Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

By Saadia Z. Yunus

“When it rains, it really does pour,” she said aloud. “Why do horrible things happen to me?” It was just too easy to think this way, to look around and see that so many people had it better than her. She had lost her job and was finding it difficult to pay the bills.

On top of it all, she had been feeling very sick and had no medical insurance to afford a doctor or medication. “Life is just too hard,” she said to herself. Tears streamed down her cheeks. But, just then, she received a text message from a friend. It read, “Call me when you get a chance.

I’m going through something and need your amazing advice.”

She quickly wiped her tears, paused for a moment, and thought, “She needs advice from me? When I feel as if I have nothing to hold onto? Wow! Maybe I do have something to be thankful for after all.” It was just a simple reminder that helped brighten her perspective for the rest of the day. She smiled as she picked up the phone.

Learning Gratitude

Gratitude— a simple word with a dynamic power in its meaning and application. We often forget to cultivate and practice gratitude, overlooking how life-changing it can be. An attitude of gratitude has the ability to make a harsh reality seem tolerable, giving light to a gloomy disposition and dispelling negative attitudes, thoughts, and feelings with wondrous speed.

Research done by the University of California, Berkeley, has revealed that gratitude leads to a stronger immune system, healthier blood pressure, greater joy, optimism, and sense of overall well-being, acting with more generosity and compassion, and feeling less lonely and isolated ( gratitude/). Participants in the study simply recorded five things they were grateful for each day. This small exercise proved to have enormous benefits. Imagine what a permanent attitude of gratitude can accomplish!

According to Islam, our ultimate gratitude is to God, our Creator and Sustainer who grants us existence and furnishes us with cognitive and emotional faculties, as well as the potential to understand and appreciate their value and benefit. “It is He who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing, and He gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affection so that you may give thanks [to God]” (Quran, 16:78).

God, our Maker, has given us abundant opportunities, to live and thrive on this earth. From the greatest creative enterprise to the most basic regularity of our beating hearts — all is owed to Him first and foremost.

If we forget the elemental requirement of thankfulness, then we are only doing a disservice to ourselves.

If we do not feel gratitude to the Creator, how can we be thankful to anyone else? How can we appreciate the good things in our own selves and in our daily experience? (Did you know that one of the attributes of God is Ash-Shakur, the “Appreciative One”?)

Not only did God give us our very lives, He has provided a beautiful world for us to abide in, with countless resources for our use. God says in the Quran,

It is God who created the heavens and earth, who has sent down water from the sky and with it brought forth produce to nourish you; He has made ships useful to you, sailing the sea by His command, and the rivers too; He has made the sun and the moon useful to you, steady on their paths; He has made the night and day useful to you and given you some of everything you asked Him for. If you tried to count God’s favours you could never calculate them: man is truly unjust and ungrateful. (Quran, 14:32-34).

All that we have accomplished and all that we possess are due to God’s bountiful provision.

We must recognize the powerful concept mentioned in the verse: that we would never be able to even count the blessings God has given us.

After realizing that God’s blessings are fundamental to our existence and endless in their scope, who are we to be heedless and unthankful? That is nothing less than delusion of self-sufficiency.

Fruits of Gratitude

Thanking God for our blessings seem obvious, but what about thanking Him even in the midst of hardship? In the Quran, God reminds us: “You may dis something although it is good for you, or something although it is bad for you: God knows and you do not.” (Qur’an 2: 216).

Although a hardship seems far from “something which is good” when we are enduring it, the feeling of gratitude during the difficulty has the power to transform the burden, lighten the load, and provide a perspective that looks beyond the moment’s distress. The test will, thus, be easier to bear, and the negative effects of the difficult situation will be offset by our determination to stay balanced and remain open to valuable lessons and opportunities to augment our God-consciousness.

Yet another fruit of gratitude is the promise of additional blessings. “And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe’ ” (Quran, 14:7).

