Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents


30 Days of Prayer for Your Unbelieving Husband

Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

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Being married to an unbelieving spouse can be extremely difficult. I know because I’ve been there. I was married for 14 years and about 7 years ago, gave my life to the Lord. The second I did, our marriage suddenly changed. All of the sudden, I had new desires….a desire to please the Lord, a desire to not sin, a desire to do what is right, and yet his desires, stayed the same.

It immediately caused a huge rift between us. An unspoken rift that we both could feel. All the sudden, we were on different sides of eternity, and we knew it.

But the Bible is clear. In such cases, we don’t divorce. We are to remain married to the unbeliever after we accept Christ into our hearts. While there are clear reasons that God allows for divorce, that is not one of them. So, I remained married, and prayed. Many of my prayers are listed below. I hope you find comfort in them as I did during that hard season of my life.

Day 1:  God is in Control {Psalm 9:10}

As the saved spouse in your marriage, it is important to put your full trust in God, not in yourself or in your unsaved spouse. He is in full control at all times. He does not sleep or get weary of watching over you and protecting you.

Day 2: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Husband {Mark 11:24}

If you are Christian and you pray, the Lord is sure to answer every single prayer you pray. His answer may be wait, no, maybe, or yes, but every prayer is answered. Although your answers may not look what you want, know that the Lord does answer all prayers in His own way and in His timing.

Day 3: Stay Close to the Lord {Psalm 145:18}

The Lord will be with you and near you when you pray. So keep praying faithfully and continually for your husband!

Day 4: Only God Can Save Your Spouse, Not You {John 14:6}

The only thing that can save your husband is Jesus, not you. Remember you do not control your husband’s salvation- it is in God’s control.  Remember to always be found putting your husband’s salvation in His hands, not your own.

Day 5: Trust in the Lord {Proverbs 3:5-6}

The Lord has allowed this situation to happen for your good. It is important to put all of your trust in Him. He does not make mistakes. Do not just count on yourself. God will direct your path!

Day 6: Love Your Husband {Genesis 2:24}

When you married your husband, you became one. You may feel it is hard to love your unbelieving spouse, but you made a commitment to him. Today, I’d encourage you to ask God to help you love your spouse in a new and exciting way.

Day 7: Living With Your Husband {1 Corinthians 7:39}

Sometimes, you might feel your marriage was a mistake, especially if you came to faith after you got married, I did. But, God does NOT want you to leave your unbelieving husband. Today, ask Him to help you to desire to stay and grow in your marriage and be content.

Day 8: Staying with an Unbeliever- Your Kids Will Be Okay {1 Corinthians 7:10-16}

Today is a great day to ask for help in being strong in your relationship with your husband. Ask God to help you be a positive Christian influence to your children or any you might have in the future.

Day 9: Don’t Preach {1 Peter 3:1-7}

When you have an unbelieving husband, it can be extremely tempting to tell them all about Jesus and the Bible, especially if you are a new believer! But, most people do not to be preached at! Rather, win him over without words. Let the light of the Holy Spirit shine through you, so that your husband sees Christ through your behaviors and actions.

Day 10: Remember You Are Not Perfect {Romans 3:23}

It can be tempting as the believer, to think we are better or holier than our husband. But, we are sinners too! The Bible states, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Ask God to help you remember that just as your husband, you too are a sinner in desperate need of His grace.

Day 11: Have Patience {Psalm 27:14}

It can be frustrating praying for your spouse and not seeing results. Maybe you have been praying for days, or maybe you have been praying for many years! But, take heart. God answers all prayers in His own way and His own time. Today, ask God to give you the patience while you wait for Him to soften your husband’s heart.

Day 12: Encourage Your Husband {Romans 15:5}

Give your husband gentle encouragement as God gives us. Ask God to help you be an encouragement to your husband and to your family today.

Day 13: Be a Good Wife {Proverbs 31:10-12}

Finding a good wife- a wife is the crown of her husband. Be a good wife to your husband and you will both be blessed! Ask the Lord to help you be a good wife- to be more valuable than rubies.

