Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Dad Birthday Poems To Make His Day Special

Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Here you'll find dad birthday poems, messages and verse. This dad birthday poetry is perfect for a card.

Top-Notch FatherNot many can have a fatherWho’s half as great as you.Others might try, but they fall shyYou’re a top-notch father, it’s true.So that’s why on your birthday,I want to make sure you know,I admire you sincerely and love you dearly,And those feelings continue to grow.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

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This dad birthday poem is filled with admiration for dad, in a light way. 

You Da Man!

Ever since my life began,

I realized that “You da man!”
I saw your wisdom, your courage too,
And I learned I could rely on you.

Your tolerant nature was really great;

Nevertheless, you'd not hesitate
To let me know when I'd been bad;
It must have been hard, but that's being a dad.

You're strong and smart and filled with love–

A gift to me from up above,
So here's a greeting from your biggest fan:
Happy Birthday, Dad, 'cause “You da man!”

By Karl Fuchs

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This dad birthday poem in free verse is sure to touch his heart. It’s a Happy Birthday Dad poem to remind Dad how much you appreciate him.

Good ManDad,Every year, your birthday reminds mehow grateful I am that you are my father.With all that’s going on in the world today,I’m thankful I get to watch you,to look up to you, being an example of a good man.

What a privilege it is to observe your strength,your competence, and your kindness.I am so blessed to be under your wing,your protection, your care,learning important life lessons from you.If all fathers were you,the world would be a very differentand much better place.

Happy Birthday, Dad,from your admiring son/daughter.

By Joanna Fuchs

Birthday poems for fathers can extol their good qualities as this dad birthday poem does. It's a Happy Birthday Dad poem that lets Dad know how much he is valued.

We Celebrate Your LifeOf all the men in the whole wide world,Whose praises are sung out loud,There is no man whom I respect more,Or of whom I am more proud.

Throughout the years, you’ve worked so hardTo provide us a happy life;You’ve been there to help and give advice,And you did it all without strife.

That is why on this day each year,I pray all your wishes come true;Today we celebrate your life,So Dad, Happy Birthday to you.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

More Dad Birthday Poems

Birthday poems for father should make him feel special, cared for and loved. This dad birthday message does that.

Dad birthday poems can combine a serious message with a light punch line, this father birthday poem does.

Real FatherSome fathers are just father figures;A real father is still very rare;That’s why I value so highlyThe father/son/daughter bond that we share.I’m blessed to have a real father,Who displays his love with such ease,And that’s why I say on your birthday,I love you more than a mouse loves its cheese!

By Karl Fuchs

Dad birthday poems are almost always positive and uplifting. This father birthday poem describes an ideal dad.

Best DadHappy birthday to the best dad I know,A father I love and respect,A dad who fulfills all his dutiesTo teach, to guide, to protect.If everyone had such a father,A really good dad mine,The world would be so much better,It would look God’s own design.

By Joanna Fuchs

This free verse dad birthday poem acknowledges the hard work fathers do because they love and care for their families

Birthday Refuge

Dear Dad, on your birthday,I am thinking ofall the joyous family birthdaysyou made possiblewith your hard work.You created a havenof peaceful securitythat allowed the rest of us

to have safe and happy lives.

Dad, the birthday gifts we give youcould never repay youfor the refuge you builtand all the happinessyou created for us.We benefit every dayfrom what you accomplished,

and we are so very grateful.

Know that our love for you
Is boundless and indescribably deep.

Happy birthday, Dad.

By Joanna Fuchs

This dad birthday poem describes a father who is loved and admired.

Special RapportDear Dad, it's your birthday,And I want you to know,You're with me in spiritWherever I go.You're an exceptional man,So strong and so wise;You're the perfect role modelFor a dad, in my eyes.So Dad, happy birthday;May there be many more,So we can enjoyOur very special rapport.

By Joanna Fuchs

This dad birthday poem can be from either a man or a woman, by selecting one of the two options offered in parentheses.

To My Father, On His BirthdayDad, I cherish your birthday,because when you were born,I got a role modelto show me how a man should be.Especially on your birthday,I compare (myself/other men) to you.I (aspire to/look for) your strengthin making hard decisionsthat can’t be avoided.

