Prayer For Focus At Work

3 Prayers for Success

Prayer For Focus At Work

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan for us that's filled with hope and a future. God is for us and not against us. He wants to see us succeed and have a full life.

Whether you're facing a new career, a difficult exam at school, or working toward building a relationship, these prayers will help you focus on asking God to lead you.

When you follow God and live within his blessings and favor, you will experience true success!

Prayer for Success in Work

Lord, You have promised that if we will commit our work to You, You will make it succeed. So today, I dedicate every aspect of that work to You. I need Your wisdom daily to make the right choices, ones that require fairness, integrity, and a servant spirit.

From the start of every work day, I want to begin and end with You, knowing that You will guide every step and every decision I make. Throughout the day, remind me that You are in charge, not me.

May I do all things with excellence at work as if I am doing them for You, Lord.

I want Your goals to be my goals, and Your purposes, mine. Give me a learning spirit so I can constantly increase the skills You have given me to honor You and bring You glory. I know I am not to neglect those gifts You have placed within me, but that I am to watch myself closely to keep ambition in its right place and temptation at bay.

Keep reminding me that people are more important than work projects, and that You not only want me to succeed, but You desire for me to help make others successful. Whether it’s my employer or a co-worker, help me see them as Your creations, worthy of respect and thoughtfulness. We all matter to You, God.

If I am treated unfairly at work, may I still reflect You in every way and keep my eyes on You. I know Your idea of success and mine may differ, and that to You, godly character is more important than completion of my goals.

Help me to work hard with patience and persistence, shunning laziness and embracing a thankful spirit for the employment You have given me.

No matter who signs my paycheck, and no matter how high or how low the ladder I’m on right now, I look to You as my ultimate Employer. I know that viewing You as my “Boss,” will not necessarily increase my salary or change my work conditions, but it will change me—and that You pay great benefits.

Serving You will put a smile on my face, allow my best work to shine through, and will insure that success belongs to You—Your way and Your time. I pledge to do the best that I can with what You have given me, Lord.

May Your plans become the desires of my heart—and may my work always be a success for You.

Prayer for Success at School

Lord, today I’m asking You to help me succeed as a student. I believe You are the Dream-maker, the Cultivator, and the Fulfiller of all worthy dreams.

You have been the Designer of my plans all along, and it’s You who will make them successful.

Help me to focus on my schoolwork, to listen carefully and show respect for my teachers and professors, and to receive correction well in areas where I’m wrong or haven’t yet mastered.

I know I am more than a student; I am a life-long learner and Your ambassador on mission wherever I go. Refine my abilities; hone my character; and help me choose wisely the areas of study that will make my life work successful. Keep me organized and free of distractions so I can focus on school.

Show me how to listen more and then share freely when it will encourage others or make a difference to those who hear. Help me to honor You in my friendships at school and to be ready to lend a hand when others are struggling in their studies or in their lives. Help me sow seeds of kindness, excellence, and honesty.

If my faith is challenged, give me courage to stand for You, no matter what the consequences.

I want to learn, Lord. I am eager to unwrap the gifts You have given me. With each new skill I acquire, help me to apply that learning to real life as well.

Let knowledge, understanding, and common sense form a bond together with Your Word that will guard me against temptation. Keep the deceiver away from my heart as I choose to walk with You daily.

Help me find moments in the flurry of school activities and crazy schedules to simply be still and know that You are God.

Protect me from a prideful ego and let humility lead me in the path of success You have carved out for me. You have given me a unique place in Your kingdom, and I trust You to open doors that I cannot open myself.

Help me not to turn to the left or right but to follow You daily. When anxious thoughts or fear of failure threaten to overtake me, I will rest in You and Your promise of success for my life.

Only You know what that success really means, but when You are on my side, I cannot fail.

everyone else, Lord, I want to succeed in my life and in my relationships. Balance is something I am always seeking so I can be successful in every area.

