Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

8 Housewarming Traditions From Around The World

Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

Chances are you have been to at least one housewarming party since entering this thing we call adulthood.

While potlucks and cozy get-togethers with friends can be a great way to make a new house begin to feel more home, they have got nothing on these housewarming traditions from around the world.

From lighting candles your first night at home and burning sage to practicing feng shui and prepping meals, there is no end to the list of rituals people have used to break in their new digs throughout history. You may be familiar with some, while others will definitely surprise you. breaks it down.

By: Anne Reagan, Editor In Chief of

It can be very stressful to find a new home, pack up belongings, and coordinate a move to a new location. Despite the stress of a move, many of us take the time to ensure that our new home is ready for our family.

Maybe you’ve lit a candle on the first night in a new home, or said a prayer or blessing.

Whether you call them traditions, rituals, or superstitions, let’s take a look at some common, and perhaps not-so-common, ways people welcome themselves into a new home.

1. Paint Your Porch Haint Blue

If you grew up in the American south, you may be familiar with these words. But if you didn’t, here’s the scoop: haint blue is the color of paint applied to the ceiling of a front porch.

Why? “haint,” another word for haunt, has its roots steeped in old Gullah traditions (the Gullah were descendants of African slaves and lived in the Lowcountry regions of South Carolina and Georgia). Tradition holds that haint spirits cannot cross water, so painting a home with blue is a symbolic way to keep away bad spirits.

Originally, this paint was created by hand mixing pigment with lime to create a paint. Some theorize that the blue color also tricks mosquitos into leaving, as the color looks the sky. However it was more ly that the lime in the paint actually deterred insects, not the color.

It’s not uncommon in the South to see homes painted blue not only on the porch ceiling but around the doors, windows, and other details interior walls and shutters. Is there one particular color of haint blue? No, it’s more of a range of blues, and you can find porches and homes painted with any blue from indigo to sea glass green.

2. Light A Candle On Your First Night

A candle can be a great housewarming gift. It is believed that lighting a candle helps ward off evil spirits by adding light into the home and symbolically casting out darkness. In many religions, it’s common to light a candle when saying a prayer, or as part of an offering.

A house “warming” can also mean lighting a fire in the fireplace, which was also an old tradition that has its roots in medieval life. Fire is a very strong symbolism for strength, purity, and represents good.

Similarly, lighting a candle on the first night in a new home can help bless the home, and bring light into a dark space.

3. Bring Bread & Salt

Possibly derived from Russian Jewish origins, bread and salt represent two very important symbols of hospitality.

Some believe that the very first items brought inside a home should be a loaf of bread (so that the inhabitants never know hunger) and salt (to always have a life full of flavor).

Bread, a staple at nearly every meal, was a sign of hospitality not just in Jewish tradition, but in European tradition as well. Salt, once so valuable it was used as currency, is another important sign of hospitality and wealth.

4. Ring A Bell

For practicing feng shui homeowners, auspicious rituals and traditions ringing a Tibetan space clearing bell can help clear each room in the new home of stagnant or dying chi (si chi). Opening up windows, turning on fans, and letting in the sunlight are other ways to welcome in auspicious feng shui chi, which is what you want in your new home.

5. Tie A Holy Thread

Traditional moving-in and Buddhist housewarming rituals are plenty, and are generally thought to bring good luck and blessings upon the home.

In Thai culture, an odd number of monks are invited to the house (even numbers of monks are considered bad luck) for a house blessing, or Khuan Ban Mai ceremony.

Presenting gifts and special foods are a usual part of the ceremony, as is tying Sai Seen (holy thread or string) around the wrists of the family members and around the home’s statue of Buddha.

6. Burn Sage

Sage smudging, or the burning of dried sage, is a traditional method of clearing out negative energy in a space. Directing the smoke into the corners of a room can clear energy, and add protection from negativity. This practice is thought to be derived from Native American traditions (where Salvia apiana, or white sage, is plentiful).

According to some practitioners, it’s important to light the sage, gently blow out the flame, and then let it smoke on its own (do not snuff out the lit sage). Place it in a fire-safe bowl or container.

