I Rest in Your Comfort

Are You Installed In Your Comfort Zone?

I Rest in Your Comfort

During my last conference I stressed the concept of comfort zone, and why we must move outside it in order to maintain and even improve our mental skills along our whole life.

Then, a clever guy of the audience, asked me about how to detect that one is installed in his comfort zone. And even if it may look a simple question with a self evident answer, it is not.

What is the comfort zone, anyway?

I found a good definition of it at this article from LifeHacker:

Simply, your comfort zone is a behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. You benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress.

Many people confuses being outside the comfort zone with doing difficult things. The result is that one tends to think that it is moving outside the comfort zone because he does difficult things.

If difficult things are not challenging, then they are not outside the comfort zone. A nuclear physics engineer may be doing things that are very complicated and difficult, but not for him anymore. Hence he is inside his comfort zone.

On the other side, a kid may have trouble learning how to ride a bike. He is outside his comfort zone.

Another usual mistake is to believe that doing things that we do not implies moving outside our comfort zone.

Let me give you an example: taking the kids to school in the morning may seem  a thing that you do not , but you do anyway for the sake of the kids (good parent!). Or washing the dishes. Or cleaning the house.

You may be tempted to believe that because you are doing something is not pleasant, you are moving outside your comfort zone, and hence training your brain in ways that will make you grow. Wrong.

Being the comfort zone is not about doing things that are unpleasant or difficult,is about doing things that challenge you.

Doing difficult things that you already know how to do them is not challenging you, unless you increase the difficulty. For example, if you knwo how to program a computer, doing another program will not challenge you. But learning how to program with NASA standards of quality may challenge you because it requires from you a complete different perspective that you are not used to.

When you move to a challenging task, you sense a feeling of loosing control and stress of not being able to accomplish that feat. If you don’t know what this feeling is, just do a test in yourself. Think about something to do that scares you. For instance, most people are scared of talking in front of the public.

If that is your case, just organize a public speech where you talk about your favorite subject. Do it. Then deliver your speech to your audience. It does not matter what the result of your speech is. The interesting thing for you is to recognize the feeling of discomfort.

That is the one you must look in your life. Sorry is works that way!.

How do I know I’m inside my comfort zone?

The thing you have to look is your feeling of domination of the situation. Whenever you feel that you are in control of the situation then you are in your comfort zone.

If you are a great figther and the best of your gym and you feell it, then you are in your comfort zone. Go outside and look for a different dojo, that has better fighters or a different style that you cannot compete against.

Pay attention to that feeling of fear when you are going to loose you fight. That is the good stress feeling that you have to identify.

When you know how to identify this feeling, then you are able to detect whether you are installed in your comfort zone or not.

You may feel stressed and still be inside your comfort zone. This happens when your stress comes from not having enough time to do all that you want to do. This is the bad stress and you should avoid as much as possible.

This kind of stress is useless and can damage your nervous system.

Instead, if your stress comes from you being challenged, for example, participating on an Spartan Race, then this stress is good stress, is a stress that builds, and is the indicator that you are moving outside your comfort zone.

How do I measure my comfort zone?

Measuring your comfort zone is not a cut science. Here it is how a measure whether I’m or not inside the comfort zone:

  • My rule of dumb is to take a challenging situation per week. This implies 4 challenges per month. Start measuring yourself in this way. Look for how many challenging activities (in the sense described above) are you doing each week, and measure it along a whole month.
  • Additionally, count how many small daily activities are you doing in a different way than usual. Every 10 small activities adds one to your count of challenging situations per month. Small activities changes may be, drinking something different, going to work through a very different path, doing a different activity on the weekend, etc. You get the idea.
  • If your total is 4 or more per month, then you are moving outside your comfort zone.
  • The more the better, but do not abuse of moving out. Everyone needs rest and assimilation of the lessons learned while outside the comfort zone. Hence, take your time to rest, relax and enjoy your comfort zone.

On the other side, Marcus Taylor has created a very simple test that will take you no more than two minutes to measure your comfort zone.

You can take the test here and see your results. The bigger the comfort zone the better, because that will mean that you feel comfortable, in a larger number of situations.

This increases your chances of reaching your goals and feel fulfilled.

Even if Marcus claims that his test is scientifically proved, I have my doubts. Anyway, it is an interesting tool to take into consideration. Taking the test can broaden your mind and suggest you which steps to take in order to increase your comfort zone.