Help me not to put work, hobbies, or other activities ahead of You, my family, or my relationships, but to keep You in the center as the hub of my life.

Teach me Your priorities and help me keep them in the right place. Everything must revolve around You, Lord.

Bless my efforts to succeed, and may excellence, not perfectionism, drive my desires. Make me not only successful, but useful—a vessel of honor to be shared and poured out for You and Your kingdom.

Thank You that Your plans for me are beyond what I could possibly ask or hope or imagine. You actually want me to succeed so I can give You all the praise, honor, and glory.

I can do nothing without You, Lord.

When seasons of difficulties or interruptions creep into my life, help me to see them as opportunities to develop patience and persistence. You have given me every piece of armor I need to fight internal or external battles, and You have promised that nothing formed against me will prosper.

You know my beginning and when my life will end. You started the work in me, and it’s You Who will make it successful. You will complete that work as I simply abide in You, walk humbly and honestly, committing my life and all my plans to You.

Teach me to value and honor the ebb and flow of life that includes celebration, joy, pause, and reflection.

Because Your plans and Your ways are not mine, Your idea of success for my life may not make sense to me at times. But as a faithful, sovereign God, You hold it all, including permission to change me or my circumstances to fit Your plans for my life.

Fill me with Your power, Your grace, and Your love, so that I can be at peace as much as is possible with every relationship and every aspect of my life. Help me to know and do Your will, Lord—so that any success You give me will in turn bring You the glory You so deserve.

What I desire most is to come to the end of my life and hear Your “Well Done!” That’s true success to me.

In Jesus’ precious name,


Rebecca Barlow Jordan is an inspirational author, speaker, and passionate follower of Jesus who loves to encourage others heart to heart.

She has written 11 books and over 1700 other articles, greeting cards, and other inspirational pieces. Her daily devotional Daily in Your Presence is available for delivery through

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Learning to Focus and Concentrate on your Daily Prayer A Complete 30-Day Workbook

Prayer For Focus At Work

The ability to focus attention with sufficient intensity to accomplish the goal five times a day is a skill that needs to be developed.

Those people who have learned how to concentrate and can apply their minds to a particular task whenever necessary appreciate this fact.

Unfortunately, it is more difficult to concentrate on the act of Prayer simply because it is a repetitious act of worship. As a result, the effort required to fulfill this task is greatly increased.

The 25 strategies for concentrating in Prayer discussed in the Prayer booklet can be further divided into three categories: those that have to be well analyzed and understood; those that have to be applied before the Prayer, and the remainder applied after you complete your Prayer.

This workbook includes a 30-day exercise to significantly increase your concentration in Prayer and solve the problem of distracting thoughts and sounds.

Category One: Knowledge And Awareness

1 Have I understood and convinced myself of Allah (SWT)’s presence?

2 Am I aware that I am standing in front of Allah (SWT)?

3 Do I understand what I recite?

4 Am I making the correct pronunciations in Arabic?

5 Am I aware and practicing the Rules for Reciting The Qur’an?

6 Have I understood the main reasons behind The Five Daily Prayer?

7 Do I have the motivation and energy to sustain my attention?

8 Am I confident enough that Allah (SWT) is with me and that He is assisting me in my Prayer?

9 Have I refrained myself from heedless conversations?

10 Do I remember death often?

11 Do I fast often enough to increase my mental clarity?

12 Have I convinced myself that each Prayer I recite maybe my last Prayer?

If you have answered YES to 6 of the 12 questions above, you may proceed with the workout. However, even one negative answer means that you have to go back and invest more time and reflection in that particular aspect. Otherwise, the workout will not be very effective.

