Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

5 Prayers For A Cheating Spouse

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

Here are five prayers for a spouse that is cheating.

Prayer for Conviction

Righteous God in heaven, I am praying that You would send my cheating spouse a conviction of their sin and that this would move them to confess it and to repent of it.

I know that Your Spirit can move the heart of even a pagan or unbelieving king (Prov 21:1) and so I ask You to send Your convicting Spirit to cause my spouse to see their sin and to be moved to end this adulterous relationship.

It is beyond anything that I can do and all I can do is pray, but for You, nothing is impossible (Col 1:16), nothing is too hard, and nothing beyond Your ability, so please intervene on behalf of my spouse to convict them of this sin so that we can be restored to a right relationship with one another and my spouse’s relationship with You can be restored and in the glorious name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Prayer for Confession

Father God, right now, I know that my spouse has been cheating on me and I am asking You to help me deal with this heartbreak. I need Your comfort and strength to endure and not just give up on them.

Please help drive my spouse to their need to confess their sin and that they would see the grievous sin that adultery is.

Only You can grant them brokenness before You and I pray You would move their heart to confess their sin to You and come to me to confess it to me so that we can begin healing this relationship and glorify You oh God in our marriage and in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Prayer for Repentance

Father God, You alone can move the human heart to confession of sin, to a conviction of sin, and then bring them to repentance. I know that only You can grant them repentance (2nd Tim 2:25) and so that is what I am praying for because my spouse is committing adultery and they are in great danger of Your holy, righteous indignation.

I know that unless they repent, they are going to face such a horrible eternity that it can’t even be described (Rev 21:8) and that is something that hurts to even think about, so please Father, grant them repentance so that they might be forgiven and end this adulterous affair so that we can restore our marriage and seek to please You and glorify You in our marriage and in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Prayer for Reconciliation

Father God, You are the God of Restoration, redeeming us from the pit which eternally lies below for everyone who rejects You (Rev 20:12-15), but right now, I feel rejected as my spouse is cheating and it feels a knife to my heart.

Please help me oh Father in this great time of heartache and to help me to be able to continue in this marriage in the hopes that we can both be reconciled to one another.

I know that my spouse is not really happy inside and that the passing pleasures of sin are fleeting but they cannot suppress their conscience for very long Father, so I pray, please move my spouse to confess their sin, to be convicted of their sin, and to repent of their sin with the passionate desire that we can be reconciled to one another and can give You all the glory for saving our marriage and in the Great Name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Prayer for Forgiveness

Father, I have sinned, for all have sinned (Rom 3:23), and so please forgive me of my sins as I know You will if I confess them to You (1st John 1:9).

I know I might have caused my spouse to lose interest in me or perhaps I drove them away from me by the way that I treated them and didn’t love them unconditionally, and so now, I pray God, that You would bring my spouse back to me and that the adultery that is now happening will stop and that both of them would repent of this and that my spouse would be reconciled to me. God, I will need Your power to help me forgive my spouse and to move forward in our relationship and to glorify You in our marriage, so bring my spouse conviction from this sin so that they would repent of it and we can be joined together in our fellowship and in our relationship with one another and that You could be praised for Your divine intervention and in the strong name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.


I pray right now for every husband and wife that is struggling with adultery and that God would bring healing for their (or your) marriage. There will be the need for forgiveness of course but if we understand just how much we’ve been forgiven, it should make it much easier for us to forgive our spouse for committing adultery.

If they continue in adultery, they may not actually be saved (1st John 3:6-10) and so pray that they are saved and only then will they have the power of God’s Spirit to overcome sin because His Spirit will bring them to conviction of their sin, confession of their sin, repentance of their sin, and forgiveness of their sins. We make a poor imitation of the Holy Spirit.

Trust God, obey God, and rest in that.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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5 Prayers For Reconciliation In Relationships Between Spouses

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

Here are 5 prayers for reconciliation in relationships between spouses.

Prayer of Forgiveness

Righteous Father,

I know that You seek to have us always be in a right relationship with You and sometimes I do things that grieve You. I know that I do and say things that grieve my spouse too so I am asking You to give me the right words to say to be reconciled to my spouse.

  I know I have made many mistakes and have asked for forgiveness from them but it seems that it hasn’t restored our marriage to where we’re both in a right relationship with one another and I know You desire us to be in one.  I need Your help.

