Prayer for A Woman who is Alone

A Prayer For Wives Who Don’t Feel Loved

Prayer for A Woman who is Alone

Commitment is hard to honor when marriage doesn't feel love. There are undoubtedly unsafe situations that require immediate escape through the Father's guidance. But for many, marriage slowly fades into an agreement on paper. This leaves so many wives who don’t feel loved.

Prayer removes the sharp edge of sadness, and restores life to hopeless marriages.

1. Seek God first.

God said, “It's not good for man to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18) but He never said we couldn't survive without marriage. Jesus died so the void of every earthly relationship could be filled by the reciprocal love we are wired to crave from our Father in heaven. Sometimes the riff in our marriage is caused from a lack of time in His presence.

2. Build up from the hurt.

“Suffering produces perseverance,” Paul said in Romans 5:3. Our trials produce strength when we navigate them in honesty with God, ourselves, and our spouses. The timely anguish inside a marriage can fester and destroy, unless we choose to see the opportunity for growth in every hurt.

3. Come to God with your sorrows in prayer.

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him” (2 Chronicles 16:9). Honest prayer is a powerful weapon. God honors our transparency when we come to Him in hopeless moments. When we seek His will over ours, God promises to mend our hearts.

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Please pray with me:

Father, You are powerful to seek us out individually when we cry to You. Marriage is a gift and a treasure, perfectly designed by You and executed by us. Praise You for Your patience to hear us when we cry and comfort us when we want to give up.

“Till death do us part” seems an eternity when it's crumbling. We did not expect “for worse” to mean “overlooked” by the man who stood at the end of the aisle.

Tears aren't so sweet when they fall decades into the same struggles. Help us hold on tight to the promise that You love us infinitely more than our husbands every could.

We praise You for proclaiming the impossible over our lives when we feel hopeless and forgotten.

Turned down pictures hide smiles of unkept promises, but happy memories keep our hearts from imploding under the strain of fading friendship. Forgive us for the blessings we take for granted in our marriages. Homes, children, pets, family, shared meals, vacations, laughter, and the blessed day we all said, “I do.”

Thank you for giving us someone to share jokes, mourn loss, take adventures and raise little lives with.

When we acknowledge that You love us infinitely more than our spouse is obliged, our expectations are blessed. Bless us to know the difference between intentional hurt and mistaken words. Forgive us for holding our husbands accountable for a love that we can only receive from You, Father. A love that sent Jesus to the cross to pay for our sins.

The world surrounds us with reminders of lonely people. And though we sometimes feel alone in married life, we are not. You have blessed us with another person to walk through this life with.

There are many hard times, but also many good. Thank You for the blessings You bestow on our lives. You did not build this world on fading feelings, and those moments that crumble upon our backs are fleeting.

Uphold us under attack, and stir our hearts to run to You in prayer for the survival of our marriages.

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Father, there are wives in dangerous situations all over the world tonight. Much more than arguments and loneliness, they battle abuse of all kinds.

Please be with those women in a special way as we pray today and strengthen them to run to you for deliverance from their pain. Bless these women that suffer with the courage they need to seek shelter from fear and life-threatening situations.

Move their hearts to cry out to You for rescue, knowing in faith that You hear them, Lord.

Father, You are love. We are not. Help us to remember that it's not our job to get it right all of the time. We are created in Your image but we are not You and cannot love, or receive love, perfectly.

Bless our marriages with a camaraderie of seeking You above each other, in trust that You hear us, love us, and are capable of the impossible. Send Your Spirit to guide us in daily prayer for our husbands and our marriages.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Megs is a stay-at-home mom and blogger at //, where she writes about everyday life within the love of Christ.

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Heartfelt Prayers for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant ⋆ She Blossoms

Prayer for A Woman who is Alone

Are you searching for a miracle prayer for getting pregnant? This prayer for women who want to have a baby will soothe your soul, heart and spirit. Praying to get pregnant can be emotional because you want to a baby so much and your body just isn’t cooperating.

You may also be searching for help on how to pray for healing in your body, or even help with your marriage. So much in your heart, so many prayers for pregnancy and healing! And so few words.

These thoughts and prayers for pregnancy will help you stay focused on God’s love, light, and will for your life.

You will find a new sense of faith and – more importantly – connection with Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, Hannah’s prayer for pregnancy was answered in 1 Samuel 1. It’s important to know why her prayer for a baby was granted by God.

I’ll share the passage of Scripture here and explain what I recently learned about Hannah’s prayer for getting pregnant and having a baby.

You’ll find the help and hope you’re looking for – especially if you’ve been trying to conceive a baby for a long time.

