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Prayer For Stress In School

Prayer in school Prayer in school is a controversial issue these days, and it is held dearly in the hearts of many people in America. Prayer has been in public schools from the colonial times until 1962.

Supporters, of prayer in school, view that starting the day off with a prayer will not harm society. Some people see it as a “way of allowing the students to clear their minds.

” (Mireless 28) It gives students a peaceful way to start the day, instead of a teacher to quiet an obnoxious group of students.

They also think, “prayer is a healthy way to start off the day.” (Mireless 50) It clears the minds of the students and makes them start to think deeply. This also starts the day off with a purposeful mood.

People supporting prayer view that not only does it help make the transition into learning smooth, but it also helps the students to resolve personal issues. Prayer gives students a time every morning where they think about values and faith to help them through life.

“Many students have problems and prayer gives them time to think about their issues.” (Mireless 30) Supporters also say that our youth has lost the respect that students had for their country, their peers, and their lives.

Many consider the uprising of crime and the lowering of values in society a result of taking prayer school.

Since the expulsion of prayer in public school in 1962, studies show that teenage pregnancy went up two hundred percent, teen suicide increased three hundred percent, abortion increased one thousand percent and violent crime went up five hundred percent.

These people say that prayer inflict faith and values to those that would have otherwise contributed to the worsening of society. They also say that if prayer flows into their souls it may cause them to become better human beings, better members of society, and better parents for our young.

The Essay on Prayer In Schools

… help and understanding in difficult situations. National officials, students, and churches use prayer; schools should be allowed to use it as well.God …

is on our currency, He should be allowed in our schools. Prayer in school does not affect or disturb anyone. If we truly … , so our schools should also support that idea. Many use prayer as a guidance tool.

It gives a lot of students something to …

Supporters state that even early congressional action encouraged and approved in religion in public schools.

The Northwest Treaty (1787 and 1789) declared: “Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary for good government and happiness of mankind, school and the means of learning shall forever be encouraged.

” Religion, which includes prayer, was deemed to be necessary. From colonial times until 1962 prayer was practiced in public schools. Then, in the case of Engle vs.

Vitale the Supreme Court ruled that state-mandated prayers were unconstitutional. People state that the fact that school prayer was practiced for over two hundred years establishes it as a valid and beneficial practice in our schools.

These people also state that the first amendment does not separate god and government; it actually encourages religion. The first clause merely declares that federal government cannot establish one religion for all people. No where does it convey anything about the separation between church and state.

The second clause insists that the government should do nothing to discourage religion.

The people opposing public prayer feel that organized prayer will lead to many problems. They declare that school prayer is unconstitutional because of the first amendment in our constitution which states, “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of.

” They say that this clearly states a division between church and state. People state that since education is mandatory, public schools should not impose prayer on students who do not desire it. These people believe that students might be lead by their teacher or classmates in any prayer that the teacher sees fit.

The Essay on High School People Students Week

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we would need to make fair judgments about people or situations. Stereotyping is defined as a conventional … all parts of the world today? Many people develop stereotypes when we are unable or unwilling …

Since this country is mostly Christian, the prayers may reflect Christian values. Students of other religions may get left out, or may feel uncomfortable praying with students of different beliefs. Some say, “prayer would be divisive,” web tn pete 01/church / pray 4. htm resulting in religious minorities feeling uncomfortable.

They may feel forced to recite a prayer that they do not support. “The only way to make people of differing religions feel comfortable would be to make the prayers cross-cultural.

However, any watered down prayer would result in the deeply religious persons finding it meaningless, and it would be an infringement on students who follow no religion.” web Some Christians even oppose the amendment saying that the bible warns against school prayer.

It says, “and when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy father which is in secret.

” (Matthew 6: 5-6) Some people believe that this shows that it is evident that praying in school is in direct contradiction to the bible. The compromise to this solution is to have a moment of silence at the beginning of school. Students would now have the right to pray, meditate, contemplate or study.

This kind of “prayer” helps students focus, alleviates stress, attunes them to their own creativity and empowers them.

A book on natural prayer states “We have forgotten that we are all in this together, and we keep separating ourselves, by color, by football teams, by age, and so on and on. We need something to pull us all together.

Natural prayer could be that miracle. It includes everyone, even non-believers.” (Cornish 55) 328.