Category Two: Setting The Scene Of Prayer

1 Am I satisfied with the environment, the surroundings?

2 Am I wearing pure, clean, preferably white clothes?

3 Am I clean, pure and scented?

4 Am I confident enough in alternating recitations?

5 Am I in a relaxed and alert state of mind?

6 Have I been moderate in my food intake?

7 Am I grief-stricken and submissive?

8 Have I satisfied my hunger and thirst, as well as other needs?

9 Have I separated myself from the disapproved world and all its attractions?

10 Am I confident enough in arresting distracting thoughts in Prayer?

11 Have I connected my Ablution to the recitation of Adhan?

12 Have I connected my recitation of Adhan and Iqamah to the Takbeer in Prayer?

If you have answered YES to 6 of the 12 questions above, you may proceed with the workout. However, even one negative answer means that you have to go back and invest more time and reflection in that particular aspect. Otherwise, the workout will not be very effective.

This exercise works effectively with FOUR units of Prayer, employed only once a day, AFTER evening (‘Isha) Prayer. Your intention for this four unit Prayer should be for any lapsed Prayer (Qadha).

In this workout, you will employ a Trigger Mechanism and pay the Debts you are obligated to. There are TWO types of debts: one, which has to be paid during your Prayer and the other, after you complete your Prayer. You have to work and complete the whole program as laid out.

Using a personal Trigger Mechanism will provide you a signal to get ready for a moment of concentration, while you complete the obligatory task assigned to you. The detail of this workout is described below and has to be employed for a full 30 days, without a break. Answering a complete YES to 6 the 12 items (in both categories) is also a requirement for the 30 days.

Workout: 30 Days

Your first Trigger Mechanism is the Takbeer (Allahu Akbar) that you pronounce before you start your Prayer. This is the signal to your mind that you are now standing in front of your Lord, the Most Powerful in this Universe. You have to appreciate the fact that you are standing in front of Allah (SWT) and He is watching over you.

al-Sadiq (AS) is quoted to have said:

When you say, Allahu Akbar, slight whatever is there between the high (heaven) and the earth, regarding it below His Majesty, because if Allah (SWT) looked into the heart of the servant while telling the Takbir, and saw therein something contradicting his Takbir.

He would say, ‘O’ You Liar! Are you deceiving Me? By My Might and My Majesty, I will deprive you of (tasting) the sweetness of remembering Me, and I will exclude you from My proximity and from getting pleasure through your supplication’.

(Mustadarak al-Wasa’il, Chapter 2, Tradition 9)

You promise to recite 5 SUBHANALLAH each time you have a significant distraction and you entertain the distracting thought for a few seconds. This debt has to be repeated as many times you get distracted and whenever you can pay the debt. All debts are to be paid ONLY in the state of Ruku’ (bending) or Sajdah (prostration).

For example, while reciting Surah al-Hamd, you get significantly distracted twice, then on your next Ruku’, you will pay your debt of 10 SUBHANALLAH first and then continue with the recitation normally assigned for Ruku’. If the distracting thought happens to occur whilst in Tashahhud or Salaam, then you will pay your debt as soon as you complete your Prayer.

The above debt and SUBHANALLAH forms part of your prayer and you should have that intention before and during your practice prayer. The debt should be paid ONLY in the state of bending (Ruku’) or prostration (Sajdah), the additions will otherwise make you Prayer NULL and VOID, even though your practice Prayer is lapsed and not a compulsory Prayer.

In any case, you have 4 Ruku’ (bending) and 8 Sujood (prostration) in the four unit Prayer to pay the debts you owe. Do not concentrate on how many times you get significantly distracted as you will be aware of this fact when it happens, and you will pay your debt in your next Ruku’ or Sajdah.

You will generalize this activity throughout your 4-unit Prayer. After you complete your act of worship, you will recall how many times you had to repeat the 5 SUBHANALLAH and how many debts you had to pay.

Now you promise to recite 5 ASTAGHFIRULLAHA RABBI WA ATUBU ILAYH for every debt.

If you had paid 10 debts during your Prayer that means you recite 50 ASTAGHFIRULLAHA RABBI WA ATUBU ILAYH as soon as you complete your Prayer.

You will now record in your chart the number of times you had to pay the debt during your Prayer, 5 or 10, may be 3.