Day 14: Find a Mentor {Titus 2:4-5}

It can be very helpful to find a mentor while you are going through being married to an unbelieving husband.

An older Christian woman to help you through your trials and guide you on your journey and pray for you. If you cannot find one in person, there are a lot of groups online.

Today, ask God to help you find a strong Christian mentor that you can trust and who can help guide you through your many trials.

Day 15: Look to God for Strength {Psalm 18:39}

If you are trying to do everything in your own power, stop! You never will be able to. You must get your strength from the Lord. Today, pray for God to give you strength, not just for yourself, but for your husband also.

Day 16: Submit to Your Husband {Ephesians 22-25}

Oh, that word submission! It is a sensitive issue for many. You might be wondering if you still need to submit to your husband if he isn’t Christian. The truth is, yes.

Now, if he is asking you to sin (or physically abusing you or something that), then you need to submit to God first, not your husband.

But, to everyone else, yes, regardless if your husband is Christian or not, it is the wife’s call to submit to her husband, as the church submits to Christ. Today, ask God to help you submit to your husband, even when it is hard.

Day 17: Speak Kindly {Proverbs 15:1}

Maybe your husband is not only NOT saved, but makes comments against your faith and God. Maybe he tries to undermine you or is hostile toward you and your faith. It can be tempting to lash out at him. But remember, a soft answer turns away wrath. Today, ask God to help you speak kindly and not in anger to your husband.

Day 18: God Will Strengthen You {Isaiah 41:10}

When you feel weak and defeated, remember God is always with you and gives you strength. Ask Christ to help you remember your strength comes not from yourself, but from the Lord. Take comfort that He will strengthen you when you need it and never puts more on you than you can handle.

Day 19: The Holy Spirit Gives You Power {2 Timothy 1:7}

Remember that through the spirit of God inside of you, you have power! Do not be timid in your prayers! Use your direct connection to God to pray for your husband.

Day 20: Speak With Grace {Colossians 4:6}

Some days it can be hard to speak nicely to your husband. Maybe he is behaving in a way that isn’t Christ-, which is to be expected, and you may want to be angry and lash out at him. Pray first, and ask the Lord how you can answer him with grace instead. Ask the Lord to help you speak with grace, even when you are angry.

Day 21: Call on the Lord {Jeremiah 29:12-13}

Remember, the Lord is always with you and fully able to help. All you have to do is call on him! Call on Him today to help you remember that even when you FEEL alone, you are never really alone. He is right there with you.

Day 22: A New Heart {Ezekiel 36:26}

It is written in the Bible that God will give us a new heart made of flesh, not stone, when we accept Him. Today, pray He give your husband a new heart- a heart to be open and receptive to the Word.

Day 23: Do Not Cause Your Husband to Stumble {Romans 14:13}

Something that might not be a problem for you, could very well be a problem for your husband. Try to help him towards a path of godliness, while not expecting him to be a godly man. Ask God to help you remove all the stumbling blocks in your power from your husband’s path.

Day 24: Do Not Be Scared {John 14:27}

It can be scary to have an unsaved spouse! You might worry about his soul for all eternity. But, the Lord tells us not to worry and not to be afraid. Ask Christ to help you to put your trust in Him, and help you not to be afraid for your husband, but to pray fervently for him instead.

Day 25: Ask the Lord {Matthew 7:7}

Sometimes we forget when we pray to tell the Lord what we want, but the Bible clearly says, “Ask and it will be given to you.” Today, ask God to open your husband’s heart toward receiving Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Day 26: Love Bears All Things {1 Corinthians 13:7}

Love bears all things, even an unbelieving husband. Today, ask God to help you endure this trial and give you a greater capacity of love toward and for him.

Day 27: Do Not Lose Heart {Galatians 6:9}

Maybe you have been praying for your husband for a long time, and you are tired. You have grown weary of the stress of being the believing spouse in an unbelieving home.

The temptation to leave God and belong to the world can be strong. But, do not lose heart! The Bible says in due time you will reap if you do not grow weary.

Ask God to help you stay strong and not grow weary in praying for your husband’s salvation.

