Thanks For Blessings Received

7 Blessings From God You Might Take For Granted

Thanks For Blessings Received

God has given us so many blessings that are too often taken for granted. Of these many blessings from God, there are some that He gives to everyone and others which only come by knowing Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Of the seven blessings mentioned here, the gift of life and His love are available to everyone. The other five blessings that I mention are reserved for those who are a child of God. Every one of these wonderful gifts are available to anyone who will put their trust in Christ as Savior.

His Love

Even unsaved people have the love of God granted to them. This does not mean that everything will be perfect in the world. We live in a sin-cursed world which also receives the judgment of God. Even though God loves everyone, He is still just and holy. He requires judgment over sin.

God’s love is shown in the way He draws us to Himself. He wants to have a relationship with us. God provided His Son, Jesus Christ, as a Savior from our sins.

Romans chapter 5 contains one of my favorite passages in the Bible. It says that for a righteous man someone might be willing to lay down their life to save that person.

For a good man there might be several who would do so.

But God, when we were not good and when we were not righteous, demonstrated His love to us by giving His Son while we were still in our sinful condition (Romans 5:5-8 paraphrase).

You and I don’t deserve God’s love. Even as Christians we often don’t appreciate God’s love we should. Yet He gives it to us unconditionally.

Another way God’s love is shown which we don’t always appreciate is in justice and judgment that He seeks against evil and unrighteousness. And, a loving father, He disciplines His own children so that they can grow more into the image of Christ (Hebrews 12:5-11).


God has granted us the gift of life. Not only our life is a blessing from Him, but so are the lives of our loved ones. We should cherish the time we have with them.

People tend to blame God for when life is taken away from their loved ones. The question often asked is why God allowed that person to die. What we too quickly forget are the wonderful years of life we had with that person. We should be thankful for the years we had with them. Instead of being angry with God for the loss of life, we should be grateful to God for the gift of life.

Concerning your own life, what are you doing for God with the life He has granted?

Forgiveness of Sins

For those who are saved God has given us His forgiveness. For those who are unsaved, you should recognize that God has offered forgiveness to you which is available for you to receive.

Sometimes Christians struggle with God’s forgiveness and take it for granted, or, worse, sometimes Christians are guilty of belittling God’s forgiveness when they can’t forgive themselves for their sins (Psalm 103:12; 1 John 1:9).

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been given to us as a comforter (John 14:26). He is a teacher and guide for our lives. Those who know the Lord as Savior have the Holy Spirit indwelling their lives. Yet, in Ephesians 5:18 Christians are told to be “filled with the Spirit.

” Though we have the Holy Spirit present with us, that does not always mean that we allow the Holy Spirit to control our lives.

The contrast in that verse is to not be filled with wine and let it control your life and actions, but to allow the Holy Spirit so much control in your life that He is the one who directs your life and actions.

The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit is a blessing for those who have received Him through salvation. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin because of God’s love toward us. May we be more grateful for this marvelous gift.

Spiritual Understanding

The Holy Spirit brings to us spiritual understanding that is not available to the unregenerate man.

1 Corinthians 2 tells us that the natural does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, but the spiritual man understands the things of God and judges all things with the wisdom of God.

The whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 2 is worth the time it takes to read and understand concerning this wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit who gives us spiritual understanding.

Spiritual Gifts

God has granted each Christian at least one spiritual gift. We find lists of the various spiritual gifts in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 and various other verses. These gifts include (but are not limited to) evangelism, encouragement, pastoring, ministering, showing mercy, giving, etc.

While we should all exhibit as many of the spiritual gifts as we can, we know that the Holy Spirit specifically gifts each Christian with a greater degree of some of the gifts. We are each placed into the body of Christ (the church) to minister to one another through these gifts.

Every Christian has been given a way to serve the body of Christ through these special blessings we call spiritual gifts.

Ambassadors of God

As Christians, we are called to be ambassadors of God (2 Corinthians 5:18-21). What a great honor and privilege! Yet, so often we take that honor for granted and think that someone else will step up to the task. We have been reconciled to God through Christ. Now He has called us to introduce others to Him as ambassadors. Are you willing to accept this blessing that God has given?

