For A Younger Brother in Hard Times


20 Amazing Things About Having An Older Brother

For A Younger Brother in Hard Times

Older Brothers are sweet but sour candy that you can’t get enough of. Even though they sometimes make your eyes twitch and your lips pucker, you can’t seem to resist them.

They tease you and may drive your crazy, but they will also protect you and love you. So we’ve come up with the 20 things to remind girls about the amazing benefits of having an older brother.

1. He taught you how to understand boys and men a

Men or boys can be hard to deal with and for a girl, having an elder brother can provide great insight to understanding them. From the time a young lady starts dating, an elder brother can help her navigate through and past a lot of the early misunderstandings she may experience at the start of the relationships.

Having an elder brother and his advice at hand can help you avoid a lot of relationship heartaches. Or, at least, get through them.

2. He taught you how to be patient

As a sister, you are probably all too familiar with the pranks and goofy games boys play. On a positive note, this taught you how to be patient. Whether its motherhood and parenting or dealing with others, having an elder brother has taught you to not get angry or be frustrated too easily.

3. He showed you how to be tough

Girls who have older brothers tend to make good fighters, literally and figuratively. You learn to stand up for yourself and make your voice heard. You learn to not get pushed around by anyone.

The wrestling matches you get into with your brother teach you to stay strong and never give up. He might be stronger than you, but you learn to become cunning.

4. He introduced you to sports

For most young girls, an older brother begins your lifelong obsession with sports or your favorite sports teams. If you are an avid sports enthusiast, chances are, you have a lot of fond memories enjoying watching ball games with your older brother.

5. He taught you how to compete

Having an older brother is great because he teaches you how to tap into your competitive side. As you try to succeed in any career path, this skill will become an asset.

An older brother gives you great insight into the male dominant world of competition. He will also help develop your self-esteem and leadership skills.

6. He taught you to keep your emotions in check

It is no secret that girls are typically more emotional than boys. However, girls who grow up with brothers learn to keep their emotions in check.

They learn to “suck it up” and move on. Growing up among boys means you will most ly learn to play the role of comforter in tricky or tragic situations.

7. He taught you chivalry

Older brothers teach their little sisters exactly how they should be treated by a man. As a little sister, you notice the way he treats your mom or his girlfriend and that in turn creates the standard that you will hold all men who try to date you to.

The way you let men treat you today is probably what you learned from your older brother.

8. He will always protect you

Sometimes a girl just needs to be protected by her older brother. a lion to its cubs, men take on a very protective nature or role when it comes to the well-being of their little sisters.

You don’t have to worry about any creepy men coming around with your older brother in the picture.

9. He looks to you to keep him accountable

As a little sister, one thing you may not realize is that you help keep your older brother in check and accountable for his actions. Because he knows you are looking up to him, he will probably not do all the dumb things boys are typically knows to do. Just some.

10. You get to be his personal stylist

You are probably responsible for any kind of style and class your older brother may have. It is no secret that most men don’t know how to dress themselves, so little sisters often take on the role of personal stylist to their older brothers.

11. You teach him compassion

It is impossible for an older brother to stay mad and upset at his little sister for too long. In this sense, you teach him early on compassion and how to forgive.

No matter what you do, your older brother will always have room in his heart for you.

12. You will never need to hire a mover

You know all too well that life can get very busy. You move to college, move into a new apartment or need help hauling heavy equipment. No matter what it is, having an older brother means you will never need to hire someone to help you move your stuff.

He is always going to be there to literally help you move the heavy stuff in your life.

13. You will always have a steady stream of good men to date

Eventually most girls would love to get married. However it can be difficult sometimes to find good men to date. Having an older brother means you will have a steady stream of suitors.

Some may be his friends and others may be guys who try to get to know him as a way to get to know you. Whatever the case, when it comes to dating, having an older brother can be a very productive resource.

14. You got to teach him about girls

Men typically don’t know much about girls. However your brother has the upper hand to learning just how to treat or talk to a woman.

Whenever he is having girl problems, you know he will always reach out to you for advice. he has been there for you to learn about the opposite sex, you have been his source of learning too. And an older brother learns to confide in his little sister.