Being grateful to God will bring additional favors, while being ungrateful calls for God’s punishment. We will be asked about each and every gift that we have been given, as to whether or not we thanked God sufficiently.

Will we be prepared with the right answer? (Learn more about The Concept of Gratitude in Islam.)

Cultivating Gratitude

  • Let the remembrance of God guide you throughout the day.
  • Write a list at the end of each day of five things to be grateful for; keep a gratitude journal.
  • Practice thanking others for the simple things they do for you; write a thank you letter to someone who has impacted your life in a positive way.
  • Remember the people who are less fortunate than you, step into their shoes, empathize with their plight, and do something, even if small, to alleviate someone else’s difficulty.
  • When tough times set in, focus on the positives. Things could be much worse.
  • Remind yourself often to adopt the attitude of gratitude and smile!

Adapted from an article published in Message Magazine.

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Attitude of Gratitude: Key to opening the Gateway of the Spiritual Heart

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is a system of thought that is empowered by feelings of appreciation, love, joy, and well being.

This system of thought opens the gateway of the spiritual Heart, allowing access to higher qualities such as intuition, inner peace and guidance, and inspiration.

Opening the Heart with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation creates a coherent energetic heart field, as demonstrated by research studies conducted at The Institute of Heartmath in Boulder Creek, Colorado.

This coherent heart field extends outward from the body, sending critical signals and information to every cell in the body, as well as interacting with the energy fields all around us – including other people.

Gratitude, which is a quality of love, is absolutely essential to creating health, abundance, and well being or happiness in our individual life experience. It also impacts those around us, having a ripple effect that has been documented with scientific research as well.

To practice an attitude of gratitude in your life, try some of the following tried and true activities:

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write down at least five things you are grateful for each day. It is best to do this at bedtime, helping you attain deep restful sleep, and setting intentions for more good things to enter your life tomorrow.
  • Read inspirational quotes of gratitude. You can find these online or in bookstores. You can even share some of your favorite quotes here.
  • Learn Meditation Techniques. Meditation quiets the mind and allows access to the spiritual Heart center. Use visualization to help you achieve feelings of gratitude and inner peace, opening the Heart and creating a coherent heart field and all the benefits that will bring.
  • Take a walk in nature, or enjoy looking at beautiful art, or listening to music that inspires you.
  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Let them know specifically what it is that you value so much in your relationship with them. Even if it's the waitress who brings you a cup of coffee, don't miss a single opportunity to express gratitude to others!

There are many, many ways to develop and express an attitude of gratitude. It is perhaps the most important investment you could ever make if you wish to create of life experience filled with joy, health, and prosperity.

I have found in my own life that forgiveness is sometimes necessary before true gratitude can be felt. If there is anything you need to forgive – about yourself, or others – take the time and make the effort to learn what true forgiveness is, and remove the blocks to enjoying real peace and gratitude.

Learn about more ways to develop An Attitude of Gratitude:

Read Gratitude Quotes and Books, Keep a Gratitude Journal – Gratitude quotes can be helpful when we are experiencing challenges in our lives that can make it difficult to feel or express appreciation. 

Download and read this free ebook The Appreciative Heart  from the Institute of HeartMath: Learn two quick techniques for creating Heart Coherence and connecting Mind with Heart. 

Discover the Go Gratitude Experiment – 42 short, inspiring and instructional “knew views on Gratitude” messages delivered straight to your heart, mind and email inbox, one day at a time, over a 42 day period. We've crafted these unique, whole-brained messages to be super easy to digest by appealing to both the left and right brain. 

ButterBeeHappy: 5 Happy Thoughts A Day, Bee Happier – Gratitude makes you happier. People are always looking for the secret to being happier. ButterBeeHappy.

com doesn't claim to fix all problems, but our users do claim to feel happier after keeping a journal of gratitude and happy thoughts. is research by psychologists Ben-Shahar, Emmons, and McCullough.

Tal Ben-Shahar wrote the book Happier which directly influenced It just makes sense- most of us don't stop to think about the things that make us happy. 

