Thank you For Your Love-Gift To Me

5 Sample Thanks Letter Regarding Birthday Gift

Thank you For Your Love-Gift To Me

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Dear Uncle,

What a magnificent gift you have sent me on my Birthday! The dinner set you have chosen for me is simply superb. I shall be the proudest hostess now. I have been in search of such an exotic set for quite some time and imagine my surprise when I unpacked it this morning! I was amazed and thrilled.

I have already set it on my side-board and how beautiful and handsomely it appears. In fact, I look forward to your visit here when I can display my culinary skills and serve you in this impressive crockery.

Thank you so much from myself and ____________ (Name). I am still overwhelmed by the idea that inspired you to send it.

Accept my thanks once again and remember me nicely to aunt and ____________ (Uncle Son Name).

With Regards,

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

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2. Thank You Letter on receiving a Birthday’ Gift




Respected Papa,

I was so delighted to receive your telegraphic money order for ­­­­­­____________ (Amount) as a Birthday gift to me. You have always remembered to send me something as a Birthday gift. This time when I did not get any even till two days before my birthday, I was feeling a little disturbed — how and why I have not received anything from you.

I felt that either you had gone out on tour or got otherwise busy and just missed to send anything but then this amount received through a telegraphic money order gave me such a delight.

I always need your blessings more than anything and the money order contained your blessings too in the message. How much I value them and feel so happy to receive them.

I shall use this valuable amount in throwing out a party to four of my dear friends here in the hostel, who would also feel so happy to know about this gift. I of course, could not have afforded to extend this party without this money. Once again I crave your blessings and of Mama too. Kindly convey my regards her too.

May I tell you that I would be saving ____________ (Amount) this amount to purchase a nice pen which I had seen only yesterday at a shop and had very much d it. This would remain with me as a valued gift for my examinations in which I shall use this. I wish I could really do well at the examination to pay due honour to this gift from you as I shall take it.

I am studying hard and all my arrangements in the hostel are fine. The mess is serving reasonably good food and I keep supplementing it with the snacks that Mama had packed up for me when I left last after the vacations.

I shall keep writing to you. Do please keep writing back to me.

My love to dear ____________ (Sister Name)

With respectful regards

Yours affectionately,
(Your Name)

3. Thank you letter to a mother for a Birthday Gift




My dear dear Mamma,

You would be surprised to receive this closed envelop from me. I could have told you about it, but I am writing this down to reassure myself.

____________ (Date) is my Birthday. You have always given me wonderful gifts but now I do not want any more toys or anything of that sort.

You had given me ____________ (Book Name). I have read them through and have known many things.

Now I would love to have the ____________ (Book Name) as my Birthday Gift.

Don’t you feel happy that I have begun to love reading books? So I shall await my Birthday Gift along with your blessings.

Papa would also my choice. Regards and love.

Yours loving child,
(Your Name)

4. Thanks for a birthday gift:





Dear Uncle,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful gift of a copy of the ____________ (Dictionary Name).

I find it is very useful dictionary of contemporary usage. There are words in common currency discussed in simple language.

Their usage is explained through contents and there are notations for the pronunciation and grammar.

No more running after English teachers to ask for meanings! I have already got dictionary bound.

Thank you very much once again.

Yours lovingly,
(Your Name)

5. Letter of Thanks for Birthday Gift




Dear (Name)

My birthday would have remained incomplete without your so thoughtful card and lovely roses. Your 16 roses, pink and yellow for my 16th Birthday came this afternoon and turned “the living room so pretty, colorful and fragrant.

How kind, sweet, and wonderful of you to remember me on my birthday so graciously. I wish you were present in the birthday party and saw yourself how your flowers and the card delighted me and adorned the room. You are really one of my best friends. Come and see me soon when you are a little freer.

It is long time since you have been at our residence. My parents often remember you.

Thanks once again for your thoughtful and delightful birthday present.

Affectionately yours,
(Your Name)

Sample Sentences

A: Start by conveying your thanks for the gift read:

1. Thanks you so much for your wedding present.

2. Many many thanks for your beautiful birthday gift.

3. A cart load of thanks for remembering us on our marriage anniversary and for sending such a nice artistic present.

4. You were kind enough to send us a lovely marriage gift.

5. The gift you have sent me on my selection in I.A.S. is the most nice thing I have ever received. I was really excited to have it.

6. My wife and I were overjoyed to unpack your beautiful gift on my promotion.

7. It was most wonderful and generous on your part to send the beautiful wrist watch.

8. Your table lamp is really a wonderful gift.

9. What a wonderful Christmas present “ou have sent me!

10. The set of pen is the prettiest gift I have ever received.

11. Thanks so much for the truly magnificent gift you have sent.

12. How generous and thoughtful it was of you to send me the beautiful wrist watch!

B: Express how use fid it is

1. Your gift of the table lamp is a perfect one.

2. The birthday gift send by you is infecting the best I have ever received.

3. I wonder how you could send a gift which I required most. Surely you must be a mind reader.

4. What a beautiful painting you have presented. You certainly know my taste and my appetite for beautiful art pieces.

5. How did you know that I needed a silk sari of this design. I have been shopping for weeks, but could not just find what I wanted.

6. What an artistic thing you have presented us. We cannot imagine of a more suitable and beautiful gift.

7. Your loving gift of the tea set has been d by everyone here. The set has really added to the beauty of our house.

C: End in this manner

1. Dear aunt we all missed you so much on this happy occasion. We might come to see you sometime next week. Thank you once again for the gift.

2. I hope you will pray us a visit soon and will see for yourself how it adds to the beauty of my study soon.

3. How I wished you were with us on this occasion. Thanks once again for the gift.

4. We hope something will make you visit us in near future so that we may have the pleasure of your company. We cannot tell how much we love the gift sent by you.

5. Again thanks for the beautiful present and the trouble you took in selecting a right thing for us. We it the most.

6. We are expecting you any time next week. Please do visit us. We thank you once again for the nice wedding gift.

7. The lovely gift of the wrist watch constantly reminds me of your deep affection. I thank you once again and look forward to your early visit.

8. It is really very flattering that you remember my birthday and love me so much. Your birthday present was a pleasant surprise. I very eagerly look forward to see you.

9. Thanks’ is a poor word to express my appreciation for your beautiful birthday present. How I wish to shake you by the hand and to thank you personally sometime next week!

10. I know how I missed you at my wedding. All my friends were there except my dearest ____________ (Name). Would you believe my dear ___________ (Name) that your gift was the prettiest. Thank you once again for the same.

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