Prayer For The Loss Of An Adult Son

Maternal prayer for an adult son: about protection over him, from drunkenness, about health

Prayer For The Loss Of An Adult Son

In the world there is nothing stronger than the prayer of the mother,facing God. It is not dominated by earthly laws, no forces of attraction, nor anything else.

It will raise when the son falls ill, he warms up, if it's cold in his soul, protects him from someone else's evil will, will encourage in a moment of despair.

In her reading, words are not so important, as long as the desire to protect their child from adversity and misfortune. So what if, for a long time already grown up, it still needs protection and my mother's love.

How to properly read a prayer about a son?

Mother's prayer for an adult son is veryis effective. But many parents ask God for their child what they themselves want for him: money, happiness, love and so on. In fact, this is somewhat wrong and selfish. It is better to entrust the destiny of your child to the Lord, He knows best what to give.

It is better to address the Supreme Lord in the early morning and ina namolennom place. It does not have to be a temple, a monastery or a church.

You can create a “red corner” in your own house by placing a kiot with icons on the east wall.

Just make it so that it is away from toys, cosmetics, paintings on the biblical theme and other modern things, otherwise the images will lose their force.

Before reading the maternal prayer for an adultthe son must necessarily be prepared: to wash, to revive himself, to purify the thoughts, to calm down and to be slightly silent to prepare for a conversation with God.

Anger, contempt and other negative feelings should be let go. It's worth forgiving everyone you are offended with.

If it does not work out, you need to ask forgiveness from our Father and help in overcoming the infirmity.

To read the prayer of the mother,kneel before the icons. Of course, you can turn to the Almighty while standing, sitting and even lying down, but for this you must have very serious reasons. In addition, one should remember the words of the ancient Fathers. They said that any prayer would be fruitless if the body did not bother.

The most important thing when talking to God issincere. It is not at all necessary to memorize some prayers in order to pronounce them before the icons. Words coming from the very depths of your soul will be much more effective. It is necessary only to believe in His mercy and intercession, then He will surely hear you.

If during the prayer strangers appearedthoughts, it is necessary to understand: they are from the evil one. They need to be driven away from themselves annoying flies. Be sure to say: “Lord, teach me how to pray properly.” You can also start the prayer again, or make an alarm and read as many prayers as you can in the allotted time.

The words of prayer should be pronounced slowly, notchattering and not swallowing the endings. Between proposals and different prayers it is recommended to do at least a short pause. To work out well, you can not read the words, but sing them, as the priests do in the church. So it will be much more effective.

Do not forget to give earthly obeisances and not 10 times,but 50 or even 100, and also cross yourself with a cross when pronouncing the word “Amen” and when mentioning the name of the Savior.

By this, you thank God for his mercy. Ask Him for strong protectors for your son in personal, professional or spiritual growth.

Only then can you really help your son find the right direction in life with the help of the Almighty.

Strong prayer for the protection of a son who left his father's house

Whatever the son is an adult, the mother's soul is everythingequally for it hurts. Especially if he is somewhere far away, not at home. In my head, thoughts revolve: how is he, what, is everything good with him. To calm down and protect the child from all kinds of misfortunes, you can read a strong prayer for an adult son who left his father's house:

Doing this is desirable before the face of the Lord andthe defender of the mankind of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who herself was once a mother. Time – daily, hours at 6 am, once and on an empty stomach. In this prayer, it is worth investing all your strength, emotions, soul and love. Then your words will be heard, and prayer will help.

Prayer for severe ailments that hit his son

There is nothing worse for the mother when her belovedthe child suffers because of severe illnesses or heartache. Everything in the world she is ready to give, so that he quickly recovered and was happy.

But in fact, everything that can be required for the realization of the desire – to turn to St. Panteleimon. This is a doctor who once completely treated the infirm and the poor for free.

The glory of the miracles that he showed, is still alive.