Aboriginal traditions also encourage covering up mirrors, windows, and turning off electronics when performing a sage smudging ceremony in a space.

7. Boil Milk & Rice

According to Vasthu Sastra Indian tradition, milk and rice are boiled until it overflows the pot, symbolizing purity and long life.

There are many Indian housewarming traditions, including bringing a cow inside the home and placing a garland around its neck.

In fact, moving into a new home (either rented or purchased) is considered only second in ceremonial importance to that of a wedding, and many acts are performed to bless the home and ward off evil spirits.

8. Prepare A Housewarming Meal

In old French speaking countries, the changing of the chimney hook (pendaison de crémaillère) signified the start of the housewarming thank-you meal, served to those who helped build the home. The cooking pot would hang from a hook inside the chimney over the fire, and it was the last piece to be put into place when a home was built.

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Prayer for the blessing of the house. How should the saints pray that the family live in peace and harmony?

Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

Often human life is compared withstriped zebra. A good option is to go to the white strip and go along, but more often it happens that life throws from side to side, and sooner or later a person turns out “by the tail or under it.

” No matter how difficult it is, everything can be experienced if there is support from relatives and friends. But even if this does not work, the last fortress of any person is his own house.

No matter how bad it was at work and with friends, the most important thing is that the houses have peace and tranquility, so that in the family mutual understanding and respect reign, so that the children grow up healthy and happy.

When there is no longer any power to cope withwith all the adversities that have been piled up, the only salvation seems to be faith and prayer for the blessing of the house. In order for requests to be heard more quickly, you need to know who to contact. Below are the names of saints, who can help in the event of family difficulties.

Who and how to pray?

Few people doubt the power of the word and that it is material. And if you multiply the strength by faith, and turn with the words you have received to the right saint, you can be sure: they will hear you.

To house there was no scandal

One of the strongest is the prayer forthe blessing of the house, directed to St. Paraskeva. She was born in the 3rd century on the territory of present-day Greece in a very decent and godly family, that's why she was called Paraskeva, which means “Friday”.

The girl grew pious, and in her honor was the day of the passions of Christ. At a still young age, she vowed celibacy, deciding to devote her life to a great goal: to bring the faith of Christ to the souls of the Gentiles, for which she later paid with her own life.

They caught it and offered to sacrifice a pagan idol in return for their own liberation, but she refused. She was tied to a tree, tortured with nails for a long time, and then beheaded.

Orthodox believe icons with the image of the martyr Paraskeva able to protect the house from family scandals and disputes.

Therefore, in the church, prayer for the preservation of the house andthe world in it is read just before her icons with a pre-lit candle. In prayer, they are usually asked to protect the family, to send divine blessings and blessings to loved ones and relatives, and also to contribute to a righteous God-fearing way of life.

Prayer: the blessing of the house and family living in it

To maintain a warm family relationship,it is recommended to turn to the holy Matrona of Moscow. She, the patroness of orphans and orphanages, empathizes with all the kids, worries about them, so she is often approached with requests to help them properly educate.

In addition, Matrona Moskovskaya is senttheir prayers are people who need to find a job, acquire their own housing. Unmarried girls ask her to send the groom and bless the future marriage, and the parents – to help find mutual understanding in the methods of raising children.

If the family breaks up due to lack ofjoint roof over your head, then to save the cell of society, you need to ask Matron about it.

Before reading the prayer for the blessing of the house, it is necessary to make small donations for his door to enter: feed the homeless person, animal or birds with black bread, cookies, raisins, nuts, crackers, honey, flour or sugar.

You can also put a bouquet of chrysanthemums, carnations or lilacs in front of the Matrona icon (no matter, at home or in the church).

Prayer to the patrons of a happy family

The Holy Trinity, which includes Guriy, Samon andAviv, patronizes happy families, ensuring a happy and long marriage, peace and harmony between spouses.

Guriy and Samon preached Christianity in the city of Edessa, but, unfortunately, in times of paganism.