Day 28: Delight in the Lord {Psalm 37:4}

Do you find your joy in the Lord? The Bible tells us that if we delight in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. The more we love Him, the more we seek His will, the more our desires line up to His. Today, pray that He help you to find your joy in Him, and not my husband or anyone else in your life. Pray that your desires line up to His.

Day 29: Walk in the Way of the Lord {Psalm 119:1}

It can be tempting to stray away from God when you are married to an unbeliever. Maybe your husband does things or participates in activities that are frowned on by God.

That does not mean you have to do them as well.

Today, ask God to help you walk in His way, according to His precepts, and live a life that is blameless and pleasing to Him, regardless of what your unbelieving spouse’s behavior is.

Day 30: Praise the Lord {Psalm 19:4}

Above all else, put the Lord first in your life. Pray for your husband’s salvation, ask God to open his heart. “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

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Four Truths for Parents of Unbelieving Children

Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

Ministering at The Village is one of the most joyous things I’ve ever done. I love getting to walk with people through different seasons in their lives. It is a privilege to rejoice with them in the good times and weep with them in the bad times.

Due to our location, the most common demographic of people I’m around are couples with children. I don’t have kids yet, so they don’t ask me about how to get their newborns to sleep through the night or whether they should home-school.

But they do frequently ask one particular theological question, and it’s one that is worth exploring.

As parents watch their children get older, fear often creeps in regarding the child’s salvation. This fear may arise because their 7-year-old develops a flair for lying, their middle schooler suddenly starts acting out, or their high schooler experiments with alcohol. The parent begins to worry and wonder: Is my child saved? Will my child ever be saved?

Other questions soon follow: Didn’t I take them to church? Didn’t I teach them right from wrong? What happens if they are not elect? Did I fail as a parent? Why are my kids rebellious if I raised them in a good home? Doesn’t God love my kids?

If you can identify with these fears over a wayward child, I want to offer a few pastoral insights into why this may be happening and give four tips on how to think through this issue:

1. God wants you to know that salvation is from the Lord

Salvation is not the result of good or bad parenting. God will save whom He wills. Sometimes He saves from great, godly families and sometimes He saves from broken, worldly families.

Regardless of the family, we are all born completely depraved, and it is just as miraculous for God to save children from “good” families as it is for Him to save children from “bad” families.

There is no need to beat yourself up with thoughts of, “If I had just done (blank), then my child would be a believer.” All parenting involves failure, and there are always things that could have been done better or situations that should have been dealt with differently.

That said, you could do everything right and still end up with rebellious children. Repent when repentance is needed but don’t put the burden of being your child’s savior on your shoulders.

2. God wants you to know that you can’t guarantee your child’s salvation, but you can trust salvation to Him

This is a tough truth, and I almost didn’t put it in this post because it is so hard to hear. Many people reject this truth by citing Proverbs 22:6, which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

” The book of Proverbs belongs to a genre of literature that uses pithy statements to illuminate a general truth. But proverbs are not promises to be claimed as universally true in every case. It is generally true that families who teach their kids about Jesus raise kids who become believers.

However, it is not universally true. The proverbs provide general wisdom, not universal promises.

3. God wants you to persevere in prayer for your child’s salvation

Keep praying for your child! God might save your child in a week, a month, a year, in 10 years or on their deathbed. We just don’t know. But never lose hope. ly, your child will outlive you, meaning they may even come to salvation after you have passed away.

Your own salvation is a great mystery and evidence of the infinite mercy of God. Let that realization keep you steadfastly hoping for your child’s salvation. Plead with God for the salvation of your child’s soul as long as you have breath.

Never stop interceding, and never believe all hope is lost.

4. God wants to break you of “kid idolatry” so you anchor your hope in Him

There is no fear fear for your children. For most people, spouses and children are the most important things in the world. Perhaps this is why Jesus specifically mentions how we must love Him more than our families if we are to be His disciples (Luke 14:26). God might not only be pursuing your children but you, as well.

