Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

12 Prayers | Miscarriage & Infant Loss

Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

I am so honored to be joining with you in prayer again. It is truly a privilege every time we are able to come together before the Father, but it feels even more of a privilege when we carry our hurting brothers and sisters to the throne.

 Our 12 Prayers today are dedicated to the families who have lost babies in miscarriage, still birth, and infant loss. Most of us know of at least a handful of woman, if not more, who have undergone this loss. Perhaps we our selves have gone through this loss.

I can not think of a better gift you can give yourself or others than to pray. Some of you have been through such intense grief and brokenness through the loss of your baby or babies and we want you to know that we are lifting you up today. You are not alone.

The loss of a baby, no matter how long it has been, how short the pregnancy was, whether it was one loss or multiple, is valid and real and today we are praying for you. I want to a say a special thank you to Diana Stone for opening up her heart and voice for us through these prayers.

These prayers are written from the heart of a grieving mother for the hearts of other grieving mothers and fathers, and are being sent straight to God the Father who grieves with us. 

Friends/Family of those who have lost: prayers 1-6

1. Ecclesiastes 3:1-4: “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted; A time to kill, And a time to heal; A time to break down, And a time to build up; A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance.”

 Heavenly Father, as our friend's and family’s losses weigh on our hearts and perplex us in ways we can’t understand, remind us that each season of life is there for a reason.

Lord, help us to have an eternal perspective and to remember that we aren’t made to be happy and whole in this life. Help us to be willing to walk beside our friends and family in whatever season we are given, whether rejoicing or grieving.

Lord, we ask you to break our hearts for the things that break yours. 

2. Psalm 139:14: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

God, we may not understand the depth of grief from a parent who has lost a child. We may not know the loss of a child ourselves.  Maybe we know a different kind of loss.

Give us the clarity to remind ourselves that each and every life comes from you. Each child, no matter the time here, is perfectly made and loved for eternity.

Let us reflect that truth back to those who mourn for the life of a child. 

3. Job 16:20-21: “My friends scorn me; My eyes pour out tears to God. Oh, that one might plead for a man with God, As a man pleads for his neighbor!”

Father, I want to be the kind of friend who walks beside another, even through a time I know nothing about. I want to show others your love and mercy in the midst of their most vulnerable, terrifying moments. Lord, give me your strength and your grace to pour out to my friends. Let my actions and words reflect your love and mercy in each moment I spend with them.

4. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

Jesus, the grief-stricken may turn to us with feelings that can overwhelm, leaving us wondering what to say or do. We want to fix it.

We want to offer advice and suggestions because we love them and it pains us to see them suffer. Remind us that in the season of grief, a comforting presence is needed above anything else.

Let us be the ones who hold and cry alongside, recognizing that only you can heal, not us. 

5. Psalm 34:18:  “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit.”

God, we see how uncomfortable long-term grief is in our culture, and we know that each of us is guilty of judging someone else in this process. Even others who’ve lost a child can fall into that trap.

We beseech you Jesus: remind us that you draw near to the broken hearted, not away. You do not put a timestamp on grief.

Help us to be near our friends in these moments we don’t fully understand, and to help them look forward to a day when their hurt will be healed in your presence.

6. Romans 8:31-39: “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Lord, we come before you as friends and family searching for healing, comfort, and strength for ones who have lost a child. Our hearts are broken for them, and we long to see them restored.

Help us to remember that we can stand strong when they are weak, encourage them when they are down, and remind them that this is not the end. We will see our loved ones again; we will hold our babies close to us.

Let these powerful words in Romans flow from us living water, so that our friends who grieve might look up and be reminded of the love of Jesus through us. Amen. 

Prayers for the Parents who have lost: prayers 7-12

7.  Job 1:21: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”

Father, we live in a society unaccustomed to having things taken away. When it’s our children who are taken too soon, the shock and sadness can seem unending.

Give us strength in these times to know that you love our children more than we do, for they are yours first. Our hallelujah may be broken, but it is honest and real.

We may barely lift our eyes to you but our hearts stand firm in knowing you work all things together for good for those who love you. 

8. II CORINTHIANS 4:7-9: “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.”

We come before you as families torn by death – our children taken from our hands. Jesus, we know this is not the end, though at times it truly does seem it. We are crushed and perplexed.

We don’t understand the purpose in going through so much pain and suffering, but we trust that you are here, weeping beside us. We trust that you know our hearts and our pain.