They were grabbed for this, offered to change their religion, and after a refusal, they scoffed at them and killed them, cutting off their heads.

Many years passed, and in this city appeareddeacon-Christian Aviv. Soon the emperor signed a document, in which he was ordered to catch the deacon and burn it.

Avi did not even try to hide, fearing that innocent people might suffer because of him, praying on his lips, he went to his own execution.

If you believe the words of eyewitnesses, then his body, which got later from the ashes, was not touched by fire.

The prayer for the blessing of the house, addressed to these powerful saints, will present peace, peace and peace to all household members.

The Prayer of Shiarchimandrite Vitaly

Vitaly N. Sidorenko (1928-1992), better known as Shiarchimandrite Vitaly, was brought up by the great elders of the Glinskaya desert. During his life he managed to visit both a novice, a wanderer of a holy fool, and a monk of the desert.

The last years of his life he spent in the church of Alexander Nevsky, located in Georgia. He stood out even against the background of the other clergymen by his special resignation and humility. He was able to heal human mental illnesses, he dealt with demoniacs.

He never gave up: he begged the most lost souls from the Lord, asking God to forgive them.

The last 23 years of his life he spent in Tbilisi. Dying, schiarchimandrite Vitaly left his manuscripts to mother, who was more than a quarter of a century his spiritual child. Among other records was a prayer – a guard for the house.

The believers read this prayer many times a day, while their houses were bombed, besieged, searched. People came to my mother's house, as in a bomb shelter, to pray.

Throughout the fighting in the Caucasus, and the house was in the very center, it did not suffer, while everything around was destroyed and burned.

Since then, it is believed that the prayer for the blessing of the house from the elder Vitaly has tremendous power and the ability to protect the home from fires, robberies and other destruction.

Secular Council

According to popular wisdom “Hope for God, but alsodo not trust yourself “, you should not rely only on the power of prayer and blame the Almighty if the miracle did not happen.

First of all, every family member should do everything in his power to help preserve the family hearth as such and warm relationships.

God, seeing your efforts will certainly do everything so that they are not in vain.

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Blessing of a New Home

Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

When any of the faithful wish to mark their moving into a new home with a religious celebration, the parish priest (pastor) and his associates should gladly cooperate. The occasion provides a special opportunity for a gathering of the members of the community to mark the joyful event and to thank God, from whom all blessings come, for the gift of a new home.

The present order may be used by a priest or deacon. It may also be used by a lay person, who follows the rites and prayers designated for a lay minister. While maintaining the structure and chief elements of the rite, the minister should adapt the celebration to the circumstances of the place and the people involved.

There is to be no blessing of a new home unless those who will live in it are present.

Introductory Rites

When the family members and their relatives and friends have gathered in a convenient place, the minister says
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the HolySpirit.

All make the Sign of the Cross and reply:

A minister who is a priest or deacon greets those present in the following or other suitable words, taken mainly from sacred Scripture.
Peace be with this house and with all who live here.

All make the following or some other suitable reply:
And with your spirit.

A lay minister uses the following greeting:

May the God whom we glorify with one heart and voice enable us, through the Spirit, to live in harmony as followers of Christ Jesus, now and for ever.
R. Amen.

In the following or similar words, the minister prepares those present for the blessing.
When Christ took flesh through the Blessed Virgin Mary, he made his home with us.

Let us now pray that he will enter this home and bless it with his presence. May he always be here with you, share in your joys, comfort you in your sorrows.

Inspired by his teachings and example, seek to make your new home before all else a dwelling place of love, diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ.

Reading of the Word of God

A reader, another person present, or the minister reads a text of sacred Scripture.

Listen to the words of the holy gospel according to Luke: 10:5-9

Peace to this house.

The Lord said to the seventy-two: “Into whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this household.' If a peaceful person lives there, your peace will rest on him; but if not, it will return to you.

Stay in the same house and eat and drink what is offered to you, for the laborer deserves his payment. Do not move about from one house to another.

Whatever town you enter and they welcome you, eat what is set before you, cure the sick in it, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God is at hand for you.'”