Create An Attitude of Gratitude with Wisdom Quotes: To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action.

Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.

– Albert Schweitzer 

The New Science of Thank You – What if, instead of wallowing in our misery, we all chose to focus on being valued by a dear friend, for example, or the memory of a colleague’s face when she receives a surprise birthday cake at work, or the smooth ride we’ve had to work in the past week? As science is now proving, feeling grateful can actually make us healthier, literally. We’ll sleep better and exercise more. We’ll feel more optimistic. We’ll be more alert and active. And if we do this over a period of time, we’ll realize that we’re making progress toward our life goals. 

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Ho’oponopono – Best Prayer for Attitude of Gratitude and Forgiveness

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

We must live our life with the feeling of Attitude of Gratitude. Feel gratitude for whatever you have in life, as you must have heard Gratitude grows in multitude.

How does this happen? Whenever you are in a state of Gratitude, your vibrational frequency increases and Universe knows no language than your frequency. The higher your frequency, more close you are to get responses from the Universe.

So be always in a state of gratefulness and gratitude. Be Always grateful for everything in life, for your friends, family, job, literally for anything. When you express gratitude, Universe recognizes your frequency and gives you more of that.

Forgiveness exercise is also nothing but increasing your own frequency level. You want to forgive yourself and others. If something goes wrong, negative feelings anger, jealousy arises which lower down your vibration, or in a contrary situation if you find yourself guilty for a situation, feelings shame, fear, grief guilt and envy arises, which again lower down your vibrational frequency.

In either case practice Ho’oponopono prayer. When you practice this prayer, you are freed from negative emotions and feelings and increase your mind frequencies which are nothing but love and compassion.

Be Compassionate in every situation, is the mantra of Ho’oponopono.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Wikipedia defines Ho’oponopono as follows:

“Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless.

Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member. There is also a New Age practice that goes by the same name.”

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice for healing. Healing can be done through this prayer. The basic concept is if you do any wrong deeds, you feel guilty about it and that guilt feeling transmits into an illness. Illness to you or other family members.

So basically Ho’oponopono started as a method of regression or correction of any wrong deed.

Magical Mantra of Ho’oponopono

these four magical sentences can free you from your subconscious burden which you carry within you. What Ihaleakaa Hew Len describes as a Data which you carry within about your past, past actions about which you don’t feel good or maybe you are feeling guilty. Whatever the situation is, intend to be free from these negative feelings and say this Ho’oponopono mantra :

I am Sorry,

Please Forgive me,

Thank You,

I Love You.

These four lines are repentance, regret, gratitude, and Love.

You repent, regret, show gratitude and the last line acts as the counter part for your feeling of anger, envy, shame, fear, grief and guilt.

How to perform Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a very simple yet very powerful healing method. As stated earlier it is four major feelings starting from repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love.

1. Start with noticing something wrong

Ho’oponopono is a cleansing practice, which heals you from the core. First thing needs to do is to recognize any negative feeling within, remember anything that is or was went wrong.

Start with any one situation relating to your job, your business, your family, relationships, government etc.

2. Start to clean on the feelings

No need to blame anybody, just visualize the event in your mind, allow yourself to emerge any emotion related, be anger, frustration, fear, grief, guilt. Bring any emotions to surface, look clearly at these feelings and now say in your mind or aloud this Ho’oponopono mantra. Repeat it until you feel released.

3. Cleanse all emotions one by one

Hew Len call all these negative experiences which we collect through all of our lifetimes as “Data”. According to him, all these negative experiences are nothing but the data collected and stored in our subconscious mind over a period.

So be gentle with yourself. Cleanse your data, one by one at a time.

4. The process of cleaning and healing yourself

Ho’oponopono is a process of cleaning and healing yourself by simply repeating this prayer daily as much as you needed. You may repeat this mantra in every situation. Whenever you feel something went wrong, keep repeating this mantra.