Thank you for walking with us and carrying us through it. 

9. Job 13:15: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him.”

Lord, help us to trust you with the feelings that overwhelm us in moments so dark we can’t see a way out. Let us remember that you know our hearts already. We can confess all our feelings to you and know you will still be holding us tightly. Make us strong in the face of what seems to be defeat. Help us to call out to you for our needs. 

10. Lamentations 3:31-33: “For the Lord will not cast off forever. Though He causes grief, yet He will show compassion according to the multitude of His mercies. For He does not afflict willingly, nor grieve the children of men.”

As our hearts break and mourn, we are tempted to ask “why” of you, Lord. Why us? Why our children? Why this life? We know we will never get an answer that satisfies our souls in this lifetime. Show us your compassion in place of those answers. Let us feel the peace that surpasses all understanding. Comfort us as we face the unanswerable. 


Isaiah 45: 9-12 “Woe to him who strives with him who formed him, a pot among earthen pots! Does the clay say to him who forms it, ‘What are you making?’ or ‘Your work has not handles?’ Woe to him who says to a father, ‘What are you begetting?’ or to a woman, ‘With what are you in labor?’ Thus says the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and the one who formed him: ‘Ask me of things to come; will you command me concerning my children and the work of my hands? I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host.’”

God, we know you are the Maker. We know you give and take away. We are but dust in your hands, and yet we know how precious each of your children is to you, including the ones gone too soon. Though we may not see the glory of a short life on this earth, we know you alone can redeem that. Remind us in dark moments that you are redeeming this loss in eternity. 

12. Revelation 21:4: “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

Lord, I hold my child and wonder where you are. I cry out in pain and wonder if you hear me. I wonder what kind of a God allows this to happen. Our faith is shaken but, Lord, let it not be taken away.

We know a day is coming when we shall see our little ones again, whole and perfect. They will rejoice with us as we pass into the perfect forever, no separation from anyone, including you.

You will hold them with us, hug us all, heal our hearts, and cast out our suffering. Come soon Lord Jesus. Come soon. 

Thank you all for coming before the throne with us. I hope healing and hope came forth from today. Diana Stone, I cannot thank you enough for opening your heart and life to us through these prayers – they were such a gift.

Thank you to Jessica Bernardin for these beautiful photos that helped us worship. Thank you to my team – Laura Hare, our editor, and Kate Peterson, for helping with graphics. I love the body of Christ. Stay tuned for the next day of prayer in a few weeks.

You do not want to miss it.

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Sympathy Poems For Comfort In Time Of Need

Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

Sympathy poems, including funeral, memorial, bereavement and condolence poems. Also a deceased father poem and a poem for a deceased mother. These sympathy messages are suitable for cards, programs, headstones, or to accompany a sympathy gift.

Just Call On MeI can’t comprehend just how sad you must feelFor the loss of someone you love.This sorrowful time must still feel unrealAnd you’re looking for strength from above.

I hope, from my heart, that your pain will decrease,That your spirit will gain strength again,And I pray that your faith will create inner peaceAnd that God will send blessings–Amen.Till then, if you need me to lighten your load,I’m waiting to come to your aid.

Just call on me, and I’ll walk down that road,Until the dark times start to fade.

Deep condolences,

By Karl Fuchs

Sympathy poems, which are also called condolence poems, can offer assistance to those in mourning, as this sympathy message does. This condolence message is perfect for a sympathy card or to go along with a sympathy gift.

Sending SympathyI’m so sorry to hear of your recent loss;I’m sending my sympathy;If you need someone to help you now,Please, friend, call on me.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Sympathy poems are also called loss of a loved one poems. This condolence poem offering compassion and assistance goes on a sympathy card or with a sympathy gift.

Sympathy poems can be written for a specific purpose–as poems for a funeral, for example. This sympathy poem is a funeral poem designed for a funeral or memorial program. It is a bereavement poem, a condolence message, a death poem about the loss of a loved one.

After They Are GoneWhen someone we love passes away,We ache, but we go on;Our dear departed would want us to heal,After they are gone.

Grief is a normal way to mendThe anguish and pain in our hearts;We need time to remember and time to mourn,Before the recovery starts.

Let's draw together to recuperate,As we go through this period of sorrow;Let's help each other, with tender careTo find a brighter tomorrow.

