Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

5 Prayers For Nurses

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

Here are five prayers that you can pray for nurses.

Prayer for Endurance

Father God, only You and the nurses know how tiring and fatiguing the work of a nurse can be and so grant them the strength to endure during their long shifts. Nurses are so overworked and underpaid and even under-appreciate so I acknowledge now the very important job they have in the place in which they serve.

Help them to endure the long hours and thankless duties that they perform, much of which is unseen by human eyes but You know God how much nurses sacrifice of themselves and so please, I pray, bless them and give them the strength to carry on when it’s the most difficult time to do so and in the strong name of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician I pray, amen.

Prayer for Patience

Righteous, Heavenly Father, the job that a nurse has is so very demanding and not just physically.

They must feel they’re being pulled in so many different directions and often at the same time, so help them to have the patience that they will need to be able to stay focused on their job.

They are under such stress and strain and they never really have enough time to do everything that’s ask of them in their job but they still usually go above and beyond of what’s expected of them.

Please Father, grant them patience to endure today while everything around them seems chaotic (at times) and I thank You God for what these women and men do in their nursing profession. They are so valuable to us and save countless lives and yet receive little recognition for that, so thank You for them and for Your blessing them with patience and in Jesus Great name I pray, amen.

Prayer for Support

Great Righteous God, today there are nurses who need the support that they are not getting. Sometimes their families are under stress due to their working schedule. Not only that, they must sometimes continue in the field of medical training and education and balancing that with work and family is exceedingly difficult.

Please help them receive the support that they not only need but deserve for the critical profession in which they serve. They have long days and nights and the support of family and friends can make all the difference for them. Help them to be supported Lord by whatever means possible; whether through family, friends, co-workers, or even a stranger’s word of encouragement.

I pray for this in the precious name of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, amen.

Prayer for their Families

Oh Supreme Father God of all the universe, please hear my prayer for the families of those who are nurses. These women and men are often separated from their families for longer shifts than most of us are.

Many of us can come home after work and enjoy the evening and we can take weekends off too but not so with many nurses.

I know of some who work swing shifts, fill in for sick staff, and some have to work weekends, and so dearest Father, help them to deal with the times of separation from their family and also I pray for the families who are often left with one parent at home to deal with everything and sometimes for long periods of time. God, how stressful for some nurses to have to leave for work at a moment’s notice, so I pray you will help these nurse’s families endure the hectic weeks and wild work schedules of these women and men who are helping those who are in need go through and in Jesus precious name I pray, amen.

Prayer for their Health

Father God, sometimes those who care for us sometimes do so to the neglect of their own health. They have to stand for long hours, work unpredictable hours, and take upon themselves a lot of the weight of caring for their patients. They sometimes feel worn and weary while caring for the same.

God, I pray that You would sustain their health, give them times to refresh themselves, and to rest in You. Have them learn the wisdom of coming to You and unloading every burden and every weight so that they might take Your yoke upon them as Your yoke is easy and light (Matt 11:30).

Thank You for blessing them and please help them to have good health as they care so much for the health of others and in the glorious name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.


If you know a nurse, please remember to thank them for all that they do. We only see the tip of the iceberg in all that they do. We have no real idea how much they go through, how tired they get, and how little acknowledgement they receive so encourage a nurse you know today. I am sure they’ll at least receive some satisfaction from it; if not from you, then who?

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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Nurse: job description

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

What does a nurse do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills

Nurses work as part of a team of professional and medical staff that includes doctors, social workers and therapists.

Typical duties of the job include:

  • assessing and planning nursing care requirements
  • providing pre- and post-operation care
  • monitoring and administering medication and intravenous infusions
  • taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures
  • writing records
  • supervising junior staff
  • organising workloads
  • providing emotional support to patients and relatives
  • tutoring student nurses

24-hour shift work can be a requirement of the job.

Typical employers of nurses

  • Hospitals
  • NHS trusts
  • Residential homes
  • Prisons
  • Agencies
  • Health centres
  • Schools
  • Companies
  • GP practices

Vacancies appear online, in newspapers, on the NHS jobs website and publications such as Nursing Times and Nursing Standard.

