Prayer For Help With My Smoking Addiction

Quit smoking prayer

Prayer For Help  With My Smoking Addiction

Smoking is a bad habit. Moreover, it is a dangerous one and not so many people take this into consideration when they start smoking. A Prayer to quit smoking is something that every smoker needs.

 Some people consider that smoking is something fancy.

Some people are addicted to that gesture they make when they pick the cigarette from the pack, they click the lighter, inhale the first smoke and then feel a peaceful state of mind.

What is the prayer to quit smoking?

Maybe you’re asking why I started this article. Why am I talking about something this? Do I have any experience with this habit? Yes. I had. And now my life is more beautiful than it was when I was a smoker. Only the prayer to quit smoking helped me.

Maybe you will want to read a specific prayer, then I am sorry because I don’t have something dedicated to smoking. I have real stories and tips to teach you how to ask God for help using a prayer to quit smoking cigarettes, this bad and dangerous habit.

So indeed, there is no formula for this prayer for quitting smoking. You only need a strong will and courage, wisdom and a strong relationship with yourself.

I won’t tell you that in this article you will find the secret prayer to stop smoking, but you will see how to pray, how to live with the absence of this habit and how to manage the hard times that come after you stop smoking.

Why do you need a prayer to stop smoking cigarettes?

1 – Your heart will be strengthened, your breathing capacity will increase;

2 – Your immune response to colds will increase;

3 – You will be more productive in every task you have, whether we speak about housework or your job;

4 – You will be a good example to your children;

5 – Morning cough will disappear;

6 – Your blood pressure will be lowered;

7 – You will have more energy.

7 Bible verses about quitting smoking

1 – Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

2 – Ephesians 4:22 “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires.”

3 – Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

4 – John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

5 – 1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything.”

6 – 1 Corinthians 10:23 “I have the right to do anything, you say–but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything–but not everything is constructive.”

7 – Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Each Bible verse about quitting smoking speaks, in fact, about the strong will you must have to quit this bad habit. Each bible verse about quitting smoking means prayers to overcome addiction.

When there is addiction in your life, it means that you are not a free human being. You need to be free, you need to see the light of freedom, and you have to start with your way of thinking.

Think positive! The most powerful prayer against addiction comes from your strong will to stop smoking cigarettes.

There are so many prayers to overcome addiction, and in fact you do not need to look for a specific one. But you can use the Serenity Prayer as help because its powers are beneficial for those who want to be clean again, with no addiction and no bad habits.

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

This is the short version of the Serenity Prayer. Pray every day and be strong because a prayer to quit smoking is your salvation.

Take your time. Every day. You need time to understand that with wisdom and courage you can overcome the addiction.

What happens when I say a quit smoking prayer?

When you start to pray to quit smoking, you call your Guardian Angel to help you. Your Guardian Angel will listen to you and will give you the wisdom to become a non-smoker again. But this can’t happen overnight, so you must be patient and you must believe in yourself.

Which quit smoking prayer should we use?

First of all, you must know that changing a bad habit comprises three steps:

1 – The phase where you become conscious about how much damage it can cause. If we talk about smoking we should think about: heart attack, lung cancer, infertility, and so on.

2 – The phase where you really regret what your bad habit caused you until that moment.

3 – The phase where you embrace a good habit and see its benefits.

How to pray to stop smoking cigarettes?

I have heard this question many times, so let’s see how to do this.

First of all, you need to enter into a state of calmness and relaxation. Sit down, or kneel, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Then, quietly, start a prayer to quit smoking.

You can use the serenity prayer full version or bible verses about quitting smoking.

You can simply choose the words that describe your state of mind and your strong will to overcome the addiction and that could be all the prayer.

The most important thing is to be sincere in your prayer. Your Guardian Angel is there for you, close to you, listening to you.

Secondly, you must use your imagination to see how dangerous this smoking habit is. Do you what you see? I bet that “no” is your answer. This is good because you can see the many reasons why you need to quit smoking and how a quit smoking prayer can help you.

Third, you must use your imagination again, but this time you have to see how sad and miserable your life will be if you don’t quit smoking. Multiply what you saw in the second phase, and you will see how your life will be if you continue to smoke.

Have faith and make a good change in your life.

Discover some more prayers from Padre:


Does prayer help to quit smoking?

Prayer, and generally, religion is sometimes an important part of psychotherapy.

“Does prayer help to quit smoking?” – so I asked at the last meeting of the group quitting smoking. The group took place in an ultra-Orthodox village in the mountains of Shomron (Samaria).