Alternative Readings:

Lord, do not pass
your servant by.  Genesis 18:1-10a

Jesus went straight
to Simon's house.  Mark 1:29-30

Martha welcomed Jesus
into her house.  Luke 10:38-42

Today salvation has come
to this house.  Luke 19:1-9

Stay with us.  Luke 24:28-32

As circumstances suggest, the following responsorial psalm or some other suitable song may be sung or said.

R.Happy are those who fear the Lord. 
Psalm 112

Happy the man who fears the Lord,who greatly delights in his commands.His posterity shall be mighty upon the earth;

the upright generation shall be blessed. R.

Wealth and riches shall be in his house;his generosity shall endure for ever.He dawns through the darkness,a light for the upright;

he is gracious and merciful and just. R.

Well for the man who is gracious and lends,who conducts his affairs with justice;He shall never be moved;

the just man shall be in everlasting remembrance. R.

An evil report he shall not fear;his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.His heart is steadfast; he shall not fear

till he looks down upon his foes. R.

Lavishly he gives to the poor;his generosity shall endure for ever;

his horn shall be exalted in glory. R.

Alternative Responsorial Psalms:

Psalm 127: 1. 2. 3-4. 5

R. The Lord will build a house for us.

Psalm 128: 1-2. 3. 4-6a

R. See how the Lord blesses those who fear him.

As circumstances suggest, the minister may give those present a brief explanation of the biblical text, so that they may understand through faith the meaning of the celebration.


The intercessions are then said. The minister introduces them, and an assisting minister or someone else announces the intentions. From the following intentions, those best suited to the circumstances may be used or adapted, or other intentions that apply to the particular circumstances may be composed.

The minister says:

The Son of God, Lord of heaven and earth, made his home among us. With thankfulness and gladness let us call upon him, saying:
R. Stay with us, Lord.


R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Assisting minister:
Lord Jesus Christ, by your life with Mary and Joseph you sanctified the life of the home; dwell with us in our home, so that we may have you as our guest and honor you as our Head. (For this we pray:) R.

Assisting minister:
In you every dwelling grows into a holy temple; grant that those who live in this house may be built up together into the dwelling place of God in the Holy Spirit. (For this we pray:) R.

Assisting minister:
You taught your followers to build their houses upon solid rock; grant that the members of this family may hold fast to your teachings and, free of all discord, serve you with their whole heart. (For this we pray:) R.

Assisting minister:
You had no place to lay your head, but in uncomplaining poverty you accepted the hospitality of your friends; grant that through our help people who are homeless may obtain decent housing. (For this we pray:) R.

Prayer of Blessing

A minister who is a priest or deacon says the prayer of blessing with hands outstretched; a lay minister says the prayer with the hands joined.

Lord,be close to your servantswho move into this home (today)

and ask for your blessing.

Be their shelter when they are at home,their companion when they are away,and their welcome guest when they return.And at last receive theminto the dwelling place you have prepared for themin your Father's house,

where you live for ever and ever. R. Amen.

After the prayer of blessing, the minister sprinkles those present and the new home with holy water and, as circumstances suggest, during the sprinkling may say:

Let this water call to mind our Baptism into Christ, who has redeemed us by his death and resurrection.

Concluding Rite

The minister concludes the rite by saying:

May the peace of Christ rule in our hearts |, and may the word of Christ in all its richness dwell in us, | so that whatever we do in word and in work, | we will do in the name of the Lord.
R. Amen.

It is preferable to end the celebration with a suitable song.

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Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

This prayer was originally written by Pastor Ed at Salisbury Vineyard church and read out as a christian blessing over the dad's presentand as an acknowledgement of the important role of fatherhood in the lives of our children.