Qualifications and training required

The main route into qualifying as a nurse is to take a nursing degree in one of the four nursing specialisms: adult nursing, children's nursing, learning disability nursing or mental health nursing.

Some degree courses cover two of these fields, and are known as 'dual field' degrees. Most nursing degree courses are three years long, with the exception of dual field degrees and nursing degrees in Scotland.

Nursing degree courses provide a mix of formal teaching and practical experience.

You apply for full-time undergraduate nursing degrees through UCAS. Application criteria vary but you are ly to need at least 2 (more often 3) A levels or equivalent qualifications, plus a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C (equivalent to grade 4) including English, maths and a science (usually biology).

Graduates in a relevant subject such as life, health, biological or social sciences can qualify via a shortened two-year postgraduate course.

The recognition process for your first degree is known as APEL (accreditation of prior experiential learning). You can find out more about accelerated nursing courses for graduates from UCAS and the NHS health careers website.

You will need to check directly with institutions to find out if your degree course is acceptable for entry.

Nursing degree apprenticeships are now offered by a small number of NHS organisations. They are similar to nursing degrees in that they involve a mix of academic study and placements, but they are employer-led rather than being led by universities.

Nursing degree apprentices are released by their employers to undertake academic study at degree level on a part-time basis, and also train through a series of practice placements. Level 3 qualifications (that is, A level or equivalent) are usually required, as the apprenticeship is at degree level.

You can look for nursing degree apprenticeships on the NHS jobs website or the government's apprenticeship search.

Applicants who have completed a nursing associate apprenticeship will be able to finish a nursing degree apprenticeship in a shorter period of time than other candidates, as the nursing associate apprenticeship will count towards it.

The nursing associate apprenticeship is a two-year training programme that is being trialled from 2018.

Nursing associates undertake academic learning one day a week and work-based learning in a variety of settings the rest of the week. You need to have GSCEs in maths and English at grade 9 to 4 (A to C) or equivalent to apply.

More information about nursing associate apprenticeships is available from the NHS health careers website.

All nurses working in the UK must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). When students complete their nursing degrees, their universities pass on their details to the NMC, which then gets in touch to let them know how to create an online account and apply for registration. There is a fee of £120 for this.

Nurses are required to renew their registration and pay the registration fee each year, and must revalidate their registration every three years. In order to revalidate registration, nurses must have completed a minimum of 35 hours continuing professional development (CPD) and 450 hours registered practice over three years.

Nurse First, a pilot two-year fast-track programme for graduates who want to enter nursing, has recently been launched by NHS England, and combines hands-on experience and training with an educational course.

When applying for nursing training, any experience of caring for or working with people (eg in a care home or hospice) can be helpful.

Key skills for nurses

  • Good health and fitness
  • Caring and compassionate nature
  • Excellent teamwork and people skills
  • Observational skills
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Resilience
  • Stamina

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20 Best Gifts For Nurses And Nurse – Graduates

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

By: Angelina Gibson

The holidays have arrived and it's time to show that special nurse in your life how much they mean to you! We've compiled this list of the best gift ideas for any type of nurse from student to seasoned nurse and everyone in between. 

We've reviewed 5 of these awesome products in the video and nurses have chosen the rest! We have affiliate partnerships so, we do get a share of the sale of each product purchased. 

1. Cell-Phone Sanitizer

Buy the Portable UV Cell-Phone Sanitizer on Amazon for $32.99

Cell-phones are some of the dirtiest objects we own. Imagine working in a hospital, then touching your phone with all those germs. YUCK! Help your favorite nurse out by getting them this portable phone sanitizer – equipped with a charger. 

2. Prescription Coffee Mug

Seriously, how cute is this mug!? Yea, nurses may advise their patients to decrease coffee intake – while self-prescribing… coffee PO Q2H PRN. 

Buy the prescription pill coffee mug on Amazon for $9.99

3. Nurse Sweaters Are All The Rave

No matter what kind of nurse they are they probably love their job and also adore anything nurse related. Snag a trendy shirt or get into the holiday spirit with these fun options!

