Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

10 Funny Job Interview Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

Job interviews are some of the most stressful events in our lives.

We worry about having the perfect answers to the questions, being on time, having an impressive portfolio and looking the part to impress the hiring manager and bag ourselves that dream job.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, no matter how well you prepare, sometimes due to nature, nerves and plain stupidity, an interview can go mortifyingly wrong in a truly hilarious way.

A split seam and broken heel are one of the most common interview malfunctions, but these funny applicants take interview fails to the next level. Here we take at the 10 funniest stories circulating at the moment:

1. Gravity Takes the Lead

This candidate thought she had aced the interview. She spent 55 minutes firing answers back to their hard interview questions, and the pleased look on the interviewers face confirmed it.

She told the social talent that: “they wrapped it up and stood to shake my hand. As I went to stand up myself, I realised that I had sat for 55 minutes straight with my legs crossed, unmoved. Needless to say, I didn’t even make it into a standing position.

I crashed head-first into a filing cabinet, my legs still locked in a crossed position.”

2. Making a Sliding Entrance

Another applicant was interviewing at their dream school.

He made sure he arrived early, but as he pulled up it began to pour with rain and ended up being drenched from head to toe by the time he entered the building.

The deputy met him and the other candidates for a tour around the school. Just as the tour began he slid across the newly resurfaced floor in the main hall – landing on his hands and knees in a puddle.

3. Fainting Fail

Sarah Stevens was applying to be a developmental aide at a preschool for children with special needs. She was walking around the school with the hiring manager when she began to feel dizzy and hot. Seconds later, she was lying on one of the kid’s nap mats and was being offered a cup of orange juice.

Sarah said: “Incredibly enough, I got the job. When I later asked her why, when I had actually PASSED OUT mid-interview, she said that when I came to and got a little juice in me, I looked her dead in the face and said: “So tell me more about your program.

” She said that anyone who could keep their sh*t together after something that had what it took to work with special needs kids.”

4. The Strangest Interview

This job applicant heard back from a position she had applied for at a restaurant and was asked to pass by the following morning to see the manager.

To her surprise when she got there he wasn’t in so the lady at the front desk called him on his phone and he said that he had forgotten about the arrangements and for the candidate to go and meet him on the golf course that he was at. She thought it was strange but decided to go.

The day went from bad to worse as she couldn’t find him anywhere; when she eventually did she walked the course in her heels and answered some stupid interview questions while he continued to hit some balls.

She told the Muse that when she got home “there was a message waiting for me from his boss saying that I was not to accept any offers until he could speak to me in person. Now, I was totally baffled! A few days went by, and the big boss called again and wanted to speak with me. Turns out, the manager was a drunk, and they fired him. They then offered me his job. I did take the job and worked for them for a couple of years.”

5. Flying Low

This interviewee had applied for a senior level position at a reputable company and decided to put on his best suit. He went to the bathroom before the interview and managed to break his zip while he was pulling it up.

He began to panic looking for something to hold it closed but couldn’t find anything suitable. Having built up a big sweat, he had to walk into the interview room, red in the face, sweaty and with an open fly. He tried to hide it by folding his suit jacket over his arm, covering his crotch area.

After the worst wardrobe malfunction, he actually managed to bag himself the position.

6. Toilet Malfunctions  

Oversleeping for an early morning interview can result in this rather unfortunate situation that one interviewee landed herself in. Desperate to make it there on time, Diane Saddler dressed quickly and fled her house, arriving just in time to be ushered in.

On sitting down in front of the interviewers, she realised she was desperate for the toilet but was too embarrassed to excuse herself. “After all,” she says, “they would wonder why I hadn’t gone beforehand. It was about 15 minutes in when I felt something warm in my underwear and realised I was wetting myself,” Diane said.

“I couldn’t stop and when I looked down at the floor there was a massive puddle.”

7. Setting Alarm Bells Ringing

Some of us are clumsy at the best of times, but nerves tend to heighten it. This is why it’s important to pay close attention when you’re on company premises. Gemma Stevens certainly wished she’d been more attentive at one of her interviews. She tripped coming the lift where she was having the interview and hit the fire alarm, which set it off.

She told Total Jobs that “the problem was there was no one around, so everyone thought there was a real fire. I was far too embarrassed to tell anyone it was my fault, thinking it would certainly jeopardise my chances of getting the job.

” After the interview that had gone wrong, she actually got offered the job but didn’t have the heart to reveal the truth to her employer.

8. Interviewer Down

It’s not just the interviewee who can embarrass themselves. During Diane Duthweiler’s interview, the hiring manager was leaning back in his chair when it tipped over.

Mortified, she tried to help him up, but it was clear he was stuck and wouldn’t budge. She stepped outside to get help, where all the employees were laughing and asking what happened.