Tip on when to say Ho’oponopono

You can say this prayer at any time of the day and as much as you want. It’s a good idea to keep a watch on your own karma and as you notice something went wrong, say this prayer.

The best time to say this mantra is when you go to bed. Before going to bed, repeat this mantra, revising your daily activities, noticing any event which might be hurt any of the concern.

Your subconscious mind gets activated when you are about to sleep. Repeating Ho’oponopono this time will be most beneficial as it removes any tension caused during the day, cleanses your karma and gets ready yourself for the next day.

1. Increased ability to cope up with negative feelings

There is no denying that living a stressful life is becoming more difficult nowadays. Many incidents which disturb our mental and emotional peace occurs on a daily basis. As a result, we store many negative feelings in our mind and most of the time we are not aware of how to deal with these negative feelings.

While practicing Ho’oponopono, you intentionally see these negative feelings in your mind and face the situation again on a mental level. This gives you the ability to see these events and emotions neutrally and slowly you learn to cope with negative feelings.

As you start you may find it difficult, and I know it’s quite difficult, but this initial resistance slowly fades away, when you try to overcome this hurdle.

Once you able to see these feelings neutrally, now you can easily cope up with these negative feelings next time you come across.

2. You become more open and honest with yourself

The core function of Ho’oponopono is to accept your 100% responsibility.

When you accept your responsibility how to react in any given situation and see clearly how you behave in a certain situation, right or wrong, you started becoming more open to realizing your feelings.

It’s not a procedure of judging yourself whether you are right or wrong but realizing the emotions that occur in a certain situation and how you deal with it.

The whole process helps us to become more honest with your emotions, your way of racing to these situations and overall with yourself.

3. Leads to more controlled actions and thoughts

When you objectively look over your emotions, negative feelings and the way you respond to them, ultimately leads you to more controlled way of how you react to the tense and stressful situations.

When you practice Ho’oponopono over a period, you are used to having a neutral outlook towards your thoughts, and situations.

4. Let go of emotional baggage

In any stressful or negative situation, we either put blame on others or ourselves for the situation. Naturally either you are facing anger, stress or shame and guilt.

But when you practice Ho’oponopono, you release both of these negative situations and freed yourself from these negative emotions.

Emotional baggage which you are carrying over a time, get released by the daily, and consistent practice of Ho’oponopono.

5. Help to find peace with yourself

In many situations, you find yourself helpless, when people tried to wrong you for no reason, for without any mistake of yours. Undoubtedly in situations this, you tend to get angry, anxious and lose your peace of mind.

Practicing Ho’oponopono in such situations can tremendously help you. In every negative situation which we face, thanking the other person and situation, for learning a great lesson, will instantly calm down your hyper feelings.

No doubt, it’s not easy to say this forgiveness mantra when you are not at all guilty. But forgiving others, will help you to release any negative emotions that you may be facing anger, anxiety.

Forgiving others for no mistake of yours will tremendously help you. Help yourself by practicing Ho’oponopono in such situations.

6. Reduce stress level and increase in happiness

The whole procedure of this sequence of recognizing your own emotions, facing them honestly, praying Ho’oponopono, on a regular basis, ultimately leads to more relaxed and reduce the stress level in your life.

Slowly you will be able to face these stressful situations and your reactions in a more controlled way increases happiness in your life.

7. Help to recognize your inner strength

The regular practice of Ho’oponopono able you to identify any emotion which may arise beforehand, increase your ability to handle any negative situation.

These abilities make you more conscious of your inner strength, and you deal with life more confidently.

8. Over all good health for yourself

Ho’oponopono ultimately leads to an overall good physical, mental and emotional health for you. Practicing Ho’oponopono regularly gives you a better control over your emotions and better way to handle these situations.

As you start living a more relaxed and stress-free life, your overall health improves drastically. A healthy mind leads to a healthy physical and emotional health as well.


