Prayer Of Thanks For A Special Male Friend

Thank You Poems: Appreciation in Poetry

Prayer Of Thanks For A Special Male Friend

Free thank you poems, thank you messages and appreciation poems for all occasions. Heartfelt and sincere, this thank you poetry includes thank you for the gift poems.

Thank You!I really appreciate you,Your helpful, giving ways,And how your generous heartYour unselfishness displays.I thank you for your kindness,I will not soon forget;You’re one of the nicest peopleI have ever met.

By Joanna Fuchs

This thank you poetry can also be used for appreciation poems. The following thank you appreciation poem notes assistance unselfishly given.

You Didn’t Have ToThank you for what you did;You didn’t have to do it.I’m glad someone youCould help me to get through it.I’ll always think of youWith a glad and grateful heart;You are very special;I knew it from the start!

By Joanna Fuchs

Thank you poems are also
appreciation poems

Here's an appreciation poem for someone who makes you feel special.


In a distracted world, full of barely controlled chaos,when you lock your eyes onto mine,focusing, listening, hearing, caring,the comfort and pleasure you create

is priceless.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Here's a general thank you poem with many different applications.

Thank you poetry often says the words that are hard to speak aloud. This thank you appreciation poem says that words are not enough to tell you how deeply you've touched me.

It Doesn’t Seem EnoughI want to tell you “Thank you,”But it doesn’t seem enough.Words don’t seem sufficient–“Blah, blah” and all that stuff.Please know I have deep feelingsAbout your generous act.I really appreciate you;You’re special, and that’s a fact!

By Joanna Fuchs

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More Thank You Messages

If you are thanking a friend, you might want to take a look at our Friendship Poems.

This thank you message is free verse poetry that could also be used as an appreciation poem.

Thank You for Being YouThank you for (the gift/your kindness).Thank you for being the person you are:kind and thoughtful,sensitive and considerate,a generous and thoughtful giver.You are unselfish always,putting others before yourself,making me/us feel special and important.It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's another short poem that mentions the comfort that the person being thanked gave.

For All You DoThank you so much for all you do;You're truly a delight;When my life overwhelms and does me in,You make everything all right.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Thank you messages are always complimentary to the person being thanked. This free verse (nonrhyming) thank you appreciation poem compliments the person in a number of ways.

I Appreciate YouYou are a personwho makes life easier and betterfor everyone around you.Your continual actsof thoughtfulnessand kindnessbrighten each day.What you did for mewill glow in my memory,reviving pleasant feelingsevery time I think about it.I appreciate you,and I thank you.

By Joanna Fuchs

This thank you message shows a lot of gratitude in a number of ways.

PrioritiesThank you…for thinking of meand then wonderinghow you could help.Thank you…for doing what you did,instead of being too busy,or just forgetting about it.Thank you…For inking meon your priority to-do list,when you haveso many other things to do;I am honored;It meant a lot to me.Thank you.

By Joanna Fuchs

General, short thank you poems have wide application. This thank you poetry is a general thank you verse.

Your Loving HeartYou touch my life with your kindness;You know just what I need.Your loving heart shows its caringIn your every thought and deed.

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's another general short thank you poem.

You Made My DayI appreciate your kindnessMore than words can say;The very nice thing you did for meReally made my day!

By Joanna Fuchs

Thank you poems can describe the person being thanked. This free verse (nonrhyming) thank you poem does that.

You Care About PeopleYou care about peopleand it shows.You are generous with your time,giving of your energy,lavish with your unselfish deeds.I will remember your kindness to me.Thank you for brightening my worldwith your thoughtfulness.It really meant a lot.

By Joanna Fuchs

This thank you poem recalls pleasant memories.

Thanks for the Good TimesThank you for the good times,The days you filled with pleasure.Thank you for fond memories,And for feelings I'll always treasure.

By Karl Fuchs

Thank you for the gift poems

This thank you for the gift poem says it all.

Lovely Gift

Wow, thank you for the lovely gift;It's something I would choose.It gave my spirits quite a lift,

It's something I will use!

It's special.  Thanks!

By Karl Fuchs

Of all thank you poetry, the thank you for the gift poems are used most frequently.  This thank you for the gift poem has a variety of applications.

Special Gift

This is just to let you knowHow special your gift made me feel.It shows me how very thoughtful you are;

Your gift to me was ideal!

By Karl Fuchs

The most popular free thank you poems are thank you for the gift poems. This short thank you card verse is thank you poetry that will warm the heart of the recipient.

Thoughtful Gift

Thank you for the lovely gift;You didn't have to do it.You have a good and gracious heart,

But then, I always knew it.

I love this, and I think of youWith fondness and with pleasure;The gift is great, but even more,

It's your thoughtfulness I treasure.

By Joanna Fuchs

Gift Lift
Thank you for this wonderful gift.You always give me such a lift!Thank you for your thoughtful ways;

Thank you for brightening all my days.

By Joanna Fuchs

Thank you poem for parents

A lot of people are looking for thank you poems for parents, so I wrote this one.

You Gave So Much To Me

Mom and Dad, I wonder ifYou know how much I care.I got the good things, all I have,

Because you both were there.

I thank you for the time you spent,Doing all you did.You help me now; you helped me then,

When I was just a kid.

Unselfish, giving, loving, more…You gave so much to me.Without you, Mom and Dad, I don’t

Know what on earth I’d be.

Thank you for the way you are, angels from above;I thank you both for everything,

And give you all my love.

By Joanna Fuchs

Thank you poem for a pastor

Lots of people are looking for poems for pastors. There is a huge demand for pastor appreciation poems, probably for Pastor Appreciation Day, in October, so I hope this pastor thank you poem will meet that need.

Thank You PastorThank you, caring pastor,For tending to your flock;You keep us all from weakening; Jesus, you’re our rock.

Thank you special pastor;Your sheep you’re always feeding;Through example, guidance and stirring talks,You give us what we’re needing.

Thank you, Pastor, for teachingAbout Jesus, our Lord and Master;For all you say and are and do,Thank you, thank you, pastor!

By Joanna Fuchs

Thank you prayer

All of us know people who give and give, and a thank you poem is not enough. Let’s get the Lord involved to give people that their proper reward.

A Thank you prayerThis giving heart, Dear Lord, please bless;Fill her life with happiness.For all she’s given, all she’s done,Natural warmth gentle sun,Many generous, selfless deeds,Lord give to her and meet her needs;Cover her in Your holy love;Write her name in heaven above.

By Joanna Fuchs

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