Rick T’s comfort zone measurement on Marcus test


It is important for you to detect whether you are or not installed in your comfort zone. Even if you have to return to the comfort zone from time to time in order to recover yourself and assimilate your learnings, your general attitude should be to get it.

If you are not still convinced of how getting your comfort zone can help you in your life, I recommend you to watch the following video that clearly describes the advantages of doing it.

I will meet you there!

photo credit: Comfort Zone via photopin (license)

photo credit: Jack Canfield Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone via photopin (license)

Источник: //www.insanity-mind.com/are-you-installed-in-your-comfort-zone/

5 Surprisingly Comfortable Ways to Get Your Comfort Zone

I Rest in Your Comfort

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I know, comfortable ways the comfort zone sounds a bit a paradox, but I want to emphasize that you don’t have to start bungee-jumping in order to get your comfort zone. It’s not that melodramatic and it’s not that clever either. What you want to do is create a well-balanced life where you learn and grow continuously being on the border of your comfort zone.

What’s the Comfort Zone?

The comfort zone is the area of your life where you just feel comfortable at, because your current skill set allows you to easily navigate within that area. For instance you are very comfortable with your daily schedule, but you want to get more energy and be fit.

Doing regular exercise moves you your current comfort zone and helps you reach your goal of being fitter. Another example where you are very comfortable with is probably the way you work day-in and day-out. But imagine someone s your work and invites you to speak about it in front of 1,000 people.

That could potentially pull you your comfort zone big time. It could even create some anxiety in you.

It’s not necessarily wise to go into the panic zone. The best way to grow your comfort zone is to stay within the learning zone or at the edge between learning and panic zone.

You can go into the panic zone, and it can potentially create rapid growth and accelerate your learning massively, but it’s also ly that you could experience this as a negative experience.

It all depends on how well you can handle these situations.

The panic zone is where your current skill set is nowhere near the level that is needed.

If you are afraid of speaking in public and haven’t done it in your life yet, doing a speech in front of 1,000 people will move you into your panic zone.

Of course it depends on how well you handle the situation and how you work with the feedback you get. But in general, going into the learning zone is the right approach.

1. Learn Something New

That’s one of the easiest and most fun way to grow continuously is to learn something new every day. Make it a habit to feed your mind on a regular basis with exactly the interesting knowledge you are passionate about. Try to find the best knowledge there is in your chosen field. Then while learning try to use this knowledge and integrate it into your life.

2. Travel to New Destinations

Traveling and getting to know a new culture and new people is a great way to broaden your perspective and to grow. Maybe take a look at the map and decide your next destination right now.

3.  Set Goals

Setting goals is an essential part to stimulating your own personal growth. A good goal will pull you the comfort zone and will help you to reach something new which is at the border of your current horizon. Goals work so well because they focus your mind on a new reality and create a natural pull towards creating this reality.

4. Socialize with new people

Getting to know new people and growing your circle of friends will always be enriching to your life. Look for people who are somewhat different than your current friends, but not necessarily too far away from what works for you. They will create new experiences for you while you still go along fine with them.

5. Force Yourself to Do The Thing You Are Putting Off

There is a reason why you are putting your obvious and probably most important task off. And this reason is probably linked to some kind of fear of what might happen afterwards. You have to face your fears in order to grow as a human being, not hide behind them.

Leaving your comfort-zone feels uncomfortable. But it’s a good thing. Sometimes you have to force yourself to go through the discomfort in order to get to the level you want to be. Here is a final graphic which I found at Bloominghappy.com, which illustrates the correlation between your happiness and your ability to get your comfort zone:

Being outside your comfort zone raises your level of happiness unless your comfort level gets in the red panic zone. I’m curious about how you personally get your comfort zone. Hit the leave a comment button below after writing your comment and let me know.

Источник: //www.myrkothum.com/comfort-zone/

7 Reasons Why Comfort Zone is Dangerous

I Rest in Your Comfort

Written by: Maria Lourdes Macabasco-Yanuaria

When somebody approaches me and ask me this question,

“How can I acquire what I want and succeed in life?”

I answer back,

“Do something your normal routine and start thinking outside the box.”

In order to achieve the success that you want, it does not matter how smart and hard working you are, what matter is how willing you are to think and act outside the normal comfort zone. This is why Apple changed the game in computer technology, Manny Pacquiao became the world’s greatest boxer and Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire by creating .

In situations where I talk to somebody who wants to create change and success in their life but aren’t willing to be outside their comfort zone, I remember what Albert Einstein have said,

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

Most people who have achieved their goals in life and are successful in what they do, had gone through situations where they’ve risked themselves and be their comfort zone. Because you cannot change your circumstance by doing the same things, you have to think and act outside your normal routine in order to achieve different result.


