Our Father, we thank You for our Church Family

Letter to Dad

Our Father, we thank You for our Church Family

It is the letters through which we can share all our feelings. Father is the person whom we find around us always whenever we need some support and encouragement.

We perceive him as the most affectionate, most powerful, and the most knowledgeable person.

So, we cannot afford to miss the chance to treat that person in a special way on his birthday who is one of the biggest support and force behind our survival.

Letters from a son to father

Letters from our part to our fathers would actually mean a token of love and our utmost expressions. It is a very true fact that the relationship of a father and a son is more that of friends. if a son presents a small letter that comprises of his feelings and expressions would be really treasured by the fathers.

Here's a beautiful letter to father from son :

Dear Dad,

As I am writing this letter, I have thousands of thoughts running through my mind. Through this letter I wanted to express my love for you that is honestly hard to put into words. Do you know how much you mean to me? The memories of childhood days and all that you have done to make our home a happy place and growing up such fun.

I can still recall the walks we took, the games we played; those confidential chats we had while resting in the shade. This letter comes to thank you Dad everything you have done for me, that shaped my growing-up days. No words of mine can tell you, Dad, the things I really feel; but you must know my love for you is real and lasting. You made my world a better place.

I'll keep these precious memories as cherished souvenirs.

Your Son.

Dear Dad,

I Love You!

I wanted to write you a love letter, and a thank you note Maybe it’s both. I want to thank you for all of the hugs you have offered me to squeeze the sadness out and all of the pep talks you have given me when I doubted myself. Most of all, thank you for being my partner. Thank you for being my best friend in the world. There's no one who can take your place.

Now that I am miles away from you, I am missing you. I am missing talking to you, sitting in front of you. There not a single moment of my life which doesn't remind me of you! My job, my skill, my knowledge is all because of you. When people praise me for my work, I may not say out loud, but I know in my heart, that praise is because of you.

I know I have embarrassed you many times, I have made you sad many times, I have not met your expectations many times…. But you were still there with me. In my hardest time, whenever I felt weak, I knew you were there holding my hand, telling me to be strong. You aren't overly expressive…but your actions speak for you…

love you Dad! Dad, Now that I am miles away from you, I crave to have those days back, where I know I will see you every morning. Having family dinner together. And Family lunches every Sunday. Dad, I want to be with you again. Now it's my turn to be with you. Now it's my turn to help you with whatever you need, which I know you would never say.

But, I assure you dad we will be soon together. I will be back to be with you. Love You Dad!

Your Son.

A father just you I just want to let you know You mean the world to me. Only a heart as dear as yours would give so unselfishly. The many things you've done All the time that you you were there. Help me know deep down inside How much you really care. Even though I might not say I appreciate all you do.

Richly blessed is how I feel having a father just you.

Letters From a Daughter to Father

Generally, it is the fathers whom the daughters completely adore and fall in love with. Expressing those deep feelings through words in letters is a better and touchy option.

You can also include some famous quotes that aptly match your sentiments as the quotes do have the power of expressing more in fewer words. Few words written with your own hands for your father would be a wonderful present on this father’s day.

A beautiful letter to father from daughter :

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being there when I took my first steps in the world and for holding my hand until I got there. Thank you for being my partner in crime. Thank you for punishing me and teaching me that to succeed in life I need to play by the rules.. Thank you for yelling at me, even when I sobbed and screamed about how much I hated you.

You didn’t deserve the cruel names I called you Thank you for guiding me into becoming the person I am now. Thank you for interrogating any boy brave enough to ask your permission to date me in high school, even for the ones who you chased away because you deemed them unworthy of dating me.

Thank you for telling me that a lot of men in the world are not worthy of my love and attention; and thank you for meaning it. Thank you for offering your shoulder to cry on after my first devastating break-up and my first true heartbreak. You sensed I was upset and didn’t even have to ask.

You comforted me without even saying anything; you put your arm around me and opened your ears to all of my jumbled words and tears. Thank you for listening. Thank you for showing me exactly the kind of man who I deserve to marry, and feels lucky to marry me.

Thank you for being exactly who you are to my mother, so that I can know in the inner strings of my heart that love exists and that I will find it for myself. Even in my own life when I lost hope, you showed me that love is the strongest force in the universe.

Thank you for teaching me to never let go once I find it, and fight for it when I need to. Thank you for believing, for hoping, for smiling, for laughing, for teaching, for loving, for supporting In short, thank you for everything. With love,

Your grown-up daughter 

Dear Father, You were the superhero of my childhood. You are the first man that I ever loved. Your arms were the first place where I felt so safe and protected. Whenever there was something I wanted to know, I knew I could count on you to teach me The smile that comes upon your face when you see me makes me feel so cherished and adored. Thank you for being with me always.

You always know when to offer me advice and when simply to wipe my tears. Seeing you at my games, recitals, graduations, and at dinner time made me feel a priority in your life. “You mean the world to me.” Thank you for being my teacher. You taught me how to ride a bike, throw a ball, open a checking account. Your wisdom is gold to me.

Thank you for being a loving shoulder to cry on when my heart has gotten broken and a hand to high five to celebrate when I achieved a dream. Most of all thank you Dad for being you.. Even if you have not done all these things, I know in my heart you have been the perfect Father for me for you have taught me the life lessons I need to learn.

And no matter how old I am, I will always be your little princess. Happy Father's Day. With love,
Your daughter

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