Prayer For Spiritual Hope

23 Short Prayers – Hope for Your Soul

Prayer For Spiritual Hope

Whether you have had a personal relationship with God for years or you are only beginning to discover who Jesus is, we all need guidance sometimes when it comes to prayers. It’s often hard to find the words to pray, that’s why we put together this collection of short prayers.

The following short prayers offer guiding words to use for praying over various topics including worry, anxiety, doubt, forgiveness, fear, and other areas of life where we need to ask for God’s help.

Please use these prayers and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you add some of your own words and personalize your petitions to God.

Prayer for Peace

Father God, my heart is filled with chaos and confusion. I feel as if I am drowning in my circumstances and my heart is filled with fear and confusion. I really need the strength and peace that only You can give. Right now, I choose to rest in You. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland.

Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

Lord, my heart is broken but You are near. My spirit is crushed, but You are my rescuer. Your Word is my hope. It revives me and comforts me in especially now. My soul faints, but you are the breath of life within me.

You are my help, the One who sustains me. I am weak but You are strong. You bless those who mourn, and I trust You to bless me and my family with all that we need. You will rescue me from this dark cloud of despair because You delight in me.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Jennifer White

Prayer for Perseverance

Holy Lord, Thank You for grace. Please help me move beyond the hurdles that trip me up and give me the strength and wisdom to look up and see the hope I run toward in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Gwen Smith

Prayer for Self Control

Father, today I ask forgiveness of all the negative and harmful words I have spoken about myself. I do not want to abuse myself in such a way again. Transform my thoughts and let me understand how marvelously you made me. Change my habits so I use my tongue to speak hope and favor upon my life. In Jesus' name, Amen. ~ Sarah Coleman

Prayer for Loving Jesus

Father, I have to thank You for looking beyond my faults and for loving me unconditionally. Forgive me when I fail to love others in the same way. Give me eyes to see the needs of the difficult people in my life, and show me how to meet those needs in a way that pleases You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer for God’s Direction

Lord, help me not to lean on my own understanding but in everything acknowledge You so that You can direct my words, thoughts and actions. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Sharon Glasgow

Prayer For Worry

Father, I am tempted to worry about so many things. Our world is a mess! Forgive me for focusing on anything or anyone but You. Thank You for the Bible that equips and empowers me to live each day. Right now, I declare that You are my only Hope. Please help me remember that You really are in control. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer for God’s Strength

Lord, thank you for your greatness. Thank you that when I am weak, you are strong. Lord, the Devil is scheming and I know he desires to keep me from spending time with you. Don’t let him win! Give me a measure of your strength so that I might not give into discouragement, deception and doubt! Help me honor you in all my ways. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Debbie Przybylski

~ Debbie Przybylski

Prayer When Feeling Inadequate

Dear Lord, Thank You for fearfully and wonderfully creating each of us. Thank You for giving us worth in Your eyes. Help us live as the one You uniquely intended us to be. Help us abide instead of strive, living peacefully and joyfully as heirs to Your Kingdom and co-heirs with Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Julie Sunne

Prayer for Being Grateful

Father, I am so sorry for the way I complain about my circumstances. Please forgive me for my bad attitude when things don't go my way.

I want to see Your hand in every part of every day – good or bad.

Help me learn how to face every storm with confidence, knowing that You really are in control even though I cannot hear Your voice or see Your hand at work. In Jesus Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer of God’s Provision

Dear Father God, Thank You for Your unfailing love for me, Your blessings, and goodness. Thank You for Your faithfulness to guide me and see me through times of uncertainty, for lifting me up, and setting me on high.

Thank You for Scripture that comforts and reminds me of Your promises, plan, and provision. Thank you for taking away my fears and worries, the what-ifs, and reminding me that my help comes from You. Help me be a good steward and to sow wisely.

In Christ’s Name, Amen. ~ Renee Davis

Prayer for Growing Faith

Dear Lord, help me – every single morning – to find faith in the midst of the chaos. Give me the desire and ability to see You, hear You, talk to You, and give thanks to You.

And as I do, I pray that I will draw nearer and nearer to You, and that my faith will multiply exponentially as I understand in new, deeper ways that You are everything I ever hoped You would be. And so much more.

Amen. ~ Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Prayer for Confidence

Lord, help me let go of my fear of failure. I know Satan wants to use my fears to hold me back from living boldly for You.

Forgive me for not living in faith, and help me from this moment on to live with bold confidence in You. Lord, help me not compare myself to others around me.