By Joanna Fuchs

A subcategory of sympathy poems is memorial poems. This sympathy poem is a memorial poem expressing appreciation for the deceased, a death verse meant to be a condolence message.

If We Could Bring You Back AgainIf we could bring you back again,For one more hour or day,We’d express all our unspoken love;We’d have countless things to say.

If we could bring you back again,We’d say we treasured you,And that your presence in our livesMeant more than we ever knew.

If we could bring you back again,To tell you what we should,You’d know how much we miss you now,And if we could, we would.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Another subcategory of sympathy poems is bereavement poems. This sympathy poem is a bereavement poem that acknowledges the necessary process of mourning. This condolence poem could be used in a sympathy card or to accompany a sympathy gift. Needless to say, if the deceased is a man, use “he” instead of “she” in this sympathy message.

A Better PlaceShe’s in a better place right nowThan she’s ever been before;All pain is gone; she’s now at rest;Nothing troubles her anymore.It’s we who feel the burden ofOur sadness and our grief;.

We have to cry, to mourn our loss,Before we get relief.We know we’ll reconnect with herAt the end of each life’s road;We’ll see her cherished face againWhen we release our earthly load.

By Joanna Fuchs

This sympathy poem lets the bereaved know they are not alone. It's a condolence message of support.

You Are in Our ThoughtsYou are in our thoughtsas you find your way though this.We are praying for your healing,with the passage of time.We know you miss him/her;we send our understandingand consolation.Know that the strain, the pain,will eventually ease.May your pleasant memoriessustain and comfort you.You are in our thoughts.

By Joanna Fuchs

This sympathy poem offers caring, concern and help in a condolence message. It's a sympathy verse sure to be appreciated.

No One Can KnowNo one can know just what you've lost;No one can understand the cost;But when you feel your energy drain,Please count on us to help ease your pain.Let us help you cope with grief;We hope with time you'll feel relief.We can't replace the one who's gone,But let our concern help you carry on.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

This free sympathy card poem, in free verse, could also be called a bereavement poem. It’s a sympathy verse, a condolence message that lets the bereaved know he or she is not alone.

We’re With YouWhen you miss him/her,we’re with you in spirit,wondering how you feel,hoping you’re coping,and getting a little better each day.We understand. We care.When you’re grieving,we’re beside you,in our hearts, in our thoughts,we’re sending you sympathy,encouragement, affection,and strength to carry on with life.He/she would want it that way.

By Joanna Fuchs

Sympathy poetry should make the recipient feel cared for. This free sympathy poem contains a condolence message—words of condolence that are heartfelt.

I’ll Always Be ThereYour loss is your whole world today;Your hurt feelings will not go away;If you’re needing a friend,On whom you’ll depend,Call me anytime, any day.I’m thinking of you, and I care;If you have feelings you’re wanting to share,Just give me a ring;We’ll discuss everything;When you need me, I’ll always be there.

By Joanna Fuchs

These kinds of sympathy verses, where the deceased is speaking to a love one still alive, are very popular. This sympathy poem is also a funeral poem that could be printed in a program.

If I Should Go Before YouIf I should go before you,I'll still be there with you,As every golden memoryGives comfort, to see you through.If I should go before you,You'll always have my love,And we'll be together again,We two, in heaven above.

By Joanna Fuchs

Poem For A Deceased Mother

There is a surprising number of searches for a Mother's Day poem for the deceased. This Mother's Day poem for a deceased mom also serves as a memorial mother poem, a eulogy poem, a written in memory of mother poem. We hope this loss of mother poem is comforting to you.

Mother’s Day Poem For A Deceased MotherMom, we miss you so very muchOn every Mother’s Day;And not just then, but every minute,Since you went away.You were the center of our livesBefore your soul passed on;It’s just so hard for us to believeThat you are really gone.

But we celebrate the life you livedAnd all the things you gave us;Our wonderful memories, Mom, of youAre the things that will comfort and save us.Please think of us, as we think of youWith hearts so full of love;We’re looking up at you, sweet Mom,As you look at us from above.

By Joanna Fuchs

Deceased Father Poem

Sympathy, condolence, bereavement, funeral, memorial, eulogy and grief poetry make up a huge category of demand for poems. There is a lot of interest in deceased father poems that can be used as eulogy poems. I want a poem about my fathers death, they say; please write a poem for the loss of a a father. Here it is, and I'm so sorry for your loss.