– “No, it does not help”

– “It helps, – I уже не курю two weeks”

– “Helps, but I did not help all those years that I smoked”

– “My daughter prays for me – I asked her: pray for your dad to quit smoking! And she has been praying for two years. Now she will be surprised now that everything turned out! “

I: “You really excuse me, guys, but it seems to me that praying is not easy, it’s worth it to learn! Even though the Jews seem to be able to pray, there is such a prayer that is accepted and there is one that is not accepted. “

– “And what’s here, I just say to Him:” Father, help me “! – that’s all”.

I: “That, of course, is correct, but Rambam, for example, would not stop there.”


I’m trying to explain how it works, so it works out. I begin by commenting on the book of Job: “You know, Job was a righteous man, and he prayed to God and offered sacrifices of gratitude, and with all this he received a” personal Holakost. ” Everything and everything in his family died, in addition, he fell ill with leprosy.

And so, three friends came to him, and they began to “calm him,” in general: “Do not worry, it’s all true, as if you did something very bad, so you were punished.” There is a long argument in which Job disagrees with this statement.

Ultimately, the conclusion of the book is that the only good thing in this world is a connection with God, it’s prayer / prophecy, not its material result. “

What is real prayer?

True prayer – without words, it is called “Standing” – when a person simply stands before God. It is in “full self-awareness.” It is the realization of one’s place in the world among other people and the mission, as well as everything else: His strengths and weaknesses, his memories, his pain and hope.

Such a metaphor: in real prayer, a person as it were rises up on a plate everything that he is, including his fate and his requests. Requests are not a utilitarian method of obtaining the desired, but a part of awareness of oneself, of realizing one’s “Disadvantage.” There is a wordless conversation between Man and God – about Man.

The one who wants to quit smokingIt can do so through the present awareness of the Soul. The soul does not need anything except her most: the silent space music, the listener which is man and his God. Smoking and drugs in general – this is what gives a person false “support” from the outside. This is unreliable support. It is the victory of matter over the Spirit, and it is joyless.

Spiritual freedom – when a person does not need anything from outside, all the most important comes for him from the silent depths of his heart.

AA and Prayer

-“AT twelve steps is there something a prayer? “

I: “Yes, this is called a prayer of tranquility. God, give me the strength to change what I can change, accept what I can accept and the mind to distinguish between them. This is prayer in words, but these words mean that man is not God. Man does not control everything. Dependence is a dream of total control over oneself and life.

You see, in this prayer the person focuses on the different sides of himself. Many words are more than one word. Silence describes everything most fully. “Silence about yourself” does not miss anything. It is the acceptance of something that is difficult to express in words.

In man, there is a black mark from the beginning – that he “can not change” and must accept, for example, his impotence before a drug if he tries “smoke a little”Or to drink” just a glass “. Most people have dependence on something: from other people, from food, from work, from what it is difficult for them to part with.

This is a property of the material world, a universal property of our thinking.

To get rid of dependencies is to get rid of the fascination with the material world. This is a rejection of light decisions, from super-control, from immediate satisfaction. It is very difficult. Nevertheless, this is inherent in our human nature, because there are not a few people who are freed from addictions. Among them, many are far from the Spirit, who lives in their souls “incognito”.

When I first returned to Christ in 2000, I was homeless for the second time. Had my baby girl with me and my 2 sons had to remain with their dad. I was bouncing around from place to place but kept visiting the church.

This Pastor was different from some of the other Christians i had known as young girl. The Pastor did not preach hell to me because I was smoking cigarettes and wearing pants. He was kind and led by the Holy Spirit. He prayed for me and tried to help me.

As time went by I watched how he laid hands on people and they would drop. So, I wondered why I never fell and wanted to experience it. I had been a smoker for 17 years at that time and desperately wanted to quit, I think. Sometimes could not breathe most of the time. Also, I was constantly rushed to the E.R. with asthma also.

I was a mess physically, but spiritually I knew that I had to quit smoking. Because I wanted the spiritual gifts God had for me. I smoked about two packs a day but slowly began to cut down. In addition, I would keep track by writing the number of cigarettes I smoked on the box.  Gradually, I began to smoke 2-3 times the same cigarette.

I constantly cried to the Lord to help me quit smoking.  At times, I would get angry and throw them out then minutes later nose dive into the trash for them. The Pastor prayed and encouraged me while allowing the Holy Spirit to do its work. However, I tried for three years to quit smoking then one day it happened.