I appreciate your good character,your respect for others,your willingnessto lend a helping handeven if it’s incovenient for you.On your birthday,I’m so very grateful for your love,a fatherly love that gives mepurpose and directionas well as peaceful inner security.Dad, on your birthday, let me just say…

there are no words to expresshow grateful I am that you were bornand that you are my dad.

By Joanna Fuchs

I wrote this dad birthday poem for my dad's ninetieth birthday, but you can make it your own for any milestone birthday, such as fifty, sixty, sixty-five, and so on.

Substitute the correct number of years for “ninety.” Divide the number of years into nine sections.

So if it's for a 60th birthday, each of the eight stanzas have “Seven cheers” = 56, plus “Four cheers” for the last stanza = sixty.

Milestone BirthdayI'm glad I got to keep you as my dadFor all these days and months and ninety years.

You've been a special father all that time,And now it's time to give you ninety cheers!Ten cheers for loving me no matter what;Ten cheers to you for making me behave;Ten cheers for always being proud of me;Ten cheers for the encouragement you gave.

Ten cheers for all the fun things that we did;Ten cheers for always coming home at night,Ten cheers for teaching me so many things;Ten cheers for making childhood a delight.And now this birthday poem is almost through,So ten cheers, Dad, just for being you!

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's a birthday poem that's a birthday prayer for your father. It could be used in a card or be read aloud.

A Birthday Prayer for DadDad, I'm praying a birthday prayer for you,Peace and happiness in all you do.

Lord, my father gave his all for me,I pray You'll hear my extra special plea:Keep him safe so he can still be near;Lord, my father is so very dear.Role model, an extraordinary man,He's my dad and I'm his biggest fan.

Dad, I'm praying to the Lord for youThat He will give you all the good you're due.

By Joanna Fuchs

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6 Great Birthday Prayers

Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Birthdays are some of the best times of the year, especially if you have kids! I love watching my children smile and laugh on their birthdays as they open each present they receive. Birthdays can also be times of sorrow as we remember loved ones who have passed away.

Birthdays do bring a mixed range of emotions for sure. You may have loved ones that have moved away that you will not be with on yours/their birthdays. You may have family that has purposely cut you their life, which makes birthdays even harder.

Whatever your case may be, always remember that God absolutely loves you! Here are 6 prayers for different birthday occasions.


Dear Jesus,

There aren’t words enough to express how happy I am today! It is December 25th! Happy birthday Jesus! You are my Rock, my Savior, my Salvation, my Friend, my Advocate, my Redeemer, and the Lover of my soul! You are my EVERYTHING! This is the 2nd best day of the year, next to Easter when You arose from the grave as a victor over hell to save me! Oh, Jesus, thank You! Thank You! You willingly left Heaven to be born of a virgin, Mary. Thank you for such bravery and courage! You already knew the outcome of your life as a human and you came anyway! I love You, Jesus! Happy birthday to You, my Savior! Amen

My Spouse

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for my spouse! You have blessed me so much! I pray that my husband/wife has an amazing birthday today. Lord, may all of the things I have planned to show him/her how much I love them work out okay. I would not be me today if my spouse wasn’t in my life. Thank you for my husband/wife! I am truly blessed! I love You, Lord! Amen

I Miss You

O Lord,

I miss my son! He has left us and cast us his life. I miss my boy! I love him dearly, Lord. Today is his birthday and I have no way to reach him. I don’t know where he lives or what his cell phone number is. Father, I am grieving inside for my son.

I pray that his day is wonderful today and that someone who loves him will honor him this day. Father, more than anything, I pray that You bring him home! Not to my home, but Your home, Your kingdom. I would love to see my son again, Lord, but if that never happens, please watch over him.

May his birthday be wonderful today. I love You, Father! Amen

Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Heavenly Father,

My dad is with you in Heaven and today is his birthday. I miss him dearly, and yet I wonder what his day must be in Heaven today. He has already received the best gift of his life, walking with Jesus in Heaven.