God will have no other gods before Him, and by allowing your children to be rebellious, He may be teaching you to let go of the one thing you love more than Him. He may be teaching you to anchor your hope and your joy in Christ alone. If your greatest hope is in your kids, your emotions will be a constant roller coaster.

When the kids are doing well, you’ll be happy. When they are walking in sin, you will be miserable. God wants you to trust that He always does what is good so that you have a firm place to anchor your soul.

This form of trust leaves you free to pray for and hope for your children from a place of faith instead of a place of fear.

Never feel that all is lost. Continue loving and interceding for your kids. But recognize that God might be pursuing you, as well as your children. Pray that He may save your child and pray that, as you relinquish control of your child’s salvation, you might grow to love and trust our great Savior more deeply.

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9 Ways to Love Your UnBelieving Husband

Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

By contributing writer, Amy

For many years, I was married to an unbeliever, a non-Christian. We were certain we were made for each other, and we built a family together, complete with house and kids.

Oh, how I loved that man! He made me smile at the very thought of him. He laughed at my stupid jokes and told me I was beautiful, even when I thought otherwise. We saw most things eye-to-eye, and we rarely ever argued. It was a pretty good life.

But sometimes it was hard.

It was hard raising kids with similar, but different, values. It was hard going to church by myself. It was hard worrying about what the future – and my husband’s eternity – would hold.

After I repented of my own season of rebellion toward God, I desperately wanted my husband to love Jesus with me. I lived in fear that something would happen to him before he accepted Christ. I wanted to lead Him to the throne of grace so He would repent, too, and we could live the perfect Christian life together.

Well, I’m afraid that “perfect life” never happened for us.

I’m no longer married to that non-Christian man….because God, in His grace, reached down into his life and saved him. Thankfully, his redemptive story did happen, and my husband is now a new creation.

In what can only be described as a miracle, my unbelieving husband decided to listen to recordings of the Bible on his way to and from work. The Holy Spirit used those Words to soften his heart, and he accepted Christ’s forgiveness and salvation.

No, we still haven’t discovered the “perfect life” I thought would magically appear, but we are both covered by the perfect grace Jesus offers at the cross. God reached into our lives and rescued us. Our future is forever changed.

What is your story?

Maybe, me, you fell in love and married an unbeliever, even though you knew the Bible warned against it.

Maybe you got pregnant and rushed into an unequal marriage to “do the right thing.”

Maybe you weren’t a Christian when you go married, but have since given your heart to Christ, even though your husband hasn’t made the same decision.

Maybe you thought the man you walked down the isle with was believer, but have since realized it was all an illusion.

Maybe your husband is a Christian, but right now he’s struggling in his faith, or even running from the Lord.

Or, perhaps you’re reading this and feeling thankful that you do have the “perfect life” with your Jesus-loving man. Praise the Lord! But I can promise you that there are women around you who aren’t walking in your same shoes, and they need your encouragement and compassion.

Those women are secretly wondering if the man they love will ever give his heart to the One they love. They’re hoping nobody asks them to explain why they’re at church alone again. They are worried that their world and family might come crashing down someday. They feel lonely and guilty and misunderstood.

Hope from the Father

If you find yourself married to a non-Christian today, I want to offer you hope. God loves you. He loves you more than your husband – Christian or non-Christian – ever could. He loves you so much that He gave His Son to redeem you.

a loving Father, God has spoken directly into your situation. In 1 Peter 3:1-6, wives whose husbands “do not obey the word” are given grace-filled instruction:

wise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives, when they see your respectful and pure conduct…let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” (1 Peter 3:1-4)

God doesn’t want you to be fearful, and He doesn’t expect you to say just the right thing that will win your man over to “God’s team.” He wants you gently and respectfully love your husband, and then trust Him with your husband’s heart.

I know it can be hard (really hard) to live out that kind of love, especially when your husband isn’t walking with the Lord. Remember that your heart attitude is precious to God, and His grace that saved you will also strengthen and sustain you.

1. Don’t think you control eternity.

Your husband’s salvation is not in your hands; it’s in God’s hands. I remember very clearly the night I got on my knees beside the dining room table and opened up my hands before God. I’ve never struggled so much to unclench my fists.