The Moment I finally Quit Smoking

As I sat in church and listened to the preacher while thinking about a smoke, he called me up. I went up thinking it’s just another prayer when he said “there is something binding you and not letting you receive your blessing”.

He was a preacher from another country and did not know me but God did.  The Pastor told me to lift my hands and asked everyone to stand. He told them to yell Out! on the count of three. 1..2..3.. Out! and I dropped. They yelled again and the Holy Spirit took over and shook me. I was on the ground for about 15 minutes.

I felt nauseous when I got up. When the service was over I walked out and threw my cigarettes out. Liberated for thirteen years now. I have my apartment and my kids which are now men and my 2 daughters.  Thanks to God, I am blessed to have walked into a church where the Holy Spirit is the guide. Praise The Lord!
Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

It says ALL not some Hallelujah! God bless you all

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AA and The Alcoholic Anonymous Serenity Prayer

Prayer For Help  With My Smoking Addiction

The simple AA Prayer of Serenity helps recovering alcoholics find courage, stay sober & support fellow alcoholics in their struggle against alcohol.

The Serenity Prayer has been part of regular AA meetings for many years, and is a great help for many alcoholics.

Some people might say, ‘Why pray?’  The answer is simple – it’s a good prayer – it’s a prayer that works: a belief in the power of prayer to God or Jesus for healing and recovery, has been one of ways that AA and NA have inspired thousands of desperate people to restore hope in their ability to withstand the cravings of their addiction. Alcoholics around the world need a prayer for help when they are fighting against temptation. The Serenity Prayer is the short prayer that they frequently turn to. For many recovering alcoholics, the Serenity Prayer is a daily prayer – because cravings and temptation have to be faced and overcome, every day of an alcoholic’s life. There are no ‘days off’ for an alcoholic.

God, give us grace to accept with serenityThe things that cannot be changed,Courage to change the thingswhich should be changed,and the Wisdom to distinguish

the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,Enjoying one moment at a time,Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,Taking, as Jesus did,This sinful world as it is,Not as I would have it,Trusting that You will make all things right,If I surrender to Your will,So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


The version above, is a translation of the original untitled prayer, written down by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in 1943, although there were oral versions of the Serenity Prayer in circulation, before that time.

There are several different variations of the Prayer of Serenity, but they are all the above text.

Alternative Versions of the Serenity Prayer

There is a popular shorter version of this powerful prayer of healing:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

Some version of the AA Prayer of Serenity has become a regular part of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as NA meetings and other Addict Support groups.  It forms part of 12 Step Programs in most places around the world.  It is sometimes known as The Meeting Prayer.

Most of the variations of this alcoholic prayer have a similar structure: firstly, it’s a prayer asking for strength – a prayer to God or Jesus, or any higher power outside ourselves, asking for the courage to change.

Praying for serenity follows this, but it’s a specific sort of serenity – serenity in the face of accepting things as they really are – life and reality as it really is, not as we would it to be – or how we kid ourselves that it is.  Failure to accept ‘real’ reality about ourselves, and what we do, is really a demonstration of our ability to use denial to avoid making difficult decisions to change.

Denial vs Acceptance of Reality

Everybody uses denial to some degree – it’s normal.  Denial protects our inner selves from facts that we feel we cannot accept…or cannot accept, yet. It’s a defence mechanism that can be useful in some circumstances.  For example, it can be useful if we are not yet ‘ready’ to face some ‘awful truth’ – whatever it is that we feel is an ‘awful truth’.

Denial allows us time to adjust to the new reality.  It could be an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, or it could be the fact that our drinking, or drug taking, has taken over our lives, and we have become powerless to control our cravings.

The value of denial in some circumstances is that it buys us time to adjust to new, and difficult information.  But difficult facts are still facts. They are not going to go away, even if we deny them.  We all have to face the truth in the end, no matter how difficult that might be.

If we continue to ‘protect’ ourselves through using denial of reality, it becomes counter-productive, because it is not a useful coping mechanism any longer – it is only delaying the inevitable. If it continues too long, denial becomes only ‘wishful thinking’.

For someone with an addiction, it is always better to stop using that safety net of denial sooner, rather than later – before lasting damage is done

Denial of reality is one of the major barriers to recovery.  This Alcoholic’s Prayer strikes at the places where addicts of all types to hide – where they feel ‘comfortable’ – where life seems to be easier. That is an illusion. That ‘more comfortable’ place is also the place that is destroying their lives, and the lives of their families.