Comfort Zone is defined as a situation where you feel completely secure, comfortable and relaxed to what you currently have. This is the state which highly successful people try their best to avoid.

Because opposite to what common people believes that being in the comfort zone is safe, successful people on the other hand knows how dangerous it is when you are in your comfort zone.

And in this article, you will know why.


When you are in your comfort zone, it is but normal to feel contented and secured. These two behaviours often cause us to close our doors to change and progress.

We fear the discomfort that change will bring in our life. Fearing change is disapproving progress and growth. And as such, it leads us to becoming obsolete in an ever changing world.

Or worse, we are burdened by the changes of our world.

2. Comfort Zone Drives You Down to Hardship

As mentioned, unwillingness to go your comfort zone blocks your potential progress and growth. As we know, life is constantly changing, and if you are not changing, you have no other way but to go down in life.

Since progress is blocked, your life situation and status will either remain constantly normal or it will get harder. This is the reason why there are poor people who are suffering in life while successful people are enjoying the prosperity of life.

The former just go through life under their comfort zone while the latter is constantly developing their life through constantly taking risk to think and act outside the box.

3. Comfort Zone Leads to Boredom and Discontentment

Inability to get comfort zone has chain negative effects. The first effect you will feel is the lack of progress in your life. Next, lack of progress gives a lot of spaces for hardship. When you experience hardship, then you will feel bored or discontented in your life.

I guess now you understand why you constantly feel burdened by life. And I hope you can answer why.

You are right, being comfortable is often the reason for discontentment, because you did not let progress come into your doors, as such, you’ve allowed yourself not to experience so many great things in life.

4. Comfort Zone Triggers Negative Mindset

The next chain effect of being too comfortable in life is idleness that which causes negative mindset and attitude. As I’ve observed, idle mind creates negative attitudes and circumstances. There’s even a saying that goes,

An idle mind is the devil’s play ground.

Because you feel discontented and you have more free time in your hands, you have a great tendency to create negative emotions and thoughts of negativity.

This is why people who are hardened by life often become more hardened by life because of negative emotion and thoughts.

They choose to be in their comfort zone yet they endlessly complain and react instead of being proactive and do something to change their life circumstance.

5. Comfort Zone Causes Lack of Drive and Purpose

Being in our comfort zone leads us to live life without purpose and drive. Because every day, we just do the normal things that we do and expect the same things we normally receive. As such, we don’t see anything special with our day or our life.

Have you noticed why successful people are energetic and enthusiastic while unsuccessful people have sour face? Because one is focused and energize to move towards its goal and purpose while the other is unwilling to take risk and just endlessly complain to life hardship or expecting life to be the same.

6. Comfort Zone Leads to Missed Opportunity

Successful people achieve success because they are always in the look-out to grab opportunity at hand. On the other hand, unsuccessful people never achieve success because they wait for things to happen instead of creating it.

When you are in your comfort zone, you are part of those who just wait for things to happen. Because unless you take risk and think outside the box, you cannot grab opportunity ahead of others.

Being too comfortable causes you to be left behind.

7. Comfort Zone Limits Chance to Live Life to its Fullest

Personally, I’ve experienced a stage where I’ve taken risk and went my comfort zone. When I did it, I’ve encountered a lot of negative sayings and judgement. But that did not stop me to be my comfort zone and pursue my purpose.

And to tell you honestly, the months after I’ve chose to let go of my comfort zone is the days where I felt I was really living my life to the fullest. It is the time when so many positive changes happened in my life and the moment when my dream turned into reality.

Experiencing life to its fullest is the moment you are no longer fearful to be your comfort zone, you have drive to push through your life purpose and you experience abundance in both monetary and non-monetary aspects of life.

Unless you go your comfort zone, you will not feel the real freedom and prosperity of life. You always have “What Ifs” for not having the courage to try.

For a final note, whenever you are faced to choose your comfort zone and be scared to take risk, remember this:

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. We can only change our life, if we are brave enough to be our comfort zone. Because the first step to change in your circumstances is a change from within you. 

Источник: //lifetofullest.com/comfort-zone/

8 Practical Tips to win over your Comfort Zone

I Rest in Your Comfort

Your comfort zone is a state of mind where you are familiar with the situation, its outcomes. Practically you know everything about what’s going to happen with your life.

This is a perfect place if everything in life would happen according to your plan. However, a lot of what you desire is right outside this zone.

