Prayer For Focus And Clarity


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Prayer For Focus And Clarity

Ted Williams is widely considered to be the greatest hitter to ever play baseball. As legend has it, Williams grasped his craft so thoroughly that he could tell the difference in a bat’s weight down to a ½ ounce.

But that doesn’t mean he was forcing himself to slog through batting practice in pursuit of a greater goal. Says Williams,  “It was always fun for me. I loved baseball so darn much.

By the hours I practiced, you’d have to say that I was really working, but it was pretty much tireless fun.”

Williams’ approach wasn’t about creating a grueling workout regimen to achieve a particular goal. It was something simpler: he just enjoyed the ongoing process of mastering the nuances of hitting. And with this mindset, he was able to accomplish, over 19 seasons, what so many players before and since can only dream about.

While conventional wisdom would ly argue that Williams’ work ethic was the distinguishing factor, sports guru and author Garret Kramer has a different theory about what separates great performers.

Kramer believes that the classic “grind it out” mentality that we’re taught at a young age actually prevents athletes from realizing their potential – and he’s betting it’s impacting your performance at work, too.

As a consultant to athletes ranging from high school amateurs to acclaimed Olympians, Kramer has counseled the best as they struggled and succeeded. Over 20 years, these insights led him to write the book Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence.

We sat down with Garret for a discussion about what athletics can teach us about getting in the zone, letting go of keeping score, and enjoying the journey.

From your experience, what makes for a great competitor?

I truly believe the finest competitors in every sport, or in life, play the game with what I call stillpower not with willpower. This understanding is key to success.

What I mean is that despite the desire to win, these competitors remain open to all possible outcomes; win or lose, they know they’ll be perfectly okay. What arises this is a level of consciousness that let’s them excel.

They see opportunities, follow their passions, and feel an ease in their day-to-day lives. They’re simply following their instincts.

Is this the infamous “in the zone” state that we hear so much about?

Let’s be clear about this. The zone is not about trying hard. You can’t force it. The zone feels effortless because you’re operating at a higher state of consciousness. Although athletes in the zone are incredibly locked in, their focus is never forced.

Same thing goes at work. You’ve never had to push hard to find a great insight. If you think on your best performances or purest experiences in life, were you trying to exert a force on it? Most of the athletes I work with tell me that when they find the zone they simply “let go” and just absorb themselves in the present moment. It’s a selfless experience.

The zone is not about trying hard. You can’t force it.

The answer will always be found in simplicity. The reason athletes (and all of us for that matter) struggle is that the quality of our thinking has declined. When that happens, we revert to the intellect for the answers and the intellect will always overcomplicate things.Now, since we’ve been taught to grind it out, we force it.

But, from this low state of mind, we’re not capable of finding answers, so our quality of thought continues to drop down as we struggle. But what if we simply took our foot off the gas pedal? Our thoughts and mood would settle, and we would see the same challenges as opportunities.

The insights start to flow again, so answers become obvious.

Once you grasp that fundamental concept you realize that willpower will not help you. You’re not capable in the moment. The more we try to control our effort (or our thoughts about effort), the more we tend to get in our own way – and reduce our odds for success.

So I encourage my clients to step back and use a term I call “stillpower,” which means don’t push ahead but rather be still. The feelings that come will be of ease, clarity, and responsiveness.

It sounds crazy. I mean, do nothing? Yes. Do not make any decisions from a low mindset – just be still.

What if we simply took our foot off the gas pedal? Our thoughts and mood would settle, and we would see the same challenges as opportunities.

Well, the worst thing we can do is try and fix the negative thought. Which, by the way, is a productive thing. It’s just thought. There is no reality to it. Understand what really is happening. A thought produces a feeling which produces a mood. The feeling is a navigational instrument.

It’s telling us we’re not seeing it clearly.The worst thing is to wage war on this. It’s normal to think negatively. That sign is there to guide you and if that was the right move to make you wouldn’t be feeling that way. You would feel free. You would feel enthused. You would feel passion.

You would feel determination.

So, a negative thought is a great thing. Why would you ever want to mess with your own mind’s ability to direct you?

What about setting goals?