It’s a tough prayer!

The Serenity Prayer is very effective for AA and NA members, exactly because it speaks the ‘truth’ about what needs to be done – and alcoholics and addicts all know this, deep down.  William Shakespeare understood the importance of being truly honest with yourself:

“To thine own self be true”

That’s always a tough thing to do, but being true to yourself, and refusing to accept who and what you have become, is even harder for anyone with an addiction.  Being totally honest with yourself, takes a huge amount of courage, and this Serenity Prayer has helped many alcoholics to admit to things as they really are – even when those things are not easy to admit, accept or live with.

Along with serenity and acceptance,  alcoholics and addicts then need to find the courage to stay strong and resist the temptation to fall back into addiction.  The Serenity Prayer has saved many people from relapsing when some extra crisis hits, and they want to return to the ‘comfort’ of their addiction.

The strength and courage that is given and received from fellow members at A A is one of the most important factors that help members of Alcoholics Anonymous to stay strong during a crisis.  If you have an addiction, every day can be a day of crisis.

  The practice of including the Serenity Prayer as a regular part of AA meetings, reinforces the courage and determination of addicts to stay strong, whenever they need it.

  It’s a prayer that can ‘be there’ for recovering addicts – or anyone – whenever they need it.

Here is another Alcoholic’s Prayer written by Irene Palmer Costigan, in 1976.  It expresses similar thoughts to the original AA Serenity Prayer:

   Alcoholic Prayer

Oh Lord, Watch over this Alcoholic.Be Thou my Higher Power as I strive toward recovery.

Permit me to lean on You for strength and guidance.

Grant that I may become totally honest about my problem.Touch my soul and spark my spirit into awareness, Lord,

That I may see the value of a sober life.

Show me the glory of the Dawn and a new day
And the reward of a Sunset and a day well lived.

Help me to deal with resentments, Lord, the real curse of the Alcoholic.Take from me all hatred, anger and willfulness

And persuade me to work toward emotional health and maturity.

In Thy mercy, Lord, see fit to remove my cravings
For that which will destroy me – alcohol.

Keep me ever mindful that alone,I am unable to maintain a happy sobriety.Bring me ever closer to You,

And those who will help me along the way.

Most of all, prompt me to extend my handTo the Alcoholic who still suffers,So that through him or her,I may find You, and continue sobriety.


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I Spent a Month Trying to Quit Smoking With Alternative Therapies

Prayer For Help  With My Smoking Addiction

Keen to harness the power of pessimism? In dire need of new friends, but have no clue how to make them as a full-grown adult? Read the rest of the VICE Guide to Self Improvement here.

This month I'll have been smoking for nine years. My experiences trying to ditch cigs—with Nicabate, Champix, and a few cold turkey attempts—have always ended with me feeling sick and giving up. For a long time it's seemed I'm condemned to addiction.

That's because quitting is really hard. Although most smokers plan to quit, the numbers suggest few actually pull it off: One study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that while 77 percent of smokers intended to change their behaviour, only 19 percent managed to quit longer than a month.

After looking at my track record (basically just a history of me quitting quitting) I decided it was time to try something different. The internet offered me thousands of alternative solutions, but only four seemed even remotely plausible: the aversion method, acupuncture, natural remedies, and hypnotherapy.

So I lunged my last dart, told my dad I was quitting for good, and gave myself a month to try and make it stick. Every week I'd try a different alternative remedy until I found something that worked. Because something had to, right?

Week One: Making Myself Hate Cigarettes By Chain Smoking

Aversion therapy meant smoking three cigarettes in a row every time I smoked, totalling at least 25 a day. Image by Mitch Pinney.

The idea behind aversion therapy is simple: Link a negative response to a habit you're trying to break and, in turn, you'll never want to do it again. Research has shown that aversion therapy's effectiveness is unreliable. However, the idea of chain smoking three cigarettes at a time, at least 25 darts a day, sounded it might just do the trick.

All I can say is that smoking this much fucking sucked. I'm aware that's the point of aversion therapy, but still, it was a disgusting and ineffective way to quit. By the end of the week, I genuinely felt poisoned—mind and body.

I couldn't concentrate or communicate. I smelled terrible and constantly felt sick. Cigarettes did became a chore, which should've meant success. But my cravings and triggers still existed, and the only technique I had to deal with them was smoking more.