The Bible commands us to be thankful (Colossians 3:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:18). Each one of us should strive to be more grateful for the wonderful gifts God has give to us. These blessings of God grow more sweet and precious the more thankful we are for them.

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Thank You Message To God For All The Blessings

Thanks For Blessings Received

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King of glory I thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. Your grace and protection over us is amazing that I don’t know what else to say than to keep thanking you. Thank you for allowing the angel of death to pass over us. Thank you dear Father for your protection and guidance, may your name be worshiped today and forever. Amen

1. Lord, I thank you for everything you have done in my life; you are the most merciful, the blessed and the one with all grace in His Hand. You protected me against all evils and made me a great man among my brethren.

2. We thank the almighty God, the most beautiful and the most powerful. We thank you for all that you have achieved for us this year. We give all praise to you alone. We beseech that you should help us once again concerning our happiness.

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5. No one is you in the world, the most marvelous, the most precious, and the one mighty in power. Thank you for good health, thank you for your protection upon our life. You are the best and the one every soul depends on.

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7. Great indeed is your holiness, your power will forever reign in my life. I ask you for bread, you gave me a treasure, I ask you for a man, you gave me an angel. Thank you, Lord, my tongue will never cease to thank you.

8. You are the blessed one, who blesses in abundance. You are the greatest one, who raises status as you . I am showing my sincere gratitude this morning for your grace upon me. Thank you O Lord for all that you have done for me.

9. All praises belong to the Lord who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between it. We were hungry, and you provided food for us, we were weak, and you gave us health and joy in our life.

10. Glory belongs to God, the eternal and the forever and ever-living God. He is the most merciful and great. Thank you Lord for the protection during the journey, thank you Lord for the protection of my children when I was not around.

11. When you find a good wife, you have found the best thing in life. Lord, I want to especially thank you for all the things you have done in my life. Thank you for the job you recently secured for me. I appreciate you forever.

12. The blessed God will forever be praised; the highest God will not in any way be dependent on anyone. We are your dependant, and you responded to our need. Lord, we are here before you, giving thanks to you upon all that you have done in our life.

13. You alone I worship, you alone I beseech for everything I need. I don’t have anything I want to do now than to thank you for sparing my life up till this moment. I am thanking you for the blessing you showered upon me.

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15. To the most precious God, the one I praise with all my heart; I ask you to purify my soul, bless me more so; I will have more reasons to praise you. God, do not forsake me, do not detest me. I thank you for all that you have done in my life.

16. The marriage was successful, there was no record of anyone’s death, and there was no record of anyone’s injury. We thank you, Lord, for guiding the process of the marriage. Thank you for the entire love you showed to me on my wedding day.

17. By your grace and name, I secured my job, built my home, married my wife and had children. You are the most wonderful God; there is no one you, heavens and earth. Thank you, Lord, for all that you have done in my life.

18. I praise you Lord for actualizing the dream of a new school for me. I wouldn’t have achieved it if not for your help upon my life. Thank you for the entire love you show to me. I praise your holy name.

19. Thank God for giving me a woman that respects me; thank God for blessing me with good children. I appreciate your efforts in my life. You are the God that should be praised forever. I surrender my life upon you.

20. Your grace in my life will always be blessed forever; I have achieved many things because you decided to love me. I don’t know what I did to deserve all the love from you. May your name be glorified forever.

Thank you message to God for all the blessings in my Business

21. Your support and help in my business has always been the reason why I’m still standing. You won many contracts for me because you love me. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing you have been given to me.

22. My joy is that I have a God who never gives up on me. Thank God that always protects me when I’m in need. You are the greatest, the mighty one and the love that should be worshipped forever.

23. If not for your grace in my life, every success will have been hard. If not for your support in my life, my entire business will have been a mess. Thank you for guiding me against all evils, and protect me more and more against all odds of life.