You may want to get pregnant more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. If you’re desperate to have a baby, your prayers may be more about your own wants and needs than accepting God’s will for your life.

This can be a dangerous place to be because you’ll be devastated if you don’t get pregnant quickly.

And what happens if you pray to get pregnant but you don’t have a baby? This is why it’s important to put God’s loving will for your life ahead of your own yearning to get pregnant.

Prayers for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant

Below is Hannah’s prayer for pregnancy and a healthy baby boy in 1 Samuel 1. I’ll explain what I learned about praying for a baby from a recent Tim Keller sermon podcast. Then, I’ll share a Centering Prayer for Pregnancy, which I originally posted eight years ago when I was praying for a baby.

Remember that prayer isn’t about getting what you want. Praying – even to get pregnant and have a baby – is about changing your heart and mind to align with God’s will for your life. No matter important it is to have a baby, you’ll have a more joyful and peaceful life if all you want is God’s best for you.

Prayer is about spending time with God so you get to know Him better. Praying for a baby isn’t just about getting pregnant; it’s about taking your relationship with Jesus to a deeper, more personal and healthy level. Praying is about learning how to be stable, secure, and peaceful no matter what happens in your life. 

Hannah’s Prayer for a Pregnancy

On one occasion, Hannah got up after they ate and drank at Shiloh. The priest Eli was sitting on a chair by the doorpost of the Lord’s temple. Deeply hurt, Hannah prayed to the Lord and wept with many tears.

Making a vow, she pleaded, “Lord of Armies, if you will take notice of your servant’s affliction, remember and not forget me, and give your servant a son, I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and his hair will never be cut.”

While she continued praying in the Lord’s presence, Eli watched her mouth. Hannah was praying silently, and though her lips were moving, her voice could not be heard. Eli thought she was drunk and said to her, “How long are you going to be drunk? Get rid of your wine!”

“No, my lord,” Hannah replied. “I am a woman with a broken heart. I haven’t had any wine or beer; I’ve been pouring out my heart before the Lord. Don’t think of me as a wicked woman; I’ve been praying from the depth of my anguish and resentment.”

Eli responded, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant the request you’ve made of him.” “May your servant find favor with you,” she replied. Then Hannah went on her way; she ate and no longer looked despondent.

From 1 Samuel 1 – The Christian Standard Bible.

Why God granted Hannah’s prayer to get pregnant

Look at the parts that I bolded: Hannah didn’t just “give” her baby to God – she vowed to completely and totally set her son apart for a holy life. Then, Hannah became radiant, and she worshipped God — even before her prayers to get pregnant were answered!

Hannah didn’t worship God radiantly and fervently after she got pregnant. She was a woman after God’s own heart before she conceived her baby. She released her grip, she loosened her grasp, she let go of her desperate yearning to get pregnant. She prayed for a baby, but she didn’t make it the center of her life, her heart, and her worship.

Hannah loved God for who He is, not what He could give her.

It wasn’t that Hannah said the right things when she was praying for a baby, or that she recited a centering prayer for pregnancy that convinced God to open her womb! It was that she released her desperate grip to get pregnant. She let go of the neediness, the yearning, the clawing frenetic desire to have a baby.

Worship God for who He is when you pray for a baby

Praying to Get Pregnant

Praying for a baby can be a beautiful act of worship – if it comes from a heart that is completely submitted to God’s will for your life. When your spirit is open and accepting to whatever God has in store for you, you become free from the desperation that many women feel when they’re depressed because they can’t get pregnant.

It’s good to pray for a baby – God wants us to ask Him for the desires of our hearts! But, if you set your heart, mind and soul on having a baby, then you’re not open to God’s holy and perfect will for your life. Basing your happiness on a child is a mistake. God may still grant your prayer for a pregnancy, but your happiness will always be tied up with your kid. And that, my friend, will eventually break your heart.

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard.

Allow God to change your heart as you keep praying for a baby. Trust Him. Learn what it means to really, truly be open to whatever He has planned for your life and family. Learn how to worship God for who He is — even if you’re not pregnant. Even if you’ve been saying prayers for a pregnancy for years.

Below is the “centering prayer for pregnancy” that I originally shared eight years ago, when I was praying for a baby. Remember that it’s one way to pray for a baby, but it’s not a miracle prayer that guarantees you’ll get pregnant.

It’s important to trust God to prepare your body for pregnancy, and it’s also important to take care of your health! God gave us doctors, research studies, and brains to help us get and stay healthy. If you’re not taking good care of your body – or if your husband isn’t taking care of his fertility and sperm health – then you are delaying your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’re praying for a baby because you’re coping with fertility issues, you might also add a prayer for healing for your and your husband’s body. Always remember that prayer isn’t about getting the pregnancy you want…it’s about finding the strength, hope, and peace to live with what God allows into your life.