O God,We thank you for these menMen who have taken on the impossible task of following in Your footstepsWe thank you for their courage and strength And our prayer is that as they learn what it means to be a fatherThat You would Father them, and apprentice themWe pray that you would teach them how to be good fathersno matter how old or young their children are. Give them hearts your heartThat they may become known forCompassion, tenderness, and mercy.May they live lives full of love and grace.May they not be afraid to disciplineAnd may they lead their families with great wisdom and gentleness Anoint them to be warriors in Your kingdomTo wage war for their families in prayerTo be defenders and guardians of all that is true and goodMake them aware of the spiritual battle that You call them to engage in

Today, God our Father, we ask your blessing on all fathers

For new fathers, coming to terms with new responsibility;For those who are trying to balance the demands of work, marriage and children;For those who have to struggle to be a part of their child's life;For those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;For those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;For those whose child has been placed for adoption;For those whose love and support has offered healing;For those that have adopted a child into their family;For those who have lost a child;For those who care for the children of others;For those whose children have left home. Bless all fathers, that they may be able to commit themselves selflesslyas mentor, protector and provider, shaping the directionof their child's character by giving love, care and guidance. Bless all fathers, that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.


Blessings For Fathers

“Dear God, I give thanks for fathers.I recognize the dedication and patienceit takes to be a sourceof compassion andunderstanding when helping to shape a young life.

Bless all fathers,especially those who are newin this sacred role. I pray they feelYour presence with them.

May they know that Your strengthand wisdom are within them,providing all they needto guide and support

their children with kindness and love.”

Father's Day Prayer

Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, marriage, and children with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice. Let us praise those fathers who, lacking a good model for a father, have worked to become a good father.

Let us praise those fathers who by their own account were not always there for their children, but who continue to offer those children, now grown, their love and support. Let us pray for those fathers who have been wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers who, despite divorce, have remained in their children's lives. Let us praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing. Let us praise those fathers who, as stepfathers, freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their step children's love and respect.

Let us praise those fathers who have lost a child to death, and continue to hold the child in their heart. Let us praise those men who have no children, but cherish the next generation as if they were their own. Let us praise those men who have “fathered” us in their role as mentors and guides.

Let us praise those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children. And let us praise those fathers who have died, but live on in our memory and whose love continues to nurture us.

~ Kirk Loadman


We honour you in your God given dutyMay you walk free from the lies of the worldThat say a father is not important For we say that you are importantYou are to be a light in darknessA living example of God Himself We bless you to be strong and courageousTo wear the full armour of GodTo resist the devil, and to standStand firm for your wives and childrenStand firm for the body of Christ We bless you to go out and do great deeds for the kingdom of GodTo become oaks of righteousnessTo rise to the fullness of ChristAnd to run hard the race that has been marked for you We claim this blessing for youThat you would be counted righteous in this lifeThat by the grace of God you would be blamelessAnd that in so doing your children would be blessed What you do in life echoes in eternity.O God bless these menAnd may their echoes be loud and full and pleasing in Your sight

throughout all ages.

As I recall, there was barely a dry eye in the house and all of the dads stood as this was read and they were blessed.  They were then presented with gifts of chocolate as a tangible thank you for the wonderful job that they do!

What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,The majesty of a tree,The warmth of a summer sun,The calm of a quiet sea,The generous soul of nature,The comforting arm of night,The wisdom of the ages,The power of the eagle's flight,The joy of a morning in spring,The faith of a mustard seed,The patience of eternity,The depth of a family in need,Then God combined these qualities,When there was nothing more to add,He knew His masterpiece was complete,

And so, He called it … Dad

More Fathers Day Prayers

God, bless all the fathers in the world.Guide them to be good role modelsand loving to all their childrenHelp them to be a father You areGive them grace and patienceto handle situations in a loving way.


God, our FatherBless these men,that they may find strength as fathers.Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.Grant that we, their sons and daughters,may honor them alwayswith a spirit of profound respect.


God our Father,in your wisdom and love you made all things.Bless these men,that they may be strengthened as Christian fathers.Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.Grant that we, their sons and daughters,may honor them alwayswith a spirit of profound respect.Grant this through Christ our Lord.