24. May your name be exalted; your grace shower upon me endlessly. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to run my business as supposed. You are the greatest God, the one with all love that His creatures deserve.

25. You have always been with me all my life. Your greatness will always be at the top of all evils in my life. Protect me against evil eyes and minds that think bad about me. Love and embrace me in your Light. Thank you, Lord.

26. You are the blessed God in the entire world and there is no one comparable to you. My job is going on fine by your name. My life is moving fine by your grace. Thank you, Lord, for referring me to my enemies.

27. The Lord is my protector who has always been by my side. He blesses me with good business and then furnishes it for me. Thank you, Lord, for the entire love you have been showing on my business. It is your grace that builds my business.

28. I appreciate the Lord for the joy He forms in my heart. He takes care of my daily earning and beautifies it with lots of joy and happiness. I bless your holy name, thank you for the achievements of my life.

29. Glory is yours forever O Lord, honor is your holiness for you gave me the grace to be called somebody even when the enemies refused to appreciate your grace in me, you never forsake me. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

30. The Lord is my happiness for He never forsakes me even for once. He is the best and the highest. Thank you for the love you show to me when I was weak; I will always be weak before you for I am a dependent upon you. Bless my life more and more.

Thank you message to God for all the blessings for my Family

31. I want to thank the Lord for the protection of my family against all evil. Thank you Lord for the blessing you have been showing in my life in this world; I hope that you gather me and my family in paradise the last day.

32. I want to thank the Lord for the love you show to me. I want to thank you for sparing the life of my entire family in the last accident that occurred. None of us got injured, none was dead. This is a miracle from you.

33. You are the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, the omniscience, the omnipotent God. The one I praise with all praises. The one I appreciate with my life. No wonder can stand your Holiness, Lord, thank you for your grace in the life of my family.

34. The most merciful has blessed my family, glory belongs to Him. You are my God, the greatest and the one with all that it takes for a man to be honored in life. Thank you, Lord, for restoring the health of my wife.

35. To you all my life belongs; you are the one that every soul will forever want. You don’t need the help of anyone, and no one dare say he is independent of you. As you raised the status of my son, I thank you in uncountable ways.

36. The Lord is my shepherd. He created me in love and passion and provides all that I need in my life for me. Thank God for this family, His protection has to be the rock of this family. Your holiness will be appreciated forever.

37. The grace of God has been the reason why I am alive up till this moment. You are the most gracious that deserves all praises. Lead us to the best place in this world. You are the one that blessed my family with all it wants.

38. I will always thank you for all the love you showed to me and the one you are currently showing me and my family. Your holy name will be blessed forever. Thank God for providing food and drink in abundance to my family.

39. Without your help in the life of my family, there will be no joy, love or happiness. You are the master and protector of my life and of my entire family. Thank you for always been there for me. I appreciate your holiness.

40. The most precious God has done it this year again. He has blessed me with a newly born baby. I give all thanks to Him. He is the joy of my life that created me His mercy for His entire creatures. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you message to God for all the blessings short Messages

41. Thank you Lord for your endless grace in our life; we are begging you to bless us with all we need.

42. Your mercy has encompassed your entire creature and this makes you an outstanding God who has no compares. Thank you, Lord, for a good life.

43. The blessed God is my helper, the one that protects me above all evils and the ingrates that surround me.

44. The Lord has been the grace that protects my entire life. You have been the blessing that circulates my life from all angle. Thank you.

45. You are the beginning and the end. The one whose yes is YES. I appreciate you from my ground up. Thank you for new blessings.

46. The glory of the Lord will protect me and my family. He will always bless me with all the grace that I want.

47. I want to thank God for everything. Thank you for the life of my father, thank you for the life of my parents and all that surrounds me.

48. Protect my home against all odds. Thank you for the joy you brought into my life. I bless you with all my life.

49. My life belongs to you the omniscience. You have been the protector; the grace that my family lives upon. Thank you for everything.

50. Build my life with all that it deserves, encourage my children to be the best in anywhere they are. You are the most worshipped in all time.

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