As a rule, after appealing to the Sacred Patientis cured. But there are cases when it becomes easy for the sufferer to bear the disease. This suggests that he needs to visit the church in order to confess and receive communion.

Prayer for Healing from Drinking

A great grief is experienced by those mothers whose sonsdrink. Sometimes, their hearts become hardened so that they begin to curse their own child.

This is a huge sin, which is very difficult to ask! If you are confronted with alcoholism of your child, do not allow pride, resentment and despondency to come to your mind, go to church and lead a ritual prayer about enlightening an adult son and getting rid of his addiction.

First of all, when you come to church, light the candles aticons of the Savior of man, Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and Matrona of Moscow. Immediately order individual liturgies for health for your son and for yourself.

Take another 3 candles and dial the consecrated water. When no one is in the house, go to your room, escort pets there and light the candles in front of the iconostasis. Imagine that before you is a son who has recovered and recovered from alcoholism.

Pronounce clearly the words:

This prayer is best read early in the morning 3times. In doing so, you should overshadow yourself with a cross and drink the consecrated water from three different sides of the bowl after each completion of its words. If you believe, prayer will definitely help.

On the protection of his son

This maternal prayer for an adult son can beread not only after his county from home, but also before he does it.

It will help protect him from all sorts of troubles, diseases, human envy and anger, material problems. When you say a prayer aloud, you can also help your son choose the right direction in life.

Do it so that it goes along the path that was originally intended by Destiny. Its words are as follows:

It is necessary to say a prayer with sincere faith and a desire to help your son, otherwise everything will be in vain.

Mother's prayer for the health of her son

Moms love their children not because they are smartor punchy, but for the very fact of their existence. These feelings are always sincere, pure, without bad thoughts. Therefore, the prayers about the health of the adult son, coming from the very depths of the soul, really help.

The main thing is to turn to God, His Son or the Mother of God without hurrying anywhere and driving away all sorts of thoughts – both bad and not so.

In defense of his son from all kinds of illnesses and ailments, the following words can be pronounced before the icon of Jesus Christ:

Do it also better in the morning, kneeling before the iconostasis and overshadowing yourself with a cross. It is desirable, until this moment, nothing to eat.

Prayer for the son and his wife

A happy mother in marriage, with all her heart,so that the son with his beloved was all as good as that with their father. The one, who is unlucky, wants the child to do everything as best.

Prayer for an adult son and his wife, read by his mother, who sincerely worries about the children, comes to God. She helps the boy to improve his life and become a happy family man.

You need to read before the icon of Jesus Christ, the words are as follows:

By the way, this same prayer can be used to bless young people for a happy and long marriage.

What should be remembered during prayer?

During the pronunciation of words addressed to God,it is necessary to delve into the meaning of each of it. Even if it takes a long time, do not rush.

Remember: the health and happiness of the son should be in the first place, if you decide to pray for him.

Therefore, turn off the phones, turn off the alarms and take away the clock, during a conversation with the Almighty you will not need them.

After reading each prayer, memorized by heart,try to turn to God just that, in your own words, coming from the heart. You must feel them, understand what feelings they awaken in your heart. Then place your obeisances before the icons, asking the Father for mercy for yourself and your child.

As a conclusion

Mother's prayer for an adult son, however,as for a small one, is able to get from the seabed. She, the wings of an angel, will cover the child and protect from all sorts of adversities. But if the pope turns to God with a request to protect his beloved child, the words will act no worse. Remember this! And may the Most High save you.


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Prayers for Death and Dying

Prayer For The Loss Of An Adult Son

Has someone you know recently lost a friend or a loved one? Prayers can help them through their time of grief. The Bible says “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). This verse is more than a notion. There is power in prayer to help us through death and dying.

When someone we care about loses someone in their life, offering condolences, whether they be in writing or in person is never easy because you’re never quite sure what to say. People are often concerned about saying the wrong thing or coming off they’re not genuine. Because of this, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying something so generic that it doesn’t come off genuine.