This is the end of the WORKOUT.

The above exercise is ONLY a workout to increase your concentration and plays no role in your daily obligatory Prayer. Also, this workout is to be practiced passively during the Prayer and only active after your Prayer – meaning that if you concentrate too much on the debt, then you might distract yourself from the major objective.

Category Three: Self-Assessment

As soon as you complete your workout, the four units Prayer, you will rate the following in your personal chart – concentration, energy and motivation.

Concentration – your ability to focus and attend to Prayer.Energy – strength or vigor; interest to perform Prayer

Motivation – an intervening process or an internal state that impels or drives you to Prayer. An energizer of behavior.

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The Struggles of Praying at Work: Why & How to Ask for a Prayer Room

Prayer For Focus At Work

I was alone in the room, standing calmly, trying my best to focus on this very exclusive meeting I was in, then suddenly… the door opened, followed by footsteps and loud talking….it all went downhill from there. I lost my focus. I lost the precious moment I was in as my mind started wondering “what will they think of me now?”

I was in the middle of a peaceful meeting with my Creator for Dhuhr (noon) prayer, but instead, I became worried about what will people think of me. Something so natural as prayer can become a big struggle for some people on a daily basis due to work circumstances.

'Something so natural as prayer can become a big struggle for some people on a daily basis due to work circumstances.' Meru HussainClick To Tweet

Since I can remember, as a child, I would pray; there was never a question of missing the prayer. Ever. This wasn’t because I had a perfect relationship with Allah from childhood, it was because it was the way of our house. Everyone prayed.

It’s easy to pray in an environment where everyone does so. However, trying to pray in an environment where no one else is – work sometimes- can seem a challenge.

I always knew why I had to pray but it wasn’t until I had firmly arrived into adulthood that I understood why I NEEDED to pray.

Why I found prayer to be very important?

1. It teaches commitment and accountability since it’s the first deed to be asked about on the Day of Judgement.

The importance of establishing the 5 daily prayers in Islam is demonstrated strongly and clearly in the Qur’an and many of the Prophet’s sayings. For example, the Prophet said:

“The first matter that the slave will be brought to account for on the Day of Judgment is the prayer. If it is sound, then the rest of his deeds will be sound. And if it is bad, then the rest of his deeds will be bad.” [Hasan]

So, prayer (salah) as taught to us by the Prophet  will be the first of our deeds we get accounted for. This helps us develop a sense of seriousness, commitment and urge to avoid slacking behind in faith and connection with the Creator.

2. Prayer is linked to success.

Around 10 times a day the phrase “come to prayer, come to success” is uttered during the athan (call to prayer).

This success is referring to both worlds, so I realised I cannot separate salah from my daily life worried about ‘if I don’t mingle during lunch I won’t get that contract/ promotion etc.’ For me it was enough that Allah has promised me that salah is a means to success so I had to re-evaluate my priorities and give salah the worth it deserved.

3. It helps people learn more about your beliefs.

Often, we feel that if we pray or ask for a room to pray at work our managers/ colleagues will think we are ‘extreme’ but that’s just a thought. You see, a thought is only as great as you entertain it. In my experience, when I asked for a prayer room at work, it opened up more dialogue between us.  My colleagues were intrigued but at the same time very supportive, alhumdulillah.

4. Exclusive, therapeutic private talk with the Creator

Salah is a space where no one or nothing gets to come between you and your Lord. It’s the only exclusive conversation you get to have, where along with all your troubles you get to put down your head and your heart to The One who created them; and He’s the best to mend what life breaks.

Physiological benefits of Prayer

If I turn your attention to the physiological aspects of salah, you’ll notice the positions of salah are somewhat Yoga.