To be with Jesus is the ultimate present and I am so thankful that my dad is with Jesus! I don’t think that he remembers his own earthly birthday, but I do celebrate it today. He was a wonderful, God-fearing, loving man. He worked hard to support us growing up. He made time for me every single day.

He raised me in church and showed me how to be a real man/woman of God. I thank you for the life I had with him here and I look forward to life eternal in Heaven where I will see him again! I love You, Father! Amen

My Children

My Precious Redeemer,

Thank You for blessing me with my children! Today is my daughter’s birthday. She is turning 8 and she still wants to snuggle up to a movie with me! Thank you for her, Father! I pray that she knows just how much she is loved today.

I pray that she sees her family surrounding her in love and excitement! She is a beautiful girl and even though she has me wrapped around her finger, You are slowly wrapping her around Yours! Draw her closer to You every day, Father! I love You, Lord! Amen

Across The Miles


I am so thankful for my brother/sister! I have so many wonderful memories of them growing up. Because of distance I can’t wish him/her a “Happy Birthday” in person. Lord, may it be that when I call them on the phone that we can have a really wonderful conversation. I pray for Your blessings on them today! I love You! Amen


I hope you have enjoyed these 6 prayers. Whatever your situation is, God is with you. May you be faithful to Him always as you live a life worthy of the calling!

7 Prayers for my Family

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Grateful to God for Making You my Dad | Birthday Prayers for my Father

Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Last modified: March 2, 2019

A father who will always stand by you is a truly important support in one’s life. That’s why, when it’s his special day, you want to find a way to express your gratitude through a birthday message.

Our collection of original birthday prayers for your dad will help you tell him how blessed you feel for having him. Receiving a prayer from you can really be one of the warmest gifts he will get on his birthday.

Thanking God for a good Father

  • I wake up each day, able to face the world with the love in which you nurtured me. I am grateful to God for His wisdom in assigning you as my earthly father. Happy birthday, beloved father.
  • Dad, you are such a great father. On this day, as we celebrate you, I seize the opportunity to say thank you to God the almighty for blessing me with you. May God’s grace continue to guide you in light and health. May He turn his ears toward you and grant all your heart’s desires. Happy birthday.

Dad, you are such a great father. On this day, as we celebrate you, I seize the opportunity to say thank you to God the almighty for blessing me with you. May God’s grace continue to guide you in light and health.

May He turn his ears toward you and grant all your heart’s desires. Happy Birthday.

  • Today, I am able to send out love because you gave me firsthand experience on how love should be and what it should mean. You are my first hero, my champion, my role model and my everything. Today, I want to thank God from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with a father that is as wonderful as you. May you never see sadness in your life. May you live a long, healthy, prosperous and happy life. Happy birthday, dear father.
  • How can I forget the love and affection you constantly dish out to me without condition? You are always ready to sacrifice your happiness just to make sure that a smile brightens my face. I will forever be grateful to the Almighty God for making you my dad. May all the days of your life be as beautiful as a combination of the sun and rainbow. May happiness and joy forever reign in your heart of gold.
  • I have been blessed with so many things in this life, but none of my blessings can be compared to the blessing of having you as my father. I can never stop thanking God for your presence in my life. You gave me everything I ever needed in life and formed me into the man/woman that I am today. May God never stop pouring His amazing love, kindness and blessings on you. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • When God made you my father, He blessed me much more than I deserved. I shall therefore be forever grateful to the Almighty.To me, you will always be the greatest father this world will ever see. So on this day, as I celebrate you, this heart of mine has nothing but immense gratitude to God for having blessed me with the best father ever. I wish you a very happy birthday, Dad, and I pray to God for yet more fruitful and happy years to spend with you.

Blessings on your Birthday.