The worst thing an athlete can ever do is be focused. It shrinks the perceptual field and narrows options. Instead, we want awareness. Awareness expands possibilities.

So, when someone sets a goal they’ve eliminated all sorts of possibilities for their growth. Their level of self-worth doesn’t rise when they get to the goal either.

Now, of course we all want to win but let’s not intentionally limit our own awareness by narrowing in on a goal. It’s totally unproductive for our lives.

That reminds of Steve Jobs’ famous commencement address at Stanford, and how his life only made sense in the rearview mirror

Yes. Such a great way to look at it. We don’t notice true change until after it happens. True change isn’t willful. It’s so fluent and intuitive that we don’t even realize it happened. That goes back to letting our feelings be our barometer and letting our passions and creativity guide us.

True change isn’t willful. It’s so fluent and intuitive that we don’t even realize it happened.

Absolutely. To effectively engage someone, you must be operating from a higher level of consciousness than the other person at that moment.

I often advise coaches that this understanding supersedes any other requirement if they are to provide enduring guidance, recommendations, or love.

The next time a coach or manager feels the urge to provide guidance or discipline, please understand that what comes their mouth is much less significant than the level of mental functioning from which the words are spoken.

The best coaches refuse to operate from ego or insecurity and instead are willing to consider that a player’s perspective might indeed have some added value.

Many fail to recognize that the most innovative teams (companies and societies as well) actually encourage individuals to express their views respectfully.

Such teams have learned that personal ownership in the greater good will foster the free will that is paramount to success.

What message do you try and leave your athletes with?

No matter the circumstance, when fearful thoughts appear, remember: They are self-created and powerless on their own.

Negativity (fear included) is just a sign to slow down; whatever you are thinking and feeling at that moment – whatever you see – it’s not true.

Keep your foot off the gas pedal and your state of mind will ascend on its own. Then, answers will become obvious – you will realize there is nothing “out there” to fear.

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Prayer for Uriel

Prayer For Focus And Clarity


Uriel (אוּרִיאֵל “El/God is my light”, Auriel/Oriel (God is my light), Standard Hebrew Uriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʾÛrîʾēl) is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions.

In apocryphal, kabbalistic and occult works, Uriel has been equated or confused with Urial,[1]Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Sariel, Suriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jacob, Azrael and Raphael.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora

Uriel and Aurora are the archangels of the sixth ray of ministration and service. Their retreat is located in the etheric realm over the Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland. In their ministrations, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind and elemental life.

The sixth ray is also the ray of peace, and Uriel and Aurora keep the flame of peace for mankind until they are able to invoke it for themselves.

These angels prepare the way for the unfoldment of the light of God within each soul. Aurora carries the Mother feeling of peace and love to all mankind.

Hers is the assurance that always flows from a mother's love—all is well, “the dawn is coming.”

Uriel, Archangel of Purity

Archangel of Purity

“The world is corruptible, flawed and discordant. We must scour it of its imperfections, returning it to its former state of glory.”

[Tsayadim] [Dissonance] [Choir Attunements] [Servitor Attunements] [Distinctions] [Politics]

Once, Uriel was perhaps the mightiest angel in Heaven, second only to Michael in force of arms, and second to none in sheer blazing Essence.

He was the first and the greatest of the Malakim, and when he ascended to the status of Archangel, Michael stepped aside to let Uriel assume command of Heaven's armies.

Under Uriel, the War went much more favorably than it has in recent centuries; demons cowered in fear of Uriel's minions, and while they still often got the upper hand in the battle for the hearts and minds of humanity, they were never able to operate as openly as they do now.

Uriel the Archangel

St. Uriel's name means “Fire of God”

Patron of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

He carries the Sword of Truth for Soldiers of Christ, which we become through this sacrament. Fire reminds us of the descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost and the flames of the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

It reminds us that our hearts should burn with love for God the holiest of Seraphim, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. St. Uriel carries the scales by which we are to weigh our actions.

It is also a reminder of the Scales of Perfect Justice by which our lives are weighed at our judgement.