Healing through Ho’oponopono is a very easy but effective way to heal any situation. We spend a ton of money on our health but try this simple method of praying Ho’oponopono and notice the difference in a few weeks.

Working with Ho’oponopono is nothing but working with our subconscious. The subconscious data which we are unable to cleanse can be easily cleaned and removed by deliberate and definite way of practicing Ho’oponopono.

Have you practicing Ho’oponopono, how was your experience of working this healing method. will you share some of your experiences with Ho’oponopono in comments below.

I would to know how you feel after practicing Ho’oponopono, and if you are not practicing yet, I highly recommend this method for cleansing on a subconscious level.

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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude – IHOPKC Blog

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

Complaints are common in our society, often raising little concern. But sometimes they’re hidden under the guise of critiques and feedback. Other times they’re insulated in the cloak of freedom of expression, or just our everyday conversation.

When the boss has unreasonable, last-minute requests and offensive words, or a  loved one is impatient and harsh, we can start to feel unappreciated or even attacked. And often the words we use to describe the situation aren’t the most edifying or encouraging.

What we can see as simply voicing our opinions or feelings, from a disgruntled heart, is actually what the Lord refers to as grumbling and complaining and it can be very dangerous.

Phillipians 2:14–15 reminds us to “Do all things without murmuring and disputing, that you may be blameless and harmless, sons of God, without fault, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, in which you shine as lights in the world.”

Although it’s good to avoid complaining, what’s more beneficial is cultivating an attitude of gratitude that shifts our perspective and helps us focus on truth and what really matters.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let everyone come to know your gentleness. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with gratitude, make your requests known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will protect your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:4–7)

Not only are we commanded to be thankful and grateful—which means we’re able to carry this command out through the power of the Holy Spirit—but Jesus modeled this in His own conversations with His Father.

“At that time Jesus said, ‘I thank You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to infants.'” Mt. 11:25

“Then He took the cup, and after He gave thanks, He gave it to them, saying, ‘Drink of it, all of you.'” Mt. 26:27

“Then He took the bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is My body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of Me.'” Lk. 22:19

“So they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was lying. Jesus lifted up His eyes and said, ‘Father, I thank You that You have heard Me.'” Jn. 11:41

Thanksgiving springs from the place of realizing all that has been done for us as followers of Christ and understanding all we’ve received as children of God.

 Instead of agreeing with accusation that God is unjust and that life should be different, we are able to ask for the Lord’s perspective and see negative moments in the light of how greatly we are loved and what has been done for us that will last into eternity.

There are times when it feels as if life’s not “going right,” but there are many times when we simply need the Lord to shift our perspective about what it is He’s leading us through. Our eyes must be opened to the truth of the good things that the Lord has placed in our lives so that we don’t allow the negative to hinder our view or seem greater than it is.

He’s done great things for us

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” (Jn. 3:16–17)

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will.” (Eph. 1:3–5)

He’s transformed us

“From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (2 Cor. 5:16–17)

“He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6)

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” (Rom. 8:37)

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. (1 Cor. 6:19–20)

He’s given us great things

“For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” (Rom. 6:14)

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” (Jn. 10:10–11)

“As His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.” (2 Pet. 1:3)

In a recent message, Mike Bickle taught on the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude as a key to overcoming in this life. When we see gratitude as the normal, healthy way of life, we can eradicate an ungrateful mentality from our thoughts and complaining from our speech. Get practical tips on how our outlook, speech, and attitude are changed as the Lord brings revelation.

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How to Cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude in the Age of Entitlement

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

Close your eyes and focus on the darkness for a minute….

Please, seriously, just try it… what you’ll gain from this little exercise is well worth feeling silly for a bit.

For many people in this world, that is the daily reality. Every minute. Every day.

If one of them were to stop by and offer you a million dollars for your eyes, for your ability to continue reading, for your ability to see this world and watch your kids grow up… would you?

And yet, have you ever really appreciated your ability to see?