I pray instead that I can keep my eye on You and live a life that proclaims Your excellence. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. ~ Rick Warren

Prayer for a Heavy Heart

Lord, I want to lay before you all that weighs heavy on my heart. Reveal even the sin I am not aware of, Lord. I lay these at your feet and pray your forgiveness on me. I believe you when you say that you wash us whiter than snow. Thank you Lord for your unending love for me! Help me start fresh right now to make choices that honor you. In Jesus' Name, Amen. ~ Rick Warren 

Father, sometimes it does feel that you have left us in the battle. We know that you are with us, but so are our feelings of aloneness. The Enemy seems to be taking ground. Our crying out to you seems to go unanswered. We know you are at work, but help us trust you in the midst of our questions. In Jesus' Name, Amen. ~ Ron Moore 

Short Prayer for Thankfulness

God, sometimes life gets me down and I find it hard to see things to be thankful for. Open my eyes to see the gifts you’ve given me in my life. I’m going to start by thanking you for loving me enough to come to earth and die so we can live together forever. Amen. ~ Wendy van Eyck

Prayer for Restored Relationships

Father God, open my eyes to see the ways I’m Cain.

What conflicts am I allowing to brew in my family? What anger is bubbling into murderous rage in my relationships? Thank You for the clarity to see how hatred kills relationships.

I choose instead the way of love. Love protects. Help me to protect those I love by loving them. Your way is always best, Father. I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ James MacDonald

Which one of these short prayers spoke the most to you and how can we be praying for you? Comment below and let us know! 

This article is part of our larger Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can't find the words to pray.

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Kickstarter >> Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing by Alden Solovy

Prayer For Spiritual Hope

My wife fell down, hit her head and died. I began writingprayers from my grief and, later, from a place of joy, renewed. I wrote about love and loss, infertility andcancer, travel and adventure, children and friendship. The prayers connected my heart to the hearts ofpeople all over the world. Then, these new partners in prayer asked me to write a book.

Sample the Prayers

There are more than 150 new prayers for people of all faiths in JewishPrayers of Hope and Healing. Here’s a prayer sampler from the book, including audio (click on the triangle in the bar below the excerpt):

From “Whispered Prayer”

Yourwhispered prayerYour secret hopeYour quiet yearning

Have holiness and power…”

From On Recovery from Surgery

“Godof renewal and strength,Thank you for the gifts of vitality, comfort and recovery

After the many traumas of surgery…”

What Others Say About the Book

“Amasterful set of conversations with God.”—Rabbi William H. Lebeau

“Authentic, honest and alive . . . this book brings God into everydaylife.”—Rev.Dr. Margaret Benefiel

“Alden Solovy is a craftsman of words.”—Rabbi David Levin-Kruss

“Alden’swords from his faith tradition find a home in my own heart and in the heartsof my Christian readers.”—Pastor Austin Fleming

“A loving guide for people searching for a way forward.”—Rabbi SusanSilverman

“A collection inspired by the ancientJewish yearning for God that speaks to us all.”—Susan Diamond,Prayables/Beliefnet

Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing will be a soft-cover, perfect-bound 5″x7″ volume. (These mock-ups are for illustration and are not to scale.)

Stretch Goals

The ability to build a broad marketing campaign will have a huge impact on the reach of these prayers. Here are “stretch” goals and thank you rewards:

• If the campaign reaches $15,000, everyone who contributes $25 or more will get a free copy of the song “Psalm 150” from God is Near by Andrew Dennen and Tracy Friend.

• If we reach $18,000, all who contribute $25 or more will get a free copy “Psalm 150,” plus an audio companion of five prayers from the book that I will create as a special bonus gift.

Here’s a link to God is Near on CDBaby where you can preview all the songs on the CD, including “Psalm 150.”

What will I do with the additional support? I’ll create two or three U.S. and U.K. book tours and possibly a book trailer, which have become very popular for introducing new books.

When this campaign is over, I’ll open a book store on my web site. Many of these reward packages will be available, but at higher prices. Now’s the time to join in. Thanks for considering it.

My Story, a Few More Details

Here's an excerpt from my introduction to the book, where I tell— in greater detail— the story of how I rediscovered prayer and prayer rediscovered me:

“In the month before my wife Ami died, my meditation practice shifteddramatically. Until then, I would sit for fifteen minutes inthe morning after reading two inspirational texts. Then, I’d pray.

The prayers were usually on the same theme: the health and well-beingof others generally, plus family and friends, in particular.

After prayer, I’d writea gratitude list, a personal affirmation and my intentions for the day, as wellas any specific observations that came to mind about my feelings andexperiences during the past day or so.

“The basic structure of this practice remained constant, but themeditation took on a depth and breadth I couldn't explain. I’dbegin the practice and, without noticing the flow of time, I’d lose mostawareness until I had a sense that my meditation was over. An hour or more hadpassed with my mind completely quiet, something I have never experienced since.