We Can’t Believe You’re GoneDad, our sadness knows no end;We can’t believe you’re gone;We’re grieving for you every day;It’s hard to carry on.You were always there to support and care,When we needed a true friend,How we’ll ever do without our dad,We cannot comprehend.

You were our teacher and our guide,Our dad, so good and strong;Your example will sustain us now,And last our whole lives long.We’re trying to communicate;We hope that you can hear;Expressing what we feel for you,Helps us feel you’re near.Our memories of the times we hadHelp the pain to go away.But Dad, our lives won’t be the same;We’ll miss you every day.

A part of us went with you;You left a gap too big to fill;You’re our father and our hero;We love you and we always will.

By Joanna Fuchs

Sympathy Prayer

There’s a real need for condolence prayers and bereavement prayers, in cards, to be read at funerals, to comfort the grief stricken, so here’s a sympathy poem and prayer for that purpose.

Sympathy prayerDear Lord, please comfort those in grief,Love them, lift them, give reliefFor loss they’ve suffered, sadness felt;Make this sorrow slowly melt.Lord, let happy memories ease,Creating peace a gentle breeze,And as you help them make it through.Draw them closer, Lord, to you.Sincere condolences on your loss.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Pet Sympathy Poem

Poems of sympathy for pets have big search numbers (especially for dogs). I wrote this pet sympathy poem to apply to the death of any pet. It's a very special condolence message.

Sweet PresenceToday I'm often thinking of you,And the loss of your special friend.Those who have never had a petCannot possibly comprehend.

A pet gives unconditional loveNothing else can quite replace;A sweet presence with its furry warmth,That lovable, one-of-a-kind face.

You gave your pet a happy life,With affection true and real;I'm hoping you'll recover soon,So your heart will mend and heal.

By Joanna Fuchs

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A Prayer for My Daughter

Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

by William Butler Yeats

Once more the storm is howling, and half hidUnder this cradle-hood and coverlidMy child sleeps on. There is no obstacleBut Gregory’s wood and one bare hillWhereby the haystack- and roof-leveling wind.Bred on the Atlantic, can be stayed;And for an hour I have walked and prayed

Because of the great gloom that is in my mind.

I have walked and prayed for this young child an hourAnd heard the sea-wind scream upon the tower,And under the arches of the bridge, and screamIn the elms above the flooded stream;Imagining in excited reverieThat the future years had come,Dancing to a frenzied drum,

the murderous innocence of the sea.

May she be granted beauty and yet notBeauty to make a stranger’s eye distraught,Or hers before a looking-glass, for such,Being made beautiful overmuch,Consider beauty a sufficient end,Lose natural kindness and maybeThe heart-revealing intimacy

That chooses right, and never find a friend.

Helen being chosen found life flat and dullAnd later had much trouble from a fool,While that great Queen, that rose the spray,Being fatherless could have her wayYet chose a bandy-legged smith for man.It’s certain that fine women eatA crazy salad with their meat

Whereby the Horn of Plenty is undone.

In courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned;Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earnedBy those that are not entirely beautiful;Yet many, that have played the foolFor beauty’s very self, has charm made wise,And many a poor man that has roved,Loved and thought himself beloved,

From a glad kindness cannot take his eyes.

May she become a flourishing hidden treeThat all her thoughts may the linnet be,And have no business but dispensing roundTheir magnanimities of sound,Nor but in merriment begin a chase,Nor but in merriment a quarrel.O may she live some green laurel

Rooted in one dear perpetual place.

My mind, because the minds that I have loved,The sort of beauty that I have approved,Prosper but little, has dried up of late,Yet knows that to be choked with hateMay well be of all evil chances chief.If there’s no hatred in a mindAssault and battery of the wind
Can never tear the linnet from the leaf.

An intellectual hatred is the worst,So let her think opinions are accursed.Have I not seen the loveliest woman born the mouth of Plenty’s horn,Because of her opinionated mindBarter that horn and every goodBy quiet natures understood

For an old bellows full of angry wind?

Considering that, all hatred driven hence,The soul recovers radical innocenceAnd learns at last that it is self-delighting,Self-appeasing, self-affrighting,And that its own sweet will is Heaven’s will;She can, though every face should scowlAnd every windy quarter howl

Or every bellows burst, be happy still.

And may her bridegroom bring her to a houseWhere all’s accustomed, ceremonious;For arrogance and hatred are the waresPeddled in the thoroughfares.How but in custom and in ceremonyAre innocence and beauty born?Ceremony’s a name for the rich horn,

And custom for the spreading laurel tree.