Eventually, her interviewer freed himself and continued the interview (presumably in shame!).

9. Making a Not-So-Graceful Exit

Another applicant had aced the interview by giving perfect answers and oozing just the right amount of confidence. She shook the hands of the interviewing panel while making effective eye contact, stood up and turned to walk out – straight through the glass door, shattering it into tiny pieces. That’s one way to make an exit!

10. The Early Bird

This early bird didn’t catch the worm first when he arrived at his interview a day early.

Dave Bradshaw thought he was 20 minutes late for an interview; he rushed up the stairs and apologized profusely only to receive a blank stare from the receptionist who advised that the interviewer wasn’t available. This dumb mistake cost him the job as it showed terrible organisation and attention to detail skills.

Have you had any interview disasters that are worse than these? If so let us know in the comment section below and tell us how you overcome the mortifying experience…

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30 Useful Sentences for a Job Interview in English

Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

One of the most critical moments in anyone’s career is when they have to face a job interview. It can be especially challenging if you have a job interview in English and you haven’t practiced English so much lately.

Yet, there’s no reason to be nervous. The key to succeed in a job interview in English is the same one you should have in mind when you have a job interview in your mother tongue: you have to come prepared and trust yourself. Otherwise, the interviewers will notice your lack of confidence and you’ll look unprofessional.

But don’t worry! There are always a couple of things you can do if you want to be prepared for every question and scenario your interviewers bring to the table. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most useful sentences you should keep in mind for your interview in English!

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Key Sentences to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview in English

First impressions are always very important, and for a job interview it’s not different! These are differents sentences you can use to introduce yourself at a job interview in English:

      1. Good morning/afternoon. My name is ______ and I want to thank you for this opportunity.
      2. Hello! My name is _______ and it’s a pleasure for me to be here.
      3. Good morning/afternoon. I’m _______ and I want to thank you for taking me into consideration for this position.
      4. Hello! My name is _______ and I’m glad you called me because I really want to work for this company.
      5. Hi! My name is ________ and I’m here because I think I have the profile you’re looking for.
      6. Hello! My name is _______ and first of all I want to congratulate you for making this company capable of offering a top quality service!

If you want to say something positive about the company or about the position you’ve applied for then this is the perfect time.

Asking Someone to Repeat a Question

One of the most disturbing moments you can go through is if you didn’t understand a question. Don’t feel bad, it’s natural and legitimate to ask for a question to be repeated.
If you didn’t get the question at first, you shouldn’t be afraid to use one of these sentences for a job interview in English to ask someone to repeat it:

      7. I’m sorry. Would you please repeat the question?
      8. Excuse me, I didn’t hear you. Can you please say that again?
      9. Would you please say that again?
      10. Could you please repeat the question and speak a little bit harder?
      11. Sorry, I didn’t understand you. Could you please say that again?
      12. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear the last part. Can you repeat it, please?

Any of these sentences will help you get back on track and continue with the interview while displaying great communication skills and formality.

Emphasizing Your Strengths

Sometimes you may want to highlight some of the features you think make you perfect for the position you’re being interviewed for. Use these sentences for a job interview in English when you want to put emphasis on one of your strengths:

      13. I think I’m the right choice for this job because I know how to…
      14. My (mention a set of skills relevant for the job) will allow me to do this easily.
      15. I’m very good at ________ and that’s why I think I’ll be able to handle this position. (Fill the blank space with the one you consider is your best strength.)
      16. I’d love to work here because I _______.
      17. I think my ________, my _________ and my __________ make me perfect for this job.
      18. I can say my top 3 skills are: ________, _________ and _________.

Try to mention more than one strength you find relevant for the position you applied to. You should also always justify your strengths with an example from your professional experience to show that your strengths are real.

Thanking the Interviewer at the End of the Interview in English

You have to finish your interview as neat as you started it. Don’t let the interviewer/s leave with a bittersweet taste and thank them before the interview is over. These are some sentences for job interviews in English that can help you thanking them:

      19. Thank you very much for your time. I’ll be waiting for your call!
      20. I want you to know that I’m very thankful for this.
      21. Before I leave I want to thank you for the opportunity. I hope we see each other again soon!
      22. I wanted to thank you before I leave. I hope I have the profile you’re looking for.
      23. It was a pleasure meeting you and then again I want to thank you for having me here!
      24. I want to thank you one last time and I’ll be expecting your call!

Using these sentences you will end up the interview in a high and leave an excellent and professional memory in your interviewer’s mind.
Some other sentences for a job interview in English you can find useful are:

      25. I’ve been looking for this position for a long time.
      26. I love the idea of working here because I enjoy _______.
      27. This is what I always wanted to do and I know I can do it very well.
      28. I’m glad I was recommended by _______ for this position!
      29. I’m glad I saw this job post because I’m very excited about the idea of working for this company.
      30. You can expect nothing but proficiency and excellent results if you hire me.