My sense is that even if you were to try to aversion approach for longer than a week, you wouldn't actually quit. You'd just become a heavier smoker.

The verdict: 1/10

I was told acupuncture would help relieve the stress of quitting. Image by Emilie Kilvington.

Week Two: Distracting Myself From Cigarettes With Needles

Acupuncture works on the belief that certain points of the body are related to certain feelings. So putting a needle in these spots should relieve some pressures and negative emotions. There's research to suggest it can even reduce your desire to smoke.

I booked in for three hour-long sessions of acupuncture with Renee Knott, specially designed to stop nicotine cravings. We started each one by measuring my pulse, before inserting needles in my ears, wrist, forehead and feet—all, Renee told me, are major spots for addiction and stress. The session would finish with meditation and a massage.

The meditation and massage were actually the most relaxing part. Image by Emilie Kilvington.

For me, acupuncture felt effective because I was replacing cigarettes with an entirely new experience. It wasn't much about the actual needles, but rather the whole process of relaxing.

I found looking forward to my next session, or trying Renee's techniques that made me feel I didn't need to smoke as much, especially for stress. Although I still smoked during this week, I felt guilty every time I did, and ended up cutting down from 15 to about five a day.

The verdict: 7/10

My natural remedies: herbal cigarettes, lime juice, black pepper oil, St John's wort, and passionflower tea. Image by Mitch Pinney.

Week Three: Trying to Suppress My Cravings By Downing “Natural Remedies”

While it all might seem a bit airy-fairy, there's scientific evidence to suggest some herbs and oils operate in the same way as Nicabate, meaning they suppress your nicotine cravings and replace cigarettes with something less harmful.

Thai researchers have reported that drinking fresh lime juice can be nearly as effective as medication, while a US study found black pepper essential oil and passionflower tea can reduce nicotine cravings. St John's wort can help with stress and anxiety—a common side effect from quitting. And herbal cigarettes are just something you can smoke that aren't addictive.

Despite being hopeful, I found none of these stopped my cravings nearly as much as medication had in the past. Maybe getting teased by co-workers for sniffing black pepper oil put me off, but most ly it just doesn't work. Either way, realistically you should just get your medicine from a doctor instead of putting it all through the Coles self-checkout as “carrots.”

Nope. Image by Mitch Pinney.

Also herbal cigarettes taste shit.

The verdict: 3/10

Week Four: Trying To Hypnotise Myself A Bad Habit

Hypnotherapy was completely different to what I expected. Before my session with hypnotherapist Laura Masi, I went through a week-long “pre-therapy” which involved meditating for 20 minutes every day. I also had to write down every time I smoked and why. At the time, I remember feeling this was going to be bullshit.

A podcast Laura got me to listen to every day before my hypnotherapy session. Image by author

During the actual hypnosis session, Laura put me under and told me a bunch of nice things: I have the power to quit, I'm not a slave to my addiction etc. She also made me verbalise why I smoke and what “parts of me” let that happen.

Essentially, hypnotherapy is just deep meditation with a very supportive friend encouraging you to quit. And this isn't a bad thing. I left the session feeling I didn't need to smoke, and if I did have a cheeky dart, I'd feel guilty. Admittedly, that's exactly what I did less than two hours later but, oddly enough, I never felt hypnotherapy was a failure.

In my previous attempts to quit, relapsing felt inevitable. But after this I had this newfound sense of confidence. I recall Laura saying when I was under, “Whether you quit today, or in the future—you will quit.

” I'm aware it all sounds tacky, but that's where I see the real merit in hypnotherapy. Un other therapies, where you are reliant on a substance to quit, with hypnotherapy the responsibility is on you.

The verdict: 8/10

Image by Mitch Pinney.

Quitting smoking is no mean feat, especially when you've been doing it for nearly half your life. It'd be easy to dismiss these therapies as failures, but I think that would be unfair. What I gained was a lesson in dedication.

The reality is you can quit in the way that works for you, but it's going to take more than lime juice or needles. You actually need the confidence to quit, and to keep trying if you fail. The reality is that right now I just don't want to quit enough.

I'm aware that many wait their whole lives for a bolt of inspiration, only to find it in the form of an inoperable stage IV tumour.

But that's the problem with smoking: it's just so comforting that the threat of cancer makes me want to calm down with a dart.

It's hard to say when I'll quit, but this has shown me that I can and someday will. My history might show otherwise, but I'm more prepared and confident than in the past. It's just going to take a few more attempts and less Champion Ruby.

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