15. He teaches you self-defense

In this day and age, it has become increasingly important for girls to know how to use a weapon to protect themselves. More than ly, if you know how to operate a weapon a gun or a knife, you learned it from your older brother.

16. He takes the brunt of parenting

Having an older sibling mean someone already absorbed the bad parenting skills of mom and dad. By the time you come around, their skills are more refined and relaxed.

For younger sisters, having an older brother may mean that your parents won’t be so hard on you.

17. He teaches you what’s cool

From a young age, a girl might turn to her older brother who seems to have more knowledge and expertise about the world. They often, for example, teach you about pop culture and world events.

Having an older brother can be a gateway to learning so much about the world.

18. He’s there to help you financially

Older brothers love to take on a father figure type role when it comes to their younger sisters. This often means helping them out financially.

For example, since he is older and probably already working, chances are you can ask him for money whenever mom or dad says no.

19. He teaches you to laugh at yourself and be silly

Life is serious enough, but having an older brother can teach you to enjoy the humor of practical jokes. A lot of times, boys will play pranks.And sometimes you get to be included on those with your brother.
Learning to roll with the punches will teach you to not take life so seriously and be able to laugh at yourself.

20. He is a shoulder to cry on

Part of the protective nature of an older brother is being a good listener or a comfortable shoulder to cry on. Knowing that you can always count on him to listen without criticism or judgement is the glue that binds little sisters to their older brothers.

Much the love of a father, an older brother tends to love his little sister unconditionally.

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40 Brother Quotes and Messages

For A Younger Brother in Hard Times

Brothers are a cross between an angel and a demon. Whether it is a formed band of brothers or best friends, or siblings, brotherhood is eternal and sacred. He is someone who you share a bond with for life, especially if he is our big brother. Here are some quotes about brothers:

He is your second experience with the male species, quite un your father but a new best friend.

Having a brother is a surefire way to have a hard time looking for boyfriends.

He is your personal savior, someone you can count on in life. He is your brother.

They may be full of rocket fuel, but little brothers are precious stars.

I am glad to have a brother: a male to torment about love and a friend to lament about it.

A brother is a BRO: Brilliant, Real, Original.


Despite all their faults I will always be thankful to my parents for my brother.

Getting a little brother as a gift over the holidays is getting an obnoxious puppy who you will love and clean after but instead of bark, can communicate to you a human.

Decades might pass and he will still be your little brother.

A true brother can sit beside you in comfortable silence.

A brother is a hero that can help you fly.

Often times, you want to kill him for one thing or another but it is his lovability that keeps him alive.

A brother is an ally and a nemesis you have for life.

It is essential to never lie to your brother for in the greatest need, he will be there.

Look at your brother and in his eyes, you will see a reflection of yourself.

No matter how tall they become, little brothers will always be naughty.

Brothers are nature’s way of giving you male friends that keep you safe.

Brothers will help you reach the thing on the highest cupboard and will not make fun of you for it.

The 100 Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

A brother is a male version of you. Look at him and treat him how you would treat yourself if you were him.

When brothers build a wall together, nothing can break through their defense.

Happy Birthday Brother in law
Brother in law birthday wishes
Top 60 Get Well Soon Messages for Mom, Dad, Sister or Brother

You can be disgusting around brothers. Having one is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

You never bother me, brother.

A brotherhood is a friendship wrought from a dream of peace and togetherness.

Older brothers are your get jail free card.

A younger brother is an experiment carried out by older sisters to create the perfect gentleman.

You will always want your brother next to you in all things. That’s why they call him the Best Man.

A brother will break your toys and knock you down, and you just have to do the same, and at the end of the day everyone becomes good friends and mother is exasperated.

Being there for a bro is good karma for when you will need him, he will be there also. Even if you don’t want him to.

Brothers often grow up to be your lodestone and anchor. As you are a ship on a storm, he stands steady and true.

You can expect outrage on your behalf from your brother when your heart breaks.

Brothers are not always born. Sometimes they arise from adversity and triumph in the most dire circumstances.

Why is it that men sometimes beat each other up and at the end of night call themselves brothers?

A brotherhood is a group of men who share dreams.

Fighting with your brother is an enjoyable past time during the holiday season and gives you both something to laugh over when you’re back to regular programming.