Buy the “It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives Crew” on Amazon for $17.99

4. Silicone Wedding Ring – To Wear At Work

Diamonds can cut through latex gloves and FORBID that it happens while a nurse is anywhere near bodily fluids. These rings are the perfect solution and can even be worn while working out! They’re comfortable and durable – leave the nice ring at home, wear this instead. Made for men or women. 

Buy the FORS silicone wedding ring on Amazon for $16.95

5. Personal Massager

Nurses are busy people and don’t always have time to book professional massages. After a long shift, this personal massager comes in handy to relieve knots, tension, spasms, aches, and pains.

Percussion therapy relieves muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches, and pains.

It’s powerful and can be customized for various types of massage including deep tissue and trigger point therapy on the neck, back, hands and face.

Buy the Pure Wave massager on Amazon for $124.94

6. Tumbler 

Staying hydrated (cough-cough… caffeinated) while working is a must! 

So, how do nurses make iced-coffee? First, they make the coffee. Then, get busy and forget about the coffee. End up drinking it cold! LOL. That won’t happen with this YETI tumbler. Ever. Yeti is king. 

Buy the Yeti Rambler 20 oz Insulated Tumbler on Amazon for $24.95

7. Every Nurse Needs A Good Stethoscope: 

A well-made, dependable stethoscope with excellent acoustics is a must-have for any nurse. With thousands of options to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to a few of the best (and most popular) “scopes.” 


Littman has been the trusted brand by healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, and students since the 1960’s. With its wide range of acoustics and options, Littman offers something for every nurse. 

Buy the 3M Littman Classic II S.E stethoscope on Amazon for $68.00

This stethoscope continuously receives top-not ratings! It is a dual-headed, high-performance scope. The tunable diaphragm makes it super easy to alternate between frequencies. This stethoscope can be used with pediatrics and adults. 

MDF Instruments

The MDF brand stethoscope has excellent ratings overall and its stylish colors and metals have catapulted the popularity of this sought after stethoscope.

Buy the MDF Rose Gold MD One stethoscope on Amazon for $79.99

The rose-gold & white color is very trendy amongst nurses! It also comes in black and gold. MDF offers top-notch quality at reduced prices and has great acoustics. 

8. Tracking Device: Key Finder, Phone Locator

 Do you know someone who is always losing their keys, purse, wallet? This handy device can be attached to anything and tracked via smartphone. It also comes in 9-colors!

Buy the TrackR Bluetooth tracking device on Amazon for $21.24

9. Compression Socks

Nurses work 12+ hours in one shift and are on their feet for most of that time. A good pair of socks can make their shift a little more comfortable and help with blood circulation! Nabee socks were created by a Registered Nurse and are superb in quality. Did you know that bodily fluids can splash up scrub pants? The higher the sock the better!

Buy Nabee Socks for $29.99

10. Custom Gift Box – For Nurses By Nurses

With Nightingale Express, each nurse box is specially handmade and put together by Aishleen O’Brien, a Pediatric Cardiac Nurse. She chooses the items depending on what her customers tell her about the nurse who is to receive the gift box. These boxes are very special and popular amongst the nursing community! 

Buy The Clara Gift Box on Nightingale Express for $68.50

11. Personalized Stethoscope ID Tag

Stethoscopes are not cheap and unfortunately, without a name tag, they can be misplaced or accidentally taken. That’s why a stethoscope ID tag is a perfect gift for the nurse in your life. They also add a little style and a fun touch to any scope!

Buy the ‘Good Girl Gone Badge’ Stethoscope Tag on Amazon for $8.95

12. Badge Cards – For Quick Reference

These cards come in handy for new-nurses and veteran nurses a who need a quick reference to a challenging situation. They fit nicely with their badge and can be accessed in a jiffy!