Yoga is celebrated and believed to be beneficial holistically. And if you think of the 5 daily prayers, just the position of sujood (prostration) alone, which is the Balasana (child pose) in Yoga, allows the heart to be above the head hence increasing blood flow to the brain, this position also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Research conducted by Raof Ahmad Bhat, titled “Unity of Health through Yoga and Islamic Prayer Salah” covers the similarities between Yoga and salah and how one rak’ah (unit of prayer) can activate the chakras which yogis believe to be the energy fields in our body. If the positions of prayer are performed correctly you can have a full body workout.

But prayer takes benefits to a much deeper level and it has a much deeper meaning.

The scientific benefits are only proven recently, but for believers, our reason for prayer is simple and straightforward:

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Qur’an: Chapter 51, Verse 56]

“And I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed [to you]. Indeed, I am Allah. There is no deity except me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.” [Qur’an: Chapter 20, Verses 13-14]

Prayer and productivity at work

I came across an article about Pop&Rest rooms/ pods which are available for people to book from 30 mins to 2 hours for those wanting to take a power nap during their lunch break away from the stressful office to a calm and peaceful environment.

Similarly, the positions of salah combined with the recitation in it are means for you to unplug from the busy world to a place of serenity. This helps regain your peace, gives you focus and more energy.

The important thing to remember is quality over quantity. If you are short on time and want to be able to maximise the benefits of salah at work, here are 3 key points to remember:

1. Keep it short and sweet: focus on the fardh (obligatory prayer) and recite the shorter surahs in your qiyaam (standing position of prayer). Allah wants ease for you so go easy on yourself.

2. Try to read the translation and/ or commentary: on the surahs you choose to recite which will help you gain a deeper understanding and help you concentrate. When you try to connect with the words you recite, it brings a new meaning to your salah.

3. Be present: this is vital to maximising the benefits, by understanding who you are meeting with and cutting off from the outside world for just a few minutes, it rejuvenates your body and soul.

But How to Ask for Prayer Room at Work

If you’re someone who works in a non-Muslim environment and is struggling to secure a prayer room, here’s my experience as somebody who has worked in Central and Local Government as well as the private sector and managed to get a prayer room in each employment, and my prayer rooms ranged from meeting rooms to cramped storage rooms and a fire exit stairwell.

If you don’t ask you don’t get

I noticed that there is always provision for people at work to take smoking breaks; asking for time to pray does not take longer than the smoking break your colleagues get. Those few minutes to fulfil your obligation of salah reset your mind, and give clarity and rejuvenation which helps at work.

When I asked for a room to pray at work, I was initially given a storage room to pray in, but it was still a space that served the purpose.

I remember later on the fire exit stairwell was suggested as an area to pray and I thought ‘it’s not very private’ or ‘what if someone walks in whilst I’m praying?’ Then I reminded myself that this Dunya (worldly life)  is not perfect and I had not come to work to find a perfect prayer place.

'There is always provision for people at work to take smoking breaks; a prayer break does not take longer than a smoking break your colleagues get. Those few minutes for salah reset your mind, give clarity and rejuvenation which helps at work' Meru HussainClick To Tweet

Compromise and be grateful

If the space you are given is not up to your standards, remember that Allah wants only ease for you. When we look at the story of Ibrahim he was never concerned with comfort, he just kept moving forward. I found a peace that I couldn’t find at home when I prayed in the fire exit stairwell because I found a connection there.

Perhaps because of my determination to not compromise on my obligations, Allah rewarded me with peace whilst praying at work. I was grateful when the brothers started using that space to pray also. A small effort on my part opened ways for others to pray.

Food for body and food for soul

Lunchtime – my favourite part of the day! It would seem nonsensical if your employer denied you the right to eat. if your stomach signals that it’s hungry then it’s time to eat. In the same way, salah is food for our soul. The signals for your hungry soul are the feelings of unrest pent up inside you that you are unable to make sense of.

Just as you feed your body to be energised to go about your work, your soul also needs to be nourished.

Employers look for loyalty, integrity and discipline in their employees. By showing them that you attend to your prayers punctually without intervention will show them that you are trustworthy and loyal. Salah was ordained for you to increase you; in spirituality, sustenance and in a commodity we are all in need of: time. It puts barakah (blessing and prosperity) in your time.