  • On your Big Day, dear Dad, I just wanted to let you know that you have no rival. I assure you that all the love you gave was felt and still is. Not a drop was wasted. I will continue thanking God for your life until the end of time. Happy birthday.If one ever had a reason to be grateful to God for a good father, that person is me. I am truly blessed because of you, Dad. May you age in grace and wisdom and may the goodness of the Lord be with you all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

Asking God for Help

  • These are trying times for you, Dad. I can feel your pain and I empathize with you. However, I take courage in the fact that if anybody can stand this predicament, only one person is up to the mark, and that is you, my dear father. You have always been the epitome of strength and I have never known you to lose any challenge life threw at you. Your phenomenal strength, coupled with the prayers I constantly say for you, I am confident that you will triumph over this sickness and be happy again. On your birthday, may God never abandon you. May He restore your health and free you from your burdens.
  • I know that God answers all prayers, so today, Dad, in your time of need, I ask God to bless you and take away all the financial burdens that you are currently facing. Don’t give up the fight please. I know that if God has brought you to this, He will surely see you through it.

I know that God answers all prayers, so today, I ask God to bless you and take away all the burdens that you are facing. Don’t give up the fight, please. I know that if God has brought you to this, He will surely see you through it. Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • From this day onwards, I pray that you begin to receive your financial breakthrough, Dad. You are such a wonderful man and you deserve nothing but happiness in life. May God open all the doors of prosperity and fortune that have been shut before you. Happy birthday.
  • I pray for God to be with you every moment and every second of this financial crisis you are facing. May He give you the strength to carry on courageously, so you can emerge victoriously at the end of the day. I am confident that as I pray for your financial breakthrough today, the good Lord is already answering. Happy birthday, dad.
  • Dad, as you celebrate your birthday today, I thank God for your life and pray that he will rescue from this disease and fill your body with strength and your heart with happiness. Happy birthday.
  • I pray the almighty God intervene and give you the courage to stand. I pray for soothing and healing from God for you. I ask His loving kindness to overshadow you and His healing mercies to fall on you and heal you completely. May you receive your healing and happiness today, Dad. Happy birthday.
  • Sending healing prayers your way, Dad. I pray that God, who is the greatest healer, will cast out every sickness from your body with His mighty and powerful hands. May your healing be permanent.
  • Dad, I know that you are going through difficult times, but please remain still and know that God is in control. I pray that God will bless you with wealth and prosperity. I won’t stop praying until you have received your financial miracles. And I am confident you’ll receive them soon. Happy birthday.
  • To my wonderful father, I pray that God will place His healing hands on you and drive away any sickness and pain from your body so that you can be as fit as a fiddle in the twinkle of an eye. This, I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

God bless you, Dad! Happy Birthday. You are always ready to sacrifice your happiness just to put a smile on my face. May happiness and joy forever reign in your heart of gold.

Asking for Inner Peace and Happiness for Father

  • My dear father, I commend you to Almighty God. May He let his light shine upon you. May He grant you joy and peace as that of a tranquil river. And may this peace and joy follow you until the end of time. Happy birthday.
  • May you never feel discouraged or empty in life. May you enjoy a wonderful life filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet father.
  • May the goodness of the good Lord rest upon you and may He constantly turn evil away from your door. the fresh and gentle dew of the morning, may God shower you with love and peace that you may know no trouble in life. May He bless you with everlasting happiness. Happy birthday, dad.
  • May all the days of your life be accompanied with happiness, serenity and tranquility. May the peace of God be upon you now and ever more. God bless you.
  • Dad, you are the most loving and caring person I have ever known, and I am so proud and blessed to be your son/daughter. May God bless you with happiness, contentment, prosperity, peace and abundance on your birthday and always. Have a joyful day, Dad.
  • As you continue in your steady progress through life, may the Almighty instruct his angels to constantly watch over you. Let God stretch forth His hands and encompass you in true happiness and serenity all the days of your life. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, may peace always be your lot. May your heart never long for happiness.May your lips always have a reason to smile, and may your heart always have a reason to overflow with happiness. God bless you, Dad.
  • The most precious things in life are inner peace and happiness, and these are the things that I pray for you as you celebrate your birthday, dear father. Have a beautiful day.