Your brother knows you best.

A brother can be anyone: your co-worker, your neighbor, your best friend. It doesn’t matter if he is black or white or doesn’t share the same blood, your experiences and loyalty is what binds you together in an eternal friendship.

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your brother trying to talk to girls. A wink here and there and he then spasms into nerves.

Support from your brothers is having a strong push to the direction of your dreams.

When you go through life, you see people age. But not with siblings. Your brother will forever be in a diaper covered in mud despite it being more than several decades.

Brotherhood is walking side by side to create change for the better.

My brother may be stupid, but I love him. He is still my brother.

Older brothers are influential to growing up, and make for the best of friends when you are both fully grown.

Brothers have the best jokes. They take it from childhood and have you laughing until you remember the mirth you had as a child.

He will be with you throughout your life, from childhood till death. That is what a brother does.

It is amusing and heartbreaking to watch your brother fall in love. You see him fudge the steps and make mistakes and all you can do is watch and offer advice that only a sibling could offer.

A brother is a companion through life and the endurance of parents.


It’s good to have brothers. They are a perspective that one must live with to understand.

I hate my brother. He is selfish and more than a bit of a jerk. But I also love my brother because he makes me laugh when I am sad.

Having a brother is an exercise in contradiction. You either want him dead or you want him to drive you to places and carry your things and make you laugh. It’s hard, but totally worth it.

Brothers will always think they are better than you while secretly telling everyone you’re the best.

My brother makes me laugh and it makes having him as a brother worthwhile.

Brothers are infinitely different, no two are a, but they share a heart.

Always tell your brother you love them for it may be the last time you can say so.

You can have a blood brother or a bond brother, but it doesn’t change the fact that brotherhood keeps you going.

We ought to be happy for the success and prosperity of our brothers.

Your brother will ruin your dates and call you names, but at then, at the end of it all, will let you cry on his shoulder while he tells you why that man wasn’t good enough.

Brotherhood enables you to climb to the highest mountain knowing that you’re being cheered on and welcomed when you return.

Brothers are strange beings both full of spite and love.

Brothers are your most bitter rivals who can drink to your success and praise you honestly for it.


Brothers satisfy our needs for camaraderie and bonding.

You can experience life with a brother, and it will be a life quite fulfilled.

Nature doesn’t give you anything better than a brother.

If we all help each other as if we were brothers, then life would progress so much faster.

Brother and sister quotes

It is a pain to see brother and sister fighting when there could be so much more with peace hiding in the corner.

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A brother is a silent bear that will roar when his siblings are threatened.

I can call him names and taunt him, but when you do it to my brother or sister, you will have to answer to me.

When you raise boys, raise them to be brothers so they will grow up secure that when you are gone, they will have each other.

They act they don’t care, but brother and sister are the most sensitive creatures known to mankind.

Brotherhood ties men into a commitment that no woman could ever hope for.

These boys, so mysterious in their treehouse plotting plans and making mischief. Summers are the time the egg of brotherhood hatches.

Do not be blinded by hangers on. When you are on top, the only people you can trust are your brothers and sisters.

Troubled sibling, brothers and sisters, often makes the greatest trouble and the most enjoyable fun!

When you help a brother and sister out, you too will receive the same blessings.

Brothers are buffers to mothers, especially when things get intolerable. They often make childhoods easier.

Teasing is along the avenue of having a brother. You’re either at the receiving end or giving it.

We must put our lives in the hands of our brothers. It is by this trust can we have a better future for our world.

Peace can only be attained when we all hold hands in a show of brotherhood for solidarity.

Mother nature can only give you so many brothers that when you are in want of more, then you can trust your heart to find them.

Often, the younger brother succeeds when his older brother cannot. This is because the eder will support the younger for the benefit of both.

It forebodes of suffering when a man decides to get into a fight with his brother. There is no good outcome, only death.

The funniest person I know is my brother. When nothing in this life could cheer me up, a phone call from him would do wonders that any drug could not.

We might not be together, we might not be in the same city, and we might not be in the same continent, but one thing is for sure, wherever he is, my heart is full of love for my brother. I know he will always be there.

There is magic between two minds that share a purpose and this is why, because of two brothers, that we are all able to fly.