Buy the ‘Complete Nurse RN CNA NA Horizontal Badge Card Set’ on Amazon for $19.99

13. Comfortable and Durable Shoes

Nurses spend 12+ hours on their feet and rarely get breaks to rest their tired feet. A nice pair of shoes that feel clouds will be adorned by your special nurse. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Buy Dansko Clogs on Amazon, prices vary

Buy the ‘NIKE Women’s Free RN Running Shoe’ on Amazon for $74.99

Buy the ‘Nurse Mates – Women’s – Meredith’ on Amazon for $72.00

14. Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

Coffee STAT! This coffee brewer makes gourmet coffee quick, in all sizes and without the wasteful pods. It comes with a carafe or can be poured directly into a travel mug. With a built-in frother and advanced thermal flavor extraction system – this gift is sure to please. 

Buy the ‘Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System’ on Amazon for $149.99

15. Nurse Bag

Nurses carry a lot of items back and forth between work and home. It will make their life a lot easier to have all the things they need most in an organized, handy bag! 

Buy the ‘Nurse-Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag’ on Amazon for $31.75

Buy the ‘Nurse-Mates Ultimate Nursing Backpack’ on Amazon for: $37.95

16. Scrub Jacket

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know, it can get very cold in there. Many nurses prefer to dress in layers and having a separate coat, to wear to work only, is a must-have! 

Buy Cherokee Women’s Workwear Zip-Front Warm Up Jacket’ on Amazon for $18.38

Buy ‘Cherokee Infinity Men’s Zip-Front Warm Up Jacket’ on Amazon for $39.98

17. A Nurse Can Never Have Too Many Scrubs

When it comes to scrubs, there are thousands to choose from – nurses are constantly having to replace their old scrubs.

Cherokee scrub brand is consistently voted as one of the favorites by our nursing community!

Buy this ‘Infinity By Cherokee Scrub Pant And Top Set’ on Amazon for $60.25 

18. Books 

These are a few of our nursing community’s top recommended books!

Buy ‘Notes On Nursing: What It Is And, What It Is not’ on Amazon for $23.95

Florence Nightingale is considered the foundational philosopher of modern nursing – it will greatly benefit every nurse to read this original piece. This book introduces holistic health, home health, alternative therapies, health prevention, and maintenance. It is a “must-read!”

Buy ‘Oh Sht I Almost Killed You’ on Amazon for $7.99

Do no harm. Take no sht. Whether you’re a new nurse or a veteran member of the clan, the nursing learning curve is a vast one. Part how-to-guide with a touch of memoir thrown in, take the time to laugh and cry with an author that says what everyone else in the field is thinking. Oh

Shit, I Almost Killed You. 

Buy ‘Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2019’ on Amazon for $25.26

Whether you’re an experienced or a newbie traveler nurse this is the most comprehensive book on travel healthcare. Written by an experienced travel nurse. 

19. 'Nurses Support Their Young' Apparel

Earlier this year, Nurse Blake and started the ‘Nurses Support Their Young’ movement to end the phrase and culture of ‘nurses eat their young.’ Together, the campaign has gained international attention and is already creating positive change within the nursing community.

We hope to create a culture kindness, civility, and respect for many nursing generations to come. If you’d to show your support for nurses, hoodies, mugs, posters, and pillows are available here.

100% of profit is donated to the University Nurse Camp for high school students! While you’re at it – sign the pledge, here! 

Buy “Nurses Support Their Young” hoodie, t-shirt, mug, or poster here – prices start at $12.00

20. Gratitude Journal

Nurses deal with situations that non-nurses may never experience in their entire lives. It’s an emotionally taxing profession but, also one of great reward. A simple reminder of gratitude, every day, can change lives. This quick practice will fit nicely into a nurse’s busy schedule. 

Buy ‘The One-Minute Gratitude Journal’ on Amazon for $5.98

BONUS! Lots Of Love

The best things in life aren’t things. The work of a nurse often goes un-thanked during shift changes and emergencies. Hug your special nurse a little longer. Cook them a warm meal. Book them a relaxing massage or spa day.

Or, if you have the means, take them on a well-deserved relaxing vacation – preferably on a beach with unlimited margaritas!

PS: A simple “Thank You” goes a long way. 

UP NEXT: Nurse Gifts And Promotion Discount Codes! 