Sometimes, you have to take a few steps while at other you have to make sizeable strides.

However, every change no matter how large starts from a single step. In this discussion, we talk about the 10 practical tips to help you jump your comfort zone and seize your life.

Why do you want to get out?

  • If the comfort zone is so comfortable, why do you want to get out in the first place? There are innumerable number of quotes which tell you that life is outside this comfort zone.
  • A simple answer is – your aspirations, desires and dreams. We all are very capable of imaginations and making these imaginations, visualisations come true. This fortunately means that we keep growing at each stage, every single day. This growth might not just be physical but emotional – in your desires, quality of life and aspirations.
  • You may get a certain amount of joy in your comfort zone, but unless you start enjoying the pleasures outside of this comfort zone, you are missing out on a new world which can expand your personality in multitude of dimensions.

With that in mind, here are the 10 tips we promised:


1. WHY?

Start with the definition of yourself.

  • Who are you as a person?
  • What are your aspirations?
  • What is your comfort zone?
  • Why do you want to get this comfort zone?

The last question is the most important one. You cannot start on a journey without the knowledge of why. If you want to come a comfort zone, what are your key reasons to do that?

Why do you even want to start thinking of coming a cozy and easy state of mind?


What is your commitment to this comfort zone? Why do you keep coming back to this?

A simple instance might be that you want to talk to someone you really . But you are unable to take the first step. WHY?

What is holding you back?

  • Are you thinking of outcomes that will not work in your favour?
  • Do you think they might shoot you down?
  • Is it way your personality or standards you have set for yourself?

There may be multiple reasons. But what are your reasons. Why are you holding yourself back from a simple change that can start progress for the goal you want to achieve?


You need a compelling reason to get your comfort zone. If the reasons are not compelling enough, there is no point in trying.

  • What excites you about coming this comfort zone?
  • How will you feel when you are it?
  • What can you achieve and be capable of when you come out?
  • The impact on your confidence and desires

You can think of amazing things that will happen the moment you come this comfort zone. What are your reasons? Why does this excite you?


What are your pain points of staying in this comfort zone? It is all lovely and amazing to think of the beautiful outcomes the moment you come a comfort zone.

  • What hurts you if you stay in this zone?
  • What all do you stand to lose?
  • Are you ok with these losses and living a quality of life this?

It is easy to find solace and rationalisation. If you are looking for results, these results are in actions you are willing to take. The changes you want in your life are right out there. If you are feeling bad about staying in the comfort zone, why are you trying to console yourself?


This is about your new standards. It defines what you are willing to accept or not going ahead with your life. Your desire to come the comfort zone is a motivator. You need to start defining how this success looks .

  • What are you not willing to accept anymore?
  • Who defines what you really want life? How does this look?
  • Define what every part of this journey looks . Don’t fall prey into someone else’s standards. This is your life, you need to decide what you want it!


It is ridiculous to expect to start from sky diving without having appropriate training. You cannot set yourself up for a failure.

  • Define the small increments of success. You know what your final journey looks .
  • What are the initial steps to get to your final journey?
  • How do you start walking before you start running?

You final journey keeps moving and the comfort zone forever keeps changing. If you have the fear of stage fright, start with talking to few people first. Gain your confidence. But all this while, recognise the small successes all along this way. They are the building blocks for your excitement.


Nothing ever moves without a push.

  • Push yourself into situations which you normally wouldn’t
  • These need not be extremely difficult, but just enough to excite you.
  • Let the energy and your adrenaline come to your rescue.

Start this process till you become genuinely excited about trying something new. It is within you and trying to find a vent out. Give yourself the opportunity to embrace this.


We cannot overemphasise the importance of a coach with you.

  • This need not be a formal one, but someone who cares enough about you and pushes you your comfort zone.
  • This is a someone who catches you for the lies you tell yourself
  • They know your end goal and you have a lot of respect for them. You would feel awful about disappointing them.

Above all, don’t lie to yourself. If you are committed enough, you will find a way to achieve your goals. If you are not, there are a lot of reasons out there. The choice is quite simply yours for the taking.

The question is, do you really want to get your comfort zone? Please join us with your tips and thoughts about how to come a comfort zone

Источник: //inspire99.com/8-practical-tips-to-win-over-your-comfort-zone/

Your Happiness Is Waiting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

I Rest in Your Comfort

‘To get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done’

– Unknown

When was the last time that you jumped your comfort zone? Stepping our comfort zone every now and again can be essential for helping us to grow as individuals and be happy. It gets us out there into the big wide world.