That moment changed everything for me. I released my grasp on my husband’s life and told God that I would praise Him regardless of the outcome. I committed myself to praying for my husband and loving him for the rest of our lives, even if he never came to Christ. I could love my husband whole-heartedly without trying to manipulate him into salvation.

2. Don’t forget that God loves you and your children.

your husband’s salvation isn’t in your hands, your future (and your children’s future) isn’t in your husband’s hands. God holds the future, and He has a sovereign plan for your life and your children’s lives.

Just because your man doesn’t lead you spiritually, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow in your faith. And just because your husband doesn’t parent with instruction or morals found in the Bible, that doesn’t mean your children are doomed to destruction. Trust God to do His perfect work.

3. Don’t continually criticize and condemn.

If your husband isn’t a Christian, you can’t expect him to act one. He’s going to say and do things that aren’t glorifying to God. That’s just a fact.

While you may decide to occasionally speak up when a morally objectionable situation arises, you cannot and should not voice your opinion over every sin your husband displays. He’ll get pretty discouraged if he thinks you disapprove of his every word and deed.

4. Don’t give disapproving looks.

The same thing goes for “the look” you give your husband. Most of us women have a look that communicates our disapproval better than our words ever could.

You may choose to hold your tongue, but scowling at your husband or rolling your eyes at him when he does something sinful isn’t going to convict him of his sin or draw him to the Savior. You don’t want to communicate that your love for Jesus makes you look down your nose at everything he says or does.

5. Don’t be a manipulative “Holy Spirit.”

Having a “quiet” spirit does not mean giving your husband the cold shoulder every time he doesn’t walk according to Word of God. That’s not very “gentle.”

When your husband says he doesn’t want to go to church this week or he argues with you about a biblical topic, don’t pout or give the silent treatment in response. God has called you to be a wife in your husband’s life, not the Holy Spirit. Besides, the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, but he never lays a manipulative guilt trip on anyone.

6. Don’t paint a bad picture.

We also need to guard our tongue and attitude when we are talking about our husband to other people, even other Christians. Don’t use your small group’s prayer time to air your husband’s dirty laundry. Don’t tell all your friends about his every fault and spiritual shortcoming. Don’t tell your children about how sinful their daddy is (hey, we’re all sinners).

It is good to have one or two godly women who you can confide in and glean wisdom from. You may want to open up to them in private, knowing they’ll pray for you and encourage you in your difficult situation.

7. Don’t wish for a different spouse.

Your best friend’s husband isn’t a saint. Neither is your pastor, your small group leader, or that godly man you see at church every week. Every man (and woman, for that matter) is a sinner and has his faults.

Beware of letting your heart desire someone else as your husband and spiritual leader. Even if you don’t have “inappropriate” thoughts about him, just wishing you had a husband him can lead you to stray into dangerous territory. Don’t go there. Praise God for the man you are joined to, faults and all.

8. Don’t get caught up in “if only…”

“If only my husband was a Christian, we wouldn’t have these ridiculous arguments”…”If only my husband loved God, he would help me discipline the children more”…”If only my husband was saved, he wouldn’t be so selfish.”

The grace of God is not pixy dust. The moment of salvation does not magically turn anyone into the perfect husband, father, and all-around human being.

His salvation is not the answer to your every gripe and frustration.

Sanctification takes time, but even after a lifetime of walking with God, your husband still might leave his dirty socks on the floor and watch sports all weekend.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.

I have seen God directly answer my prayers in my husband’s life time and time again. One of the most loving things you can do for your husband is to pray for him. It’s no small thing.

After I gave up trying to be the Holy Spirit in my husband’s life, I adopted the motto, “Shut up and pray.” Instead of rushing to tell my husband what he was doing wrong, manipulate him into doing right, or talk his ear off about Jesus, I would lock my lips and pray until God was clearly opening the door for me.

Rest in Jesus

Dear friend, if you are married to an unbeliever, take heart! God loves you with a steadfast love. The God who parted the sea, closed the mouths of lions, and sacrificed His own Son for your sins has a plan for your life and your husband’s life.