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in a Hospital and Nursing Home

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

Duties of a Registered Nurse in a hospital or nursing home entail many things. Registered Nurses (RNs) are responsible for a wide variety of care provided to patients.

Not only are they responsible for taking care of patients but they must delegate to CNAs and supervise Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). This article will talk about the wide variety of duties a Registered Nurse (RN) performs.

This will include things you probably already knew but it will also include things you probably did not know………the glamorous and not-so glamorous duties of a RN. So let us begin!

Responsibilities of a Registered Nurse (RN)

1.) Assessments of patients! This includes listening to heart, lungs, and bowel sounds, Assessing pupils, mental status, pulses, skin, last bowel moment, urine color (if patient has foley), wounds, any type of tubes (PEG tubes, NG tubes, Chest tubes…etc) mobility, fall risk.

 Assessing the IV site for infiltration or if a new one needs to be started (at my hospital IV sites are only good for 4 days). Also vital signs are important. If your patient is on a bedside cardiac monitor you will need to assess their heart rhythm and rate and oxygen level.

In addition to this you not only need to assess your patient physically but you need to assess the patients lab work and diagnostic testing results and call any critical lab values or abnormal diagnostic results to the doctors.

2.) Documentation! This is the fun part of nursing! Documenting may be different depending on where you work. For example, on a Progressive Care Unit (PCU) which is where I work. I have to document every 4 hours on my patients. I usually have about 3-4 patients at a time which is a pretty good ratio.

 However, ICU nurses have to document every hour and medical surgical nurses document at the beginning of their shift and by exception which means they document if something note worthy happens. Note this probably varies among hospitals.

My documentation includes the following: updating the care plan for the day, charting my assessment, writing a nursing progress note every 4 hours and as needed, updating the 24 hour hourly flow sheet, daily education sheet, telemetry strips.

3.) Supervising LPNs! Note this may be different on where you live because each state has their own laws. Where I live LPNs can not given any type of IV medications or titrate IV Cardiac, Insulin or Heparin drips.

In addition, they must have a RN co-sign all of their assessments, updates to their care plans, and if a patient must go off the floor for testing with a nurse an RN must accompany the patient.

The cons of having to supervise the LPN is that most RNs already have their own patient load that they are responsible for and if they are having to supervise a LPN who has a lot of IV medications that must be given it can decrease the amount of time that RN has for his/her own patients.

4.) Collecting specimens! This includes any type of urine, stool, sputum, wound, skin, hair, and emesis specimens.

5.) Educating patients and their family members! As a nurse, you are also a teacher! You are with the patient the most during their hospitalization.

If you are already a nurse you have probably already noticed that most doctors do not do a great job of educating their patients….noticed I said most (some doctors are great!)….

and it is up to you as the nurse to answer and educate your patient on their new medications, newly ordered tests, diets, activity, wound care…etc. Also educating needs to start on admission and not at discharge.

6.) Giving Medications! Some days I feel this is all I do….give medications. Depending on how sick your patient is….it is really all you do. The biggest medication passes for me during day shift are at 1000, 1200, and 1800.

However, you do have patients who get medications at 0730,1000,1200,1500,1600,1800. When this happens I try to group them together because at my hospital I have an hour before and an hour after to give the medications on time.

7.) Drawing blood and starting IVs! Some hospitals have phlebotomist who draw blood and an IV team who starts IVs but other do not. I think having an IV team takes away the nurse’s skill of starting IVs.

Think about it…..if you need an IV fast and the IV team is not available you will need to start it and if you haven’t been doing it because you rely on the IV team your IV skills are going to be really rusty.

Great video on how to find a vein before drawing blood and starting IV:

8.) Inserting Foley catheters and Nasogastric tubes!

9.) Providing daily wound care!

10.) Making sure your patients are given baths, provided mouth care, and turned every two hours if unable to turn themselves! Yes, you can delegate this to your CNAs but sometimes you are short handed and must provide a bath to your patient.

Some RNs think that giving a patient a bath is not their job but the CNAs.