Salah is food for our soul. Just as you feed your body to be energised to go about your work, your soul also needs to be nourished. Meru HussainClick To Tweet

Calculate and make the most of your time

When planning my day, I plan it around salah and not the other way around.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mosque within a few minutes walk from your workplace, you can manage to incorporate prayer into one’s lunch break.

However, if you need room to pray in your workplace and/ or the prayer time comes in between working hours that can be a little tricky depending on your employer.

I found that being open and honest about your needs is paramount in getting what you need. If you are not able to get the ‘smoking break’ time, then cutting out no more than five minutes (or however long it takes you) from your lunch break is an adequate compromise.

But what happens if my employer says ‘no’?

If you are made to feel uncomfortable by your employer for requesting a room for prayer, it might have more impact if you are able to get together with other Muslims in the workplace to request one. Although I have not personally experienced this, my husband and his colleagues had to navigate through several obstacles to obtain a room to pray and their stance on the matter helped with this.

The request is not unreasonable, but asking with a diplomatic manner and confidence can make the difference. Rather than impose yourself, find a way to compromise, and pick your battles wisely.

Someone I know was told that praying in the corner of the staff room made one colleague uncomfortable, so instead, they gave her a classroom on the fourth floor.

It may have been longer to get to, but she was grateful to have a room given to her to pray.

Final word

How often do we carry imaginary baggage with us that feels heavy on us? Salah put simply is the most beneficial transaction you will make in the day. It benefits your physically and spiritually allowing you to offload your baggage and renew yourself. So next time you are thinking ‘I’ll just finish this email’ change that thought to ‘come to success’ then run for it.

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Prayer for Success – Prayer for Success at Work

Prayer For Focus At Work

All things in life are possible only through hard work. But most importantly through Gods help. A prayer for success is the best way to ask God for his assistance. It is only through prayer that we are able to communicate our needs to the Heavenly Father. some great prayers to do this include:

Prayer for Success at Work

“Lord, I thank you for the way you’ve made me. For the many gifts and talents you’ve bestowed on me. Father, I trust that I’m the best option for this job. I am thankful for each and every one of the people I work with. Even the ones I don’t particularly or understand.

I pray that my focus would be on accomplishing the goals you have set forth for me to attain during my time in this position. Grant me wisdom and discernment on the job, even in the middle of a hostile environment.

Help me learn what you want to teach me here, and give me patience as you prepare me for the future.

Father, help me to do my best and to always remain positive and hopeful. Please stop the complaints and disappointments of my heart with your perfect peace. Also, allow me to trust you in my job. Cover me in the garments of praise and the righteousness of Christ that I may bring you glory where I work.

Lord, let me know my true identity, to walk in your favor, and to aim to please you more than those with whom I work with. Where there is friction, let me be a peacemaker. Where there are lies, let me speak the truth. Father, where there is despair, let me bring hope. Where there is fear, let me bring faith. Lord, where there is darkness, let me bring light.

Where there is sadness, let me bring joy. These things I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Prayer for Success in Business

Heavenly Father,

You see that my business is my passion. Please aid me in running it in an efficient and godly manner. I pray that you grant me wisdom where I need it and to guide me in the changes on the road ahead. I call on you to speak to me when I’m not sure what to do next and to give me comfort when there are obstacles. Give me the power to hear your voice clearly.

Father, please help me to serve my customers and clients with a heart yours. I want them to see Your light in me each time they interact with me or step foot into my business. Help me to stand by my faith and values in my business if I come across controversy and stay firm in You.

In Your Name Jesus, I pray.


Prayer for Success

Prayer for Exam Success

Loving Father,

Only your peace can help me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace is beyond all understanding. I pray for this gift and choose to lean on you at this time. Father, come and remind me of your eternal love.

Remind me that you hold me safe, you understand me, and you cherish me. I lay down my fears before you.Lord, I place them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world.I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure.