You’ll find Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s helpful if you’re worried about your ability to conceive a baby or if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time. 

Health and fertility expert Aimee Raupp has helped hundreds of women optimize their fertility and get pregnant, even after age 40.

In this book she shares her complete program for improving your chances of conceiving and overcoming infertility, including the most effective complementary and lifestyle approaches and the latest nutritional advice.

Her remedies help you how to get in tune with your body, eat the best fertility-enhancing foods, and avoid environmental toxins to achieve a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

Centering Prayer for Pregnancy

Centering prayer is an ancient meditative art that involves silencing your heart and mind. Take a deep breath, and allow God’s peace, love, joy and freedom to fill your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon you, to give you the peace that passes all understanding.

Centering prayer is a way to calm your mind and still your spirit, to instill your body with a sense of peace and health, and to create a heart of acceptance towards what God wills in your life.

These four steps will guide you through a centering prayer for pregnancy. Remember that your goal isn’t just to get pregnant. It’s to get closer to God, and to align your will with His will for you and your family.

1. Choose a sacred word or phrase that symbolizes your prayer for pregnancy

The focus of centering prayer is to consent to God’s presence and action within.

Choose a word or phrase that helps you remember that you are consenting to God’s work and power in your life – whether that means getting pregnant or not getting pregnant.

For instance, your sacred word could be “Trust” or “Hope” or “God’s will be done” or “Acceptance.” Note that it’s not necessarily “praying for a baby” or “increased fertility” or “conception”! The idea is to be open to what God has in store.

2. Find a comfortable position and quiet space when you pray for a baby

Where can you pray comfortably for 20 minutes? Try not to pray in a place where you’ll fall asleep or be distracted. Close your eyes and let go of everything happening within you – all your hopes and yearnings and wishes to be pregnant. Your prayer to get pregnant is meant to soothe your mind, heart, and spirit.

When you’re praying for a baby, be prepared for distractions, such as images, feelings, reflections, physical sensations, and unexpected thoughts…and use your sacred word to ease those distractions.

3. Use your sacred word in your pregnancy prayer

Whatever disruptive thoughts or emotions come to you, lay your sacred word over them. For example if you start to feel scared you’ll never get pregnant, repeat “Trust” or “Acceptance” until you feel calm and focused on God. If you keep frantically thinking about getting pregnant or what will happen if you don’t get pregnant, savor your sacred word: “Faith” or “God’s will be done.”

Practice saying these words and phrases at different times during the day. Worshipping God for who He is – not what He gives you – goes far beyond a set time of centering prayer for a pregnancy.

4. Rest in silence after you pray for a baby

Taking two or three minutes to transition from centering prayer to back to your everyday life. This helps set and cement your intimacy with God in your heart, mind, and soul. A huge and exciting benefit of learning how to pray for a baby is that it helps you feel peaceful, hopeful, faithful, and able to accept of whatever God allows into your life.

No prayer to get pregnant will guarantee you’ll conceive a baby, but prayer can may you spiritually, physically, and emotionally stronger to deal with whatever happens.

The purpose of pregnancy prayer is to give you peace, hope, and acceptance – whether or not you get pregnant. Knowing how to pray for a baby is important – and so is knowing when it’s time to get medical advice from fertility specialists. 

Is it taking longer than a year to get pregnant? Read Find Out Why You Can’t Get Pregnant – 4 Fertility Checklists.

Help With Pregnancy Prayers

In Praying Through Your Pregnancy A Week-by-Week Guide, Jennifer Polimino Carolyn Warren share fresh spiritual insight for pregnancy.

Every chapter reveals what is happening with the baby’s development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception, when God begins the creation of either a boy or a girl.

You’ll learn how the confidence you place in God affects the healthy development of your precious growing baby, and how to reduce your own stress and anxiety by looking to the Lord. Jennifer shares excerpts from her pregnancy journal to encourage women to write their own thoughts and feelings about getting pregnant. Each chapter ends with a Mother’s Prayer and Scriptures for Meditation.

Say your prayers for a baby. Keep learning how to pray to get pregnant. Read books on healthy pregnancies, happy births, and smooth transitions to motherhood.

But stay focused on God, who created you and only wants the best for you.

No matter how long it takes to get pregnant and have a baby, be grateful for all the blessings God has already poured into your life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

If you’re not good at saying your prayers, read 5 Ways to Talk to God When You Can’t Pray.


