Prayer Of Thanks For My Christian Parents

Prayer for parents: how to pray? An example of prayer for parents

Prayer Of Thanks For My Christian Parents

All Christians believe religiously that in prayersYou need to ask God to have their loved ones found happiness and faith.

But, a special place is occupied by prayers for parents, because they are aimed at protecting those who gave life.

In confirmation of this, the Bible has beautiful words: “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may last on the earth, which your Lord has given you.”

Unfortunately, few people know how to correctlythe prayer for parents is read. And it needs to be corrected, after all so it is possible to take care of the relatives. Only this way you can repay them for that invaluable gift of life that they gave you.

How to pray?

Strangely enough, many believersbelieve that the power of prayer depends on how accurately the words are spoken. Yes, knowledge of the text is important, but it is not the basis of holy action. What is more important is the feeling that people live in the heart during the rite.

Therefore, when starting to read the prayer, you needcleanse your mind of extraneous thoughts so that nothing distracts. At this moment, only prayer for the health of parents should disturb the mind, leave the rest for later.

To whom to address in the entreaty?

Quite often you can hear the question: “And who is the defender of the parents? To which saint to devote his entreaty? “Well, let us try to answer this question.

Most often, believers turn to Jesus Christ,because he as the son of God has the greatest power on earth. In addition, in his teachings, he preached thoughts about caring for his parents, and himself repeatedly showed his love for the Heavenly Father.

A prayer for the health of parents can also beis directed towards the Virgin Mary or the Mother of God. It has long been the patroness of the suffering people and always responded to the prayers of the prayers. Therefore, a lot of prayers are addressed to her.

Prayer for Parents

In the Christian world, there are manyprayers capable of protecting parents. And yet it is not necessary to study them all. It is enough to know some of the most important or at least one. Therefore, here is one of the most common Christian prayers:

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, hear my prayer aboutparents. Give them love and understanding all the days of their life. Strengthen the bodies and their spirit, that they may serve you. Grant me obedience so that I will always do their will. Deliver me from deceit and hypocrisy, so that I always be clean before them. And do not judge us strictly at Your Last Judgment. Amen.”

The prayer is mainly read at bedtime, but this is not an obligatory condition. If desired, it can be pronounced at any time – its strength from this will not change.

How often should we pray and what should we ask of God?

How often is prayer for the parents read? Live relatives are recalled every day. But, again, do not make this an unbreakable law. For example, it is much better to read sincerely prayer once or twice a week, rather than insensibly to quote it daily.

Also do not get hung up on words. Prayer for parents is a request to God, aimed at protecting loved ones from all sorts of misfortunes. And if they have bad health, then it would be wiser to ask for it.

You can even lay down your own prayer, in whichyour true feelings and intentions will be displayed. From this it will become even stronger, because such a prayer will go from the heart. And as it is said: “The Lord will fulfill the most sincere plea first.”

Prayer for the deceased parents

But no matter how much a person asks, there is something thatcan not be changed or corrected. Human life is not infinite, and a time comes when children bury their parents. This is a very tragic period, but it is at this time that you need to take care that the soul of the deceased comes to God's gate.

Any funeral should be conducted with the participation ofpriest. After all, it is on him that it is his duty to accompany the deceased person to the last path. He reads prayers that purify from sins and ask God to take a soul to himself.

As for children, they should at least oncea year to order service in the church. You can do it in any temple. To do this, just enter the name of the deceased on a special paper, which can be purchased here.

In addition, there are a number of prayers that followread over a period of time. It is necessary to pray for the dead parents on the 9th and 40th day after death, and also after a year. After this, the prayer should be read at least once a month, especially on those days when the deceased came in a dream.

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Parents Prayers for Their Children: 7 Requests to God

Prayer Of Thanks For My Christian Parents

In the Bible we read “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” (Psalm 127:3)  Children are one of the biggest ministries you will ever have.  Our precious little ones are a gift from God and we should be in prayer for them daily.  Here are 7 prayers that you can pray for your kids.


Heavenly Father,

You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  I pray that You watch over my children and use me as a vessel to showcase the love of Christ to them.  I pray for their salvation, Lord.  I pray that You will draw them to You so that they can understand how deep Your love is for them.  Give me time every day with them, Father.

  Give me time where I can read the Bible with them and pray with them.  Lord, I want them to know You I know You.  It breaks my heart to know that some kids I see will reject you as they grow older, Lord.  Please let it not be so with mine!  I pray that they will continue to walk with You as they grow older.

  I love You, Father!  Amen


Gracious Father,

I pray for my child today.  He/she is struggling with the medications the doctors gave us.  Lord, the side effects are almost as bad as the sickness.  It hurts to see him/her in agony.  Father, You have the power to heal anything by just thinking it.

  If it is Your will, please heal my son/daughter.  I want nothing more than my child to be happy and running around with their friends in the back yard again.  Please, Father, hear my prayer and petition now.  I love you, Lord!  May Your will be done this day.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for another day of life with my kids.  I pray that You will watch over them as they are in school today.  Give them a safe journey to and from school on the bus.  I pray that You will keep me safe everywhere I go, as well.

  Bring me home safe to my children.  I pray that You will empower my kids to stand boldly for You as they encounter sin and depravity in school.

  I pray that the joy they have for Jesus will shine bright today!  Thank you for my children, Father!  I love them and I love You!  Amen


“Lord, I pray that they fight against peer-pressure and stay away from drugs.”

Holy Father,

My teenagers are in one of the most difficult times in their lives.  I pray that they will stand up for what they believe in, Lord.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them on every decision they make, so that they make good choices.

  Lord, I pray that they fight against peer-pressure and stay away from drugs.  Lord, I pray that you watch over them and guide them safely today.  I pray my kids can learn the value suffering for the sake of Christ.  I pray that they make decisions today their faith in You.

  Thank you for my kids, Lord!  Amen


Merciful Lord,

I pray for the purity of my children.  Lord, all of the hormonal changes are good because they are from You.  I pray that my kids will stay strong and wait until marriage before enjoying the blessings of the bedroom.

  I pray that they abstain from all sexual situations so they stay healthy too.  So many diseases are being spread because of bad decisions today.  Lord, only You know what they will choose and I pray that they will choose wisely.

  I praise You for my kids, Father!  Amen

Their Calling

Amazing Lord,

I pray that my children will heed the calling You have set for them.  I pray that they will follow where You lead, Father, whether it is in missions, music or the post office.

  I pray that they will do everything whole-heartedly for You, so that You can be glorified.  I pray that they will find their strength in You daily as they spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to whoever they come in contact with.

  Let Your will be done in their future calling, Father.  Amen

Future Families

Wonderful Father,

I pray for the future spouses of my kids.  I pray that You will provide my son with a Proverbs 31 woman and I pray that You provide my daughter with a man who is completely devoted to You that will love her and cherish her all of her days.

  I pray for Your sovereignty in this, Lord, that my kids can start families of their own someday.  I pray for a love for them, Lord, as in the Song of Solomon.  I pray that my kids will cleave to their future spouses and look to You for guidance as they journey through marriage together.

  You are so good to us all, Father, and I pray for Your blessings on my children.  Amen


There are many things to pray about when it comes to our kids.  Salvation is the most important thing that we can pray about for them.  I encourage you to pray that your kids will love Jesus all of their days.  Heaven is way too wonderful to miss out on.  To be in the presence of God for eternity will be amazing!  God bless you as you live a life worthy of the calling!

10 Prayer Tips

Resource – The Holy Bible, English Standard Version “Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.” “The Prayer” by Charlotte Church with Josh Groban

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