Sorry but they are wrong! Granted that the RN may be too busy to give a bath due to everything else they have to do but if your patient is in a dire need of a bath the RN must provide one to them.

11.) Making phone calls to doctors! The nurse is responsible to report anything abnormal to the doctor. In addition, if a patient is vomiting and does not have a medication ordered to help with this the nurse must call the doctor to get an order for the medication.

12.) Increasing your patients activity level! Once again, nurses are with the patient the most during their hospitalization. Some nurses solely depend on physical therapy to work with patients on increasing their activity level which is a huge mistake. Most Physical Therapists see a lot of patients and can only spend about 30-45 minutes (if that) with patients.

It is your responsibility as the nurse to make sure your patient is getting bed and moving. I have seen patients who came into the hospital able to walk but once it was time for their discharge  they were unable to barely move because they became so weak from lying in bed the whole time.

Increasing you patients activity level is so important and is very much overlooked by nurses.

So there you have it! It may not be the whole list of duties a registered nurse (RN) performs but are the basic ones. The duties of a registered nurse (RN) can be different depending on where you work. Most of these duties are the duties of floor nurse in a hospital or nursing home.

If you d this article you may be interested in:

Nursing School Tips, Questions, and Answers

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Registered Nurse Responsibilities, Duties and Job Prospects

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you.

Registered nurse duties vary as per the areas of their expertise. They play a key role in promoting the wellness by performing a wide range of services.

An RN mainly focuses on caring for and educating the patients and their family members about early recovery and ways of prevention of diseases.

Hence, nursesassess patients’ health problems and needs, develop and execute nursing care plans, and uphold medical records.

Duties and Responsibilities of an RN

Here is the list of the duties and responsibilities of a registered nurse.

    • Observing and recording patients’ behaviour.
    • Coordinating with physicians and other healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating customized care plans.
    • In order to provide emotional and psychological support to the patients and their families, RNs create harmonious environment.
    • Diagnosing the disease by analyzing patient’s symptoms and taking required actions for his/her recovery.
    • Maintaining reports of patients’ medical histories, and monitoring changes in their condition.
    • Carrying out the requisite treatments and medications.
    • Directing and supervising LPNs and CNAs.
    • Checking the stock on a regular basis for maintaining the inventory level, and placing orders if required.
    • Changing patient’s medication as indicated by their conditions and responses.
    • Adhering with the protocols, norms, rules and regulations in order to maintain complete medical records.
    • Maintaining hygienic and safe working environment in compliance with the healthcare procedures.
    • Conducting research for improving the nursing practices and healthcare outcomes.
    • Providing instant care during medical emergencies, car accidents, burns, heart attacks and strokes.
    • Discussing treatment with pharmacists and physicians in the critical cases.
    • Providing necessary guidance on health maintenance and disease prevention.
    • Keeping an eye on each and every aspect of patient care that includes physical activity plus proper diet.
  • Preparing rooms, and decontaminating equipments and instruments.
  • Preparing patients for examinations.
  • Educating patients’ families about the disease and its treatment.
  • Assisting doctors during surgery.
  • Resolving patients’ problems and fulfilling their requirements by applying multifaceted team strategy.
  • Interacting with the healthcare teams for maintaining harmonious relationships.
  • Attending educational workshops for enhancing professional and technical knowledge.
  • Performing lab work and giving complete information to the physician about patient’s condition during anaesthesia.
  • Recommending drugs and other forms of treatment, inhalation therapy, physical therapy, etc.

Hence, an RN performs a wide range of tasks from paediatric to geriatric, in order to provide adequate nursing services, which makes them a key person for doctors and patients.

Work Environment

Work environment plays an integral role in offering standard services. The profession of a registered nurse comes along with complexities and major responsibilities. It is a challenging vocation that demands versatility and alertness.

Registered nurse works in different areas of the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers, outpatient and mental health facilities, ambulatory care centers and private physician’s clinics. They may also work in community centers, schools and patients’ homes.