“Several times during the month, I’d say to friends, “I’m so full. Thisis so different, so new. I don’t understand why I am so full.”I felt a river of blessings overflowing its banks. And I wondered — rathercasually, it now seems — if God was preparing me for something.

“A week after Ami died, I was completely empty. gas. energy. emotion. I was a blank, less-than-zero shadow of a man makingthe motions of life. I stopped meditating. I stopped praying. I stoppedwriting. This wasn't a theological or an existential statement. Isimply needed to get up in the morning — force myself up, really — and take care ofthe business of life. And family. And death.

“I wondered, “How does a man call his daughters to say, ‘Your mom isgoing to die today’?” I did it. I did it twice. The simple fact is that I haveno idea how to do it.

I know that somewhere, today, this very moment, anotherfather is giving his children the worst news of their lives. Somewhere else, amother is doing the same thing.

I am convinced that, me, they willunderstand what they did, but may never understand how they did it.

“I wondered, “Will I ever write another prayer? Will I ever want to prayor meditate or write a gratitude list again?” The questions felt stupid. Ofcourse not. Why the hell would I ever write another prayer?

“The question, however, had its own answer, a different answer. Mychildren. What else could I really do for them but pray? One morning, withoutmy usual morning process, a prayer moved from my pen to the paper, a prayer“For Bereaved Children.

” With my own hand and my own heart — guided by a Power Idid not understand — I found the words that I needed to recite on behalf of mygirls. In that moment, my view of my life shifted.

The gift that I’d givethe world, in the shadow of Ami’s death, would be a new voice of prayer.”

Want to Sample a Few More Prayers?

Please visit my website,, to sample more prayers.

And here’s a link to my prayer “To the Soldier, To the Veteran” being read at a Veterans Day commemoration and a link to a video produced by Call on Faith of my prayer “For the Survivors of 9/11.

” See Project Updates 2 and 4 for videos of me reading two prayers: “For Bereaved Children” and a thank you prayer that will open the Acknowledgements. There’s a button to view the Projects Updates at the top of this page.

Meet the Reviewers

Please meet the men and women who read my prayers and this book, providing the kind words shown on the video and on this page. Four very specialendorsements came from Rev. Dr.

Margaret Benefiel, SusanDiamond, Pastor Austin Fleming and Rabbi David Levin-Kruss. Two lovely and touching introductions, written byRabbi Susan Silverman and Rabbi William H.

Lebeau, will set thetone for readers.

Top row (l to r): Lebeau, Benefiel, Fleming; Bottom row (l to r) Silverman, Levin-Krus, Diamond

Rabbi William H. Lebeau is former vice chancellor for rabbinic development and immediate past dean of the Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary former rabbi of North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, Highland Park, Ill. He is senior consultant for rabbinic and institutional leadership for the Rabbinical Assembly.

Rev. Dr. Margaret Benefiel is the Executive Officer of Executive Soul, LLC, She is a consultant and a coach and offers spiritual direction to leaders and organizations. Dr. Benefiel is also an adjunct faculty member at Andover Newton Theological School in Boston and a visiting lecturer at All Hallows College in Dublin, Ireland.

Pastor Austin Fleming is a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Boston and the author of the popular blog A Concord Pastor Comments, as well as the Prayerbook for Engaged Couples and Preparing for Liturgy: A Theology and Spirituality.

Rabbi Susan Silverman is author of Casting Lots: HowRaising My Children Helped Me Find God.

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss is director of special programs and faculty in Mishna, Talmud, Torah and philosophy at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.

Susan Diamond is founder and publisher of Prayables andthe contributing publisher and editor for Beliefnet.

Meet the Cover Photographer

The photo isthe work of Martin Sykes-Haas, a Jerusalem-based photographer and afriend. I love it, which is why copies of the photo are available at severalreward levels. Martin and I pray together in a warm and caring community.

Martin specializes in pictures of the Old City, street views, abstracts andlarge scale decorative images. His work ranges from classic views of Jerusalem— Jewish, Christian and Moslem — to shots of the unique, the interesting and theunexpected.

Please visit his web site at

The cover is a close-up of the WesternWall of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, an iconic symbol of Jewish prayer, known all over the world by peopleof all faiths. Legend says thatthe Divine Presence rests on the Western Wall.

People come from all over theworld to put their prayers on paper on insert them into cracks in the Wall, the ones in this photo.

Another legend says that if one returns to theKotel for 40 consecutive days — and prays for one specific thing — that it will begranted.

Meet the Musicians of God is Near

Andrew Dennen and Tracy Friend created the music of God is Near, a wonderful collection of 13 original liturgically-based songs ranging from pop to jazz, as well as ballads and middle-eastern fare.