Practice these sentences for your next job interview in English and you’ll be able to walk the building knowing you did well.

You are not alone to prepare for your job interview in English

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The best things you can say in a job interview

Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

Prepare what you want to say in your job interview.

Sweaty palms. Nervous laughter. Fidgeting. Welcome to the job interview! Unless you’re made of titanium, the question-and-answer process is ly to rattle your nerves no matter how many years you’ve been working a job.

Thing is, the key to acing your next job interview is pretty simple: Say the things that hiring managers want to hear.

That’s not meant to be a joke! The core goal of every job interview is to impressing a hiring manager.

Granted, all jobs demand different skills, but there are a few universal phrases that will go over well no matter what industry you’re in or what position you’re interviewing for.

Check out these phrases and buzzwords that will delight every hiring manager, and learn how and when to incorporate them into your interview answers.

“I was so excited when I learned this position was open.”

If you’re just “meh” about a job or a company, chances are you won’t make a lasting impression on an interviewer. To persuade an employer that you’re the best person for the job, you have to show enthusiasm, says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster. That means expressing upfront that you’re stoked about the position and the company.

Kelly Marinelli, president and principal consultant at Solve HR, Inc., recommends coupling this statement with something specific about the position: “I love creating content for clients in this space, and I’d love to do it here with this team.” There’s no shame in being blunt.

“This job aligns well with my experience and qualifications, and here’s why.”

One of a hiring manager’s goals is to find someone who can move somewhat seamlessly into the position. That means you’re well versed in the nuts and bolts of the job requirements and have the skills to execute.

“A job interview is an extension of your cover letter,” explains Salemi. “It gives you the opportunity to explain, in detail, why someone should hire you.”

Hence, it’s important to have anecdotes prepared that demonstrate your expertise. Choose stories that highlight your best strengths and core skills.

For example, “I see that the job requires someone who thoroughly knows how to use XYZ software; I relied on XYZ software in my past two jobs, which helped me cut delivery time by 10%, so I’m very comfortable with it.

I even trained new employees in how to use the program, which is something I could do for you here.”

By telling such stories, you’ll be helping to explain what contributions you can make to the company and how you produce measurable results.

“I read about that project on your website.”

An informed, knowledgeable candidate is a powerful candidate. “Any time you can demonstrate you’ve done your homework is a way you set yourself apart,” says Marinelli.

So, do a little detective work before you interview by reading not only the company’s website but also its social media, business reports, and press releases—and look at recent news stories about the company for timely insight into the company’s agenda.

“Let me tell you about a time that I solved a problem that.”

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook 2018 survey, problem solving is one of the soft skills new college graduates lack the most. But there’s a big difference between saying “I’m a problem solver” and actually showing how you’re one.

Your best approach, says Marinelli, is to read up on the company (again, check out news articles, press releases, social media pages, etc.) ahead of your interview to learn what challenges the company is facing, and explain how you’ve solved similar problems in the past.

For example: “I read on your website you’re preparing to launch a new product in the fall, but not many blogs or media outlets seem to be talking about it. I worked on launching a product at my old job, and was very involved in developing the press releases and securing media coverage for it. I’d love to share what I learned with your team and help your new product get more exposure.”

Keywords from the job description

Want to show a hiring manager you fit in with their company? Speak their language—almost literally—advises Salemi. Job postings don’t just outline what the requirements are for a position—they provide you with buzzwords that you can use during a job interview to make you a more appealing candidate.

For instance, if a job position uses the phrase “multichannel marketing initiatives,” reuse that phrase in one of your answers: “I know that problem solving is one of the crucial skills for this position. At my last job, I was working on developing multichannel marketing initiatives and relied on my problem solving daily. Let me give you a few examples.”

“Can you clarify?”

If all you’re doing is rattling off answers, an interviewer might feel you’re not really listening to them and are just waiting for your next opportunity to talk. By asking simple follow-up questions during an interview, you show you’re fully engaged in the conversation, says Lynda Zugec, managing director at HR consulting firm The Workforce Consultants.

For instance, asking for clarification demonstrates that you care about really understanding what the other person is saying. You let them know they’re not wasting their time with you.

The interviewer’s name

One way to forge a human connection with a hiring manager is to casually use the person’s name two or three times during the interview. It sounds simple, but it works.

“Job interviews are very much about intuition and chemistry,” says Lynda Spiegel, resume writer and job search coach at Rising Star Resumes. “Saying the interviewer’s name can help you cement a relationship.”

Give smart answers

You always want to choose your words carefully during a job interview because it’s your prime opportunity to make a great impression on hiring managers. Want some help crafting compelling answers to their questions? Join Monster today.