  Please send me Your Spirit to show me what I might have done wrong that I was not even aware of and soften my spouse’s heart to accept my faults and extend forgiveness to me so that we can worship You together in the way that is pleasing to You and in the way You intended a husband and a wife to be joined together in offering You thanksgiving, praise, and honor.

  I know that in my own inadequacies I cannot fully understand how to always say the right words or do the right things but it is my desire to be reconciled with my beloved mate and it is in the strong name of and for the glory of the name above all names, Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.

Prayer of Blessing

Great God in heaven,

I am asking You for Your forgiveness for things that I have done to You that are clearly sinful for I am surely not sinless (1 John 1:8-10) and forgive me for those things that I have obviously done wrong to my spouse to hurt them and cause them pain.

   I am asking You to bless my spouse and help them to understand how far I fall short of the perfect spouse and I pray for Your help in knowing how I can help to restore this relationship and make it more of the way You originally intended for us to have a right relationship with one another and with You.  I know that my prayers have sometimes been hindered because of my own stubborn heart and unwillingness to be a greater servant of my spouse and to love them in the way that You have loved me, even dying for me while I was Your enemy (Rom 5:10) and a sinner (Rom 5:9).  Please extend to me Your mercy and grace and allow me to treat my spouse in the way that You love me unconditionally and not treat them the way that I often do.  I need Your help in doing these things and again, bless my spouse and I thank You for my spouse and for Your forgiveness, love, and grace and in the precious name of the Savior, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation

Father in heaven,

You have reconciled me to Yourself through Your Son’s precious blood and so I am begging You to help me be reconciled to my beloved spouse.  Only You can change the human heart (Prov 21:1) so I ask You to change my heart to be one that seeks to humble myself and seek reconciliation in my relationship with my mate.

  Too often I speak without thinking and I know my words hurt my spouse but this is no excuse for the things that I speak to them.  I ask for Your Spirit to be sent to help us be reconciled with one another as Your Son’s precious blood was shed for our being reconciled to You (2 Cor 5:18; Col 1:20).

  This I pray for Your Son’s most holy name and for His glory, Amen.

Prayer of Restoration


You are in the restoration business; restoring me by giving me Your Spirit.  You have made me into a new creation in Christ (2 Cor 5:17) and I am pleading with You to help me restore this marital relationship with my beloved spouse.

  How often have I done things pure selfish ambition and gain?  I cannot count the times where I was only looking out for my own interests and not that of my spouse.  Please forgive me for my selfishness and help our relationship be restored to the way it previously was.

  I need Your help in doing this because I don’t always know the right thing to say or do and I lack Your wisdom in acting a sincere and genuine heart that is motivated only by serving my spouse and loving them in the way that You love me.

  What more can I do to help in restoring this relationship to where You would have it be?  Help me to think, act, and speak in ways that would reflect Your own love and for this I pray in the precious name of the Great Son of God, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer of Repentance


I repent of my sins and my sins against my spouse.  I am so sorry and I need to tell You and my spouse that I have sinned.  Let me be humble in approaching them by telling them that I have sinned against them by the way that I have acted or by the words that I have used.

  I know that I don’t always treat my spouse in the way that I am supposed to because there are many times that I am still more concerned about myself more than I am my spouse.

  I need to esteem my spouse, to cherish my spouse, and to extend to them the same grace and mercy that You extended to me, even though I didn’t deserve it.  Help me to understand that I cannot fix relationships on my own.

  Only Your Spirit can give me a tenderer heart and please soften my spouses heart too so that they can accept my apologies and to let them know that I often act impulse and pride.

  Help me to know the right words to say to them so that I can show them that I have a repentant heart and seek to be reconciled to them in our relationship because the relationship between a husband and wife is supposed to reflect that of the relationship that Jesus Christ has with me and with the church.  For this I pray for the Son of God’s glory and in His name, Amen.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’ve prayed such a prayer before.  I know I have and I also know that I’ll need to again being I am a fallen creature.

  I need God’s help in knowing how to pray and how to seek forgiveness and to love my spouse in a way that shows her that I do and not just depend on words alone.

  Can you comment by giving us your own prayer so that we might know what to pray and how to pray it?

Take a look at some Bible verses about marriage: Bible Verses About Marriage

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Death Of A Spouse Partner Loss Of Partner Poems

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse


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5 Reasons To Pray For Your Spouse

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

Prayer is one the deepest ways we show our love – to God, to our family, to the world. From childhood, many of us experience religious tradition through prayer in the Mass and in family prayer time. It is one of the staples of being Christian.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux believed that prayer was looking towards heaven in “recognition and love, embracing both trial and joy.” Prayer is part of living out our faith, as well as deepening our relationship with God.