As a registered nurse, you are expected to remain prepared for working long hours. You may also have to work on weekends, holidays and even during night shifts. These professionals spend most of their time walking, standing, lifting and bending. They are supposed to work closely with the patients suffering from infectious diseases.

Career Outlook

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the nursing sector will grow tremendously in the coming years. Between 2016 and 2026, 15 % growth in the employment opportunities for RNs has been projected by the BLS.

Increase in the population of aging people and easy access to the health care services are some of the reasons of the growth of demand of these professionals. Moreover, the preference of older people to get treated at home will open the doors for registered nurses in the residential care facilities.

Overall; nurses will have immense job opportunities in the future.

An RN can assume the following roles:

  • Clinical Nurse ManagerClinical nurse managers supervise the everyday activities of the nursing unit.  They assess the performance of nurses, mentor them and provide feedback. Clinical nurse manager overlooks the budgets, and maintains inventory of supplies, medicines and equipments.
  • Nurse AnesthetistNurse anesthetists are advanced practical nurses, who work with surgeons, anesthesiologists and medical professionals in order to deliver anesthesia for surgical procedures. They care for patients before, after and during surgery.
  • Labor and Delivery NurseThey care for women during their delivery and take care of newly born babies, treat the complications and educate mothers and families. They possess excellent critical thinking and quick decision making skills.
  • Patient EducatorThese nurses develop educational programs for individuals in the health care settings.Patient educator explains the at-home care medical procedures, surgical treatments to patients and their families.
  • Chief Nursing OfficerChief nursing officer possesses the highest position in the healthcare industry. They direct the staff nurses and nurse managers. They also design and execute the patient care plans.
  • Critical Care NurseCritical care nurses assess the patients and implement necessary care plan accordingly. They work in ICU’s, pediatric intensive care units, neonatal and cardiac units, where high-intensity treatments and regular supervision is required.

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Nursing Nurses Nurse Hospital , Sample of Essays

Prayer For Nurses and Nursing Staff

Nursing I was in a hospital for my co-op placement, I chose this because I was considering nursing as my chosen career path. For this reason, I have researched the nursing career. I have spent many hours in this setting and feel that I have a pretty good understanding as to what goes on day to day.

Before choosing to become a nurse, one must first examine themselves and look to see if they have the right qualities for this demanding job. Some qualities are such; caring, compassion, a strong desire and willingness to help those in need, patience, honesty and above all, good health.

You need strength for such duties as lifting patients to and from bathroom facilities.

In order to become a licensed nurse, one could take a three year course at a college, or a four year program at a university.

Even though the starting salary and job requirements are the same whether a graduate from college or a university, with a degree one is able to further their placement and a possible pay increase is more ly. There has, and continues to be, a very high demand for nurses all over the world.

After talking with an actual nurse I was able to see more closely the actual duties of this job. The work hours are 40 hour weeks. There are many shift hours there as well.

Working in a hospital requires 24 hour responsibilities, so many of the nurses may have to rotate to afternoon, midnight or weekend shifts. Duties of the job are varied, depending on the area of the hospital you work in.

In outpatient area, the nurse assists with obtaining pre-operative information, takes vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature) and obtains patient’s medical history. The nurse then has to prepare the equipment for procedures to be done, and may have to assist the doctor with the procedure.

Afterwards, the nurse assesses the patient taking blood pressure, pulse, etc. until the patient is stable enough to be discharged home.

The Research paper on Health Policies in Relation to Nurse to Patient Ratio

… 20Modifications%20Fac t%20Sheet%20finaCalifornia Hospital Association. (2003, September). Hospital minimum nurse-to-patient ratios asrequired by AB 394 …

 technology changing the delivery of hospital care. (Harrington, 2001). Nurses’ job satisfaction and retention may enhance … Hospital, 2003).

Federally certified nursing homes are required to have a RN director of nursing and a RN on duty 8 hours …

On the floor the nurse has various duties. She takes reports from the previous shifts, assesses patients, gives medication, performs procedures give treatments and sees the patients with the doctors. All hospitals in Windsor are unionized.

The nurses hired are given a 90 day trial period and after that time the nurse is approaching to join the union. Salaries are paid hourly, starting at around 20 dollars an hour and ranging to 26 per hour.