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Becoming a Woman of Prayer

Prayer for A Woman who is Alone

IT’S ME, IT’S ME, IT’S ME, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer is a song I learned as a little girl. The words are still true for me as an older woman. Not only do I need prayer as others intercede for me, but I stand in the need of spending time in prayer.

I wrote this study because of my need for prayer. God made it very clear to me that it was about time I began to deepen my prayer life, and the best way to get started was with Becoming a Woman of Prayer. This is a wonderful aspect of God’s character: He shows us our need and then He creatively begins to meet that need.

If you desire to deepen your understanding of prayer so that you can pray more effectively and draw closer to our Lord, then perhaps this guide is for you too.

During my study of this subject, I have prayed, wept, and been deeply challenged. The prayers of the saints in the Scriptures have helped me verbalize my prayers, and the prayers of godly saints have touched my heart.

The passages on prayer have informed me and taught me how to pray biblically.

The underlying principle of prayer, which overwhelmed me, is that God desires to be intimate with me, and He wants this relationship so much that He invites, encourages, and helps me to pray.

With such an incredible invitation from our Father extended to me, I realized that I would be unwise to refuse such an offer of fellowship and participation in His plans. So I have just begun to enter into the inner room and pray. I invite you to join me, but more importantly God invites you to join Him.

God bless you richly as you study. I pray that your life will never be the same because of your desire to become a woman of prayer.

Cynthia Heald

–for Using This Study–

THIS STUDY IS DESIGNED FOR both individual as well as small group use, and for women of any age or family status.

Many of the questions will guide you into Scripture passages. Ask God to reveal His truth to you through His Word, and don’t be concerned about wrong answers. Bible study references—such as commentaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks—can help you understand particular passages by providing historical background, contexts, and common interpretations.

(In a few cases, you’ll need access to a standard dictionary—such as Webster’s, Random House, or the Oxford American—for general word definitions.) Other questions will ask you to reflect on your own life.

Approach these questions honestly and thoughtfully; however, if you’re doing this study in a group, don’t feel that you must reveal private details of your life experiences.

This study will encourage you to grow in your intimacy with God by exploring what the Bible teaches about prayer. But studying about prayer should never be a substitute for prayer itself. Therefore, each session begins and ends with prayer.

To open your study, a prayer of preparation has been selected from the voices of Christian saints. In closing, you will be invited to write a brief prayer as a way of verbalizing to the Lord the insights and responses He has prompted. Your reflections will be enriched as you immerse them in prayer.

However, the Bible reveals that prayer and the Scriptures are intertwined—so you may want to begin memorizing the suggested Scripture passage at the start of each session. Write the memory verse (from your favorite version) on a card or Post-it, put it in a place where you will see it regularly, and memorize the words.

Let them dwell richly within you as you study and pray. Thank God for who He is and for what He is doing in your life.

The last chapter in Becoming a Woman of Prayer is a guide to spending time alone with God—for a brief interlude or a day-long retreat. If you are meeting in a group for this last session, separate for personal time with the Lord and then gather to share your experiences or to close in collective prayer.

The quotations from classic thinkers and writers have been carefully selected to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the content in Becoming a Woman of Prayer. The references for these quotations (see the Notes section at the back of the book) furnish an excellent devotional reading list.


The Father spoke:

It is time for you to study prayer, My child.

Yes, Father, I know. I have much to learn about prayer.

Prayer is vital to our relationship. It is a key to our intimacy and to your knowledge of Me.

I am humbled that You desire such closeness—that is my desire also.

I invite you to sit at My feet; I long to impart significant truths to you. You know that I am always available.

Yes, I know. Spending consistent time in prayer is a choice I need to make. I am aware that my inconstancy in prayer deprives me of rich times in Your presence.

Perhaps studying My Word will encourage you and equip you to pray. My friendship is with those who fear Me, who have faith in Me, and who choose to enter their private room, close the door, and be alone with Me.

I do reverence you, Father, and I

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A Prayer for Those Who Feel Alone

Prayer for A Woman who is Alone

Lord, there is so much swirling all around me begging for my attention – people, places, things, tasks. Still, in the midst of it all, I feel so alone—as if I stand in this swirling vortex by myself.

For whatever reason, though people surround me, I’m unable to connect with them. It seems that when I try to open up, I am rejected and this rejection insulates me from ever trying again.

For now I feel so alone.

From Those Who Feel Alone:

I’m the first student in my family to attend college. My family is proud of me, but they don’t understand what it took to get here. I have tried to speak to them, but they don’t get it.

I’m often ignored because I’m considered the ‘smart one.’ But smart people also feel. My family means well, but they don’t understand my desire to succeed—that this is how you wired me.

