayer

Go to part 1 of the house cleansing prayer and do the ten steps before doing the spiritual warfare house cleansing prayer. Also, Go to Haunted House Cleansing Checklist – Part 2

Dear Lord Jesus:

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take authority and dominion over my home. I command every demonic entity that has entered into my house has to bow its knee.

I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I am asking for forgiveness of my sins.  I’m repenting for _________, __________. _______(call out all the sins that you know you are currently participating in).

Father God, I also repent if I have any bitterness towards anyone and forgive them for hurting me, and I give them over to you.

Father God, I repent and I renounce my involvement with anything that was not of you. I also repent and renounce for bringing anything into my house that was not of you such as idols, other gods, other religions, etc.

Next, go through each room and anoint it and pray the spiritual warfare cleansing prayer (anoint doors, windows, bed, furniture, electrical sockets, TV’s, etc.

Now, command any wicked presence no longer has authority in this room and my house.

Father God, by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break any assignment of every evil spirit to this space. I bind every evil spirit that is in this room and command them to go where the Lord Jesus Christ has ready for them.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce and reject any inch of this room, this house and this property that has been yielded or surrendered unto Satan and by faith I take it back and surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by faith, I claim that this room is covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and no evil spirit can enter it.

I command everything must leave this house now. I decree that every legal right has been broken. I call on the Lord to blow and remove every demonic spirit out now to never return, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

Books on Cleansing Your Home From Demonic Intrusion In Your Home

Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness by Check Pierce

Pruning Your House and Pruning Your Family Tree by Perry Stone

Spiritual Warfare Manual by Traci Morin

Seminar Course Manual by Traci Morin a more detailed checklist for Haunted House Cleansing


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House Cleansing Prayer ~ Spiritual Cleansing For Your Home

Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

This is prayer and invocation to call light, Angels, and higher vibrational frequencies into your home works!

It releases stagnant or dense energy, negativity and even entities. You’ll then fill your home with love, light and angels to elevate the vibration. This allows you to create a supportive, nurturing, safe place for you to live, thrive, and spiritually grow.

This allows you to create a supportive, nurturing, safe place for you to live, thrive, and spiritually grow.

The great thing about this house cleansing prayer is that it can be done by itself and you don’t need any tools.

You could choose to use the prayer in conjunction with White Sage, Palo Santo, or any other cleansing incense or tool you . Sound healing is also a beautiful, powerful way to cleanse your space and raise its vibration.

Know that this prayer works in conjunction with external tools or cleansing rituals, but it’s also effective on its own.

If you this video, be sure to follow me on here!

House Cleansing Prayer

To begin, close your eyes, take a deep relaxing breath, and begin to shift your awareness within. Then say:

“I now call upon my team of Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and my higher self. Please enter into this present point in time, enter into my home, filling my home with the highest vibration of love, light, and divine frequency.

I call upon Archangel Michael to usher out and release into the light any lower vibrations of fear, negativity, or stuck or stagnant energies. I call upon Archangel Azrael to release any earthbound attachments, lower vibrational beings, and anything that does not serve in creating a safe, happy and harmonious environment for me to live in.

Angels, please fill the entire building with light, bringing in love, joy, peace, and harmony. Raise the vibration, release all that no longer serves.

I ask that you surround my entire home (or building if you’re in a condo, hotel, or attached unit) with an orb of light. I ask that anything inside of this orb that is not in alignment with unconditional love or that does not have the highest interest of humanity and all beings be released into the light of the Divine.

I call upon love, peace, harmony, well-being, and Divine presence to take its place.

Thank you, Angels, for filling my entire home with light. Flow light into every corner, crevice, and cabinet. Under and around the furniture, clothes and my belongings… Under the floors, in between the walls, and above the roof… Cleanse the energy and elevate the vibration… Above, below, behind, beside and all around.

Thank you for filling my entire home with light, cleansing all that no longer serves, and raising the vibration in the way that will most serve me and the highest and greatest good of all.

I ask this according to Divine Will. Thank you for your support and love and frequency, and so it is.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When Called Upon, Your Angels Will Answer

Know that when you call Angels into your space when you call light into your space, that light and Angels appear.

You may visualize lower vibrations leaving and higher levels of love and light pouring in.

Open your heart, let your light expand, and know that it is well within your power to call in the Angels, to call in cleansing and create a powerful shift in your home environment.

I’ve written about more methods you can use to energetically clear your home here!

Remember when you ask your Angels for help they will answer because you are loved, supported, and guided by Angels right now and always.

With love, light, and gratitude,


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Spiritual Cleansing Of The House

Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Cleansing

I am going to explain to you how to do a spiritual cleansing in a house and to change in this way 180 degrees the energy flow of it.

Spiritual cleansing of your home

Spiritual Cleansing of the House

The passage of time, the transit of our family and friends, the negative charge due to our daily concerns and other reasons (from the existence of non-dimensional tenants to problems in the energy balance), can generate an energetic and dimensionless dirt that will greatly impede the life of the residents of your home.

In these situations, do not hesitate, it becomes necessary to perform a spiritual cleansing of your home.