Literary Analysis

“A Prayer for My Daughter” is a reflection of the poet’s love for his daughter. It is also about surviving the turmoil of the contemporary world, where passions have been separated from reason. The setting of the poem is unspecified. The speaker is the poet himself talking to his daughter. The tone is gloomy, precarious, and frightening, as well as didactic.

The poem opens with a description of the speaker praying for his innocent infant daughter, Anne, lying in the middle of a storm “howling, and half hid.” The poet demonstrates his feelings through the use of symbols of weather.

The newborn baby girl is sleeping “Under this cradle-hood and coverlid,” implying the innocence and vulnerability of Anne. Though the external world is violent, she is protected from it.

The storm is a metaphor for the Irish people’s struggle for their independence, which was an uncertain political situation in Yeats’s day. He further presents the situation of the storm with “roof-leveling wind”, representing turbulence, in the midst of which the poet has “walked and prayed for this young child an hour.

” Intense and threatening forces surround her a “flooded stream.” The poet symbolizes the sea thus: “ the murderous innocence of the sea.” Despite his apprehensions for his child in this turbulent world, he is hopeful for her.

The poet continues on to comment on his hopes for her beauty:“May she be granted beauty and yet not.” His vacillation is that beauty in women sometimes brings disasters. For example, some such people have a difficult time choosing the right person as a life partner, and neither they can “find a friend.

” The speaker lays emphasis on the need for feminine innocence. The poet advances his argument in the next stanzas by citing examples of beautiful women such as Helen of Troy, whose beauty was said to be the cause of the Trojan War.

By the end, the poet wants his daughter to be courteous, as love cannot come unconditionally and freely. She must earn love with good efforts and kind-heartedness, and she cannot win it by merely physical beauty because “Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned.

” Summing up his theme, the poet wishes his daughter to possess such qualities that could help her face the future years confidently and independently.

Structural Analysis

The poem is written in a lyric form containing ten stanzas with eight lines in each stanza. The poem follows a regular rhyme scheme, which is AABBCDDC as shown below:

I have walked and prayed for this young child an hour  A
And heard the sea-wind scream upon the tower,          A
And-under the arches of the bridge, and scream          B
In the elms above the flooded stream;                         B
Imagining in excited reverie                                        C
That the future years had come,                                  D
Dancing to a frenzied drum,                                        D
the murderous innocence of the sea.                C

The meter of this poem alternates between iambic pentameter and trochaic pentameter, as inI have walked and prayed for this young child an hour / And heard the sea-wind scream upon the tower.” The poem is rich in literary devices such as symbolism, personification, paradox, sibilance, assonance, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. The line “murderous innocence of the sea” is an example of paradox. Sibilance is found in the words “sea-wind scream,” while “scream” is also an example of an onomatopoeia. The use of personification can be noted in the lines “future years … dancing”, which implies the transience of life. The poet uses symbols such as “sea wind” and “flooded stream” which denote turbulent forces at work. Alliteration is present in the phrase “be granted beauty.”

Guidance for Usage of Quotes

The poem is concerned with the chaotic modern world. It shows a father consumed with apprehension for his daughter’s future in an uncertain political situation.

The father is tense about how he can possibly protect his daughter from the raging storm outside, because she is very beautiful. Therefore, he prays for her as well as gives advice about how to live successfully on earth.

Similarly, modern-day fathers can send quotes from this poem to their daughters as a piece of advice for special occasions:

“In courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned;Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earnedBy those that are not entirely beautiful;Yet many, that have played the foolFor beauty’s very self, has charm made wise,And many a poor man that has roved,Loved and thought himself beloved,

From a glad kindness cannot take his eyes.”

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Prayer for a loss

Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

by Kim A (La)

I would a prayer to help cope with the loss if my bestfriend. It’s been a month and very hard to get back to reality. I love her so much and can’t seem to move on. Also just recently I’m having some difficulties with my husband, he seems to be very upset with me about something that never happened and it was years ago.

He gets very distant and cruel about it. I would us to move forward and live a happy life together and pray that we can make it through this difficult time together, we have two children that I don’t want to be upset by this. I love him with all my heart. And a prayer for my adopted daddy who is having very ruff time, he’s been through so much with sickness, 3 losses & an addiction. Please pray for us. God bless

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