There is nothing as fulfilling as waking up to the screams of your brother when a prank works a hundred percent.

Mischief and merriment, those are supposed to come with a warning when you have a brother.

It’s nice to have a brother. You can share the same things and not worry about wearing the same outfit.

To endure certain events and come out on top is what makes a brotherhood real.

In good times and bad, a brother is a lifeline to family. The one who will go on a boat and rescue you from the high seas of life and tug you back in gently to Mom for warm clothes and food.

My dad has five brothers and all of them seem to think they are also my dad. This is what brotherhood is , sharing responsibilities of raising the future.

Funny Brother Quotes and Sayings

No one is there for you quite a brother is, and I am so happy that I get to have a brother you in my life.

A brother watches out for others and always makes sure that everyone else is happy, and I am grateful for you, my brother.

I am lucky to have a brother you and to get to spend my days knowing that I can call you if I need you.

No one has looked out for me through the years in the same way that you have, my brother, and I am so happy to know you.

A brother is a natural protector, and a good brother gives to those around them without question.

A brother gives of himself every single day and I am so happy that I have a brother who cares about me as much as you do.

My family would not be complete without you, my brother, and I love you for all that you give to me.

No one has a brother quite the one that I have, and I cannot imagine going through life without you at my side.

My world would not be all that it is if I did not have you in it, my brother, and I thank you for always looking out for me.

I hope that you always know just how much you mean to me, my brother, and that you feel my love each day.

A brother helps to make life a little happier and a little easier, and I am blessed to have a great brother you.

No one has stood up for me more times than you have, my brother, and I am so grateful to you for all that you have done.

Life would not be the same without a brother you, and I am so lucky that I get to claim you as my own.

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25 Things Only Younger Sisters Understand

For A Younger Brother in Hard Times

For all intents and purposes, my family is pretty much The Brady Bunch. We are three boys and three girls brought together by a blended family. And in the scheme of the fabled octuplet, I am the youngest of the clan.

I am the yellow-haired, pigtail-wearing Cindy Brady. And while my older siblings were nothing the conceited Marcia Brady or nerdy Jan, we certainly had our own quirky dynamic.

If only we had our own Alice Nelson to temper any familial drama with a perfectly prepared meatloaf or Sunday trip to Sears.

My home life was anything but 1970s perfect, but I can't deny how fortunate my large family truly was: I grew up in a loving home with five older siblings, two kickass parents, and many, many dogs.

But just any role in the family, being the youngest sister undoubtably comes with its benefits (you're always treated the baby) and limitations (… you're always treated the baby).

So this Sister's Day, let's take a minute to recognize some of the things only we little sisters understand. Because all youngest sisters will relate: There are just some things we had to learn the hard way.

You always knew you could get away with anything

Because your older siblings probably already did something way worse, and your problems were old hat.

Though there are shockingly fewer baby photos of you than there are of your siblings

Once you reach the third kid, a baby's a baby's a baby … Am I right?

and even now, jokes about your age are ever-present

I recently went to a family reunion, and my older cousins relentlessly asked me if I was old enough to drive, order drinks at the bar, and so on.

You got used to responding to other names ..

… your older siblings' names, your pets' names, and whatever other inanimate object your parents accidentally call you.

If you had older sisters, they used you as their Barbie doll IRL

Hello awkward haircuts and markers on your face.

Being the little sister meant being a servant to your older siblings

Go fetch me a cup of milk and a box of Oreos, child!

the day your older sibling finally let you into his/her room was glorious

entering Neverland, or Wonderland, or a really terribly decorated cube that smelled of dirty socks.

R-Rated movies never fazed you

Because your older siblings would let you watch whatever you wanted when your parents weren't home.

You understand how easily common household items can be turned into torture devices

My brothers' favorite was a dog cage. #NeverForget

Before you had friends over, you'd rush to your room to make sure nothing had been tampered with

My brother had a penchant for drawing penises on my bedroom walls … because you know, that's really funny to sixth-grade girls.

You paid for your own college education

Cause ain't no parent got time to save for their nth child's college fund.

and though you may be the baby, you really wouldn't trade it for anything

Because at least this way, you know someone always has your back.

Happy Sister's Day!

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