Below I will detail the most simple, effective, home and free mechanism to do a correct spiritual cleaning for the house.

How do I know if my home is spiritually clean? There are some tests you can do before beginning a spiritual cleansing ritual in your home. I recommend walking through all the rooms of your house with the intention of detecting and feeling the energy present.

  • Does the energy feel light and shiny?
  • Or do you feel heavy and dark?
  • Are there certain areas of the house that feel denser than others?
  • In any room feel chaos or confusion?

If, after using your perception, you feel that spiritual cleansing is necessary, there are several types of home spiritual cleansing that you can use. I have used all these methods successfully.

Bottom line: If the energy fields in the home are stagnant, these exercises will help you to clean them. You should know that visitors who come and go as well as arguments, tensions and other disturbing energies can stay in your home and disturb harmony.

That is why it is important to do at least one spiritual cleansing ritual from time to time. I recommend a month.

1. Cleaning with Sage

My favorite way to balance and clean energy at home is the Native American tradition of burning sage. Turn it on and let it burn for a moment and then just hold the sage on an ashtray, walk from one room to another chanting this mantra: “Sacred Sage cleans my space“. I also use sage to clean my own energy field. The aroma awakens powerful ancestral memories.

2. Blessed Rose Water

Spiritual cleansing the home

A simple, sweet and very effective way to do a spiritual cleansing at home is through the use of the Blessed Rose Water. Buy the best brand of essential rose oil you can get, the most expensive oils are usually purer, and this will serve better.

Roses are associated with the Holy Mother and divine feminine energy with which a sweet energy will be the one that brings calm to your home. Put a few drops of oil in a spray bottle with purified water. Say a prayer over the water and bless it. Go from one room to another by spraying the water and cleaning your home.

Use this water to spray around your own. This is very refreshing and easy to do.

3. Spiritual Cleanse at Home with Lemon

You’ll need:

  • Half lemon.
  • 2 tablespoons salt.
  • A few drops of wine vinegar.
  • Scrub bucket and a mop or mop.

The first step will be, once we have all the elements ready on a table, to go through all our house (from the inner rooms to the door of the home), while we thank the Universe for having this home. You can say the following prayer:

“I thank you for the protection and warmth that you provide me home and request your permission to energetically cleanse these rooms”

Once we have shown gratitude and requested permission to the invisible forces to initiate this ritual we will fill the bucket with tap water and we will add, in this order, the following elements:

  1. The juice of half a lemon.
  2. 2 tablespoons of salt.
  3. A few drops of wine vinegar.

Now we will prepare to carry out the cleaning. It is important that while you perform the ritual, to keep a positive attitude, feeling the energy of each room and feeling negativity, bad energies and those barriers and obstacles are deposited in the water bucket while the ritual we have prepared shielding our stays with strength, well-being, and protection.

The cleaning will be done from the rooms farther from the main entrance until arriving at the front door of the house.

Once the ritual is over, you proceed to discard the water down the toilet or dispose of it out in the street. Of course, with a sufficient distance from the door of your house.

4. The Power of the Angels

All the archangels and their personal angels are at your service and ready to help you. The archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel are at your command.

Ask for the power of these angelic energies to walk with you through all the rooms in your home. Visualize how the divine light balances and cleans every square inch of the house.

Imagine these angelic beings forming a circle around you and bathed in the light.

It is not necessary to be of the Christian faith to make use of this power. It works for any faith. I always use what works best for me, and this works.

If you have detected the presence of really dark energies in your house or around you, it is time to resort to the strongest healing power of all: the power of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus walked the Earth in his physical form, the dark energies moved away from him. The same power is available to us today.

No matter what religion you are or what you believe about Jesus, there is power in the sacred name. Here is a simple prayer you can use in the spiritual cleansing of the home:

“I call on the power of Jesus Christ to cleanse and release the dark energies of my energy field and my home. I ask the angels to escort these energies into the light. Amen.”

Caution: It is important not to curse or hate the dark energies. If they are negative energies, this will only give them more power – which will also put you in a state of fear, which is the opposite of love. Just say the prayer and leave it to Jesus and the angels to send all the dark energies your energy field.

Spiritual cleansing TAT posture

This is not really a method of spiritual house cleaning, but if you feel that you have been cursed in any way, you can use this exercise. The most powerful way to eliminate a curse is through the power of forgiveness and love.

Feeling frustration or rancor is not the best way this, only love will keep you from the curse. Keep in mind that a “curse” may simply be the energetic manifestation of thoughts of envy or hatred that someone has directed toward you.

This can create a chaotic energy pattern.

For this, we will use TAT energy therapy. Put your hands in the TAT posture (see photo) and say:

“I feel damn.”

Let the feelings surface and continue the treatment.

“I ask the divine light to help me in the complete forgiveness of this person, or persons, known or unknown.

I release any need to blame them or make them pay for any damage that has been done.

I release any need to get sympathy or care because of these conditions.

I ask and allow the divine light and love to cleanse and balance my energy field, my physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.

I completely release any effect of this curse to light.

I ask the divine light to fill my being with the energy of continuous forgiveness. I am very grateful. Amen”.

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