Christian Prayer for Fathers Day

Loving God,We thank you for the gift of good dads,and everything that they do for us.Help them to havepatience when we're difficult,wisdom when we can't see the way,strength when we need comforting,and love at all times,so that, though them,we get a little glimpse of how you feel about us,our heavenly Father


Father, it is Your Commandment that we should honor our fathers;Hear the prayers we offer You for them.Grant them many years on earth and keep them in health of mind and body.Bless their word and all they do.Give them back a hundred-fold whatever they have done for us.

Inspire them with Your love and help them to fulfill Your holy law.One day, may we be their comfort and support,So that having enjoyed their affection on earthWe may have the joy of being with them forever in Your home in Heaven.Through Christ our Lord.


May God bless you and thanks for visiting father's day prayer & blessing.

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father's day prayer & blessing

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Secular advice

According to folk wisdom “In God, hope, but also”Do not rely solely on the power of prayer and blame the Almighty, if the miracle does not happen.” First of all, every member of the family must do everything in his power to help preserve the family hearth as such and warm kinship. your efforts, will certainly do everything so that they are not in vain.

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Traditional Use of the Housewarming Blessing: A Look at Various Housewarming Traditions

Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

The history of housewarming is a little bit sketchy, as historians cannot pinpoint when the tradition actually began. Some experts believe that in the days of the ancients, people presented firewood to the new homeowners as part of a housewarming tradition.

However, a popular story that has been recounted and is thought to be the origin of the tradition comes from Russia.

A villager living in Russia named Boris, along with his wife Yelena, presented a gift of bread and a pinch of salt to certain dignitaries that were passing through their village.

The bread symbolized good health and the salt represented a long life. The dignitaries were pleased with this gift, and the people of the village rejoiced in a new tradition.

House Blessings

Blessing the house is customary in many countries and is done primarily to sanctify the house and keep it filled with love and happiness. In the traditional practice of house warming blessings, people ask for the grace of God and for God to enter their dwelling and bring a sense of security and comfort to the people of the home. It is also done to keep out evil spirits.

Various types of blessings for housewarming exist in different countries. For instance, in Ireland, people bless the home by hanging plaques and poems and saying a prayer to God.

An important Irish blessing is “May God grant you always/A sunbeam to warm you/ A moonbeam to charm you/ A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you/ Laughter to cheer you/ Faithful friends near you/ And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you”.

In India, a Pooja (or prayer) is conducted by a Brahmin. The house is cleaned and decorated for the occasion, and the ceremony takes several hours to complete. A slightly different kind of Pooja that is sometimes conducted by people in India is a prayer to the nine planets of importance also known as the Navagraha. This is done to sanctify the home.

Thailand has an interesting tradition for blessing the home. The ceremony is an important part of their culture and is performed by many. It is called “Keun Ban Mai” in Thai, which means “going up into a new house.”

The ceremony has two parts to it. The first part is where the family moves in their furniture but do not actually live in the house. A lucky day is chosen which is generally a Friday or a Saturday.

On the day of arrival, the family chooses a lucky hour and brings with them symbols of Buddha, food and money. The money is brought to ensure a prosperous future in the house. After the family moves in the second part of the blessing takes place, which is the ceremony.

Buddhist monks, usually a total of nine, are invited to perform a religious ceremony to bless the home and its occupants. The monks chant prayers and pass a white thread to one another. Once the ceremony is conducted, the monks are served food and something to drink. After eating, the senior monk will use white paste to mark all the doors to ward off evil spirits.

Global Housewarming Traditions

People around the world follow different housewarming traditions for good luck and a prosperous new home. In Germany, people bring bread, salt and wine for housewarming. The bread is so that the members of the house may never go hungry, salt is for good luck, and the wine is so they never go thirsty.

In India, housewarming is known as Griha Pravesh. In this type of housewarming, the family moves into the house on a specific day and time known as a Muhurat according to the astrological calendars. The tradition is followed the way it is described in the ancient Indian scriptures.

A popular version of the tradition followed in many European countries, which is supposedly of Italian origin, is bringing bread so that your larder always remains full, salt to savor the bread, and honey for a sweet life in the new home. Another tradition in European countries is to hang a horseshoe over the door to bring good luck. A broom is sometimes also brought to sweep away the evil.