In addition, it tests our limits, ignites our senses, and helps us to form deeper connections with others. With world experience comes a sense of achievement and greater confidence.

Consequently, with improved confidence comes the drive to continue living as big and bold a life as possible.

Think back to some of the most momentous experiences and moments of your life to date. The chances are that it was during these great moments that you took a leap of faith.

Maybe you tried something new or scary and broke free of your comfort zone. You see, it is when we think and act outside of the box that our lives are set on fire. We experience the most dazzling emotions and heart-stopping excitement.

It is when we are outside of our comfort zone that we are at our most alive.

What’s Holding You Back From Leaving Your Comfort Zone?

A life lived outside of your comfort zone is one without regret… so why keep playing it safe?

As human beings, we to think that we are at our best and our safest when we are living neatly within the realms of our comfort zone. We the safe and the familiar. But what is it that is really preventing us from taking the step across the invisible line of our comfort zones?

The answer is simple: fear. It is the fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar. It is also the fear of losing control over our lives or fear of what others may think of us.

There are all kinds of reasons for why we may be too scared to cross that boundary into an unfamiliar (and much happier) life. However, they all begin with a fear.

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The Only Person Standing In The Way Of Your Happiness Is You – So MOVE!

It is true that we are often our own worst enemy. This is especially true when it comes to taking the first step towards change. We often try to convince ourselves that we are happy when we are not, or remind ourselves of the worst-possible-case scenario, rather than choosing to focus on the excitement that the world has to offer us.

Escaping your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go naked bungee-jumping over a pit of crocodiles (unless you want to of course).

It could be something as simple as standing up to someone that you disagree with, traveling somewhere new, going professional with a hobby you love… the list goes on.

Having said this, as you break further and further away from your comfort zone the more ambitious you can become.

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone In 3 Easy Steps

Follow these 3 easy steps and begin to emerge from your comfort zone one toe at a time until you have both feet planted firmly on the other side. Start your journey to becoming one of those successful people who have it all!

Step 1. Don’t Think. Just say ‘Yes!’

When the opportunity to do something new comes our way, we are often too quick to dismiss it or to begin reeling off the excuses. We find ourselves stumbling over excuse upon excuse, feeding ourselves the usual spiel.

Examples may include ‘I can’t because I don’t have enough money/time/experience’ or ‘It’s not the right time, maybe when I have more money/experience/time’. These delay tactics may have some truth to them, you may not currently have much money or time or experience.

But in life, when is there ever a right time?

The time is now! So, learn to start saying ‘Yes!’ to every opportunity that comes your way, no matter how big or small. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have attracted this opportunity into your life so seize it with both hands! It is important to remember that we are never given more than we can handle. Have trust in yourself, say yes and never look back.

Step 2. Break Up With Your Fear

When faced with fear, our first response is to run away from it. We try to avoid putting ourselves in any situation where we know we can be faced with fear; and if we do have the misfortune of coming face to face with it, we will usually try to ignore it with distractions such as eating, TV, surfing the internet or shopping.

However, what if you were to look your fear straight in the eye for the first time? Next time you feel fear, stick with it. Try to understand why something scares you. What are you afraid will happen?

Once we have tried to explore our thoughts and feelings behind a fear, we usually find that our fear is completely unfounded. It doesn’t make it any less scary as fear is fear after all. But once you have come to understand that your fear is a complete by-product of your thoughts and nothing else, with time it may begin to lessen its power over you.

Step 3. Change The Picture

If you have always struggled to live outside of your comfort zone, then this is probably a result of how you have chosen to interpret life in the past. The way we choose to interpret things can have a huge impact on what we associate them with for the rest of our adult lives.

So, if you once made the decision to step outside of your comfort zone and it didn’t go too well for you, you may now try to avoid any new situations or opportunities at all costs. For you, stepping outside of your comfort zone has connotations of absolute dread, embarrassment or fear.

So, if you don’t the way you currently view life outside of your comfort zone, why not create a whole new picture?

Begin to tell yourself positive stories of when you or others have stepped outside of your comfort zone and have been rewarded for it. When you think about all of the new and exciting opportunities that are waiting for you, feel excited! Have belief in yourself and be your number one cheerleader every step of the way.

Motivate yourself with thoughts of how good it will feel. Plus, think of how proud you will be once you have taken that first step.

You can do it. Take that first leap from your comfort zone and who knows how far you can go. Who knows if you’ll ever even come back?

Take The Leap

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Take this quiz and find out, in only 60 seconds, what is holding you back from your dream life. Just click here now!

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