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With Christ in the School of Prayer

Prayer For Stress In School

Nowadays Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the world.

In this paradigm prayer is the one and only way that allows the adept of the cult to communicate with higher entity, thus it is important to for the believers to be acquainted with the right technique of praying, to learn what actually a prayer is, what are its purposes, and how they should be accomplished.

Andrew Murray's book With Christ in the School of Prayer is actually a complete overview of the topics listed, as it gives answers to some of the questions the believers have about the process of praying and it results.

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It's obvious that lots of the believers aren't capable to understand and interpret correctly the requirements that are put in the Christian holy book due to the lack of education. Andrew Murray offers a valid interpretation of the process of praying, its purposes and principles.

The author notes that in the modern world of profit motives, delusions and disbelief the Christians forgot about the simple promise the Bible contains, which's that the God is ready to give anything to its worshippers, they only have to ask about it.

“In connection with this there is another truth that has come to me with wonderful clearness as I studied the teaching of Jesus on prayer” – the author writes. “It is this: that the Father waits to hear every prayer of faith, to give us whatsoever we will, and whatsoever we ask in Jesus' name.

We have become so accustomed to limit the wonderful love and the large promises of our God, that we cannot read the simplest and clearest statements of our Lord without the qualifying clauses by which we guard and expound them”

With Christ in the School of Prayer notes that the best teacher who can give the believers knowledge about how to pray is Jesus Christ himself, who is always ready to help those who want to learn from him.

Murray states that Christ's prayer is ideal, as he knows best what pleases his father.

The book is dedicated to explaining the most important principles the prayer should follow in order to make his plead effective.

The author believes that the key terms to praying are spirit and truth. Spirit – believing in the existence of God and in his power to fulfill the words the prayer speaks. But often the adepts of the religion pray without knowing about the powers their deity possesses and about the conditions he provides his assistance on.

For the prayer to be the most effective the believer should know what God wants from him or her, and how should he pray to satisfy him. The good adept should be educated and instructed, he should be acquainted with the interpretations of Bible, and, together with it, he should trust in the powers of God and be honest with him.

According to With Christ in the School of Prayer, prayer is an intimate act, thus it should be conducted in a separate, “secret” place, where the one who is talking to God would not be disturbed, where he/she can concentrate on his/her religious feelings without any outer irritants.

Prayer is the method of communicating with God which gives the believer the feeling of support and confidence. For those, who really trust God he is the closest person, the one they can come to with any problems, joys or sorrows and to whom they can confess their cherished wishes and dreams.

Thus it's obvious that the believer should try to conduct thi act without being disturbed or distracted.

This book also teaches the believers to trust God their cravings and hopes and seek assistance from him, as it is said in Bible that “'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened”'–MATT.

vii. 7, 8. Murray complains that in these days lots of people underestimate the powers of God, thus they don't see any sense in asking the deity to help them. Here Murray gives one of the vital clues for the successful prayer, which's that if you want God to hear you and fulfill your plead, you should actually believe in his ability to accomplish it.

Andrew Murray also emphasizes the importance of prayer for other people in his book. He believes that the prayer is one of the best means of expressing affection, love and care for the chosen person.

Besides he reminds about the wonderful effects that the prayer of the two or three people who do it together can give.

The author says that the plead of the two or three person who pray united and express the same desire is more effective than the plead of one person

The book also tells about the state of consciousness the prayer should attain before beginning to plead. The book reminds us of Jesus Christ's commandment about the need to forgive.

Murray says that the believer shouldn't begin praying until he forgives all the people that hurt him, as his mind should be ready to communication with God.

Instead, in case the person is aggrieved by something, most of his/her thoughts are about his insult, thus he/she is not concentrating.

One of the most important qualities for the prayer is, according to Murray, persistence. He states that the believer should “prey without ceasing”, for to get the thing he/she longs for.

The author believes that the prayer should be persistent for to God to see that his/her wish is really strong, and that his/her efforts will be evaluated and noted by the deity.

In With Christ in the School of Prayer it is also noted that the believer should put his own efforts to fulfill his plead, as God won't be able to help in case the prayer isn't working towards the problem too.

I see this book as a guide for the believers in the art of praying. I believe that the great part of believers cannot evaluate the importance of pray for their everyday life. This book would be useful for most of the adepts of Christianity and those who study it, as there the main principles of preying can be found.

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