The Entitlement Trap and the Attitude of Gratitude

many of you, I’ve always felt jaded about sayings “count your blessings” or “be thankful for what you have” and so on. When I heard or read that I should be thankful for my ability to see or walk or whatever, I mentally rolled my eyes.

I took everything I had for granted. Worse, I felt cheated when I didn’t get more of what I wanted. Even though I have a wonderful child, I felt sad about my inability to have a second one. Even though I’m married to a really nice guy, I nagged him constantly about what he was not. Even though I had a great job, I hated almost every minute of it.

I hadn’t quite realized it then, but I had defaulted to a person who was constantly unhappy about what I didn’t have instead of being happy about what I did.

And then serendipity brought me to the blog Money Saving Mom. At the outset, the blog is about saving money. And that’s how I found it in the first place. My daughter was just born and I desperately needed diaper deals. So, I found a whole bunch of “deal blogs” and this was one of them.

As my daughter grew older and diaper deals were not relevant to me anymore though, I dropped the other deal blogs. But somehow continued to read Money Saving Mom. There was something different about this blog and its founder Crystal Paine.

Crystal is a devout Christian and writes often about gratitude and grace and such. And even though I am agnostic, I was attracted to how her faith was bringing her happiness and making her a calm, very able person (even though I didn’t know her at all!).

Around the same time, during a conversation with some friends, the topic of prayers came up. One of my friends, the one I least expected, admitted that she says a prayer every night before going to bed. She said it was a “habit” that her parents got her into while she grew up, and it gives her a lot of peace, so she still continues it to this day.

I was going through a very rough season in my life then and often felt lost and confused.

One night on a whim, influenced by Crystal’s insistence that being grateful makes your life much better and my friend’s admission that saying a prayer brings her peace, I said a prayer for my daughter as I put her into bed. She must have been around 2 years old then.

During the next few nights I found myself repeating the prayer. It calmed me down and went something this – “Thank you Lord for the wonderful life we have. Please bless us with health, happiness and peace. Amen.”

That prayer has stuck with us since! My daughter is 5 now. The prayer has been a part of our daily nighttime routine for over 3 years! Most of the time these days, my daughter is the one saying it.

After the first two lines as above she tacks on a custom list of things that she is thankful for that day.

Her list always has mama, dada and some of her favorite stuffed toys, followed by a rather long list of all the fun things she did that day.

Sometimes, I am preoccupied and the moment passes as rote routine. But often, I get pulled into her prayer. The sound of her voice grounds me and helps me appreciate what a wonderful life we do indeed have. It brings me a deep level of peace and calmness. Without a doubt, it has been the spark that has triggered a host of other changes that have transformed my life!

(Note: Normally, these days when I write a post, I try to include science-based evidence to ensure that this site does not deteriorate into a one of those hokum-advice self-help sites… you (and I) deserve better! Today’s article however, is a very personal one for me – so I am going to refer you to Jeremy Dean’s blog, a resource I use regularly, for evidence that gratitude can increase happiness and go with the personal nature of this post.)

Why Cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude

I’m not sure if this is true for everyone, but I’ve personally found that cultivating an attitude of gratitude isn’t actually easy.

Even to this day, many times I find that my first reaction is to whine about something that went wrong or is lacking, instead of feeling happy about what is right or what is already present. Sadly, it’s something I notice in my daughter as well.

So, I’m making a conscious attempt to be more grateful. Some specific places where I try to apply gratitude are –

  • Dealing with disappointment: For example, I’d always wanted to have two kids. It wasn’t in the cards for us. Even though I’ve kinda made my peace with it, I still find myself feeling a sense of disappointment and envy when I see/meet people with two kids. At these times, I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have one in the first place. I hang on to the words of Jennifer Gresham who struggled with this as well and put it so eloquently – “I won the lottery once. Who am I to complain I can’t win a second time?”
  • Dealing with criticism: When someone criticises me, I find it hard to accept. In particular when the criticism comes from my mother-in-law

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