As a member, you’ll get interview insights, career advice, and job search tips sent directly to your inbox to help you become a top-shelf candidate.

It’s not recommended to go in blind on questions , “Can you tell us about yourself?” or, “Why do you want to leave your current job?” But with Monster’s expert help, you’ll know just what to say.

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13 Powerful Prayers for Job Interview Success

Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

Finding the right success in your job interview takes having the right skills and confidence to fit the part. These powerful prayers for job interview success will get you in the right mindset to be successful.

Prayer #1

Loving Father I have been called to a job interview and I ask that You guide me in this important appointment.

I pray Lord that You will help my mind to be clear and give me wisdom as I make the necessary preparations and ask that You would remain with me – for in You is my trust.

Fill me with Your peace, remain in my heart throughout the whole process, I pray that I may find grace in the eyes of the interviewing team – and to You be all the praise and glory.


Prayer #2

I will not be afraid what man can to me, Lord. I will sing your praise coming and going. I walk in your power, and have favor in the sight of you and man.

Prayer #3

Thank you, God, that you have been with me today in this interview. I offer you all I have spoken and the answers I have given in front of these people. May all the good and wise things I have said resound in their minds and hearts. Come bless them as they seek to judge wisely who they should employ. Amen.

Prayer #4

Father God,

As I go to this interview please calm my nerves. Come fill my heart with such love that my insecurities flee away. Remind me to breathe, and to engage with each question. Lord, come and open this door of opportunity for me, and allow my enthusiasm to shine through.

May I walk into this interview in your strength and grace.


Prayer #5

Dear Lord,

Help me to give of my best today in this interview. Wrap me in your loving arms when I feel insecure. Hold me in your steady embrace when I feel nervous. Help me to understand the questions I am asked,

And answer in a honest and inspired way.

In the interview, I pray you would show me if this is the right job for me. I am your servant and I seek to do your will on this earth.

Lead me in your paths and guide me into all truth.

I ask all this in the beautiful name of Jesus
My Saviour and friend.


Prayer #6

Dear Lord, Help me I pray to be composed and calm as I go into the interview room. Keep my mind clear and my heart at peace as I face this challenge – and help me to answer the questions clearly and without hesitating or fumbling over my words.

Lord You know that I am quite nervous about this interview as I really hope I will be appointed, but I ask that I may rest my soul in You, for You are my strength and my sufficiency.

Thank You that You are interested in every area of our lives, and I pray that You will be with me through out this interview.

Prayer #7

Dear Lord,

Thank you for helping me in the interview. I choose to give you any worries or mistakes that I may have made, and to rest in your love. Lord, if this is your will, please secure this job for me. Come fill any areas of uncertainty with your spirit of gentleness and hope. Quiet my heart now, and help me to trust in you.


Prayer #8

Dear Father,

Thank you for the wonderful skills and gifts you’ve so freely given me. I surrender all I am to You. Come guide my path as I look for new work. May I always serve You and otehrs in the new adventures that await me.


Prayer #9

Father lord, I come to you this morning through Jesus Christ, father help me to get through this job as I am attending the interview today, father be one who will answer all question be the light and shine upon the interviewer, father bless me with this job and guide me all the way in Jesus name.

Prayer #10

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for you always hear me and you will never fail me. I put my faith in you as I await the results of my job interview. I know you will make a way for me and let me find favor in the eyes of the interviewers, OH Lord. I really want this job so that I can give my family a better life.

Your word says those who believe will not be put to shame,I believe in you.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #11

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I humbly ask to make this job interview successful as my lord 10 years have gone without a job and I know u have a plan for me as u have taken care for me.

I pray for me I am looking for a job. I’ve been trying to get a job for the past few months. Its hard for me. Please lord let me get this job. In the name of the Father the son and the holy Spirit.

Thank you for this opportunity for this interview, Amen

Prayer #12

Dear Lord, Thank You for the opportunity for this interview.

Lord I want Your will to be done in my life, so I want Your will to be done in this interview. If this is the right job for me Lord, I pray that the post will be offered to me but if this is not for me the Lord I ask that You close the door – for I do not what to be outside of Your perfect will for my life.

Help me to prepare myself to be the best that I can be for this interview – and thank You that no matter what the outcome –I may rest in the knowledge that I remain in the centre of Your will for my life.

Thank You Lord –


Prayer #13

Dear Father,

Thank you that you are with me and I am safe in you. I place this job interview into your wise hands. Help me to walk without fear into this challenge, Lord, may my skills, attitude and enthusiasm shine out. I ask for the presence of your Spirit in the interview room, Come guide and direct my paths, my words and my answers.

Thank you that you are with me always.


Having the right passion in your life and your profession will ensure you find success in every part of your life.

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