Archangel Uriel Prayer For Clarity, Focus and Inspiration – Angel Prayer and Meditation

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My Prayer Time: 1 Hour Piano Music, Meditation Music, Worship Music, Prayer Music, Healing Music

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If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your Faith. If He delays, He is increasing your Patience. If He does not answer, He has something better for you – remember this always! &…

Prayer to the 7 Archangels of Heaven, Guardian Angels for protection

Archangel Uriel

~ Archangel of Justice ~ Guardian of Wednesday ~

O Illustrious St. Uriel, the Archangel of God's Divine Justice, as you hold the heavenly scales that weigh our lives on earth, we ask you to intercede for us, that God may forgive us all our sins. Obtain for us the grace of true repentance & conversion of heart that we may be spared of the punishment we deserve.

Offer our prayers to God in our search for true peace and happiness founded on truth & justice. We pray for those who are suffering of inhumanities, dying because of injustice and the oppressed due to manipulation & exploitation.

We also pray for our less fortunate brothers & ourselves for the following intentions

Prayers to St. Joseph of Cupertino

This powerful prayer is very effective in examinations. It has to be said before appearing in the examination. There are two variants to this prayer. Both the prayers are equally effective. You can choose any one of these:

First Prayer O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a favour in the examinations for which I am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked. Through Christ our Lord. St. Joseph of Cupertino, Pray for us.


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How Prayer Revives Our Focus and Brings Clarity | Prayer Direction

Prayer For Focus And Clarity

Welcome to Post #3 of Revive Your Life with the Power of Prayer Series! My dear friend and blogging buddy, Carmen Brown of Married by His Grace is back with us this week! If you missed any of our earlier posts or want more information on our upcoming Live Event, click on any of the image links below. ♥

Have you ever had a vision and knew without a doubt it was from God? But then fear told you getting there was not possible?

Let’s say you saw a vision of you singing in front of hundreds or thousands of people. You are singing about His love, grace, and His mighty presence. You feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit in that place but once the vision ends, you realize you have never even been on a praise team before. How do you go from singing privately in your room to singing to thousands about Him?

The enemy would love nothing more than to give us doubt and denial about what God has shown us. His goal for us is to not receive the entirety of the vision.

The enemy would love nothing more than to give us doubt and denial about what God has shown us #prayer #momentsofhope #powerofprayer #anighttorevive Click To Tweet

Satan will also use lies such as; ‘Maybe what we saw is not exactly what the vision means’. This lie is to make us believe some visions may look too grand to attain.

But we must never forget: Nothing is too grand for God.

I have witnessed radical things happen through visions of what God was going to do in my marriage, with my children, in ministry, and with my Blog. Each vision gave me hope, faith, and encouragement to reach for what He has called for my life.

By believing in the promises He gave me, lives were changed and healing was able to take place in many situations.

A vision from the Lord does not only come as something you see, it also comes with a mighty rush of faith, a confirmation through the word of God, or a fierce determination that this is what God called us to do.

Even with the excitement of new things to come, great things do come with trials, tribulations, and obstacles along the course to the finish line. It’s what builds the testimony. When you know it is something from God, you become a athlete running the race. Consistently training yourself up with discipline and endurance to get you where God wants. (1 Corinthians 9:24-25)

It doesn’t come with covetous while others are growing toward their calling, but you feel stagnant. Nor does it come with envy as someone else’s position on the worship team came easier than it did for you.

When we are looking at others, we waste our time

It takes our focus away and changes our prayer direction, fogging the clarity of the vision we were once given.

A man once told me of a vision from when his children were young. He stood on a porch of a big home where trees and crop fields extended as far as he could see. Before the boundaries of the crops, in flourishing tall grass, he saw twelve grandchildren running. All his children were in the farmland with their hands on the plow. Each one pushing in sync with their spouse.

I distinctly remember hearing his story fifteen years ago while all his children were merely in their teens. Today, this man’s children all know the Lord and work in ministry. All four children and twelve grandchildren go to church with him and his wife every Sunday. Witnessing this man’s testimony is beautiful. 

This man does not own acres upon acres of land, nor does he have a big home.

Yet, because he has children and grandchildren serving the Lord alongside him, he is the richest man in the world. 

Throughout the years, discouragement may have occurred in the moments he wondered if his vision would come to pass. He could have coveted the experiences of others as their children gave their lives to the Lord, yet his own hadn’t.