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Thanking God for protecting Father’s Life

  • Dad, the 86,400 seconds that God has blessed me with today, I just one to use one to thank Him from the bottom of my heart for protecting you and keeping you healthy and strong. Happy birthday, dear Dad.
  • Dearest father, this very dayhap has come as most do with warm memories of you. Every time I place my knees on the floor to say a prayer, I do not fail to thank the good Lord for giving me the greatest gift in my life, you. Today, more than ever, I wish to remember you again before the ever benevolent Creator. I extend my gratitude to God for covering and shielding you. I thank God for your life, and I pray that He will never stop blessing you.
  • As you mark this new chapter in your life, I want to use the opportunity to thank God for always being with you and keeping you safe from the eyes and plans of the wicked. May God continue to be with you until the end of time. Happy birthday.
  • I thank God and His angels for protecting you and keeping you safe and healthy. May God keep on commanding His amazing angels to protect you wherever you may go. Happy birthday.
  • Dad, as you turn a new age today, I thank the Almighty for your life, and I thank Him for constantly keeping close watch over you and protecting you from the hands of your enemies. Be forever blessed, Dad. Happy birthday.
  • Today, I acknowledge the goodness of the almighty God for his gift of life to you and ask that His favor upon you will not grant just long life to you but health and happiness too.
  • Dad, your life is so precious to me. It is the most priceless gift in my life, and that is why on your Big Day, all I want to do is thank God for your life. May God continue to bless and protect you every blessed day of your life. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Dad, in addition to celebrating you today, I also want to thank God for always being with you and protecting you. May you continue to receive God’s divine protection, guidance and love all the days of your life. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, Dad! On your Big Day, I wanted to tell you that all the love you gave us was felt and still is. I will never stop thanking God for you.

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Top Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Prayers for a Wonderful Dad

Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Fathers are the best. They work so hard but are appreciated the least.

Whatever you call him, father, dad, papa, pop, there’s no better time to let him know how loved and special he is than on his birthday.

However, finding the right words to convey your thoughts can be a challenge and that is why we have compiled a list of the best Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Prayers for a Wonderful Dad.

On your father’s special day, we don’t want you tongue tied or unable to express how you feel for him. Below you’ll find the most Amazing Birthday Wishes for my Dad, Birthday Messages for my Father, Words to Appreciate my Father on His Birthday, Happy Birthday Prayers for my Dad, Wonderful Thoughts for my Father on His Birthday, Heartfelt wishes for my Dad on His Birthday and more.

Pick your choice from our beautiful variety. Enjoy!

Words to Appreciate my Father on His Birthday

  • You’re amazing dad. The best anyone could ask for. You’ve been a wonderful provider and I appreciate every bit of hardwork you put in to make all our lives better. Here’s letting you know I’ll love you always. Happy birthday dad.
  • I’d take this moment out to celebrate the special person that you are. I deeply appreciate the years of learning I had at your feet. I’m the person I am today because I had a great father in you. Happy birthday dad.
  • When I say I have the best dad in the world, I mean it with every fibre in me. A child couldn’t ask for a better father and if I had to choose, I’d choose you over again. Happy birthday dad.
  • I never appreciated your efforts until I became a parent myself. Now I know how much hardwork and sacrifice you put into raising me. I appreciate better the selfless love of a parent. I love you dad and I’ll always do. Happy birthday.
  • I see all you do dad. Even if I don’t act it most times, I appreciate every single one of your tireless efforts to make me become a person of my own. Thank you dad. I promise to make you proud always. Happy birthday.
  • The tears you shed when you think I’m not looking, your last dime spent to make sure I’m comfortable, the hours spent on your knees praying for us all, your timeless, treasured counsel…you are amazing daddy. A quintessential father. I thank you for everything and today I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • You’re my superman dad. My run to, my never failing role model. I’ve looked up to you for as long as I can remember and you’ve never disappointed me. Here’s sending you my best wishes on your special day. Happy birthday dad.
  • Thank you papa for painting the world beautifully for me. Thank you for equipping me to face life and its challenges. Thank you for being my legs when I couldn’t walk. Thank you for the wonderful choices you made on my behalf when I couldn’t tell my right from wrong. Thank you for continuing to guide me even when I resist you. I don’t take your love for granted papa. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.
  • I won’t let this special day go without appreciating the rock that you are. I don’t know how my life would have turned out without you by my side every step of the way. Thank you dad. Happy birthday to you.