The goal of expressing sympathy is to offer your compassion and concern for the bereaved.

The most important thing you can communicate to a person who is grieving the loss of a friend or a loved one is that you’re there for them and will be there to support them in whatever way they need you to.

One of the best ways to support someone who has recently loss someone is by praying for them. Here are six prayers for death and dying that you can offer a person has passed away, and also to someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one:

When We are Weak, You Make Us Strong

When our lives are running smoothly and devoid of trials, we have a tendency to rely upon our own human strength – strength that cannot compare in any way to Christ’s almighty and divine strength.

However, when our life is beset with difficulties and storms, our strength fades away and we become weak.

Yet, in these times of personal weakness, we can turn to Jesus and rely upon His divine strength and through that strength, face and endure these storms: Dear Lord, at this moment, nothing seems to be able to help the loss I feel. My heart is broken and my spirit mourns.

All I know is that Your grace is sufficient. This day, this hour, moment by moment, I choose to lean on You, for when I am at my weakest Your strength is strongest. I pour out my grief to You and praise You that on one glorious day when all suffering is extinguished and love has conquered we shall walk together. Amen.

You are There for Us

God is there for us, especially during our times of grief and mourning. Sadly, grief is a part of the human experience. Loss is part of life, and grief is a natural response to loss. But we have the hope of Christ, and we know that He is strong enough to carry our burdens: Heavenly Father, there is none You.

Every day we want to praise You and worship Your glorious name. Today, we weep at the death of our loved one, but Blessed Father, we can rest assured knowing You are there for us, knowing we can find comfort and peace within You, in the midst of our tears and our grief.

Lord, we shout Your praises, because You have turned our mourning into dancing. Amen.

We Thank You for Their Life

The Bible tells us that God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46). This includes times of loss.

This is a time we can use to reflect on the life they lived and thank God for having the opportunity to know them for this particular season of life: Heavenly Father, may Your name be honored. There is none greater than You. You are our refuge and strength.

You are always ready to help in times of trouble. We praise You, Lord. We lift our hearts with praise. It is good to sing praises to You; our God; how delightful and how right! Lord, You are great and mighty in power. Your understanding is infinite.

We than You, Father, for the Life of our loved one who has gone on to be with You. Thank you for their time on earth and the impact they had on our lives. We are thankful to You and we bless Your name. Amen.

Rescue Them from Their Grief

We know that the Lord is there for us during times of loss, because He promises to be present. We know that when we are feeling loss and discouraged that God hears us and has the ability to rescue us when we feel so low, we don’t know how to lift ourselves up.

God has the ability to rescue us during grief: Heavenly Father, you can count the stars and call them all by name. Your power is absolute. Your understanding is beyond comprehension. You support the humble and bring the wicked down into the dust. You comfort those who mourn.

We declare that those grieving the death of a loved one; mourning will turn into dancing. We confess that You are their rock, fortress and Savior in whom they will find protection. You are their shield, and the strength of their salvation. Father, You are their stronghold. As they call on You, You have promised to answer.

We believe that You will be with them during this period of bereavement, rescue them from grief, honor them, and give them Your salvation. Amen.

We Send Peace for Those Mourning

Peace, by definition, is freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquility. The Bible reminds us “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

When someone has recently lost a loved one, we can pray for that same peace which passes all understanding to come to them: Dear Lord, we ask You to send Your peace to those persons who are mourning. Continue to surround them with family, friends and loved ones who will offer words of comfort.

Give them sweet and restful sleep. Lord, remove the spirit of heaviness, and give them garments of praise. In due time, bless their lives to overflow with laughter and joy again. As they take refuge in You, please help them to put their trust in You.

Holy Spirit, we ask that You settle the hearts and minds of those who are feeling any guilt, resentment, bitterness, or anger. Help them not to look back but to press forward. Amen.

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