From a young age, we’re taught what to pray and how to pray – from the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” to the Rosary. We’re taught to pray through the Mass and general intercessions.

Many of us may even have a mental checklist of people we often pray for – our siblings, parents, and children, and those in our lives who are struggling.

Hopefully many of us are also praying for our parish priest, for our country, our president, and ourselves.

But how many of us, when we kneel down to pray, intentionally pray for our husband or wife?

Reason #1

As spouses, one of our main missions in life is to help each other get to heaven. It’s typical to pray for marriage and spousal relationships, especially during difficult times.

However, in our prayers for marriage and in praying together, we often forget to pray specifically for our spouse.

But in marriage we are called to care for each other – through sickness and in health, for better or worse – and this care includes prayer.

In his letter to the Ephesians, Saint Paul teaches us about spousal love and relationships. Although he is speaking primarily to husbands about loving their wives as they love themselves, the lesson is not exclusive to husbands.

Christ above all taught us to love each other as we love ourselves.  This is one of the primary reasons for prayer. We should be loving our spouses as we love ourselves, says Saint Paul.

As often as we pray for ourselves and our struggles, so too, should we be praying for our spouses.

Reason #2

In marriage, we are called to put our spouse above ourselves – body and soul. Spousal love means willing the spiritual and physical well-being of your spouse. In praying for our spouses, we are putting their spiritual and even physical well-being above our own.

As the Catechism (#2559) points out, genuine prayer is not supposed to be done with a prideful heart, but with a humble and contrite one. However, the act of praying can also be a form of humility, since coming to God with requests reminds us of our humanity.

Reason #3

When we pray for our spouses, we’re reminded that we’re not the only ones in the relationship with individual needs and wants. We’re reminded that there’s another individual with needs and wants, triumphs and disappointments, successes and failures.

How many of us think first about our own lives or the spousal relationship before thinking about our spouse as more than simply our spouse? In living day in and day out with the same person, we often forget to see our spouses as more than just a husband or wife or the mother or father of our children.

Reason #4

Marriage can sometimes be a battle of the wills – his will over hers, her wants over his. How often are the words “I’m right and you’re wrong” thrown into an argument? Prayer, however, center us. In prayer, we begin to seek God’s will and not ours. When we pray with humility for our spouse, we allow God’s plan to work in our lives.

Reason #5

In praying for our spouse, we begin to recognize that this person we’re living our life with is on his or her own path chosen by God. Regardless of our own wants and desires, our spouse has a vocation that must also be fulfilled here on earth. Prayer moves us beyond our own wants and desires, and our own concerns, to that of our spouse.

We may to think of our spouse as Superman or Superwoman, but the reality is that our spouses are only human.  They are susceptible to human weakness.

  Just as we use prayer to overcome our own temptations, we should be praying for our spouse in the same manner. We all have weaknesses and temptations that we need divine assistance with.

We are taught to use prayer as a weapon in the battle against temptation. When we have another person praying for us, prayer becomes that much more effective.

“Again, [amen,] I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt 18:19-20)

Ways To Pray For Your Spouse

  1. Pray for each other – out loud.

Pray for something your spouse needs or is struggling with – out loud. It does more than just show support and love. It’s powerful in showing that you’re witnessing their struggles and that they’re not going unnoticed.

When you pray for your spouse out loud, especially when you’re praying together, you’re showing your spouse your faith in God’s ability to ease any burden and even lift it.

Furthermore, it shows great love and devotion for your spouse and for God.

Re-read Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:19-20 (above) again.. When you pray for each other together Jesus is right there with you.

You are both witnessing each other’s faith in God and the willingness to trust in His plan for your marriage. You are witnessing each other’s devotion, humility, and love.

Furthermore, you’re placing God at the center of your marriage, and making Heaven the ultimate pinnacle point.

  1. Ask your spouse what to pray for specifically.

When you ask your spouse what he or she needs you to pray for, you’re vocally assuring your spouse of your love and concern. It shows that you care about your spouse’s individual struggles and needs that are apart from your married life.

Prayer And Intimacy

Prayer has a powerful way of increasing intimacy in the marital relationship. As spouses deepen their relationship with God through prayer, they deepen their relationship with each other.