But he kept praying

He kept his faith the athlete who wanted to receive the prize. He sought God to keep himself focused on the example needed for his children. He sought clarity through prayer requesting a refreshing and renewing of the vision when discouragement threatened. 

Our Prayer Direction

Laying before God in prayer brings intimacy with Him. It’s when we request a revival of our visions and calling. And through this, He is faithful, bringing our focus back to Him. 

Today I challenge you to go before God. Ask Him to give you focus and clarity for what He has shown you. Ask Him where He wants you to grow.

Go before God. Ask Him to give you focus and clarity for what He has shown you and for where He wants you to grow. #prayer #powerofprayer #momentsofhope #anighttorevive Click To Tweet

These questions are important as we work toward the visions. They enable trust in Him and in what He has in store for us. Through them, we receive a better understanding of where we are going as we learn and grow.

My prayer today is that you fully receive what God has promised you and that you continuously seek clarity from Him.

May clarity bring great revelation to the day of when the vision comes to pass so that you are able to fully comprehend the entirety of His will for your life.

May you not seek after what you think the vision should bring, but that you seek after what God has called for your life.

Carmen Brown is the creator of Married by His Grace blog. She actively writes to women who are desiring to build their home with the word of God. Her passions involve staying connected with her family, drinking an immense amount of coffee daily, and developing content that will help and encourage new Christian Bloggers. You can connect with Carmen on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.

#MomentsofHope Featured Post

I am so excited to share with you this week a new friend, Emily Saxe of To Unearth. Her words in her post, The Difference Between Seeing And Perceiving Jesus: An Easter Story cut through the noise and lingered throughout the week.

What is the difference between seeing and perceiving? And a step further … How do YOU perceive Jesus?

“But there’s a beauty to this. Despite our lack of perceiving Jesus, He calls us by name. He desires to break through our cloud of distrust and confusion. He reaches out His scar-borne hands and breathes life through our name.

And suddenly, Mary, the scales fall from our eyes and hope floods where before there was only an empty cavern. We realize He is what we need, not the task or the job or the situation righting itself.” -Emily Saxe

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23 Short Prayers – Hope for Your Soul

Prayer For Focus And Clarity

Whether you have had a personal relationship with God for years or you are only beginning to discover who Jesus is, we all need guidance sometimes when it comes to prayers. It’s often hard to find the words to pray, that’s why we put together this collection of short prayers.

The following short prayers offer guiding words to use for praying over various topics including worry, anxiety, doubt, forgiveness, fear, and other areas of life where we need to ask for God’s help.

Please use these prayers and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you add some of your own words and personalize your petitions to God.

Prayer for Peace

Father God, my heart is filled with chaos and confusion. I feel as if I am drowning in my circumstances and my heart is filled with fear and confusion. I really need the strength and peace that only You can give. Right now, I choose to rest in You. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland.

Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

Lord, my heart is broken but You are near. My spirit is crushed, but You are my rescuer. Your Word is my hope. It revives me and comforts me in especially now. My soul faints, but you are the breath of life within me.

You are my help, the One who sustains me. I am weak but You are strong. You bless those who mourn, and I trust You to bless me and my family with all that we need. You will rescue me from this dark cloud of despair because You delight in me.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Jennifer White

Prayer for Perseverance

Holy Lord, Thank You for grace. Please help me move beyond the hurdles that trip me up and give me the strength and wisdom to look up and see the hope I run toward in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Gwen Smith

Prayer for Self Control

Father, today I ask forgiveness of all the negative and harmful words I have spoken about myself. I do not want to abuse myself in such a way again. Transform my thoughts and let me understand how marvelously you made me. Change my habits so I use my tongue to speak hope and favor upon my life. In Jesus' name, Amen. ~ Sarah Coleman

Prayer for Loving Jesus

Father, I have to thank You for looking beyond my faults and for loving me unconditionally. Forgive me when I fail to love others in the same way. Give me eyes to see the needs of the difficult people in my life, and show me how to meet those needs in a way that pleases You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer for God’s Direction

Lord, help me not to lean on my own understanding but in everything acknowledge You so that You can direct my words, thoughts and actions. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Sharon Glasgow