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  • Thank you for always being there when it mattered. Thank you for never sparing the rod. You are a perfect example I always look up to. I admire you dad and I love you too. Happy birthday.

           Heartfelt birthday wishes for my Dad

  • It’s your birthday today dad. If I gave you the world, it wouldn’t be enough. There’s nothing I could ever do to repay all your selfless love and sacrifice. Here’s wishing that you enjoy length of days in joy, peace and love. Have a very happy birthday.
  • You deserve nothing but the best on your special day and always dad. Here’s wishing that you remaining days which I pray will be long, are spent in good health, happiness and peace. I love you dad. Happy birthday.
  • I’m so proud you’re my father dad. You never cease to do great things and you never cease to be amazing. May you never tire daddy and may old age be kind to you. Happy birthday to the best daddy in the world.
  • Dad, in my heart, your name is cast in gold. You hold a very special place within me, a place no one else can take. You have laboured so hard and on your special day, my only wish is that you enjoy the fruits of your labour in good health and peace. Happy birthday.
  • Yours is a big shoe I’m trying hard to fit in. You have set a record of excellence and I’m hoping I’ll one day surpass it. Whatever happens dad, I promise I’ll make you proud. May you live long to see me bring you joy. Happy birthday dad.
  • Seems yesterday when I used to sit learning at your feet. I miss those days dad but I hold the memories in a special place in my heart. I’m hoping I’d turn out to be as great at parenting as you are. Happy birthday super dad.
  • Dear dad, you may not be perfect but you are the best. Here’s wishing you all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday.

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  • Whoever says his/her dad is the best has not met you. There’s no competition , you’re the best dad in the world and I love you just as you are. May favour line your path in the coming years. Happy birthday.
  • Your fierce protective love has been my shield from this crazy world. What would I do without you dad. I’m the person I am because I had an amazing father. You can always count on me dad and I thank you for always being there. May joy characterize your days. May you live to a fulfilled ripe old age. Happy birthday my dear father.
  • May all your dreams come true. May all your desires in life be accomplished. May the rest of your days be sweet and joful. Happy birthday my wonderful father.

      Happy Birthday Dad Wishes

  • Growing up under your care are the best memories of my life. You’re a rare combination of firm discipline and tenderness. There’s no way I’m letting go of all that you’ve taught through the years. I’ll do you proud dad. Happy birthday to you.
  • You’re my first love dad and the most consistent over the years. Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday dad.
  • I’m glad you’re still around and I pray you’ll always be here for me. I can’t imagine life without you daddy. Happy birthday sir.
  • If everyone had fathers you, the world would be a much better place. I feel lucky to have been gifted with you as a father. It’s a privilege I don’t take for granted. I love you daddy. Happy birthday.
  • Here’s sending my warmest thoughts to you on your special day. Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me. May you enjoy long life in peace and health. Happy birthday dad.
  • Thank you dad for always being there for me, for always being a shoulder to lean. Thank you for all of life’s lessons learnt from you. I’m grateful for the gift of a wonderful father you. Happy birthday.
  • I’m so glad I got your genes dad. You look as great as ever and looking at you I have a fair idea of what I’d look when I’m your age. Happy birthday to my evergreen, ever young dad.