Tracy has been composing music since she attended summer camp in the 1970s, where she discovered the power of expressing prayer through music.

She recorded her first CD, When All is Said and Done, in 2004, and donates a portion of every sale to the One Family Fund, an organization providing financial, legal and emotional assistance to victims of terrorism in Israel.

For Tracy, songwriting is a spiritual journey and a way to connect the rich Jewish history of words and stories to the world of today. She’s founder and coordinator of the Midwest Singer/Songwriter Association.

A musician and poet for more than 30 years, Andy says “it wasn't until almost six years ago that I learned what all the training was actually for.

Reading Torah, listening to teachers, learning about who I am and who my ancestors were has helped shape me and who I am. I attempt to capture all of this in these melodies.

” This sums it up: “For me, music is the key to creating sacred space, a lightening rod held up to the sky.” His latest solo release is Open My Lips and he recently created a new band called Soul Zimra.

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Prayers for Hope

Prayer For Spiritual Hope

Inspirational Prayers

for Hope

We may feel attacked, hindered, and restrained;

We may feel discouraged, depressed, and defeated


Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:10 KJV,

“Be STRONG in the Lord


in the Power of his Might.”

Then Paul gives us secrets

to winning our battles

by explaining the

Supernatural pieces of Armor

that we need to wear every day.

I encourage you to stand up


put on those pieces of armor

afresh and anew.

Click here for Putting on the Armor

Another full armor page: The Armor of God

First Prayer for Hope

Almighty God,

You are my hope, and you are my strength.

You are guiding me toward your will, and I will follow you.

I will walk in AMAZING Faith this day.

I will lift up truth,and I will pull down strongholds.

I will declare that my enemies will not triumph over me.

Sickness will not triumph over me.

Financial lack will not triumph over me.

And______________ will not triumph over me.

                (fill in the blank)

I was created to be POWERFUL.

I was created to beVICTORIOUS.

Today I will walk in the Power, Purpose, and Peace of Jesus Christ.


Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon

             Presenting a song

                  with the

              Power of Encouragement!

Prayers for Hope

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am facinga situation that appears hopeless.

Emotions disappointment, confusion, anddepression want to attach themselves to me.

Reach out to me and bring me thoughts of a good future. I will welcome them.

Lord, show me newpossibilities.

Help me to more clearly see my gifts and talents. Help me to more clearly see the good things in my life.

Father God, help me to believe
that I am precious and valuable to you. 

Thank you that you have reminded me that I was born for a great purpose.

I will choose to believe that you are bringing hope into my heart this day, so that I will have more hope tonight when I go to bed thanwhen I got up this morning.

Father God, I will realize that hope has a name:



Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of

Next is an adaptation

of the above prayer

that can be prayed

for a friend or loved one

who is facing a hopeless situation.

If you are praying for a man, please adapt the prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up pray for _______.

She is facingsituations that sometimes appear hopeless.

Disappointment, confusion, anddepression want to attach themselves to her.

I pray that you would reach out toher and bring her thoughts of a good future.

I pray that she would begin to see newpossibilities.

I pray that her gifts and talents would become more apparent toher.

May she see a glimpse of her great value.

May she believe that she was bornfor a great purpose.

May she have more hope tonight when she goes to bed, thanwhen she got up this morning.

And may she realize that hope has a name:



Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of


Blessed be the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ,

which according to his abundant mercy

hath begotten us again unto a

lively hope

by the resurrection of Jesus Christ

from the dead.

1 Peter 1:3 KJV

Prayers for Hope for Parents

Next is a prayer to pray for parents who are facing a

hopeless situation concerning their child.

Your children may be young or old.

The problem may be

financial,physical, relational, or other.

The situation may include an issue of an addiction.

Whatever theproblem or problems,

we lift up all aspects to our Loving Lord.

Loving Lord,

We lift up these parents to you.

Bless these parents as they standon your Word and on your goodness.

Encourage them to stay motivated andhopeful.

Help them to sense the POWER that is unleashed in prayer.

Give them renewed strength as they wait on you and your goodplans.

In Jesus' name,


Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of

Prayers for Hope continues with a

Prayer for Strength

for a

Parent to Pray. 


You may want to visit our Prayer for Children page.  

That page has in-depth prayer

for many importantissues that

our children face.

Loving Lord,

I am urgently seeking your help.

I am asking you to send your blessings on my emotions.

I am asking you to bring me strength as I standon your Word and on your goodness.

Encourage me to stay motivated andhopeful.

Help me to sense the POWER that is unleashed in prayer.

Give me renewed strength as I wait on you and your goodplans.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of

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