As we replace pride with humility through prayer, putting our spouse’s concerns over our own, we recognize our own place in the relationship and within God’s plan. Praying for God to lift the burdens of our spouse can do just that.

In can also bring you closer together and closer to Heaven.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” (James 5:16)

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Loss of a Spouse/Partner

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

To live in this world

you must be ableto do three things:to love what is mortal;

to hold it

against your bones knowingyour own life depends on it;and, when the time comes to let it go,

to let it go.

—Mary Oliver from “In Blackwater Woods”

I would love life to be this neat and linear—first you love, then you hold, then you let it go. But living is messy, not neat or linear.

I’ve thought about being able to bargain with God—I certainly know many people who use prayer to get them through what seem to be unfathomable depths. But I have a hard time getting my head around the actor God of my Jewish childhood who had the power to make things happen in response to human behavior.

I prepared for ministry with the Christian God, who at least had a little more time on earth through his son, Jesus.

But the God in the Christian testament is even less personable and no more believable to me.

  And though the God metaphor is my preferred vocabulary for discussing the sacred, my image of the mystery which connects us to one another and to the larger universe is neither personal nor omnipotent.

This makes it kind of hard to know how to invoke the spirit of connectivity and support that I have longed for as I go through the biggest challenge of my life thus far—watching my soul-mate succumb to cognitive dementia over the last six years. She passed away in July, so the years of observing her suffering are behind me, but my needs for connection to the larger universe remain.

How do I find that connection in UU community? Where is the epitome of the sacred in our congregations—be they actual or virtual?

Personal Story

“Do you know who I am?” I asked my soul mate of almost 23 years. She looked at me attentively, which was something, but said no words. “I’m Patti,” I said, “your wife. We’ve been together for 23 years.” This time her response was instantaneous. “You’ve got to be kidding.” Expressive, clear; that was something else. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My relationship with Janis was the foundation of my adult life. She introduced me to Unitarian Universalism, supported me through seminary, and was certainly my biggest fan.

She modeled self-confidence, and looked forward to being the ‘minister’s wife’ with plans to retire when we were called to a congregation.

It would be a new adventure and hopefully an opportunity to move closer to the east coast part of our families.

Instead, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s disease which attacks cognition instead of movement.

Lewy Body disease moves much more quickly than traditional Parkinson’s, with life expectancy between 5 and 7 years from diagnosis. Janis lived for six.

And almost everything that I was called to do to support her life for that time was antithetical to my skills and experience—far outside of my comfort zone.

I am a good pastor—I know how to offer presence to those who are in crisis, to bridge the isolation of coping with life’s surprises.

But no amount of this training or experience comforted me or bridged my own sense of isolation and disorientation as my world seemed to diminish with Jan’s frontal lobe.

We are blessed with a large network of caring friends and for the last six months of her life there was always someone with her—and therefore, I was never alone. But company and connection are two different things. And my connection weakened as her illness progressed.

As a spiritual director I’m used to asking people to think with their hearts—”where is the sacred in this question, what does your heart tell you about this, have you asked God about this?”

But my heart was buried in a dark cave under water and though I know the sacred is always present, I sure didn’t think it could find me down there. Besides, the one thing I could not afford to do was open my heart in the service of my own spiritual life.

Janis has been gone for two months now. The shock has started to wear off and the grief is starting to flow. The isolation of being tied to home has passed, but the world feels no more real than it did while she was dying.

I’m not sure that my spirit has climbed the underwater cave yet and I’m not sure how to help it—except by waiting. And I’m invited to learn yet another skill set— that of climbing back into a life that is irrevocably changed.

A Prayer

Mary Oliver speaks to me again, when I am feeling so very low, I hear her voice asking me:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
—from “The Summer Day”

Asking the question, that is my prayer.

A Spiritual Practice

One day I was complaining to my spiritual director that I couldn’t find any time for spiritual practice. She suggested to me that everything I do is a form of prayer.

So I renamed my spiritual practice—spiritual practice on the fly—practicing the intention to stay present, moment by moment, or at least some moments when I stopped to take a breath.

It’s not really what I want, and it doesn’t replace the set-aside time to invite the holy into my being. But when all I have is a few seconds to invite God into my awareness, I do just that. “God, be with me.”

May you find ways to remind yourself that you are connected to the larger universe in the times when you feel it least. May it be so, may it be so, please, may it be so!

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