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  • My biological father couldn’t have done better than you’re doing. You play the role so perfectly and I’m proud to call you father. Happy birthday daddy.
  • You came into my life at a time when I needed a father. You play the role so perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Thanks for always being there dad. Thanks for everything. On your special day, I wish you unlimited joy and fulfillment. Happy birthday sir.
  • I’d never forget all of life’s lessons learnt at your feet dad. You taught me integrity, you taught me honour. You didn’t just say, you followed your words with actions. You are a worthy example and I’m proud to call you father. Happy birthday to the most treasured father in the whole wide world.
  • I love and respect you dad. I hold dear in my heart the values you painstakingly instilled in me. Thank you for putting in your best into making me who I am today. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world.
  • You were the ladder through which I came into this world. You continue to offer your back selflessly for me to ride on. You are a man I celebrate every day. May your joy be full always dad. Happy birthday.
  • I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be as happy as you. Thank you for always making sure we have everything we need. May your days be bright as the sun, may favour line your path always. Happy birthday dear daddy.
  • You look as you’ve always looked daddy. I’m glad old age is being so kind to you. Here’s wishing the most amazing father in the world a happy birthday.
  • You’re my superhero dad, a father I can always count on. You deserve the very best in the world. Have fun on your special day. Happy birthday.
  • Thank you for being the best role model a child could wish for. You’re my greatest inspiration in life and I don’t ever want to disappoint you. Happy birthday dad.
  • I know you always have my best interest at heart dad. Even if it doesn’t look it, I want you to know that I’m grateful for your tough love. happy birthday to the world’s greatest dad.
  • Thank you dad for always believing in me. Thank you dad for always having my back. Thank you for always supporting my dreams. May you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Have a happy birthday.
  • May your birthday be as wonderful as you are. Thanks for always being so dedicated to raising us. Happy birthday dad.
  • I couldn’t have grown up to be this great without you. Thanks for being so awesome dad. Happy birthday.
  • Even on my worse days, you have the ability to always make me smile. It’s great to have an awesome dad you. Happy birthday to the most amazing father in the world.
  • Even though we don’t get to see much these days, you’re in my thoughts always daddy. How can I ever forget such a wonderful father as you are? You are the best, always and I love you so much. Happy birthday daddy.
  • There’s a drive in me to always be better and it’s because of you. Thanks for instilling in me a passion for excellence. May your light keep shinning brighter dad. Have a happy birthday.
  • Your love buoys me on always. Yours are the hands that egg me on even when I want to give up. May life always be kind to you father. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest dad.
  • May this coming year be filled with possibilities only. Have a happy birthday dad.
  • Happy birthday dearest dad and best friend. Every child deserves a father you. Thanks for being the best.
  • Being a great dad is lots of hardwork and commitment. Thanks for staying committed dad. Happy birthday.
  • You’re the one we always call at the junction of confusion. You’re so wise, you have solution to every of life’s problems. You’re a one in a million kind of dad and I love and value you so much. Happy birthday my superhero dad.
  • Happy birthday darling dad. old wine, you get better with age. I wouldn’t trade you for any other. Happy birthday dad.
  • No matter how old I grow, I will always be the little child whom you taught to fly. Happy birthday my number one mentor and dad.
  • Life is much easier for me because I have a father in you. I didn’t have to start from the scratch, your love launched me into greatness. You’re always there to encourage me to try again each time I failed. I owe my life to you dad and I’d give you the world if I could. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday.

        Happy Birthday Prayers for A Wonderful Father

  • It’s a new year in your life dad, another opportunity to celebrate the wonderful man that you are. I pray the hand of the Almighty continue to rest upon you to guide and to lead you. Happy birthday dad.
  • Happy birthday to the most awesome dad in the world. I pray dad that you will never know shame. May you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour and may it be well with you all the days of your life.
  • In your old age dad, may you never know sorrow. May the glory of your latter days surpass that of the former. May you have cause to rejoice over we your children always. Happy birthday quintessential dad.
  • You devoted your life to making all our dreams come true. May all of yours come true this year dad. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • May this coming year be your best yet. May all things work out for your good. Happy birthday dad. Do have a great year ahead.
  • God bless you papa. I could call you dearest, the best…I could call you all sorts of wonderful names, yet they wouldn’t describe how much you mean to me. I pray your special day be filled with beautiful memories alone. I love you pops. Have a happy birthday.

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  • Dear sir, may you enjoy boundless joy all your days. You mean so much to me daddy. Have a happy birthday.

Yeeeeeeeeeees! That’s it. Hope you got what you needed and enjoyed our collection of Top Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Prayers for a Wonderful Dad. Well that’s what we are here for. Go ahead, share and and just before I go, I’d to say thanks for visiting. Xoxo!