In the Jewish tradition, it is common to bring bread, salt, and sugar to the new home. Bread is so that the members of the house may never go hungry, salt for the savor and the sugar so that the lives of the people in the house will be full of sweetness.

What It All Means

As we have seen, people bless their homes, perform ceremonies, bring gift items with them, and give them to new members of a household. The tradition has moral implications as well as religious ones. The uniqueness of each culture and its tradition brings with it a new perspective developing positive sentiments around which a new life in an auspicious new home can begin.


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Image Credits: Kherson_Houses by Olaffpomona under Public Domain

/Decorated Thali in Our Pooja Place by Swaminathan under CC BY 2.0

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7 Simple Prayers For Blessing A New Home

Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

Buying a house can be one of the most exciting times of life! You look and search for the one that is just right for your family, whether it is big or small. Have you purchased a house recently or know of someone who has? Have you ever prayed for God’s blessing on your home? Here are 7 simple prayers that you can pray for God’s blessing on your new home.



Thank You for leading us to this house. It is wonderful and just right for our family. We didn’t know which house You would lead us to, but we trusted You. I pray, Lord, that as You led us to this house that You will continue to lead us daily. We give You the honor, praise and glory this day!


1st Time Home Owner

Dear Lord,

Trying to find a home was so exciting! I never imagined having my own home would be so invigorating. Lord, this was a new process and I thank You for putting the right people in my life to make this happen.

My realtor was very kind and answered all of my questions to help me purchase this home. As I learn to maintain this home, Father, maintain my heart and help me to always remember that this home is not my forever home.

You have a room ready for me in glory! I love You, Lord!


Unexpected Problems

Oh Lord,

I pray for your blessing on this home. Some problems have risen that I did not see coming and I fear how much money I may have to put into repairing these issues. I know I can fix the minor issues, but the heater is out.

Father, I pray that this issue is really an easy, small problem and that I won’t have to purchase a new unit to keep the house warm.

Father, give me peace to know that Your blessing is still here even in the midst of uncertainty.


My New Neighborhood

Father In Heaven,

I thank You for this new neighborhood You have led us to. I pray that as you have given us this wonderful blessing for a home that You would also bless our neighborhood. Our next door neighbors seem very kind, Father, and I pray that as we get to know them more and more that You use my family to show Christ to them and the other neighbors close by. I love You!


For Husbands And Wives Only

Dear Lord,

I thank You for leading my wife and me to this home. It is just perfect for us and for the family we want to have.

Lord, I pray for Your blessing on this home that it will one day fill with children for us to love and care for. Bless our marriage, Father. Bless our marriage bed.

As we walk with You, we pray that You will bring us closer to each other every day. We love this house and we love You! Bless our future here, Father.


Those With Children

Abba, Father

We thank You for this wonderful home You have blessed us with! I pray for each of my kids, Lord, that they will be blessed with many memories to cherish as they grow older. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood and I pray the same will be said for my kids.

Help me, Lord, to be the best mom/dad that I can be for them all.

Help me to be the best husband/wife that I can to show my kids and my spouse that they mean so much to me! I am excited for the future in this home and I pray for Your blessing to continue in it throughout the years.


It’s Yours


I am truly thankful for this home that You have led us to. Lord, as much as I love this home I place it into Your hands for it really is Yours. Nothing happens without Your foreknowledge. Father, may I be a good steward of this home. Bless my efforts to grow a beautiful family and also a beautiful home.

Lord, may this be a home that people know are always welcome, for it is Your home. So, I ask for Your blessing on it. May it be a place of refuge from the cold winter winds. May it be a place of security when my kids/spouse needs a hug or a serious conversation. May it be a place of romance as my husband/wife and I dance in the kitchen and long for one another when we are apart.

This home is such a blessing and I will not take it for granted. I love, You!


Final Thoughts

If you have recently purchased a home, congratulations! Pray for God’s blessing in it and on you as well. May God bless you all as you continue to live a life worthy of the calling!

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