Love your imperfect husband in the same way that God loves you as His imperfect child. God’s grace is sufficient for your every hope, need, and desire. He can soften the hardest heart and strengthen your weakest moments.

God rarely works in the timing we would , but He is always at work. Trust in Jesus and commit to praising God, regardless of how He works in your husband’s heart. God is good, and His mercies never come to an end.

Are you married to a non-Christian man? Do you find it challenging to have a “gentle and quiet spirit”? Is it hard to trust God with your husband’s salvation? Do you have a word of encouragement to share with other women in your same situation?

By the way, if you want to grow in praying for your marriage, take the 21-day Forever By Grace Prayer Challenge! Learn more here, or enter your email address below to get started and receive a free download of 52 Date Night Questions to ask on your next date or moment alone. Of course, don’t ask all 52 at once, but choose a few each time.

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Prayer for the child to sleep well: effectiveness and feedback

Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

Children are flowers of life, which are very vulnerable in ourworld. Each child for his mother is the meaning of being. So it turns out that even the most unbelieving parents remember about God and ask him for help if a child has a disaster. It is not always possible to resolve the situation, being even a person with money, connections or a great mind.

Sometimes there are some unforeseen cases that can be resolved only by relying on the Almighty. To them it is possible to carry and a bad dream of the child. This will be helped by prayer. To a child to sleep well, you need to regularly turn to God with requests for protection. This is how a person works, that he always hopes for the best.

You can pray at the crib after the baby is asleep, as well as under any circumstances.

The main value in the life of parents is their children,in particular, the health of toddlers. It is the most precious gift that we receive from the Lord. Sleep disturbance can cause poor health or illness.

In any case, mom and dad do not find their place if the child does not sleep well. There can be many reasons. For example, the baby was sick. In this situation, you should first contact your doctor immediately.

But in any case, prayer is needed.

That the child slept well

It happens that a little man is unreasonably illfalls asleep and his sleep is superficial and sensitive. Various grandmother-doctorate writes off this to the fact that the crucifix prevent the demons from sleeping. So it or not, but you can not ignore such a situation. Any parent wants to immediately help his child.

Here again, prayer comes to the rescue. To the child slept well at night and day, often mothers ask the Higher Forces for help. This is very correct, because the Lord will take the child under his protection and gives him a quiet rest.

Baby Baptism

This is the Great Sacrament of the Orthodox Churchopens for the believing person, as well as for the newborn, the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. In addition, during the ceremony, a personal Guardian Angel is given. It is he who will protect his master throughout his life. Parents need to know what prayer will help. That the child slept well, ask the Guardian Angel.

When there is a baptism, a person must renounce the life of the earth and reveal himself to the spiritual. During the sacrament, this is expressed through the threefold utterance of the negation of Satan out loud and the oath of devotion to Christ. Instead of babies these expressions are spoken by godparents.

Their main task is when children reach a certain age tell them about the essence of the Orthodox faith.

After the Sacrament of Baptism, when a man openedangels and turned to the heavenly world, he receives the church title. Usually babies are called in the name of a saint revered on this day.

As a result, the heavenly patron becomes another protector of the newborn and watches him from above. Another important moment for parents is who reads the prayer.

In order for a child to sleep well, one must also ask for the heavenly protector of his child.

So, after reading the prayers and dipping the babyin the font the priest puts on a cross. It depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is considered a symbol of protection. By the way, in non-Christian communities it is also regarded as a charm.

The pendant in the form of a cross protects any baptized person from evil and evil. In this case, requests to the Lord for the baby in the form of prayer will help. In order for a newborn baby to sleep well, (the text is presented below), one should read a prayer.

And not only in case of bad health, but also in different life situations.

Prayer Conspiracy

“Mother Mother Mary in the old Jerusalem was resting. She had a dream about Her beloved son Jesus Christ. They tortured the son of Jesus Christ, crucified on a cypress tree. Jesus Christ ascended to the Zion mountains. On the Zion mountains there is a dark stone. The Angel-Archangel sits, reads the angelic parables.