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Prayer for my Husband on His Birthday

Prayer For My Daddy’s Birthday

Prayer for my husband on his birthday – Dear husband, on this special day of yours, I pray for you that you will be special and be greater than you are in the last one year. You light will shine so bright and you will be that special man that God wants you to be. You will become greater than last year and all you lay your hands on will prosper. Happy birthday to you, my one and only.

Amazing prayer for my husband on this birthday

2. I pray from this moment henceforth that you will find enough power in your heart to love God. I am sure he will give you all the strength you need to love him and this birthday is another opportunity for you to be thankful for his grace over your life and to love him with everything you’ve got. Happy birthday to you my husband, many happy returns.

Special prayer for my husband on his birthday

3. Open your eyes to the truth of the word of God and see what he has in his books for you. He will cover you with his blood and raise you high among your equals.

He will support you every day in every way and he will make sure lines fall in beautiful places for you. Rejoice in the lord today because it is the day the lord has made.

Happy birthday to you darling husband. Rise and shine.

Spiritual prayer for my husband on his birthday

4. Remember that you owe him all your thanks today, and he is sure to add to your years on earth. Remember that today is just not about dancing, wining and dining, but also to appreciate the goodness of the almighty in all areas of your existence. Happy birthday dear husband. Continue to shine in God, your tomorrow will be better than today, I’m sure.

5. I pray that God will continue to give you the desire to please him.

I pray that he grants you the endurance to complete the life journey that you have started, I pray that God wraps you in eternal glory when he comes to take us away to his kingdom.

I pray that you will be a better man and role model for your children. Happy birthday darling, the blessings of God will never depart from you.

6. You are an amazing man who has shown his amazing self in amazing ways. You are truly different and special. You have shown yourself as being capable enough to deal with my erratic self sometimes.

You promised me for better for worse and you are trying everything within your power to make sure you fulfill that promise. You are truly great and special and I celebrate you on this special day.

Happy birthday my husband and my sugar daddy.

7. Dear God, thank you for your goodness, mercy and grace over my family. Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given us to see another amazing year. It has been you and you alone. You are so awesome in this place.

Thanks for all the love you have shown my husband and family. Today is another remembrance of how far you have taken us and how far you will still take us. Bless my husband and my family and let us gather together again next year for thanksgiving.

Happy darling to my sweet husband, may you be richly blessed in everything.

8. God has given you the wisdom to lead according to what has been instructed in the bible, and lead you have. Oh, dear husband. May God continue to bless you and give you the knowledge and understanding to lead aright. May you be better than the last year and may you be filled with the spirit of God that shows you are his child. Dance and be merry darling, it’s your day.

9. I have never had any cause to regret this marriage. You have given me the bliss I so crave for and you have shown that you are truly capable to take charge. I appreciate your efforts over this family and I pray for the grace of God on you to continually lead aright. You are truly blessed on this day darling. Happy birthday to you my super-duper husband.

10. You are the best person in this world. The most precious gift of God to me. I will always love and I promise to stand by you through thick and thin.

I have seen you at your worst and I am beginning to see you at your best. I know that great things are still on the way and I await the full manifestation of the glory of God in your life.

Continue to rise and rise darling, God is with you already. Happy birthday to my King.

11. You are complete in every sense of the way. When God said he would send me a man so special and divine, I never knew it was you until you came my way. Thanks for being so gracious and special.

Thanks for believing in me and seeing me worthy of being your wife. Thanks for going on this life journey with me. I would forever appreciate, love and respect you my darling King. Happy birthday to you dear husband.

God is with you already. Cheers!

12. After my last heartbreak, I concluded people with a heart of gold are not in this world. But not until you came my way and showed me you are still here in this world.

You swept me off my feet with your understanding, considerate and caring nature, and you made me believe in love again. Thanks for being my sunshine in all the rain and for making me see LOVE for all it is.

Happy birthday to you dear husband. Rise and shine.

13. I feel so grateful to have found my love so great, true and special. I am so happy to be here with you today, by your side, as your wife. I am so lucky to have you as my prince charming and indeed I thank the almighty God for bringing you my way and making you mine forever. I celebrate this amazing day with you and I wish you all the goodness of God forever. Happy birthday darling.

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