Father, I know that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future.


Prayer for Success in Life

“Father, Your word tells each of us that it is okay to ask for a successful, blessed life. Grow our borders, Precious Lord, and help us find prosperity and success in this gift of life we have been given.

Lord, You said that You came that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly. Please give us that abundant life, God.

Let my life be pleasing to You in all aspects, and in all things so that I will be able to receive the entirety of Your blessings both in this life and in the life to come. Amen.”

Prayer for Victory and Success

Almighty Father, we give You thanks. For through our Lord Jesus Christ, You have granted us a spiritual victory over all the plots and ploys of the enemy. Those who try to shipwreck our faith, and make us ineffective warriors of the cross.

Thank You, Lord, that in everything we are more than conquerors. For knowing that victory over spiritual wickedness in high places was attained on the cross.

However, we need to be careful and wise, understand that the enemy as a roaring lion prowls around looking for whom he may devour.

Lord, help me in all times to resist the devil and his wicked plans. Knowing that as a blood-bought child of God, the enemy will run from me. But I recognize that he uses many faces and disguises to trip us up and to make our faith ineffective, unproductive and fruitless. Father, help me to be ever walking in humility before You and to hear Your voice.

Help me in knowing that the weapons of our warfare are not physical weapons but spiritual ones. Which are effective in bringing down Satanic strongholds in our lives, that hinder our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

In all things I pray that You would rule and reign in my life, so that I may live to Your praise and glory, until my life’s end, in Jesus name I pray.


Catholic Prayer for Success

“Blessed St.

Joseph, model for all those who are commited to labor, get for me the grace to work conscientiously, placing the call of duty above my many sins; to work with gratitude and joy, considering it an honor to employ and develop, through the means of labour, the gifts received from God; to work with order, peace, prudence and patience, never giving into weariness or difficulties; to work, above all, with purity of purpose, and with detachment from self, having always death infornt of my eyes and the account which I must render of time lost, of talents wasted, good omitted, of shallow complacency in success so fatal to the work of God. All for Jesus, and all for Mary, all after Your example, Loving Patriarch Joseph.

Such shall be my motto in life and death.


Prayer for Academic Success

“Loving Father, Our Lord, all good and perfect gifts come from you (James 1:17). Father, You gave Daniel knowledge and skill that made him stand out among equals. In (Deuteronomy 28:13), You commanded that we shall be the head and not the tail.

We shall be above only and never beneath. Blessed Holy Spirit, you are my Helper and my Instructor. Grant me understanding and bless my memory to always remember all that I have been taught and all that I have learned. Help me to excel.

Loving Lord, open for me the gates of success let the flag of success be raised for me in Jesus Name, Amen.”

Prayer for Event Success

“Dear Almighy Father, we praise you for gatherings all of us today in this important event. May you grant us your guidance and blessings on this event so that we can enjoy and appreciate its significance in our lives. Bless everyone present today that each may be able to share what she or he has for your glory and honor.

Give good health and safety to loved ones left behind at home and peace and goodwill to all men. May the many activities related to this event be a success, through your intervention.

We ask all of these in your name, Amen.”

Prayer for Project Success

“Loving Lord,

I have put in a great deal in a project with honest finances and noble intentions. Lord, I have made sacrifices as you have made sacrifices for our sake. I have made use of the gifts you have bestowed on me, remained firm and focused, and have put my heart and soul into this project. I pray for intercession and honest reward through Jesus Christ, whom all good things come from. Amen.”

Prayer for Sales Success

Blessed Holy Father, thank you for this day! Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made to allow me to be here to serve you. Lord, thank You for Your love, Your kindness and for all the numerous blessing You have sent my way. Thank You for Your guidance and for Your constant support in my life.

I pray today Lord that you will place me in front of those you wish for me to help. Father, I am ready and able to do Your will. I pray that you use me as a tool to Your benefit. Lord, I ask that You will guide me and give the words to say and the patience to listen.