Prayer For Worry

Father, I am tempted to worry about so many things. Our world is a mess! Forgive me for focusing on anything or anyone but You. Thank You for the Bible that equips and empowers me to live each day. Right now, I declare that You are my only Hope. Please help me remember that You really are in control. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer for God’s Strength

Lord, thank you for your greatness. Thank you that when I am weak, you are strong. Lord, the Devil is scheming and I know he desires to keep me from spending time with you. Don’t let him win! Give me a measure of your strength so that I might not give into discouragement, deception and doubt! Help me honor you in all my ways. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Debbie Przybylski

~ Debbie Przybylski

Prayer When Feeling Inadequate

Dear Lord, Thank You for fearfully and wonderfully creating each of us. Thank You for giving us worth in Your eyes. Help us live as the one You uniquely intended us to be. Help us abide instead of strive, living peacefully and joyfully as heirs to Your Kingdom and co-heirs with Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Julie Sunne

Prayer for Being Grateful

Father, I am so sorry for the way I complain about my circumstances. Please forgive me for my bad attitude when things don't go my way.

I want to see Your hand in every part of every day – good or bad.

Help me learn how to face every storm with confidence, knowing that You really are in control even though I cannot hear Your voice or see Your hand at work. In Jesus Name, Amen. ~ Mary Southerland

Prayer of God’s Provision

Dear Father God, Thank You for Your unfailing love for me, Your blessings, and goodness. Thank You for Your faithfulness to guide me and see me through times of uncertainty, for lifting me up, and setting me on high.

Thank You for Scripture that comforts and reminds me of Your promises, plan, and provision. Thank you for taking away my fears and worries, the what-ifs, and reminding me that my help comes from You. Help me be a good steward and to sow wisely.

In Christ’s Name, Amen. ~ Renee Davis

Prayer for Growing Faith

Dear Lord, help me – every single morning – to find faith in the midst of the chaos. Give me the desire and ability to see You, hear You, talk to You, and give thanks to You.

And as I do, I pray that I will draw nearer and nearer to You, and that my faith will multiply exponentially as I understand in new, deeper ways that You are everything I ever hoped You would be. And so much more.

Amen. ~ Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Prayer for Confidence

Lord, help me let go of my fear of failure. I know Satan wants to use my fears to hold me back from living boldly for You.

Forgive me for not living in faith, and help me from this moment on to live with bold confidence in You. Lord, help me not compare myself to others around me.

I pray instead that I can keep my eye on You and live a life that proclaims Your excellence. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. ~ Rick Warren

Prayer for a Heavy Heart

Lord, I want to lay before you all that weighs heavy on my heart. Reveal even the sin I am not aware of, Lord. I lay these at your feet and pray your forgiveness on me. I believe you when you say that you wash us whiter than snow. Thank you Lord for your unending love for me! Help me start fresh right now to make choices that honor you. In Jesus' Name, Amen. ~ Rick Warren 

Father, sometimes it does feel that you have left us in the battle. We know that you are with us, but so are our feelings of aloneness. The Enemy seems to be taking ground. Our crying out to you seems to go unanswered. We know you are at work, but help us trust you in the midst of our questions. In Jesus' Name, Amen. ~ Ron Moore 

Short Prayer for Thankfulness

God, sometimes life gets me down and I find it hard to see things to be thankful for. Open my eyes to see the gifts you’ve given me in my life. I’m going to start by thanking you for loving me enough to come to earth and die so we can live together forever. Amen. ~ Wendy van Eyck

Prayer for Restored Relationships

Father God, open my eyes to see the ways I’m Cain.

What conflicts am I allowing to brew in my family? What anger is bubbling into murderous rage in my relationships? Thank You for the clarity to see how hatred kills relationships.

I choose instead the way of love. Love protects. Help me to protect those I love by loving them. Your way is always best, Father. I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ James MacDonald

Which one of these short prayers spoke the most to you and how can we be praying for you? Comment below and let us know! 

This article is part of our larger Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can't find the words to pray.

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Now available is our new Daily Prayer devotional! An easy way to find start your day with prayer, read today’s prayer and sign up to receive by email.

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