Increases are dependent on seniority and job responsibilities.

Salaries in Ontario are generally higher. There is a various pay range with nurses working in hospitals or home health care and clinics. Hospital nurses appear to be better paid. Being a nurse is open to both females and males although traditionally nursing was considered a predominately female profession. More males are now in the nursing profession.

For a nurse to be hired, she or he must take a series of examinations to qualify for her R. N license (registered nurse).

One is able to apply for these examinations after having taken and completed the appropriate college or university degrees. Nurses join a union to work in hospitals. they may also belong to professional organizations such as ONA (Ontario Nurses Association).

Some of the nurses feel that although union dues are high, the union may protect them and also negotiate new contracts and raises for them. In my opinion I feel there is security in being part of the Union.

A hospital nurse has various benefits. All health care, dental and life insurance is provided. The union negotiates the details about the coverage that the hospital worker receives.

In general the hospital workers seem to be the package of coverage that they receive.

The Term Paper on Nursing in preventing hospital

… infection in hospitals between patients, or between patients and staff, cannot be entirely eradicated but it can be reduced, especially by nurses using methods …

compliance with basic procedures and practices as part of their job. They must assume responsibility for these practices as they are …

curb its spread and thereby ensuring that all patients are able to be cared for in a safe environment, as is …

There is various opinions regarding job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is good in general. Some workers dis the weekend and shift work. Most working with people and caring for the patients. In my own opinion, I feel that nurses are not as appreciated or respected as doctors or other heath care professionals. However, the job satisfaction seems to be quite great.

They are able to work closely with sick and troubled individuals and see their progresses and know that they helped them to improve and strengthen themselves. It would be very rewarding in this way. Nursing jobs can vary.

As people live longer and more diseases are treated, the need for nurses increases. At times in the past twenty or thirty years even, there has been a shortage in nursing staff.

In the hospital, nurses are able to transfer throughout the hospital and obtain better jobs or better shifts.

Once a nurse has her R. N license she may transfer all over the country or the US by applying for a license wherever she is going. (In some areas such as the States, she may have to take additional exams).

As people live longer here will always be people getting sick. There will always be a need for nurses and that need will only increase. As for my personal reflections, I admire nurses and their duties in the hospital.

I have seen many incidences of true compassion towards patients and other individuals entering into the hospital setting. I have seen many good nurses doing their job with great preciseness.

There of course is always complaints of how nurses are not doing what they should be and a lack of care may be also noted.

However, if those people who took the time to see just how much these nurses are responsible for or the kind of stress they are under, I am sure there would be more understanding in this way.

Nurses work very hard, and are on their feet most of the day. Being a nurse would be a very difficult job. Being in this co-op placement at Hotel Dieu Grace hospital I was able to observe things that I would have never gotten the chance to see otherwise. And therefore I have no regrets whatsoever.

I think the thing I d the most was meeting the doctors, talking with them and getting advise from their point of view. I also d getting up and going there every morning and wearing the same uniform that the doctors and nurses wore. I felt respected more, being seen as a part of the heath care profession.

After spending countless hours in the hospital, and working with nurses, doctors, various technicians and as well as the patients, I think that it would be a very satisfying job. However, I have still yet to decide my career path.

I feel that whatever I do I can take what I have learned in co-op and take it with me, no matter what profession I am going to chose.

The Essay on Sample of Detailed Job Description of Health Care Assistant

… of bedpans, urinals, commodes under the supervision of the Nurse. Health Care Assistant will clean and disinfect bedpans, urinals, commodes, hoist …

seal place it in white canvas bag for transfer to hospital sluicing department. Pack soiled woolens in separate water soluble … with their toilet needs under the supervision of the Nurse.

Health Care Assistant will assist in toileting of patients including …

I am certain it will be something in the medical profession, the path I have not yet decided for sure. As my co-op is coming to an end, I know that I will miss being at the hospital everyday and seeing things so close and being a part of a team that way. There are other co-op programs at the university that I am going to look into as I continue there next year.

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