I love my family, but they don’t understand me. I feel so alone.

I’m a young employee starting my dream job after completing college. These folks all speak another language – corporate vernacular they call it, but I have no idea what they’re saying.

Why can’t they speak in simple sentences if they want me to understand? My boss seems nice, but I’m having a hard time trusting her since I’m not sure she has my best interests at heart.

My co-workers seem to fit in or go along, but I can’t seem to do it. I feel so alone.

I’m a wife, newly married. As I discover the joys of marriage, I also discover there’s so much I don’t know about myself or my spouse. Sometimes I can share deep thoughts and we just bond, but other times it seems daunting.

We talked a lot about big things before we were married – children, careers, choices, church, but now Lord, I must admit that some of this is scary as we start this new life together. Living with each other sure is different than occasionally seeing each other.

I feel so alone.

I’m a mother with more children than it seems I can handle. I love my children Lord, but they are a handful. When they were newborns, I wanted them to sleep more. As they toddled, I wanted them to sit more.

Now that they can talk, I wish that they would talk less. I feel the huge weight of responsibility of ensuring that I raise what you have given me in a way that’s pleasing to you. But sometimes I don’t think I’m good enough for the task.

Others seem to manage it so effortlessly. I feel so alone.

I’m a widow whose husband has left this earth, and I miss him. He was ill for a while, so I had some time to get used to his transition. But now that he’s gone I don’t know what to do with myself.

Friends don’t call or check in as often as I wish; when they do call our conversations are stilted. I walk around this house talking to myself because there’s no longer anyone here to talk to. The night time is the hardest because it is unbelievably quiet and dark.

I’m not used to having the bed to myself. The tears fall as I lull myself to sleep. I feel so alone.

Lord, I Know that You are With Me

Lord in each of these stages you have seen your daughter. When I feel alone, I know that you are with me. I know that you have left your Comforter with me and he comforts me in these lonely times. I know that you are Emmanuel, here with me. I know that you are El-Roi and you see me.

I know that you are Jehovah Jireh, a God who meets my needs. Right now I need this feeling of loneliness to diminish. As I talk and pour out my heart to you, just the very act of speaking lets me know that I am not alone. I may feel alone, but I’m not alone. You are with me.

You walk beside me. You are holding my hand. You have wrapped me in your loving embrace. So you see my thoughts and how they tend to isolate me. You see my fear and how it stifles me.

You even see the people you’ve placed in my life and how I’m afraid to reach out; to be vulnerable; to make myself known.

I remember that you prayed before choosing the twelve men who would be your disciples (Luke 6:1). You prayed all night, as it was important to have the right people around you. In the same vein, Lord, before I interact or connect with others, may I spend significant time in your presence as I am now.

Comfort me, direct me, instruct me. Lord forgive me for feeling that I’m all alone. I have you, and I’m reassured of this by the promises in your Word. I thank you for being a balm for the loneliness.

The next time I feel lonely in my circumstances, whether it be as a student, employee, wife or mother, provide the words that I should say. Lord direct my paths; teach me the words to say, mold me into who I am becoming. Our words matter as they foster connection and alleviate loneliness.

So give me words that are apples of gold in frames of silver (Proverbs 25:11); beautiful words, that appeal to the hearers, that help them begin to understand me. Provide the right words for the right situation.

Lord, Help Me Cling to Your Promises and Comfort

Lord, because I expect you to will fulfill your promises in my life, I know I can be at peace. I know that this feeling of loneliness drives me to you which brings peace in a way I can’t understand.

Then as your peace, love, and grace radiate from me, this gives me the courage to reach out. I know that you are working through me. As I bask in your presence, imprint on me that I am never alone.

 So as I reach out to those around me, help me to do so with boldness because I know that you will never leave or forsake me.

Dear Lord, this lonely soul approaches you somewhat at the end of her rope, but knowing that you are always here with me. I thank you, Lord, that this feeling of loneliness is not foreign to you. I thank you, Lord, that with you I’m not alone and that you provide wisdom and courage to connect with those in my life.

Help me to tap into the fellowship of believers in my life; to understand that by knowing them, I see another facet of your love; to know that they can also intercede and provide physical comfort during these times. When all else fails, help me to know that you comfort me, you are trustworthy, you are faithful, you are dependable, and that you are always working.

In those moments when I feel alone, may I wholeheartedly trust you and know that all will be well.


Nylse is a Christian wife and a mother of four who loves life and inspiring others. She s to have fun but is very clear on who she is and Whose she is. A prolific thinker, she blogs to encourage others from a Christian perspective at She can be found online on , , and Pinterest.

This article is part of our Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can't find the words to pray.

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