Do not cry, Mother Mother Mary, your dream will be written down in the lists and will be passed on to the myrrh-bearer. And myrrh-bearing wife will spread all over the world, all over the world. Everyone would know, everyone would see and three times say a day.

And he will be saved from all diseases, from all misfortunes, from the burning fire, from the forest of the errant, from the flood of the drowning. “

Reading for the children in the temple

As is known, after the Sacrament of Baptism forChristian begins to pray the church during the services. In order for the priest to read the names in Altar for the health of your child, you must submit a note in the church shop in advance. In the temples there are several kinds of requirements.

For example, the forty-hour is a petition that is performed for 40 consecutive days, when the church prays for the person mentioned in the note. This number is sacred in Orthodoxy. You can not order the tracks for unbaptized and unborn children.

In this case, there is a certain prayer that allows you to ask God outside the church.

Mom and Dad for help

So, the parents took the right step – christenedhis child. It is recommended to perform as early as possible on the 8th or 40th day after birth. After all, the best defense is the sacrament, during which the intercessors of the Lord are given. First of all, parents should remember that there is another prayer.

So that the baby sleeps well in bed, thisit is necessary to do regularly, overshadowing the baby with the sign of the cross.

In any case, the mother's prayer is the strongest and will always protect the child from negative essences, because the psyche of the little ones is still so weak.

Do not forget that the way of life of parents necessarily affects the state of the child, so few words. It is necessary to keep the commandments and lead a righteous image of being.

The reason for a child's bad sleep

In today's world, it is difficult to do without strongnerves. Therefore, if suddenly mom notices that everything is getting control, the child's problems also begin. The help of relatives, especially the husband, greatly influences the inner world of the woman. You can help in something around the house, be attentive to your wife, give a break from everything.

Reason in parents

Often little children have nightmares thatworry the child, frighten him. As a result, a little man wakes up dissatisfied, tired and often capricious. Orthodox prayers for sleeping here will help the child. Prayer, so that the child sleeps, it is best to save the baby from unwanted visions. For example, parents are encouraged to ask the Kazan Mother of God.

It brings comfort to the suffering, the joy of the mother and the state of peace for the child. I would to note that the most effective prayer that comes to God is from the heart. The Lord sees all the sincerity and purity of the mother, when she asks for her child, and always helps her.

Words can be invented on the go, as it sometimes happens that there is no prayer book at hand.

So, before praying for a baby, my motherit is necessary to repent before God. Asking him for forgiveness for wrongdoing, committed willingly or unwittingly.

The child's well-being depends directly on the state of his mother because of the mental connection. That is, if the parent prays from the heart, repents of his sins and promised to correct, then the petitions will be heard.

Moms and dads who love their children, try never to commit rash acts, thoughts and deeds.

Water Prayed in the Church

Excellent results are obtained by those mothers who do notonly sincerely pray and lead a righteous way of life, but also wash the children for the night with holy water. She is recommended to drink every morning on an empty stomach with prosphora.

All this can be taken in the nearest church. Such procedures help almost immediately. But if this also did not help, you need to light a candle, go 3 times to the right around the cradle. At this time, the prayer should be spoken.

To the child to sleep well, you need to read “Our Father”.

Children's petitions to God

In the process of growing up, when my mother and fatherfelt that their child is fully aware of all that is happening and understands what's what, it is necessary to slowly teach him to tell the Lord certain words of requests and thanks.

For example, after eating or before going to bed in an environmenticons to say in simple phrases about their gratitude to the Lord and to bow. Prayer that the child slept well at night, too, will help to tune in a calm mood and fall asleep.

In addition, you can teach children to ask for their loved ones, for their health and well-being. Always teach your child to overshadow himself with the sign of the cross before leaving home to protect himself from the bad.

You can also mentally cross the direction of the road, where you are going. Children are angels, from whom words reach God faster. You should tell a little person that prayer does not have to be learned by heart, you can speak with your simple expressions.

If the whole family will pray with the child every night, he will get used to this way of life from childhood. In addition, it unites the whole family.

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