Father, I pray that you will give me strength to overcome adversity, face and persuade naysayers, and use me as a tool to get to the people you want me to help. God, I know that all things are possible through you and I believe you have put me in sales for a reason.

Please help me to see that reason and help me to help others help themselves.

In Jesus Christ name I pray, AMEN.”

Prayer for Success in School

Father, bless my children’s academic skills and efforts. I beg You would give each of them the will to learn and the gift of knowledge. Lord, help them excel in their strengths while persevering in their weaknesses. Do not let them become discouraged when they cannot understand things with ease. Instead may they appreciate and store up the knowledge they gain.

Lord, as much as I want my children to succeed in their educations, so much more do I want them to attain wisdom.

Your Word tells us that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor (Ecclesiastes 7:12), that wisdom is supreme (Proverbs 4:7) and the one who attains it will possess great insight, able to get what is right and just and fair.

Lord, may wisdom enter into their hearts and knowledge be pleasing to their souls. May caution protect them and understanding protect them (Proverbs 2:9-11).

God, I pray that in all of life’s schools, may my children come to the conclusion that fearing You and keeping Your commandments is the ultimate duty of their lives (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Keep them grounded, centered on You, expanding their knowledge while maintaining their integrity. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Morning Prayer for Success

Heavenly Father, I now accept prosperity into my life.I accept abundance into my life

Lord, I accept success and well-being

God, I pray into existence:Perfect health for my bodyPerfect wealth for my familyand future generations.Perfect, immens andabundant love in my lifePerfect happiness and joy in my heart

Perfect clarity and peace in my mind

I speak these things in faithI call on them now

In the mighty name of Jesus

Victory is now flowing into mesuccess is mine

prosperity is mine

I believe soFor the earth belongs to the Lord my Father

and all things in it and all who live in it

Thank you, Loving Father, my providerThank you for bringing

them to pass in my life

In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

Miracle Prayer for Success

“I give thanks to You Lord for this day, in whichMy dream will thrive, my plans will succeed,My destiny will be guaranteed, and the desire of my heart

Will be granted in Jesus’ name.

Lord the money I need will know my name and addressbefore the end of the month.As I wake up this morning, may my life be clean,Calm and clear as the early morning dew.May the grace of the Heavenly Father support, sustain andSupply all my needs according to His riches in glory.


Short Prayer for Success

Loving Father,

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light on my path.

everything that you say in your Word is true.

Lord, Your Word never rests. Your Word is active. It will be always working in me to change me both in the day and in the night.

Father, at the word of your direction, I will proceed to do what you command.

I will have faith in all you say.

Thank you that you are clearing and purifying my mind with your Word.

My mind will be set on your power and your compassion.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Prayer for Success in Court

Lord, I ask You to help me as I face this legal battle. I praise You for being an ever-present help in time of distress. I give my heart to the Holy Spirit to reveal any of my own wrongdoings in this matter so that I may repent and attain Your forgiveness. Deliver me from hate and revenge.

In the Name of Jesus, I beg You to cause truth to prevail. I ask that You will protect me from lying tongues and deceitful lips. Lord, I believe and proclaim that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and any tongue unjustly raised against me will be shown to be wrong.

I will live in Your secret place, which hides me from the conflict of tongues. I ask that you will stop false witnesses that speak against me and make them be caught in their own trap. Lord, help me as I reply in defense. Let Your Spirit tell me the words to say when I need them.

Father, by an act of my will, I refuse to fear, and I cast down any thought that tries to exalt itself above the knowledge of You and Your love.

In the Name of Jesus, I now hand the care of this court case upon You. I resist anxiety, and I receive calmness and peace. I believe that Your favor and the favor of man will surround me a shield. That I will succeed in facing this trial.

Lord, Your Word says You will perfect that which concerns me, so I make a conscious choice to receive Your perfected end. I give You all the glory for all that will be accomplished, and I will testify of Your goodness. Amen.”

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